Sunday 30 March 2014

Don't bully my patriotic Cina bukit friend

My mother sent me this text message yesterday,

"May, I think ur latest posting is a little bit extreme."

(Note: May is my Chinese name used by my mother. Annie is actually just my nickname among friends. My father is the only one who calls me by my Malay name)

My mother was referring to my question,

Malaysian Chinese, were you all loyal to this country?

I told my mother that I asked that question primarily because I was angry that a friend of mine was bullied in the Chinese social media for defending Malaysia over the MH370 tragedy.

My friend was the one I highlighted here,

Message from a patriotic DAP supporter

and the one who wrote this,

Dear Chinese, regarding MH370 tragedy

As I had put it in those postings, my Malaysian patriot friend is a Chinese who was educated in the Chinese school system all the way to a university in Taiwan.

To top it all, my friend is a DAP supporter.

But that did not stop my friend from defending this country and its government when they came under attack by those foreigners from China.

It was a painful experience, my friend told me.

The most hurtful were when fellow Malaysians turned against my friend in support of the Malaysia-hating foreigners.

I understand how my friend must had felt, and that's why I believe that all those "Semua Cina balk Tongsan" calls by the Malay extremists were stupid.

You cannot chase away my friend as I will stand in your way.

As I had put it in those past postings, my friend is more a patriot than a lot of Malays who claim themselves to be patriots. Myself included.

Having said that in defense of my friend, I think the excuses given by those who sided with the Chinese bastards from China who thrashed our country in their social media were lame.

Malaysian Chinese had the right to thrash Malaysia and its government because they were discriminated and oppressed, you said?

What a load of crap that one was.

I took this picture of Malaysian Chinese from a pro-Pakatan blog which as usual claimed itself to be neutral.

Well, they don't look very oppressed to me. In fact they look very well off and happy.

How not to be happy when your community was the most advanced and prosperous in this multi-racial country despite being a minority.

Guess the evil Melayu Umno people didn't oppress them properly enough.

Anyway, that question of mine about loyalty to the country has at the point of me writing this received over 200 comments and generated almost 7,000 page views. About three times more than the daily average.

Hopefully, those who read them learned something about how it should be when it comes to loyalty to this country.

I know, the comments were not very healthy, but I believe we may learn something from reading them too.

It's like looking into a mirror and discovering for ourselves, how ugly we actually were.

Maybe we need a massive plastic surgery.

Remove all the ugly parts altogether.

I will write about that later.

For now, I am going to the beach again. Hopefully it will not rain today.

You all have a good Sunday, ya.


  1. Share your view.
    We must look ourselves in the mirror
    Keep writing

    Enjoy the beach outing

  2. We can achieve unity when minority start thinking as malaysian, speak malaysian and behave malaysian,.. the young chinese never bothered to learn and understand the history of this country.. they dont want to accept the reality that our forefathers had agree that the malays HAVE the special rights in the constitution in exchange citizenship for the non malays.

    But they choose to patronized the malays, provoked by the rba ( red bitch army ), that this special right can be thrown into drain.
    We, for sure wll defended the constitution no matter what will happened. For the ignorance chinese, it is very simple... just honoured the agreement and move on!!!

  3. Melayu can govern w/o cinabeng thats a fact. Over time we will replicate the PNB model into political sphere ......

    "If all the property assets under PNB were moulded into one frame, the fund could be compared to the likes of Singapore’s CapitaLand Ltd and Hong Kong’s Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.

    Both directly and indirectly, PNB owns the biggest parcels of land throughout Peninsular Malaysia and buildings in the most strategic of locations in Kuala Lumpur.

    It has swathes of plantation land that can be converted for the use of property development via listed and unlisted companies such as S P Setia Bhd, Sime Darby Property Bhd, I&P Group Sdn Bhd, Pelangi Bhd and Petaling Garden Bhd.

    When Sime Darby, which is majority controlled by PNB, was merged into a single large giant in 2007, proponents of the exercise prided the entity as having the largest land bank on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

    It stretched from Rawang in the north right up to Nilai and Seremban in the south. Whether that potential is monetised, however, is a story for another day.

    In the commercial building space, the overwhelming presence of PNB buildings in Kuala Lumpur is hard to miss.

    Along Jalan Sultan Ismail, it owns the Kenanga International Building that is sandwiched between the Tradewinds Centre and the under-reconstruction Equatorial Hotel. Opposite Kenanga International, PNB owns the old Malaysia Airlines headquarters that is being converted into a service apartment and hotel.

    Over at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) area, meanwhile, PNB has its headquarters, Darby Park, along Jalan Tun Razak, which is also a service centre. The list of buildings owned by PNB can go on. From KLCC to Damansara to Cyberjaya, it has a presence.

    PNB is also an aggressive accumulator of office properties overseas, especially in London. In 2012 alone, PNB was reported to have acquired four office properties in London. Even based on the exchange rate appreciation between the sterling pound and ringgit alone, it would be sitting on handsome returns by now.

    In the Battersea Power Station project in London, PNB is the major shareholder by virtue of two of its companies – S P Setia and Sime Darby – cumulatively having majority control of the project.

    The mother of all office-cum-commercial buildings in PNB’s stable, however, is yet to come – the 118-storey Menara Warisan Merdeka that is being built within the vicinity of Stadium Merdeka. The contract to do the ground work was awarded two weeks ago, signalling that the fund will go ahead with the building despite concerns on the slowdown in the office space segment of the property market.

    When Menara Warisan Merdeka is completed, PNB will seal its place as among the largest owners of commercial and office property in the region and Asia. In a nutshell, PNB’s portfolio of property assets makes it a global player. "

    1. Then there is no more kampong and back to concrete jungle. Can they be export for income? Brainless. It become Detroit city.

  4. once a pendatang always a pendatang. Assimilate or f@#k off

    1. Eat or not eat keow teow, tou foo far and chee cheong fun

    2. What is the correlation again? Again assimilation means no vernacular school, no mandarin only BM with Malaysian name like Indonesia & Thailand did to their Chinese origin citizens. This should be the next Malaysian agenda.

    3. Anon 13:20

      Is this culinary blog!!??

    4. what are malaysian name? Ali, aminah?

    5. Why not give it a try. Why james, mcdonald and the likes are more palatable to you? Just remember this is Tanah Melayu.......

    6. And tanah sarawakians and sabahans

    7. Anon 12.35

      Why dont you fuck off to sand land ? You stupid inbred fuck. The critic against mh370 was about the specifics and how it was handled. Gomen does not equate country. Get that into your dumb fuck brain.

    8. Anon 12:01 is an example of an offspring between a coolie and a prostitute. Do you think your dirty chingkie head can handle it better?

    9. Penatang include annie' s mother who is a chinkie

    10. anon 12:01

      so brave behind the keyboard.. you dont like the word tanah melayu, umno, pendatang bla bla bla.. thats your problem... either you live with it or you can go fuck your sorry ass!!!!..

    11. Annie must have love your four letter words

  5. Annie, May I know your Malay name called by your father :) ?

    1. He,he,he Annie tidak akan jawab punya!

    2. Siti ....... kot ?

    3. Melayu Kluang banyak orang Jawa. Mungkin nama Melayu Annie is Tuminah! He he he he! I love you Annie! Give me a chance to care for you?

    4. I think her name is Siti Nor Annie.

  6. Righto annie! Keep the good glowing spirit to educate all the unfaithful chinese netizens/so called malaysian citizens, especially the 'trained RBAs' by their mentors.

    Most malays are watching this chinese opera....remember namawee's film, a shot that he ' kencing melayu' ? The porn stars that most chinese proud of?

    Pelanduk selalu lupa jerat.....running wild, behaving like boasting boars ! One day the 'jerat' will crunch them because we know that they are stupid!

  7. Yup the Chinese are so oppressed that they even have their dedicated slot at national TV that will show Chinese show even during Hari Raya!

    They also have their own advertisements at national TV that the majority of Malaysians can't understand! Funny right? You normally don't understand adverts in foreign non-English speaking countries. But Malaysia and Malaysians have been bending backwards for these so called oppressed group of pendatang!

  8. i just want the idiotic commentator, whom i believe a Dap supporter, to properly differentiate between the government and the country. you hate the government? go on ahead. it is your personal choice after all. but when it comes to defending the good name of our country, you must show that you are loyal enough. is that too hard for the so called malaysian chinese to do? can you be a true malaysian? if you cant, at least just pretend to be a true malaysian would suffice i guess..

    oh btw..i am a malay. not a Bn supporter. however, i'll never insult my own country.

    what do you think most of us feel when we see some ?malaysians putting the Jalur Gemilang upside down? insulting and cursing this country all the time? and it is really weird because i believe 99% of them are mata sepets..therefore, it is logical if the malays begin to 'retaliate' do not blame them. you should take the responsility for your brainless act and inability to differentiate a gov and a country!

    1. Agree. Who hang the flag upside down. Everyone including Ministers can also insult malaysia with unintelligent and silly comment. The world laugh.

    2. Oh really? And you think LKS and LGE can do better? Cringing just thinking of it. Both father and son are moronic of the 1st order.
      Why do you care so much about world opinion? US, UK & China has many moments of disrepute, but do they care about world opinion?
      Zero. You are so insecure....if you do not want to be associated with this country there is always an alternatives....

    3. Who is insecure and do not vote bn

  9. Wahh!! So far no comment from Red Bitch Army or Mr Bean Army? busy ..normally they have a lot to say since this country so bad..and only them who have the solution!!

  10. Annie !, what you did was never extreme , I would consider what Lim Kit Siang and his clan did and say all this years, are most extreme shielding himself behind behind political immunity .
    Your article , was a good eye opener to most Malays, how their attitude of tolerance and acceptance has being paid in returned ,and they just cannot continue being a gentleman all the time, while Chinese are rude and arrogant to the extreme.

    Never denied that they are still some are in their right mind's , but this right minded, are rarely to be seen nowadays , thanks again to Lim Kit Siang and his clans ,not to forget too ,vernacular education are really bad for the country ,no matter what they may argue .

    Are we continuously going to shout at each other ?, till when ? . The government has to come to a solution , that there will never be peaceful Malaysia if their people are not being brought up together since young ,no political believe could binds them then.

    1. Aiya, told you all time and again, if the Barisan gomen still don't wake up and implement National mainstream schools for ALL Malaysian kids, our shouting matches akan tak habis habis ..... integrate the Chines subject and Tamil into the school system lah. Actually, every parent just wants QUALITY education for their children. But i'm sure you have witnessed the less than satisfactory state of our school infrastructure and maintenance even here in Selangor.

    2. Contrary to your belief, the Chinese DO want to keep their own school system. Conversely, you can see more Indian kids going to national school instead of sending their kids to the estates where the Tamil vernacular school would be.

      Gladly fellow Malaysians living on the East Malaysia did not ask for Iban, Kadazan, Bidayuh, Melanau, Dayak Laut, Dayak Darat vernacular school. Else, this country will be doomed. Although more than 60% Sabahans and Sarawakians embrace Christianity, they have no fuss over attending national schools.

    3. Then all can study in Mara unis.

    4. Let us together from primary school to Mara unis

  11. Every country has racists and non-racists, but the majority isn’t racist. Sometimes we really have to join the majority to live together peacefully. Also, to respect and learn from each other in spite of our cultural, religious and accents differences.. You just can’t tell your daddy to go back to Indonesia just because he is a malay nor to tell your mummy to go back to China just because she is a chinese. Anyone regardless of race who has an uncontrollable hatred, jealousy, and resentment towards other races, I mean you just hate them all and cannot think rationally, instead of telling them to leave, you can always go back to Indonesia, China or Thailand yourself.

    1. The tragedy of MH 370 is a blessing. The Malays now know the extent of hatred against the Malays that is being imbued in the Chinese psyche. DAP has succeeded in their campaign for "change" among the Chinese. In the course of time the Malays (including from PAS and PKR) will adjust themselves to protect their interests (violently or otherwise).

    2. Tomorrow pas and pkr rejoin umno, Anwar will be set free and karpal more jail?

    3. Anon 21:31'
      As had been said before there was no such thing, you, Malays go back to Indonesia because the Malays and the Indonesian belong to this territory the 'The Kepulauan Melayu' which include Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Phillipine. Same things apply, you Shanghai Chinese go back to Beijing. Both Beijing and Shanghai are Chinese town in China!

    4. Anon 17:55 - Dont talk cock lah. Malaysian chinese are racist at heart. They may be nice to the malays, but that is just to get what they want.

    5. You mean mat salleh fo not do it or all politicians will do it

  12. Aku talk faham cerita orang Melayu can go back to Indonesia ni. Aku orang Melayu. Keturunan bapak aku Cima. Aku nak balik mama ? China ke ? Tak ada keturunan aku asal Indinesia. Pakai akal sikit la. Tak payah balik mana mama. What majority do, you follow. Tak akan ada masalah. The problem with this country is 25% of the populattion want to have it their way and no other way. When you defy Constitution, what can we call you ? Dulu dulu hukum dia memang buang negeri. Tak ada panggilan lebih elok melaimkan pengkhianat negara.

  13. Anon 21:31,
    With your stupid and heartless comment, you are despised by the human race. Even your own family doesn't want to associate with you, let alone your race. Shame on you!

    1. Annie' mother is chinkie. Also send her back to China and Annie is half Chinese so send her hAlf way ie Vietnam.

  14. "It's like looking into a mirror and discovering for ourselves, how ugly we actually were."

    Soul Relief for a Tired Ego

  15. Right on Annie. These scums need to realize first who they are before start attacking others.

  16. Spot on Annie! "Remove all the ugly parts altogether."

    The China Chinese is asking the government to return back their families but we can't.

    Lest what we can do, and more than willing to do is to return back their 'ingrates long lost families; those who hate to live in Malaysia, hate evething about malays (Malay archipelago) but like to suck from this land like a parasite.

    Those are the liabilities to Malaysia and we would like to return them all back to where they should belong. They defend their everything Chinese in preparation and in the hope to return home. This is intention pre-independent 1957. We should help them to materialize it.

    1. Anonymous @ 14:15

      Totally agree with you 100 percent! To all patriotic Malaysians, lets build a
      huge tongkang to accommodate these ungrateful 'half-baked' (neither here
      nor there, who couldn't make up their minds where their loyalties stand) Chinese and ship them back to their frickin motherland. Malaysia will be better off without these parasites.
      I live in Canada and all these frickin' Chinese are the same the world over
      - they are leeches to the core!
      Watch this:

    2. Anon 16:33 totally agree. I live in the US and in my neighborhood there is not a single chingkie around. Aman! But apabila berada di Malaysia, buka saja pintu rumah, nampak si mata sepet siap dengan bau hapak!

    3. Every non bumi are treated like ingrates even when they are loyal and carry malaysian flag and stand up at the winning podium at the games for Negara ku.Even some non bumis went to sek kebangsaan but had to take stp and cannot Mara unis. Who is educating citizens to beome ingrates? Why national education is different for different people if all go to sjk.

  17. Well, I think's Annie's last article on the question of Malaysian Chinese has expose the hypocrisy and pretentious nature of Malaysians when it comes to the issue of racial and religious harmony. It is also proves that all those MUHIBBAH concept and 1Malaysia slogans are mere TALK COCKS, because every Malaysians are CLOSET racists

    I don't think the commentators here would ever get the bigger picture as they are too busy at whacking the Chinese, Malays and Indians just to vent their own ANGERS and HATREDS. Worst of all, they are TOO LAZY as usual and why some Chinese officials said "If you don't push them, they won't move"

    When you talk about PATRIOTISM, when actually comes first? RACE or LAND? If it's about RACE, then it's not PATRIOTISM but INFIGHTINGS. If you read history, the British colonists racially segregated and divided the Malays, Chinese and Indians because they feared that if all these races come together, they will lose control. UMNO at the time, was formed by Malay ELITISTS and ROYALISTS who only care about securing their positions as ARISTOCRATS in Malaya, which what makes them more BRITISH FRIENDLY, while other socialist parties were deemed ANTI-BRITISH.

    So what you see in UMNO today is no different than the British colonists, where the supremacy of UMNO lies in the continuous segregated and divided Malaysian society, where Malays are for Malays, Chinese are for Chinese, Indians are for Indians and so on. What more, our federal constitution and constitutional monarchy were copied from the British's too.

    The concept of Nationalism and Patriotism has to be inclusive and to serve as a common ground for all, regardless of races and religions, only then the ideals of tolerance and harmony can be truly achieved. Unfortunately, the nationalism conceived by UMNO is only for the sake of retaining powers by keeping the Malays in the shackles of FEUDALISM and confusing the Malays with GHOST STORIES, BOGEYMAN TALES. This is where Nationalism has become RACISM, just like NAZISM and ZIONISM. 1Malaysia also becomes "1MELAYU-Saje"

    Another thing about Malaysians' EPIC FAILURE would be their understanding of DEMOCRACY concept, which are only all about ELECTIONS and "Majority over Minority" rules. Democracy is not just only about the majority, but it's also about ensuring the rights of the minority, civil liberties and freedom of expressions. Even LGBTs rights are enshrined under Democracy too.

    But Malaysians still aren't open to things which are foreign to them, or should I say "Too WESTERN" for them because they are MALAYS, CHINESE, INDIANS and "Western things" contradict and destroy their identities.
    They would only want others to LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN to them, they would only want to be RIGHT all the time, they refuse to admit their own mistakes and they would NEVER listen to others.

    Which is why Kassim Ahmad was prosecuted for debating Islam
    Which is why a Malay woman was prosecuted for petting a DOG
    Which is why Bibles with ALLAH were confiscated
    Which is why SYIAH sects weren't allowed and denounced as deviants

    And which is why Muslim authorities and NGOs were so quiet of the RAJA BOMOH's COCONUTS attics, SYIRIK is permissible because it's a MALAYSIAN practice right?

    So as you can see, democracy in Malaysia is in fact another form of TYRANNY, where the majority silence and bully the minority into submssions where corruptions, power abuses and racism are deemed permissible by the majority. Screw the principles, morals and civil liberties, all you need is GUIDED DEMOCRACY and that is why you help keeping the IDIOTS in government. So who is STUPID now?

    I love this country a lot, but I hate the PEOPLE here because they are STUPID, RACIST, LAZY, IGNORANT and INSANE. So Annie, on your question about my patriotism, you bet I would defend this land, not just from foreign invaders but also from ALL MALAYSIANS as well because they are TOO PROUD to admit their own MISTAKES, HYPOCRISY and STUPIDITY.

    1. Yes, the Chinese and all PR leaders are TOO PROUD to admit their own MISTAKES, HYPOCRISY and STUPIDITY. I agree 1000%!

    2. anon 17:48
      long comment and babbling doesnt make you a 'mahatma gandhi"... the issue here plain and simple! its all about chinese behaviour who never know and want to know dimana bumi di pijak disitu langit di junjung.

      if given 500 years the chinese will be and still the chinese (arrogant and kurang ajar).

      running down the country with your 'cousin' from china doesnt make you a patriot!!!... it is just show your true colour..tak pernah puas hati!!!

    3. This Anon 17:48 does not understand the meaning of "Patriotism cum Nationalism and Democracy in the context of social economic evolution of Malaya then Malaysia in a structural racial lines versus the rooted norms of the Malay Archipelago.

    4. They only knows how to throw back holy words.

  18. too much is being talked about chinese. enuf already.
    i've worked in a lot of companies and always I had to face with a lot of people.
    and really chinese

  19. I wonder y still some malays thinking are such narrow and outdated. U can call us pendatang, btw, r we all rude? May be some of us has be hurting other races but doesnt mean all the chineese like that. If u balme all tge chineese just becoz of a few person, i also can blame some malay did for me.
    I am a buddhist prayer, and i usually told my fenz i will tell my malay schoolmate that certain day ,i will oni have vegetarian. However, gt one time, i accidentally eat non vegetarian food given by my schoolmate. Before i taking the food,they confirm there are no meat inside. Then when i start chewing my food, they all laugh on me and said inside gt meat and give out all the harash word. So, by right,i should all making all my malays friends is enemy but i know this is just few person and i cant blame whole malay.
    And now i also haviing malay relative, and i stil believe there all the races arekind About the loyalty, some Malaysian still doubting on us but if u all go weibo(china social networking), then u can see that how Malaysian Chinesse defend our country eventough Maalasyian Chineese are lesser than them. Me too, everyday, my weibo always be attacking by China weiboer, but i sitll to choose to defend this country. I just want to say, even all the Malaysian reject us, we still love this beautiful country. If not, there is no Lee Chong Wei, dota 2 player, Yamateh, Fish Leong, Micheal Wong in the eye of international claming to their supporter that they are Malaysian proudly.