Saturday 15 March 2014

Please let MH370 be heading north-west

PM DS Najib Razak had just finished his press conference on MH370 just now.

He basically said

1. Someone onboard the missing plane had deliberately switched off instruments used to detect the whereabout of the aircraft when it was about to enter Vietnamese airspace.

2. That someone than turned the aircraft around heading back to Malaysia, flew the aircraft along a flight patch somewhere over the Malaysia-Thailand border until it reached a point north off Penang where it was last detected by the country's military radar.

3. The plane had then followed either a flight path towards north-west to Central Asia for countries such as Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan or southward to southern Indian Ocean.

My bet is that it had headed north-west as I had hoped in my posting

My hope scenario for MH370

where I wrote

Based on the amount of fuel carried by the plane and the new flight path heading to the west, the hijackers must had planned to land the plane somewhere around the Indian sub-continent.

I do not believe it would go beyond that as it must had been detected after flying over countries such as India and Pakistan or even Afghanistan which is infested with sophisticated Western military assets which could had easily detected it.

The only likely country in that region where the plane could had landed on a sizable tract of land without attracting any attention and which airspace was not so tightly guarded is Myanmar.

Either that or maybe it had flown all the way to one of those central Asian countries by flying low over Myanmar and skimming along the edge of the Himalayan range.

In that posting, I had also wished that the authorities could check on the flight simulator built at home by the pilot of MH370 for a possible lead into the investigation.

And a short while ago I received this from NST SMS alert ;

NST 15/03: Police arrive at MH370 pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's house in Shah Alam at 2.42pm soon after PM finished his Press conference.

Hopefully the new leads will soon solve the mystery of MH370 and that all those onboard that plane were safe, even if they are now in the custody of people who had initiated the disappearance of the plane.

Whatever it is, let us pray that those innocent souls be reunited soon with their loved ones.


  1. Good for you Annie......good intuition. Eh you ada kena mengena dengan nujum pak belalang ke? :)

  2. He was the one who initiated the path through the afghan ranges for that kind of boeing...quoted.

  3. I hope the lost of MH370 had nothing to do with that crisis in Ukraine. Who knows, someone might be buying-time or distracting attention away from that crisis.

    Putin had just said, "Russia is not the instigator in Ukraine".
    It seems, the US have been supporting the opposition in Ukraine, just like what they did in other parts of the world, including Malaysia. Now the opposition had gain power in Ukraine. The ex-President whose government was Russian ally, ran across the border to Russia. About 50% are Catholic Christian on the west, are allied to Europe/US, while the other 50% on the east are Orthodox Christian, allied with Russia. However, majority of the population in Crimea are of Russian origins and Russia have the obligation to safeguard its interest.

    What’s more interesting is that, China seems to be on the side of Russia. China have reiterated that sanction against Russia would bring about retaliation and escalate the situation.

    Therefore, I just hope that Malaysian would be more careful when their politician’s are very ‘friendly’ with Americans counterpart.

  4. RD,
    The link is there.Just my assumption,the Pilot...staunch PKR supporter,anti establiment,most of PKR funding comes from the US,It seemed that through the US envoy here the American is not happy with the guilty verdict given to their blue eyed boy which surprisingly so quite except the Bomoh incident at the KLIA and with your rational above,I think we should not dismissed the possibility of the aircraft been hijacked and the culprit behind it......just my guessed,disregard it if you think Iam a lunatic to produce the assumption

  5. Another theory from a Deep Throat.

    2. Bro,

    The pilot and the 2 iranians hijacked the plane. At 1.07am the pilot turned off the ACRS reporting to MAS but not aware that by default RR engine will try to estabish com. (Communication) with RR HQ but no data was collected by RR server at HQ bcos no SLA (service level agreement) between MAS and RR. Pilot will have prior knowledge of MAS collecting ACRS data themself and how to turn it off but not the RR portion which is done by default ( probably cannot be turn off by users), that info is only available with the manufacturer. So com. request to RR HQ still continue but only up to satelite end. At 1.30pm the pilot turned off the beacon and the plane dissapeared from both primary and secondary radar, this can be done if the plane fly at very low altitude, hence the reports from marang and kelantan folks of very loud jet engines sounds passing near them at very high speed, thats why they only manage to hear the sounds of the jet engines roaring but not the plane. the plane will fly as low as possible during the air turn back towards the malaysia thai border, at the segenting kra it will started to climb again to avoid people from seing the plane but i think both countries will have radar jamming devices at that area, so probably neither one can detect the plane, the plane was trying to fly to indian oceans remote area where no countries installed any kind of radar, there are a lot of WW2 air strips at remote islands in this area! The pulau perak military radar manage to capture a few seconds of "ufo" readings/blips at 25k feet height, same size as mh370, headed towards the indian ocean, also SAT com. instances at us satelites was also detected for more than 4 hours between the RR engines and one of the satelites over the indian ocean by pentagon. In order to do this the pilot needs to do some really accurate flying/manuveurs, he needs to practiced and planned his flight path accurately, he cant do it at MAS flight simulator right! So built one at home. Do you noticed that none of the news outlet interviewed any of the crew relatives, especially the pilot's family, total news blackout. I think the plane landed somewhere safely, the hijackers wanted yo use the plane for future terrorist attack, australia will be a good target from there! The pentagon, mi6, mindef, etc. are aware of this


    1. It's always easily to make an Iranian as scapegoat.The iranian face have similarity to the Jews

    2. There are Jews of Iranian descent.

    3. Iranian and Malaysian Islam different. Iran closer to isreal and same

  6. Based on the findings by the authorities and aviation experts, I have an instinct that there is a huge conspiracy orchestrad by someone with nothing to loose. Too many coincidence to be ignore.
    1. Prior the last year election, Lahad Datu.
    2. Bomb found at the Justice Department on the Judgement Day, he was released
    3. The day before MH370 went missing, 5 years sentences
    Hence, the PM have close tie with the China, who would benefit most when this tie is damaged. Who benefit most to condemn the current government now. We know the Captain is a strong supporter of this particularly party, he even have his own youtube channel. Don't you think that someone will have take advantage of him when they know what profession, who are his family and where does he live? I do hope that my theory is just a rubbish theory but these facts can't be ignored too. Too much coincidence. I hope I'm wrong.

    1. Anon 21:52 might be right.
      The Rear Admiral might have paid the Coconut Shaman to KLIA to embarrass the gomen.

    2. I do hope it is not true

    3. Rd if pkr wan cannot enter Tesco, dumno government allow the bomoh to perform in klia?

  7. RD,
    You are right as this is the same Bomoh who was at PKR Hq predicting that PR will win the GE 13.The RA is switching the panic button now if his Boneka kalah the political situation in Sgor will be critical as DUN will be consisting of DAP-15,PAS -15,PKR -13 and BN -13.Everything is possible and if PAS ADUNs decide enough is enough or being bribe by BN [in which this what the PR goons used to say] the situation PR -28 and BN/PAS -28.This will be the result of the strategy adopted by the Strategist Chief of PKR.Do make your own conclusion the outcome of this if its happens.

  8. Why reduce yourselves to the level of "This is orchestrated by BN/UMNO to divert attention from Anwar" idiocy with all this "This is orchestrated by PKR/DAP to divert attention from Anwar" idiocy?

  9. Reading through the data being made public, I can't help but incline towards the theory that there is a different dimension involved. The plane flew to 45,000 feet, a level which it was not designed to fly at and then plunge to 23,000 feet in less than a minute. Can the plane remain structurally sound? Can any human, not in specially designed suit, can withstand that condition?

  10. Dastardly and Muttley Madly Stopping the Pigeon of Peace