Wednesday 5 March 2014

Stupid media strategy leads BN into the longkang

The other day, a very very high ranking Barisan Nasional leader admitted to me that the coalition had indeed lost the fight to win the heart and mind of the people in the run up to the 13th General Election.

This BN leader, who is actually one of the good guys also acknowledged that the coalition's media handlers and practitioners had failed to come up with a winning strategy, enabling Pakatan's propaganda to dominate the cyberspace and even to a certain extent, the mainstream media.

For instance, just open Google news and check the numbers of pro-Pakatan stories compared to pro-BN stories.I think the ratio is about 10 to one.

BN does not have a proper answer to news portals such as Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider in the cyberspace.

In fact all English newspapers, with the exception of NST, are all actually pro-Pakatan. The Star, The Sun, Malay Mail, The Edge and others are pro-Pakatan.

For Bahasa Malaysia newspapers, Pakatan has Sina Harian.

Let's not even talk about the Chinese newspapers.

Yes, they all claim that they are independent and neutral but for all intent and purposes, they are pro-Pakatan, plain and simple.

The funny thing was that, that good BN guy knows all these things yet he doesn't seem to know why it's like that and what to do about it.

The so-called pro-BN media is still being managed the same way as it was before the last year's general election and it is still churning out the same tired old stuff.

Likewise, the BN media handlers do not seem to know what to do to remedy the problem.

It's almost as if everyone were in a car, singing a happy song as it flew off the road and heading towards a ravine.

Everyone seems to know that the car was going to crash, yet they continued to sing the stupid happy song with no attempt being made to steer the car to safety.

Bloody stupid, I would say.

The high ranking BN leader actually asked me what should be done.

Well, I think that should be answered by the very well paid BN media handlers and their consultants.

Me? I am just an insignificant anonymous blogger.

But, still, I did think about it and as usual came up to my usual five point problems and solutions list.

It's simplistic. But then I'm a simple person. Here goes :

1. Problem : Poor leadership. What do you expect when you got people like Ahmad Maslan and Sabri Chik handling the flow of information.

Solution :  Replace them with better ones. I suggest this job be given to MCA people. Maybe only then they may get their The Star and the Chinese newspapers to really support BN. You have to admit, MCA handles dissemination of information better than Umno. Example: the way the MCA faction fixed DS Dr Chua Soi Lek's sex tape was brilliant compared to the stupid way Umno handled the alleged sex tapes of DS Anwar Ibrahim and others.

2. Problem : Vested personal interest above all else. The main concern of many BN media handlers and practitioners was their selfish personal interests instead of fighting for the cause. They don't even seem to know how to motivate their own people as all they care for is just how to mprove their chances to go up the ranks so that they can earn bigger salary. They are also blinded from spotting good talents who could help fight the cause.

Solution : Identify these useless people, sack them and replace them with sincere people. Actually, it's not that difficult. Example: check among them as to who benefitted a lot from all those BN gimmick shows before GE13 and just get rid of them. One way or another they had failed yet became rich from the stupid programme that they proposed to boost BN image. Finding sincere people to replace those crooks? That is not really a problem. Actually, there are many of them. Just look around hard enough and you will find them. The key to it is that the ones who search, must also be sincere.

3. Problem : Stupidity. Sorry to say, but I personally think that many of BN media handlers were quite stupid. They do not even seem to care that Pakatan agents in government-link companies are doing their best to make sure the pro-Pakatan media was well-fed with sponsorships and advertisements. And their ideas were stupid. For instance, the Jelajah Janji DiTepati program. It is stupid and the person who came up with the idea is stupid. Having a fun fair to make DS Najib Razak looks good actually cheapened the whole BN's campaign.

Another instance of stupidity was for them to let this sorts of things to happened :

It's either Zahid Hamidi or his media handlers are morons. Or maybe all of them.

Solution: Get clever and capable people to do the thinking in the media team and get rid of the morons with no brain. The new smart people can come up with the necessary strategy on how to fight the media war. Again, these clever and capable people must be sincere to the cause. Don't simply pick from friends and relatives, okay. Definitely not some fun fair towkey selling stupid little idea to make lots of money for himself or some white men or young punks peddling con jobs by sounding clever with their fancy Mat Salleh named consultancy organization.

4. Problem: Cyber Hantu Raya. These are those who go around blackmailing BN leaders with bad write-ups in the cyberspace if they don't get what they want. It's one of the most vile things which gave BN bloggers in particular a bad name and severely damaged their credibility.

Solution: Total eradication of these shameless bastards. Do not entertain them at all. Let them write what they want. Just ignore them. You see, I can understand that there are those who earn a living by writing for either side of the political divide, but I don't think we should tolerate those who turned into a hantu raya, by sucking the blood of their master when they can't get what they undeservedly demanded.

5: Problem: Lack of discipline. Compared to the DAP's cybertroopers and their media handlers, the level of discipline among those on the BN's side should be rated on the same level as a useless bum. Most of them believe that they are the best at what they are doing but actually they are just so full of crap.

Solution: Nope, I can't think of any solution for this problem. Those in the media line are normally big headed.
1. Become an editor of a newspaper with a circulation of less than 100,000 per day and already think so highly of oneself.
2. Having a blog with less than one million page views per year and already thought of oneself as being very influential.
Very hard to come up with a solution on how to manage these kind of people's ego. You can't just whack them in the head like in the old days, okay.
Never mind, let's leave this one to the BN media handlers and their consultants. They were paid millions of ringgit anyway.
So, why should I be the one cracking my head to find solutions for their problems.

Okay, that's all. Need to go to work now.


  1. Annie,
    Far from defending BN, I think the pro pakatan troopers have the upperhand when dissipating juicy gossips not only from the BN parties but the various department, agencies and GLCs. Anything accruing from these agencies are deemed to be caused by the hands of BN/UMNO.
    Potray yourself as the underdogs, the maligned group and you can do no wrong.

    1. How to pro UMNO/BN ??? Tingkah laku dan kerja-kerja UMNO/BN semuanya jahat-jahat belaka, macam mana nak support ?
      Hanya insan yang mangkuk ayun seperti Annie yang akan TETAP SOKONG Umno !!

    2. Hey apex. Apa lu cakap ni hah?

    3. apex cakap, UMNO jahat, macam mana nak bloggers sokong UMNO ? yg pro UMNO bloggers kini pon tibai sama Najib !

    4. Annie, let me rephrase what you said in a wider context:

      1. Poor leadership +
      2. Vested personal interest +
      3. Stupidity +
      4. Cyber hantu raya (perverse sense of entitlement) +
      5. Lack of discipline =

      Stupid BN strategy leads Malaysia into the longkang.

      The Malaysian Chinese

  2. You are not suggesting Zahid Hamidi is a Moron!
    No wonder the BN media machinery choose to ignore you!

  3. Annie,

    You may have a point about poor media handling by the BN but I think there's a much simpler answer.

    That is that English language media is mostly read by English literate people who are mostly urban-based, middle-class and educated, and it's already known that urban voters are generally pro-opposition, even without the Internet.

    The journalists and editors of these newspapers are also mostly urban, middle-class and educated, so whatever the political leaning of the owners of their newspaper, it's a platform for them to express their pro-opposition views either overtly or subtly.

    Likewise, since the Chinese are mostly pro-opposition now, so will be the journalists and editors who will express such views in their writings in Chinese media.

    Since the support base for the BN is largely Malay, especially rural Malay, most Malay language publications will express a pro-BN opinion.

    Since most people who access news online are urban, middle-class and of higher education, they are pro-opposition and will access pro-opposition news portals.

    So if the pro-BN media wants to attract their readership, it too must publish pro-opposition views or reports critical of the BN government, which they most likely won't do.

    Readers will generally gravitate to what what they want to read and will believe what they want to believe, and if they want to read and believe pro-opposition, anti-BN views, they will and there's very little anyone can do about it.

    The only way out of this is for the BN to clean up its act, get rid of corruption, listen to the people more, be open, honest, transparent and deliver better than the opposition can.

    That way, once they regain the confidence of the urban people, everything else including votes and trust in pro-BN media will follow.

    Otherwise, pro-BN media will just be treated as propaganda, whatever it does.

    1. So true & Well said

      I bought a ticket to the world
      But now I've to come back again
      Why do I find it hard to write the next line?
      Oh I just want the truth to be said .....
      I know this much is true

    2. You say the way out for bn is to clean up , get way the corruption. Why to draw back the people, include Chinese. So Chinese dont like corruption

  4. Spot on, Annie

  5. Annie,

    1. Bring back the Sedition Act and the Internal Security Act to “level the playing field.” With it, all quarters will be more responsible in their reporting instead of free to spread gossips and slander. Moreover, the Chinese like gossips and slanderous news, generally, as they are too busy making money to bother to read or listen to news or to find the truth!

    2. DAP fought with hearts (It is all about winning!) whereas BN fought without hearts (It is all about money!). For BN to “counter” this contradiction, it has to employ “bipartisan media mercenaries with green cards” that reports to PM and DPM only.

    3. Recruitments of “these mercenaries” are in perpetuity, and not just before an election. BN should pay “core group” monthly allowances whereas “contributing mercenaries on contract basis” on “assignment basis”, which amount should commensurate with their “output/production.” No more, no less! Got to work already!

    1. Anon 10;00

      re, DAP fought with hearts ( it is all about wining !) wheres BN fought without hearts ( It is all about money).

      How I like that statement , and cannot be denied ,that the roots course of the problem we are facing ,not only UMNO / BN may lose in the coming General Election but may result to racial unrest and political instability in the country.

      No needs to elaborate details as everyone is aware of DAP media strategy and their supporter manipulating issue without concern of it sensitivity about other religion or race in particular the Malay. This shows how DAP are fighting with their "extra" hearts and couldn't care less ,as long as they achieve their destination .
      They fought with their hearts (it's all about wining ) when they win the money is there waiting.
      Nevertheless, I agreed with Annie that UMNO ( I wouldn't want to say BN ) media strategy are damn stupid arrogance and some of their bloggers( like DAP / PR bloggers) simply wont accept different view from theirs ,and yet they called themselves intelligent intellectual .

    2. Annie is she man, soldier of fortune and close to government elite

  6. They can't even discard Shahrizat, what do you think they can dicard other warlords in UMNO?

    1. WHAT A FART!

  7. I totally agree with you on all points. BN does not know how to invest in proper strategising for its media; be it social or even traditional. Sometimes the too gushing coverage makes even pro BN people like me cringe so hard.

  8. what makes it so hard for BN to attract talented people to their fold that they have to resort to half-past-sizers?

  9. As for the English papers that you had mentioned Annie, I actually found them quite balance. They can't really being bias by their leaning in news reporting as they know the readers are intelligent enough to compare them. They'll quick to judge the news as pro this or pro that if they found out some form of embellishment to the stories or some spins had been put into it.

  10. If our leaders continue to lead in a clueless fashion, they will be kicked out eventually . And they still don't know what hit them. So what do we do?

  11. Why bother Annie. BN already in the longing. Just waiting for rain water to wash it away.

  12. Annie,

    It may well be a problem with media handling but UMNO/BN does not make it easy for themselves either.

    What kind of positive spin could any media handler put on the ugly behaviour of UMNO-linked NGOs?

    Or when the rakyat demand information on suspect mega deals which favour UMNO/BN cronies?

    The list is endless!!

    Two very common sayings come immediately to mind when I read this article.

    Saying One - "You cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear"

    Saying Two - "It will be like putting lipstick on a pig"

    UMNO/BN should put more effort into solving the real problems which Malaysians face rather than trying to making their paltry efforts look good.

    Incidentally, my father reads the Star religiously every day. I look at it occasionally and, to be honest, I see way more pro-BN articles than pro-Pakatan articles.

    Strange, isn't it? Two people looking at the exact same publication and we have diametrically opposite opinions.


  13. Annie : The"high ranking" BN leader actually asked me what should be done.

    wa !! Annie has become such a significant person now, congrates congrates !!
    Why high ranking BN leader no ask Rockybru what to do since Rocky is the supremo pro UMNO blogger? Maybe rocky too busy fixing his motorbike now.

  14. The best solution is to appoint Annie as UMNO head of information and cybertropper, surely Pakatan Rakyat will be punished kaw-kaw by Annie, Anwar will be send back to Jail, Selangor, Penang and Kelantan will fall back to UMNO rule and Mukhriz will be ascending to the throne, and finally Annie will live happily ever after with UMNO.


  15. Saya budak baru belajar'
    kalau salah tolong tunjukan,

    kalau dah memang yang buta tak bolih diajar'
    yang celik teruskan perjuangan.

    Cempedak diluar pagar '
    ambil galah tolong jolokan,

    perjuangan yang yang iklas tak semestinya dibayar'
    yang penting kepercayaan dan masa hadapan.

    Suboh hari menuai padi'
    tidak tersedar matahari dah tinggi,

    labohkan diri demi pertiwi'
    agar tidak terkilan dihari-hari menanti.

    1. Cahari olehmu akan sahabat,
      yang boleh dijadikan obat.
      Cahari olehmu akan guru,
      yang boleh tahukan tiap seteru.
      Cahari olehmu akan isteri,
      yang boleh menyerahkan diri.
      Cahari olehmu akan kawan,
      pilih segala orang yang setiawan.
      Cahari olehmu akan abdi,
      yang ada baik sedikit budi,

      Gurindam VI daripada Tok Guru Raja Ali Haji

  16. I don't know how the government control and handle mass media in disseminating news and info on what's going on within the country but the current administration does a lousy job at it. It just plain bad. They are eager to please the mass rather than educate them. That is not how it works. The government can't afford to make populist announcements all the time. Bad days will come and the people have to learn to sit up and hear them.
    The world is a circle and there's going to be ups and downs. Bad times lie ahead waiting for you and the government have got to be prepared for it. By the time it happens they have got to make those unpopular moves where the Rakyat will disliked. In short, the government have to do what need to be done whatever the outcome is. That's how responsible government work and the mass need to be informed and educated about it. The government are not traveling circus whose job is to make people happy at all times.
    But still, while on rough patches, when difficult decisions need to be made, be sure that the people need to be properly informed and explained so they wouldn't easily get upset. The government have got to know how to explain it in a way that the rakyat could understand and accept it. And I know it is not going to be easy. The government shouldn't let their their voice drown out by barking dogs in the opposition whose only job is trying to rile up the people and make the government look bad. That also another battle in which the government have to put a fight with.
    Then how you do it? the catch here is you need the right people at the right place to explain it at the right time. You just need a good and intelligent guy to do it. You need to do it by appointing the right guy at the right place in the cabinet. In simple word, appoint smart guys into the cabinet. The guys with credibility. The guys where when they speak, the rakyat could look and listen to in earnest. The guys who can be taken seriously. The rakyat are unlikely to get mad if the person who dish out the news and facts are the guys of integrity and credibility. Take a look at Daim Zainuddin as finance minister or Rafidah Aziz as International trade minister. People at that time took them seriously. These two ministers knew their stuff and knew what they were doing and nobody dared to challenge their facts or making fun of them. As the result, people took them seriously and had confidence in them. That's how you go about to appoint people into the cabinet. You can't just appoint someone because they had the highest majority in an election or you feel that you owe something to them. It does not work that way.
    But here right now, we have guys in the cabinet who wanted to enjoy all the perks and prestige that come with the jobs but shirked duty and responsibility went things get awry. When things go wrong, they freak out and scrambled for excuses. They were just poor at explaining things.That's why you get all the darnedest things come out from their mouths. In the end, it is the government who will look bad in the eyes of the public. When that happens, it doesn't really help no matter how much spin you put into it.

  17. TT bukan budak baru belajar
    tetapi dah lama belajar
    kini tetap kurang ajar
    sampai bilakah mahu diajar

  18. Annie,
    Apa mau risau maa...As long as the rural people esp the Malays, Swkians and Sabahans still believe in BN, I think they are safe.Good eg is GE 13 UMNO alone won 89 Parliaments seats and this is more or less same numbers as the three parties in PR won.These simple thinking rural folks only interested in day to day affairs and their well beings being taken care of.They couldnt care less about this Cyber War and propanganda and naturally most of them are Malays and Bumiputras,their attitudes toward the govt are less critical compared to the Urban materialistic folks who really feel the pinch of the increasing cost of living and most likely this is the main reason why they become anti establishment lots.

  19. I like your problem 2 and solution. If that is true not just for media, but the whole of the country I would support BN anytime.

  20. In the first place,Annie shouldn't cracking her head for UMNO, better spend some quality tine with boyfriend lagi untung, After all Annie claims never get paid a single cent from UMNO.

  21. I like point # 3." Endless Stupidity"

  22. It is not just the way they run the media, the same attitude extend to how they rule the country as well. After a while rakyat neutral cam saya pun muak. Tegur sikit pun tak boleh. Look at BRIM. Tun M tegur cepat balas.

    Just fed up