Monday 2 June 2014

Spoilt cry baby

I have always maintained that DAP's daddy's boy is an irritating immature spoilt brat.

When DAP lose the Teluk Intan by-election on Saturday, the arrogant little man's reaction was anything but dignified.

These were Guan Eng's tweets, which I took from Helen Ang's

Guan Eng: “monkeys in the zoo”

Seriously, I wonder what type of milk did Kit Siang and his wife fed their son when he was a baby that he turned up like that.

Why you so sore loser one, Guan Eng.

Not nice you  know, calling people lower than monkeys like that when your gang lose.

Very kindergarten lar.

And, in what way has Teluk Intan's by-election result had saved Umno?

It's a Gerakan show la Guan Eng. You didn't notice ka?

You and your father said Gerakan is dead. Now you know they are not dead. Can slap your face some more in Teluk Intan.

Now you sudah malu cannot kill off Gerakan, says want to kill Umno pulak. What la you. You head so big ka?

And to lash out at voters for "still like threats, sweets n b grateful by BN tho' been cheated 50yrs" is really low class lar.

Mana ada tipu. Kalau tipu, you tak jadi Chief Minister tau. Kalau Umno tipu all the way for the past 50 tahun, you think our country can be as good as now ka?

Guan Eng, you are a Chief Minister, okay. Don't always be such a spoilt cry baby, can ahh?


  1. assalam annie...
    guan eng tamao sebut gerakan la sebab gerakan kan ke parti cina dan guan eng rsisi kiasu teramat...kalu perlekeh gerakan nanti cina marah tamao sokong guan eng plaks...jd dia sebut umno bg cina marah sama melayu lagi kuat sbb rasis maaaa....

  2. Hai....YAA .....!, Wa atak ingat a'a ini Lee Aa Pee sama itu PR, a'a tatak bolih jali kelajaan lea aa .
    Hali- hali, cekap, semua olang lain salah loo oo , apa macam mau jali kelajaan itu macam cekap , hai..yaa !, malu lea aa. Mau jali kelajaan mesti mau sendili punya tunjuk bikin babut ,bukan kasi salah sama lain olang maa aa.

    Apa macam kalau itu kelajaan tatak salah punya ?, semua itu salah lain olang punya !, lor oo .

    Wa , atak ingat itu Teluk Intan punya olang, manyak pandei lea aa , YOr ...lor , hali- hali kasi cekap semua olang pynya salah ,apa macam mau kasi undi maa aa !.

    Sikalang , Wa, pon atak kulang pecaya ma aa .

  3. Annie,
    Ini Tokong sudah teramat malu maa....losing nearly by 7000 votes compare to last GE 13,in a Chinese majority area mana mau tunjuk muka.My advice do not blame others but blame yourself and your gangs for being too overconfident and arrogant.Advice your partner PKR to learn a good lesson from you as they will be facing by-elections sooner or later in Pmtg Pauh,incase DSAI is put behind the bar,Pandan,Rafizi Bafia case and Batu Tian Chua sedition case.

  4. since when DAPig can accept defeat?!..with 90% sure vote from the chinese.guan eng knows.. his about to die father also knows that without the malay votes (pillar of this country - whether the chinese like it or not).. they just running around in the circle with rhetoric Pas... dyana sofya just another tool to attack malay interest..and to them that is malaysian!!

    1. Stupid anonymous, don't forget everything u touches had PIG's DNA !!! Ask Jakim if u don't believe. Better cleanse yourselves with pigshit. OK OK OK !!!

    2. Are you truly 1 Malaysian? My best bet is that you are truly 1Cina lah! And what do you mean by "everything u touch had PIG'S DNA?" If you also mean everything we touch got Cina DNA, then we agree because CINA=PIG!

    3. Y u worries whether l m a Cina=pig or not. Y u such a coward hide under d anonymous sarong. Mmmm smell nice !!!

  5. bodo in guan eng..
    lu kasi marah gerakan lah.. mo kacau umno apa pasal??

    1. It only reflects the state of his mentality. Idiotic indeed.

  6. This is a demonstration of utmost low level that can come from a senior politician. Elsewhere in the world, you will not see political rivals utter such words when they lost in a fight. Not even in third world country.

    So you can imagine what sort of mentality people like Guan Eng is. The worse are those who continue to worship him. If you let them hold power, Malaysia will become the 4th world country.

    1. Only the stupid will support the stupid man.

    2. Well said.

  7. low class la ini LGE.

    orang yg support LGE pun low class.

    1. Saya pun fikir begitu. Low IQ atau low klas

  8. Ah Guan, soo si soo liao ah, le mai kwai lan ahh . . . .

    don't get upset over spilt milk like a little wimp and go around bullying people ye listen?

  9. Kalau makan babi perangai pun macam babi jugak.

    1. Kalau makan lembu, perangai pun macam lembu juga. Rogol Anak, Sumbang Mahram, Makan Rasuah, Malas, Hisap Syabu, Mat Rempit, Menyorok Tengok askar Israel di Lebanon, Letak Senjata di Congo, Diliwat oleh Orang Sulu, Berangan nak kahwin dengan Dato, Nak Beristeri Lebih walaupun Tak Mampu and etc. Ini semua perangai kaum mana agaknya?

    2. Kalau tak kenal diri dan tak kenal dengan Tuhan Pencipta, semua orang bersifat lebih kurang macam haiwan dan setan lah - susah mahu kenal dengan perangai malaikat dan waliullah.

    3. Re. Kalau makan lembu, perangai pun macam lembu juga.

      Sekurang-kurang tak makan tahi lembu dan minum kenching lembu.

      Cow dung and urine 'healthy'

      'God resides in cow dung,' says Kesari Gumat, as he walks through his laboratory where researchers mix bovine excreta with medicinal herbs and monitor beakers of simmering cow urine.

      Atau makan apa saja dibumi termasuk bangkai binatang.

      Re Rogol Anak, Sumbang Mahram,

      Kau rasa bangsa kau tak buat ni semua ke? Cuba google bangsa dan agama mana yang menghalalkan semua ini. JUST BECAUSE IT WAS NOT REPORTED THAT DOESN"T MEAN IT DOESN"T HAPPEN IN COMMUNITY. It is a universal crime that happens in all countries and society in the world, and the different is we treat it as a crime and expose it, rather than sweeping it under the carpet like the Chinese and India,

      Re. Makan Rasuah,

      To us is rasuah, to you is entertainment allowance and business. Cuba tanya bangsa mana yang suka bagi rasuah kat dunia ni?

      Re. Malas,

      Kalau kami malas, dapur rumah kamu tak berasap sebab tak siapa yang nak beli barang-barang dari kedai-kedai kamu sebab tak ada duit.

      Re. Hisap Syabu,

      News flash, cuba check berita-berita tentang club-club malam dan pusat karaoke, rumah urut yang kena sebu selalu dan psitive dadah? Bangsa mana yang ramai sekali tu agaknya?

      Re. Mat Rempit,

      Re. Menyorok Tengok askar Israel di Lebanon,

      Please get your fact right. Those are Indonesian.

      Re. Letak Senjata di Congo,

      Please provide proof. Otherwise you are just another LOSER and PENDATANG YANG TAK SEDAR DIUNTUNG.

      Re. Diliwat oleh Orang Sulu,

      Diliwat? Haven't we proved that we managed to subdue them? Apa sumbangan kau sebagai PENDATANG PADA TANAH MELAYU ni?

      Cer Cite...Cer Cite..

      Re. Berangan nak kahwin dengan Dato,

      Salah ke? Cuba cerita bangsa mana yang selalu jadi mistress and social escort datuk-datuk. Cuba pergi check kat club belakang JW Mariot Hotel Bukit Bintang tu. Itu tak termasuk menjadikan pelacuran sebagai satu profession.

      Re. Nak Beristeri Lebih walaupun Tak Mampu and etc.

      Cuba cerita bangsa mana yang suka simpan mistress dari China, walaupun tak mampu dan selalu diserang Along?

      Likewise, Ini semua perangai kaum mana agaknya?

    4. US finally thanks Malaysia for “Black Hawk Down” rescue in Somalia - Bernama -

      The United States has finally expressed appreciation for the sacrifices and contributions of Malaysian peacekeepers in saving their soldiers in Mogadishu, Somalia on October 3, 1993.

      The gratitude was expressed by Thomas Kelly (pic), the Acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau Of Political-Military Affairs today, 20 years after the famous incident which formed the basis for the 2001 movie Black Hawk Down.

      Kelly said Malaysian peacekeepers had proven their mettle and prowess in performing their duties under the United Nations (UN) banner.

      "In global peace operations, we always admire the great capacity of Malaysian peacekeepers and benefited from their heroism and bravery.

      "A Malaysian peacekeeper lost his life when rescuing American soldiers in Mogadishu 20 years ago," he told reporters after handing over Full Training Capability and launch of the Malaysia Peacekeeping Centre Blueprint, in Port Dickson today.

      Malaysian Armed Forces chief, General Datuk Seri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin was also present.

      In the incident 20 years ago, a group of American soldiers were caught behind enemy lines after Somali militias shot down two Black Hawk helicopters over Mogadishu.

      Malaysian peacekeepers and Pakistani peacekeepers under UNOSOM II (United Nations Operation In Somalia) then assisted American soldiers to rescue the trapped group.

      The rescue operation was successful but a Malaysian soldier was killed while eight others were injured.

      Washington had never officially recognised the role of Malaysian peacekeepers in the rescue mission in Mogadishu, Somalia.

      The movie Black Hawk Down, directed by Ridley Scott, also made no reference to the role of Malaysian peacekeepers in rescuing the American soldiers.

      Kelly said the Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre proves that Malaysia has the best peacekeepers.

      "All Malaysians should be proud of what the Malaysian defence force has achieved here," he added. - Bernama, December 13, 2013.


      Hampir 98% ATRM, TUDM, ATLM dan PDRM adalah bangsa Melayu dan Bumiputera. Bangsa manakah yang agaknya lebih suka duduk goyang kaki dan penakut agaknya?

  10. No lah..........he was fed with milk from KERA dalam zoo as he admitted

  11. Annie, can we say that he is a baby CM...he behaves like one.
    Low class..

  12. Alamak Annie, bangkai ni kalau awak tak highlight in this blog pun semua rakyat Malaysia kenal. Bapak dia mak cakap orang komunis. Tahun 70 tu.
    Dulu ramai saki baki komunis ni. Sekarang dah terlampau ramai. Dr. Mahathir jaga baik 22 tahun. Bangkai bangkai ni tak dapat buat sesuka hati. Masuk jel dah berkali-kali. Tak dapat disedarkan jugak.
    Orang cina yang leka dan percaya dengan dakyah dua beranak Dajal ni. Dajal ni nak hancur kan Malaysia.
    On the ground rakyat Malaysia baik Cina, Melayu, India, Serani, Orang Asli hidup sama sama nak kata rukun dan damai tu tak berani la, tapi tak berkelahi pun. Yang berkelahi ni dalam media aje.
    Penghasutan bangkai dua beranak umpama Dajal ni sangat berkesan terhadap rakyat muda yang buta sejarah dan dengan bantuan besar daripada RAJA SUNTUT the only bekas TPM yang dipenjarakan. Ragam Mat Jenin RAJA SUNTUT dan MALAIKAT TOPENG yang sanggup berbuat apa saje untuk berkuasa banyak membantu memecah-belahkan kaum sebangsa sendiri.
    Jadi we are at a point of no return.
    Kena ada Imam Mahadi baru boleh selamatkan keadaan.
    Selain Mahathir, tak ada.
    Jadi Dajal Dajal ni berkeliaran dan mengganas bagi mempercepatkan kejatuhan satu pemerintahan bertamdun walaupun tak berapa maju tetapi aman amalannya.

    Kalau ketua kerajaan bahasanya kesat macam ni, pengikut pengikut memang lagi kesat la tak tertahan telinga la bahasa nya. Ketiga-tiga ketua parti komponen pakatan ni identical sifatnya. Tak dapat dibendung lagi dah. Kita memang menuju kepada peristiwa yang kita nak lupakan untuk kali kedua hasil hasutan Dajal yang sama.

    MEMANG SIAL ORANG INI dan bawa SIAL kepada Malaysia.

  13. Part 1
    Suddenly the DAP is in disarray. The gungho optimism post Bukit Gelugor has long vanished into thin air. The father and son tag team of this nepotistic party looked stunned and glum at the news conferences. The son acting like a spoilt brat while the father reduced to shocked silence. Other party bigmouths were strangely quiet. Some offended by the comeuppance they received lashed out imaginary causes to hide their own weaknesses and stupidity. So hudud, Dyana’s race, young voters,out-station voters etc bore the blame, for anybody or anything bar the DAP must take the blame.

    The reality is that the DAP is beginning to be found out as a party of political conmen and con-women.. But before we go further lets skew some of their silly excuses:

    1. Outstation voters didn’t turn up because it’s a by election
    The distance between Teluk Intan and KL is barely 180km: a short 2 hour drive if one is an outstation voter living in KL (and they are plenty). Only 500 or so need turn up but they didn’t bother even to make the two hour trip. It is a sign that they have had enough of the DAP for they could have easily turned up if they cared or wanted to especially since it was touted as a close by-election by the DAP.

    2. Hudud
    Hadi Awang, the PAS pondan announced the shelving of the Hudud proposition on the eve of nomination day. His excuse of a technical committee blah blah blah merely political euphemism for masking the truth that PAS had caved in to DAP threats and Hudud was a dead duck in the water and the Chinese extremists had no need for any fear. Given that , citing it as an excuse shows DAP’s desperate politics of clutching at straws, enough said

    3. Dyana’s race factor
    If the DAP claims that the its supporters are Malaysians and race blind, they wouldn’t have minded Dyana. But apparently reality speaks otherwise. As in the CEC vote, the poor treatment of Tunku Ismail, Khairil Khir Johari’s sudden elevation in the manipulated CWC voting list and the failure of any Malay to gain a place in the fresh CWC polls, the DAP again showed its true DNA in Dyana’s case which is what many people already know as a fact : the DAP is an extremist Chinese chauvinist party with a deep seated hatred for anything Malay and Islam. So it is only natural that this xenophobia extended to Dyana and her Perkasa ties dint help her in the least.

    4. Dirty Politics
    This is the DAP’s most absurd and filthiest claim. It will only surface when they lose and not when they win. It will go along the lines of gangsterism, intimidation etc. Fact is the DAP is more than capable of marshaling its own band of gangsters. Its lawyers, dead or alive are well known for their affiliations with criminals. In fact, there are even gangsters dressed up as lawyers in the DAP what with their hoodlum antics and goondah actions. The old maxim that if you are blaming others for something, its is most probably you are doing it holds true in this case.

    As for the EC bias thingy, enough crap has been spoken by the DAP on the matter.
    Why if it was a shady by-election, must one comment immediately on the defeat, come up with voter analysis and blame segments of the electorate like they doing now.? The fact they are doing exactly all that indicates that they accept the result. If not they would have filed a petition to nullify it on the grounds of illegality and shut the fuck up while awaiting the outcome.

  14. Part 2

    So what happened? Simply put, the DAP has been found out as nothing but the following:

    a. a talkshop with no solid achievements to boast about. Their governance of Penang is a shambles with skyrocketing property prices, a slowing economy increasingly becoming obsolete with its overreliance on electronics, an island plagued by traffic jams, environmental degradation and lately, potential water cuts.

    The actual capabilities of the Penang CM are well reflected in his abject management of the State water company, PBA. All leading indicators of good management like PBT, Earnings Per Share, Dividends, Cash and Cash equivalents etc have consisitently declined throughout his tenure compared to that under Koh Tsu Koon. (see the PBA Annual report of 2012 for a five year comparison)

    To top it off.LGE proposed a hike in water rates ostensibly to curtail waste but in actuality to beef up the dwindling profits of PBA.

    2. pays lip service to democracy: many ordinary DAP members are fedup with the Lim-Karpal Singh dynasty that brooks no dissent. These parasites have held the party hostage with their nepotist politics and intimidation tactics to entrench themselves and the kin. Ramkarpal’s elevation to fill his dead father’s seat when other more qualified and mature candidates were available is a clear indication that family ties/nepotism is alive and well in the DAP. They may rail at UMNO about this but the fact that they practice the very same things they accuse others of is revealing of their hypocrisy. And that hypocrisy is becoming more apparent to everyone bar the most stupid, by the day.

    3. Factionalism too is alive and healthy in the DAP and their treatment of their dying MPs is reflective of this. Compare their treatment of Karpal Singh, the Lim sycophant with that of neutrals like Seah Leong Peng or Wong Ho Leng (Sibu). In the DAP, if you are not within the Kit Siang-Karpal coterie, you are nothing more than a dog whose death is of no consequence or value.

    And an unseemly past history of destroying the careers of people like Fan Yew Teng, Chan Teck Chan, Gooi Hock Seng, Kua Kia Soong, Lee Lam Thye, Fong Po Kuan, Chow Kwan Yeow, Norman Fernanadez, Lee Boon Chang , Fung Ket Wing, Wee Choo Keong and countless others in order to promote imbeciles like Guan Eng, Jagjeet, Gobind and lackeys like the Ngeh- Nga idiots, Tony Pua the moron, Teresa talk kok, Teo Anjing etc foregrounds the DAP as a party designed for Anglophile Christian morons and their lackeys.

    In fact, Chinese Buddhists, Taoists etc do not stand a chance unless they take the sacrament and dedicate their lives to a dead hippie spread-eagled glaze eyed like some malnourished chicken nailed on a cross..

  15. Part 3

    And all the talk about preserving Chinese vernacular eduation is simply cock talk to con the stupid politically illiterate Chinese. Why, the Anglophiles cant even speak or write Mandarin let alone live a life by the tenets of the Analects or Lao Tze’s teaching…hahahahaha

    And even worse, no Malay leader is allowed to shine at national level save celups like Khairil Khir Johari or a blinkered idiot like Dyana. In fact, even in the case of the Indian community, bar Kulasegaran, there is no Indian of Tamil origin of stature in the party, unless worthless pariahs like Ramasamy, Rayer or Sivakumar are to be considered as credible politicians. An overall count of the State CWC positions in Malaysia will show that Indians and Malays respectively only constitute 6% and 3% of all CEC seats at state level CEC. So much for the Malaysian Malaysia empty sloganeering.

    The immediate catalyst for the defeat was closer to home. It was the poor treatment of Seah, that opened the eyes of some Chinese voters to desert the party and the fact that a Kit Siang pariah lackey like Dyana was parachuted in further damaged the party’s credibility amongst the locals. Furthermore, it reinforced the notion that the DAP was and still is a Kit Siang-Karpal family fiefdom.

    In the end, DAP’s humiliation in Teluk Intan, is an indicator of the bleak future that faces the party with the Kit Siang-Karpal family at the helm. While it may retain the support of the stupid, racist and xenophobic inferiority complexed and easily conned Chinese pigs, it is losing support elsewhere and will eventually be reduced to a ghetto mosquito party feeding on Chinese racism and xenophobia for its very survival.

  16. Anon 21:27 > 21:33,

    Lu cekap atak betul , Wa pon atak ingat itu macam lea aa , tapi Wa Cina sekolh tak pande tulik lea aa .

    Wa pon ingat atak sama , itu sekolah Cina ,sekolah India , mana atak Malaisia lor rr , apa macam cekap mau atak parti Malaisia ma aa !.