Tuesday 4 March 2014

In the dead of the night

Just reached home.

It is past midnight. Feeling very tired. Lots of stuff to do at work.

I'm doing this posting to while away the time until I'm totally ready to sleep.

Well, I am actually writing nothing in particular this time.

As I had in the past wrote, this blog is not exactly a serious blog.

It's just my message in a bottle. I never actually expect anyone to really read it.

It's nothing like all those prominent sopo blogs which are so full of important stuff, capable of influencing decision makers.

This blog is of no significance compared to theirs.

Except maybe to Lim Kit Siang....hahahaha....

Okay, I have actually been writing this blog according to my whims and fancies. Of course, they were based on what I read and hear. Really, most of my postings were written that way. Nothing fancy.

Sometimes when I felt like it, I would write serious political stuff but at other times, I just write about my day to day nonsense...movies, music, books etc.

It all depends on my mood, actually. I guess those who have been reading this blog regularly know that's exactly how this blog has always been.

Well, for one thing, the common sense is that, no one would want to pay me for writing such a blog.

Umno definitely would not want to pay me for writing silly stuff such as my date with a Chinese guy and other such silliness, wouldn't they?

I think they would rather pay all those serious people writing serious sopo blogs instead.

Mine is I believe, just a nonsensical blog.

Probably that's why quite a number of DAP cybertroopers like to hang out at this blog.

Easy, picking, I guess. After all, I hardly have the time to fight them in the comments section.

Well, never mind...actually, I don't care much for their taunting.

I'm actually not yet in the mood to write a proper posting.

I guess I'm still not over my poor health of late.

Maybe, when I'm really okay, I will write a proper posting.

Hmmm...I better rest now.

A bit of nice music, perhaps....just in remembrance of my lost love...in this dead of a night....

Quite sleepy now, actually...good night.


  1. All is never lost .... this here Love; But what is not Love .... was ever lost on us.


    don't go to sleep without dying to your separation .... to awaken with Love united.

  2. Annie,

    "Probably that's why quite a number of DAP cybertroopers like to hang out at this blog. Easy, picking, I guess. After all, I hardly have the time to fight them in the comments section."

    LOL, RD, myself and others will support you all out. We will hentam those DAP cybertroopers aka RBAs on your behalf. You just continue posting your articles on this blog. We enjoy reading your thoughts which you put in writing. Not many people have this capability, you know. I think LKS and his cohorts too enjoy reading your articles, otherwise why they keep on coming for more!

    1. True to form...we have a dumno apologist here instantly. ....

    2. I am Lim Kit Siang, I hereby swear I read Annie blogs everyday.

  3. Take care of your health, Annie.
    Leave the fighting in your comment section to somebody else like Tebing Tinggi, LOL and other Anons. When I'm free, I'll drop by, too.

    Nobody pays me, either.

  4. A top blogger did mention that he got laid (paid, I mean) to the humongous amount of RM4M. Some people work hard but not so lucky! Some got connections and luckier! Got to polish some balls! The name of the game is play the game if one is ready to do some bullshitting.

    1. A top blogger = Rockybru