Tuesday 4 March 2014

Ten things DAP cybertroopers need to know about Annie.

This is just a short one.

I got my regular morning meeting with the bosses in 20 minutes.

Just want to introduce myself better to the DAP cybertroopers hanging out at this blog.

This is because they keep on calling me an anti-Chinese Malay racist whenever they can't point out what's wrong with my postings, especially those which criticized DAP and its leaders.

Yup, that's the line they always throw at me when they can't argue intelligently.

"Annie is a racist, Annie hates Chinese, Annie is a scumbag, Annie is a mangkuk hayun etc etc"

Whatever lah.

Okay, these are 10 things I have not told you all before.

1. My command of proper Bahasa Malaysia, or to be more accurate Bahasa Melayu is not very good.

2. I don't have many Malay friends. My best friend is actually a Chinese.

3. I don't read Utusan Malaysia or any of the Bahasa Malaysia newspapers, unless I really have nothing else to read.

4. I can't remember the last time that I read a Bahasa Malaysia book.

5. I don't watch Malay movies unless I am forced to do so. I think the last time I voluntarily watch a Malay movie is Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet. That's because the Chinese guy bought me the DVD.

6. I don't listen to any of the Malay radio stations.

7. I don't listen to Malay music except maybe some old rock ballads from the 80s.

8. I don't watch TV3.

9. Like KJ. I got Chinese taste.

10. I am in love with a Chinese.

Okay, why I made this list?

Well, I am not really sure.

Maybe because it's the haze. It's very bad out there.

Anyway, have a good day everyone.


  1. Annie, I think you dont need to justify yourself. All those DAP troopers will hentam anyone not pro them, be it they are Chinese, Indians, Malays, male, female, pondan, mat salleh..whatever, they just target them. But I will say you look very good. Cantik. So, I am glad I popped over today and see this pic. Take care and rock on :)

    1. That's KJ's beautiful press secretary Regina Lee lah. I am nowhere near her beauty leh

    2. dude 10:45, you ni gagalist lah....kah..kah..kah...

    3. Anonymous @ 4 March 2014 10:45,

      "...Annie, I think you dont need to justify yourself...."


      On the matter of Bahasa Malaysia, I don't really care whether you speak BM or not.

      It's your political views which interest me not your language skills.

      As far as your language skills are concerned you can do what my friend does.

      Once, I told my friend that I simply could not understand her when she was talking to her secretary on the phone - it was virtually unintelligible.

      I recognised she was speaking some form of Malay but everything was just .... eeerrrr ... different, like a dialect.

      I told her that I had expected her to speak perfect classical Malay to her secretary due to her position, background, blah blah blah.

      She had a little chuckle, looked me in the eye and told me that as a Malay, she expects me, a non-Malay, to speak 110% perfect BM. She is allowed to speak her strange version of BM.

      We both had a good giggle after that because it was sooo true.

      Since then, I no longer feel embarrassed when I speak BM poorly - I feel just like any of my Malay friends :) I chop my words up, I use English words here and there, I don't really care very much about formalities, etc etc.

      So, tak pe, lah, jangan stressed, ok? Ni semua biasa je. :)


    4. ANON 10.45

      are u dumb or WHAT??


    5. anon 16:02, i'm no dumb okay, i'm from UMNO Dumbo, and don't laugh !

    6. Anon 19:00,

      It's ok to be an UMNO Dumbo as long as you don't look like a dumb ass err..like Lim Gua Mereng the son of kit sial, the chinkie who was responsible for 13/05/1969 racial riot.

    7. you are so pretty and one tough lady

  2. Correction.. Annie mangkuk hayun is not called by Dapsters but by Pro BN - Pro KJ bloggers.
    Now can Annie change from Chinese taste to Chinese looking Malays..
    .. just joking..

  3. Dapsters chinese are the worst kind. Luv u annie.

    1. so Dapster Malays,Dapster Indian,Kadazan, Iban, Bidayuh all are good kind ?

    2. Dapster Malays are the most bengong Malays.

      Betting their lives on Dapster Chinese who actually have no interest to help them.

  4. Annie,

    I don't understand why you fell in love with a Chinese guy, I can give a few reason not to be involved:
    1. They don't care about you, it will always be about them first. Chinese New Year must visit their family first then after few days yours.
    2. If you ask them not to eat pork of drink beer (in which would improve their health) they think that you ask them to kill themselves. And you are insulting their chineseness.
    3. If you want to date a malay guy, the Chinese guy will tell you that malay guy can marry 4, but they themselves go to massage centre and health spa. The rich one will have girlfriend/concubine/unofficial wife etc..
    4. In bed they think that when they reach orgasm, the women will reach orgasm too. And they don't understand why the Chinese girl would dream to marry a foreigner.
    5. I believe they suffer from Small Penis Syndrome, that's why they overcompensate on everything.


    1. Az, you speaks from your own experience izzit ? Now go get yourself a Mat Salleh.

    2. 0: no need to understand, love is blind.
      1. dey, annie no celebrate CNY, annie is a muslim, celebrate eid mubarak
      2. the German lagi kuat eating pork and drinking beer, so German people now also become chineseness kah ? Same goes to the Afro American.
      3. not all chinese are towkay can afford to go massage and spa. Many now driving Myvi and drinking 3 in 1 coffee at home.
      4. aiyoh,it is all UMNO faults, why no provide sex education in school, why banned porn ?
      5. didn't you watch CSL video ? front and back also can reach ar, no bad you know.



  5. Annie !,

    It's does not matter how you looks ,what you like , how your taste like , what most important I presume you are Malay at heart or at least be Malaysian, and love your country and your people.

    Why the declaration ?, that a sign of weakness actually ,being drive by the exterior influence of those might not agreed with you , you have to be strong and believe in what you believe in ,no matter what, even though Lim Kit Siang does follow your blogs.

    That's the problem that Nagib had all this years , hope one day he wouldn't come to stage ,that he declare that he's not a Malay though he was elected by UMNO members as their UMNO president .

    1. Yes, I am Lim Kit Siang, I read Annie every night before going to sleep !

    2. Yes, I am Najib, PM of Malaysia. I read Annie blogs every morning before i give morning kiss to FLOM.

    3. Hi, I am Mohd Emir Mavani , President & CEO of FGV, I read Annie's blog everyday to make sure she no slander me. If she slander me one more time I'll sue her !

    4. Hai..yaa...... !, L K T sama itu Najib lua-lua ada baca Annie punya blog leaa ...., manyak babut loo....., tapi aii...yaa...lua-lua tatak belajar leaa....

    5. Hai..yaa...lufang, lu manyak kacau di ani blog leaa, sulah lama tua lagi tarak panlai cakap atau tulis melayu leaa, nanti tu ibrahim ali cakap lufang balik tongsan manyak susah lor !

  6. I like that Annie mangkuk ayun part, so true..hehehehehehe

  7. Annie trying to camouflage . What a joke.

    Why afraid to show your pics in your own blog?

    Maybe, look like Helen ke?

    1. God forbid to looks, sounds and writes like Helen.

    2. Defending against the aggressor, wisdom for Helen's sake


    3. Yeah...your mum look nicer....

    4. What is wrong with Helen?. I enjoyed her writing. She is quite braved to pen down her thought eventhough her thought always 'pedas' to the people concerned. Her looked is ok and presentable!

    5. Yup, Annie looks like Helen of Troy. A face that launches a thousand ships.

  8. A complete description and characteristic of the Chinese immigrant mentality who think they are Malaysian but Chauvinists.

    They chose not to read Bahasa Malaysia and do not want to learn but vaguely speak the language in ghetto manner, abusing it.

    They don't have Malay best friends but have Malays as their Ali Baba's, having Malays as their tools.

    They don't read anything written in Bahasa Malaysia but dumbly  listen, think they are confidant but actually they  are insecure.

    They don't even know what is Bahasa Malaysia because they are ignorance.

    They don't watch Malay movies and they don't even watch Chinese movies to their liking. Arrogance takes presence over their heads.

    Malay medium radio stations are aliens to them. They only sing along with a Malay song Isabella, the Chinese goddess,  while they are drunk in prayers. They hate songs which don't fit into their Chinese listening pleasure.

    They only listen to the music of Taiwan vaguely understand the lyrics of no traditional values. 

    They don't watch TV3 anymore  because they need to take in six tablets of Panadol every time after watching.

    I don't think they are like KJ. They are already been sucked into Chauvinism led by their Grand Tokkong Chauvinist.  

    How could you be  in love with a Chinese. Besides all the above, the Chinese men think that they are more superior then women and they have been constantly attacking feminism because of their gender roles and bitterness. To them women are only good for fucking.

    1. I ask some of my Chinese lady friend and most of them have to fake it just so the guy will feel good about himself. Chinese guy should empathize with your opposite sex, try to be in their shoes. Do you think your wife like you to go out getting drunk at KTV's and such. But they have to accept it as it's your nature. No wonder most Chinese ladies in their 40's look and act bitter ( just look at Betty )...no satisfaction from the guys...Better take action before all of them will look for White Guys...or worse the Malays...

    2. dude14:48, you don't even write in Bahasa Melayu in your comments, so how you expect others to read bahasa melayu.

    3. Malay song Isabella by Search is an all time classic, cina tahu nyanyi lagu ....
      :rasa sayang eh rasa sayang sayang eh
      : burung kakak tua
      : lengang lengang kangkung, kangkung di tepi jalan
      : gelang sipaku gelang
      : chan mali chan hey hey
      : lompat si katak lompat

  9. By the way do you know that KJ and Tony Pua, the failed business man of Cyber Village Private Limited Co in Singapore, are best of friends. They will always be invited to public forum together. Cyber Village is the company that Tony Pua does not want people to know or talk about.

    Alamak! I thought the picture in your posting was you. No wonder KJ appointed her as his "Press" secretary. Press what secretary?

    1. What scandals in the 'Tony pua cyber village' ? why utusan and awang selamat not running the story ? better anon 15:27 become awang selamat and expose tony scandals for everyone to read.

  10. For Annie and her Beloved . . .. may yours be the substance of this song

    Make Love Stay

  11. Shila Amzah is getting bigger and bigger in China.


  12. Annie is very pretty. .can beat kj's secretary anytime..thats why she won't post her photo less you all syok sendiri. .

  13. yg memburukan agama dan bangsa adalah seseorang yg berperangai buruk..seorg melayu/cina /india/kadazan/murut/bidayuh/dll yg mangkuk ayun tidak mewakili bangsa dan agama yg dianuti tp mencemarkan bangsa dan agama yg di anuti....kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga...sayangi agama dan bangsa anda dan hormati bangsa dan agama org sekeliling kita....

  14. I'm 60 years old Sdr Annie,
    and have started to read yours as one of five read regularly, for it's:
    - cross-cultural content
    - unabashed humour
    - maturity and honesty

    (and, will you marry me? miang? .. heheh flirting)

    Wishing you continued success and Barakah insya-Allah!

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Annie marry you? She-man that is why she-man never responds. Also she-he wants Chinese Dapster as partner


    2. Presumptious people and so called know-all, Sdr Anonymous 22:05
      will be last to be told.

      Adinda Annie will insya-Allah marry who she fancies!

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH