Friday 6 June 2014

Dreaming of paradise island while the guys are still at it

I'm on the road again today.

Long drive.

The weather looks fine, but I'm expecting rain later in the afternoon.

I miss my mother again.

She's at a paradise island now.

I wish I'm there with her.

Peace and quiet.

Yeah, how I wish I can have that.

Well, I can't write much about that now . Sorry.

Just wanted to point out a few things.

For interesting reading,

Rocky's Who needs to be a crony when you can be a Royal Crony?

A Voice's Without crony capitalism, YTL could still be Syarikat Pembinaan Yeoh Teong Lay Sdn Bhd


Big Dog's latest YTL “Capital Crony”-free in the IPP (Inducted Palace Power) game, Continuum?

The Unspinners also have several interesting postings, but you have to find them  yourself as the super blog updates their postings so rapidly that I could not keep up. Just scroll their archives for the past two days and you may find those interesting postings. 

Well, these bloggers have been accused by their detractors of many things for their writings including them being mercenaries, but in these latest postings by them, can you point out where possibly could be their vested interest?

What could possibly they gain by taking huge risk going against such powerful people?

Have it ever cross your mind that they are actually doing it purely for agama, bangsa dan tanahair?

Bear in mind that even powerful news organizations shied away from going in-depth on the subject matter that these bloggers are trying to unravel.

And of course, have you ever wondered why the pro-Pakatan portals such as Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider didn't really chase after this one? 

Is it because it would not benefit their political masters and financiers to get the problems solved by the government or that they were just plain scared?

Well, I believe you all can figure it out yourself.

I need to get going now.

A song from my favorite Jewish band for the road

Have a nice day everyone. 


  1. wakakakakakaka

    For Agama, Bangsa, Negara!

    Poket sendiri adalah tu.


  2. re, what could be possibly gain by taking huge risk going against such powerful people.

    I believe that a risk should be taken when needs arise ,even though how risky they are there, if their fight is for the goods , not for any personal gain .

    re , Have ever cross your minds ,that they are actually doing it purely for Agama ,Bangsa dan Tanahair ?.

    If you means those bloggers , yeah, they have nothing to gain ,but a lot's to lose , somebody ,somehow must stand up . After been, such long time ,colonize by the foreign power , we cannot be colonize again by the said's ,POWERFUL.

    1. What risk when is proumno? You may get yourself rewarded instead.

  3. Read on Utusan that he want to change the enactment in the state so that he can have administrative power too.

    Tak cukup lagi kah??

    1. Boleh kata umno tak chukup lagi kah?

  4. Nasihat gurindam tok guru Raja Ali Haji (1847 AD)

    Tahu pekerjaan tak baik, tetapi dikerjakan,
    bukannya manusia ia itulah syaitan.

    Kejahatan seorang perempuan tua,
    itulah iblis punya penggawa.

    Kepada segala hamba-hamba raja,
    di situlah syaitan tempatnya manja.

    Kebanyakan orang yang muda-muda,
    di situlah syaitan tempat berkuda.

    Perkumpulan laki-laki dengan perempuan,
    di situlah syaitan punya jamuan.

    Adapun orang tua yang hemat,
    syaitan tak suka membuat sahabat

    Jika orang muda kuat berguru,
    dengan syaitan ia jadi berseteru.

    1. Siapa dia Raja Ali Haji?

      Masih releven ke dia?

    2. Selagi manusia masih bersifat dengan sifat2 tercela ataupun sifat terpuji, nasihat agama dan wasiat iman patutnya relevan pada diri kita yang sentiasa berkait dengan kehidupan masyarakat dan persoalan makna dan maksud hidup dan mati.

    3. Anon 21:52,
      Kalau anda orang Melayu saya merasakan amat malu seangsa dengan anda.
      Raja Ali Haji pun tidak tahu? Pergi balik belajar di sekolah!
      Nasihat Allahyarham dalam gurindam itu amat besar nilainya. Hanya jauhari juga yang nengenal manikam.
      Oh ya, saya lupa anda bukan jauhari tetapi hanya batu biasa

  5. we've still got 4 months of good weather inshaallah, so who knows Annie maybe we'll make it to the big blue in good time . . ...