Wednesday 26 March 2014

Stand united, Malaysians

As the nation and the rest of the world started grieving for the loss of MH370, there were those who went to cyberspace trying to pin the blame on Malaysia.

They have to blame someone for everything.

Some section of the Chinese media had immediately accused the Malaysian government of being too hasty in declaring the plane and everyone on board as being lost. They hinted at a cover up.

This is the front page of a Hong Kong newspaper the morning after the announcement by PM DS Najib Razak that we had lost MH370,

Reports such as these were picked up and went viral in the social media, especially the Chinese section.

Sadly, many Malaysians joined the chorus condemning their own government and country.

Some even expressed shame for their own country and apologize to the Chinese who condemned Malaysia.

It has always been argued by the extreme right Malay groups that Malaysian Chinese have no loyalty for this country and that they are the "bangsa pendatang".

I disagree with them and had consistently maintained that this country belong to the Chinese as much as it does for the Malays, even when the Chinese badly let me down such as on May 5, last year where they collectively rejected overtures by the moderate Malays during the 13th General Election.

But the behavior of some Malaysian Chinese in the social media yesterday totally disappoint me. They lend credence to the accusations by the Malay right groups that the Chinese community will abandon this country when it is under attack, or even may join the attackers for their own selfish interest.

I believe that the political conditioning in this country over the past 10 years or so had contributed to such sentiment among many in the Malaysian Chinese community. I wouldn't fully blame them as they had been fed with the notion of hate based on claims that they had been victimized by the BN government.

How can I blame them for having no loyalty for this country when people they worshipped as leaders of their community kept on telling them that they were being treated as second class citizens and being discriminated in every way. All that, despite them being the most successful ethnic group in this country under that very same system which they were told of being unfair to them.

Nonetheless, I am sure not all our Chinese brothers and sisters are the same. I highlighted this one in a past posting,

Message from a patriotic DAP supporter

It is my sincere hope that all Malaysians could stand united for the sake of our country during this trying time.

This country belongs to all of us, so, please defend it together.

In all honesty, no one wanted the MH370 tragedy to happen.

The Malaysian government certainly does not want it to happen, and has been trying its best to facilitate the search and rescue operation despite the mind boggling nature of what happened to the plane.

This was even acknowledged by experts such as you can read here,

CNN's Richard Quest defends handling of MH370 

Yesterday, I also send a message to a close aide of the Prime Minister on the need to refute the Chinese media's assertion that Najib and the Malaysian government have been too quick or even lied in declaring the loss of MH370.

I hope in the few days to come, there will be a concerted effort to make it very clear, especially to the Chinese, that our Prime Minister had made the announcement after "we did everything after international team conducted their investigation and corroborated all data findings".

It was certainly not something done by Najib for the fun of it.


  1. You are right, Annie. There are many non-Malays who are staunch patriots and feel very angry over such reporting. Sadly, the tong kosong make so much noise and smear them all, as usual. Also adding to the polemic of "pendatang"-ness.


  2. Don't you watch CNN, BBC etc?

    Also bashing Malaysia for incompetance. Mat Salleh ok, kut?

    1. As a matter of fact, I don't watch any TV and do not normally read CNN, BBC or any western media online or in print. I get my news and information from independent commentators and bloggers overseas, most of whom are not members of the chattering classes (a derogatory term for journalists coined by British journalist Aubrey Waugh).

      The unfortunate MH370 incident has focused my mind on SAR efforts and possible causes of its disappearance, to have any time to indulge in the sensationalist claims and accusations levelled at the Malaysian government, which at least was doing something towards finding MH370, whilst opposition supporters, pro-opposition "independent" media, pro-opposition NGOs and opposition politicians themselves were all using the unfortunate incident to their political advantage.

      However, since they are into sensational conspiracy theories doing the rounds now, I wonder what they think of this one.

      Here is the longer article from which it came

      BTW. Whether you agree with the author or not, he's no journalist but a U.S. Navy veteran who can write well.

    2. The same thing with main media under present government, especially utusan.

  3. Maybe i can be proud that the whole western fucking media had to,squeeze their low IQ brain to lampoon a small Asian nation like malaysia that had never done haranyone and is the 22nd top exporter in dollar value.

    1. With bangla, Nepal,Burmese workers

  4. Feeling sick to the stomach reading all the accusation hurled at the authority by the foreign media, but it's more heartwrenching when fellow Malaysians are joining the fray...a sad day for Malaysia..

  5. Moderate Malay , how I like that , and what we facing now are the result of that,because the Malay want to be a gentleman and understanding host.

    A children's of 10"s born from the same parent who had a soft hart's ,on seeing others with no children willingly gave three of their young's to (A) and three more to (C) while keeping the rest as his own. On seeing all the children had reach adulthood the biological parents , going round telling all the six's children that he gave for adoption , he is their biological parents that they must respect and adore because all of them are their children's .
    Naturally the six's children will say ,' we don'ts know you ,how can we love you and adore you.

    Being moderate and tolerance ,the Malay and Malay leadership then has allowed the pendatang Chinese and Indian to have their own vernacular education (SJK'C) and (SJK'T), an education system's of their own which separated and differ from National education system , probably with their own style, circumscribe from their parent's country. What does we expect the byproduct of this line of education will be ?, are we going to claimed to them, that Malaysia is your country , to some they don't even speak the language , how could they have any love for country that they don't know just like parent's demanding attention from their gave away children.

    Blame it's, on the moderate Malay ,we are seeing their byproduct now.

    1. Go and stop non bumis from going sch

    2. I hate the Chinkies! Enough said!

    3. You stop buying products from pcr

  6. The police should investigate or at least check the background and credentials of Richard Quest. Is he really an aviation expert or an aviation and airline correspondent?
    He was allowed into the same cockpit of the ill-fated Boeing 777 (MH370), for an interview of the co-pilot, 17 days before it went missing.
    You don't need to watch James Bond movies to figure-out the outcome.

    Briton Richard Quest also had a rope tied around his privates when he was arrested in New York's Central Park. Quest, 46, is one of US news channel CNN's most high-profile faces.
    He was arrested after being found in New York's Central Park at 3.40am with another man. The park closes at 1am.

    Quest, who presents a show named after him, told police: "I've got some meth in my pocket."

    They found he had the stimulant methamphetamine in his jacket and a sex toy in his shoe.
    A rope was looped around his neck and privates under his clothes.
    Quest, a qualified lawyer, spent most of the day in jail then walked free from court after he agreed to six months of drug counselling.

    Read more about this guy at below URL.

  7. RE: "It is my sincere hope that all Malaysians could stand united for the sake of our country during this trying time. This country belongs to all of us, so, please defend it together."

    Read about WWII Malayan heroes Lim Bo Seng and Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi

    Lim Bo Seng was born in China, in the Fujian Province, on 27 April 1909. He was a loyal Chinese patriot who took part in fund-raising to raise funds to help China in the war against Japan in 1937. He also encouraged people to boycott Japanese goods.

    Being the head of the Labour Services Corps, he provided the British government with labourers for the war effort before the Japanese invasion. When the Japanese troops began advancing towards Singapore from Malayan, he and his men dynamited the Causeway.

    Just before the fall of Singapore to the Japanese on 11th February, Lim Bo Seng left his seven children to the care of his wife. He went to India where he was trained to fight in the jungle and later recruited resistance fighters for Force 136. Force 136 was a special operations force formed by the British in June 1942 to infiltrate and attack enemy lines. Some local Malays were also recruited into the force. One of his best friends and students, Tan Chong Tee, also participated actively in anti-Japanese activities with Lim Bo Seng.

    1. All I see is this Lim Bo Seng is just taking the fight against the Japanese from China to Malaya. It would be interesting to known what he did after the Japanese surrender.

    2. Lim was captured by the Japanese under Marshal Ōnishi Satoru (大西覚) at a roadblock in Gopeng around March–April 1944. He was taken to the Kempeitai headquarters for interrogation and he refused to provide the Japanese with any information about Force 136 despite being subjected to severe torture. Instead, he protested against the ill treatment of his comrades in prison. He fell ill with dysentery and was bedridden by the end of May 1944. Lim died in the early hours on 29 June 1944. He was later buried behind the Batu Gajah prison compound in an unmarked spot. After the Japanese surrender, Lim's wife, Gan Choo Neo, was informed of her husband's death by the priest of St. Andrew's School. Gan travelled with her eldest son to bring her husband's remains home.

    3. Malaysia is a Malay land. Te sooner non"s accept it the better for everyone . I just got Sing PR.

    4. After Lim Bo Seng had organised everything in China and India, he sent the first batch of Force 136 agents to Japanese-occupied Malaya in 1943 to set up an an intelligence network in the urban areas in Pangkor, Lumut, Tapah and Ipoh. According to historical sources, to avoid detection by the Japanese, secret messages were smuggled in empty tubes of toothpaste, salted fish and even in the Force 136's members' own diaries. To avoid identification by the Japanese, Lim Bo Seng even pretended tp be a businessman at checkpoints. He used the alias Tan Choon Lim.Unfortunately, there were many traitors who led to the downfall of Force 136 and Lim Bo Seng. Lai Teck, one of Force 136's members was a triple agent between Force 136, the British and Japanese, and he betrayed Force 136. He leaked out valuable information that allowed the Kempeitai to pick up the coded messages of Force 136, which led to the capture of many of its members.

      Lai Teck eventually betrayed Lim Bo Seng in March 1944. Despite being tortured by the Japanese, Lim Bo Seng refused to reveal the names of his own people who worked against the Japanese.

      While in prison, Lim Bo Seng often shared his food with the other prisoners. Due to the poor food and unhealthy living conditions in captivity, Lim Bo Seng fell seriously ill, and on 29 June 1944, he died in Batu Gajah jail in Perak at the age of 35.

    5. Who give the fuck about this Lim Bo Seng? The fact of the matter is the majority Malaysian Chinese are becoming more arrogant by the day and we, the Melayus anger is now already up to the boiling point, it is just a matter of time before reckoning!

    6. Is this what religion of the state and rukun negara is what bumis and non bumis workship?

  8. Biar badan hancur, asal tanah air luhur

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