Sunday 23 March 2014

Smaller majority is a defeat for PKR

It's polling day in Kajang today.

A PKR's engineered by-election that no one really wanted except DS Anwar Ibrahim and his followers.

It's a farce of sort, as fate had it that it coincide with the  heart wrenching mystery of the missing MH370, a yet to be solved tragedy which reminded us that there are bigger and more urgent things than politics.

It should had also reminded Anwar and his followers that the world doesn't revolves around them.

Of course, they didn't get it.

They were too wrapped up in their own sense of self importance.

Information from the ground in Kajang had however indicated that PKR's DS Dr Wan Azizah Ismail is still the favorite to win but BN's candidate DP Chew Mei Fun is likely to significantly slash the majority won by Pakatan in GE13 last year

Even a survey conducted by a private university which is known to be a hotbed of Pakatan activism agreed with that assessment as reported here,

PKR set to win in Kajang but support grows for Barisan

The possibility of BN springing a surprise in the constituency which is now known to be a Pakatan's stronghold should not yet be discounted, albeit the reality of Chew's chances being rather slim.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that Pakatan needs to win this by-election convincingly.

Anything short of an overwhelming victory will spell disaster for them.

It will be a clear indication that the rakyat were likely getting tired of the endless political wrangling perpetrated by the Pakatan gang over the past decade.

It's even worse for Anwar. If his wife fails to increase the almost 7,000 majority won by PKR there in GE13, he has to accept the end of his political relevancy.

After all, his Kajang Move was supposed to propel him to Putrajaya. It was also supposed to kick start Reformasi 2.0.

If his wife, who is acting as his proxy after the Court of Appeals' decision to reverse his acquittal for sodomy, fails to clinch a crushing victory, how was he to claim that the whole of Malaysia were with him and disbelieve the courts' judgement that he did indeed committed sodomy?

Already, Wan Azizah had rubbished such notions here

Wan Azizah unperturbed by majority, says a win is a win

Nonetheless, with Wan Azizah saying that, any reasonable man would be able to sense that she and the rest of the Pakatan leadership were fearful of a less than a convincing victory in Kajang.

That's the reason why they tried to play down the significance of them winning with lesser majority at the poll today.

After all, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and other top Pakatan leaders had confidently proclaimed that Chew will even lose her deposit for standing as a candidate in the by-election.


  1. I think BN will win by 10 votes only.
    People are already fed-up with water rationing.
    PAS supporters are also angry that their President have to pay RM 2 million to a PKR candidate who lost in Trengganu, GE13.
    What's shocking today, Kit Siang said that the Rear Admiral's wife is the best choice as PM, if PR gets to Putrajaya. What a joke.
    Looks like DAP is the kingmakers in Pakatan. PAS has no value at all to Kit Siang, the man who instigated the riot of 1969.

    1. yup. 100% agree with you except is it a bit far fetched for the BN to win this byelection.

    2. If the majority is only 10 votes, there will be countless recount of votes! Silap silap kena heret ke mahkamah. Doi

    3. Rd, tell mata2 why they ate sleeping. Air force abd everyone is sleeping except rd

    4. Biaq pi la, nak heret ke mahkamah ke apa. Menang kala pun bukan boleh tumbang Kerajaan Selangor. Jawatan MB akan selamat ditangan Khalid jika BN menang.
      Mesti Anwar menyesal beri rasuah untuk kosongkan kerusi Kajang. Kes liwat kalah. Lepas tu kalah DUN Kajang pula.
      Ketawakan Peliwat...Ha..Ha..Ha.

    5. Mak Cik Annie, You failed your maths? 59% voted for Wan Azizah! What smaller Minority? Figures can't lie like you ! Turn out rate at 72% sure lah the smaller majority! Your Malay gene too strong? Lemah mengira!

  2. What's shocking today, Kit Siang said that the Rear Admiral's wife is the best choice as PM, if PR gets to Putrajaya. What a joke!

    It's gonna be a disaster - Malaysians' wildest nightmare ... and it'll set the underground communists free in this country.
    Chinese people say: lang boh see lang kwee boh see kwee

    1. Why umno government allow communists to fly mas and communist planes to land in malaysia.

    2. UMNO govt allow communist-like political party like DAP to contest in GE. So why not?

    3. stupid. One is communist country and to say Karpal Singh commumist like pakatan with PAS.


  3. Kajang Pak Malau Kajang belipat ' Kajang saya mengkuang layu,
    Datangnya Mei Fun datang bertempat ' Wan Azizah hanya menumpang lalu.

    MH 370 hilang di Igari ' sampai sekarang tidak dijumpa,
    Memileh wakil biarlah bolih disandari ' buka yang meguji populariyi sahaja.

    Igari dimana bermulanya mistri ' pelbagai andaian telah dibuat ,
    salah pilih sendiri yang rugi ' andai kata pemilihan salah dibuat.

  4. Dear Annie .
    Pasal apa tak ada link ke 'Another Brick in the Wall'?
    Dulu ada.

    1. Nanti saya add kan. Terima kasih kerana mengingatkan.

  5. 12.56
    DO NOT SHOW YOUR STUPIDITY HERE.....malu maa.... LKS or LGE will sure kick your ass....maa

    1. Dapters RBAs like you should not show your stupidity in Annie's blog.

      Bring shame to your coolie's descendants from China.

  6. i still personally think this is a useless and wasteful contest..really no credibility of those politicians..

    and i hope my assemblyman and ap also voluntarily resign next week.. we also want to go to cast our votes for suka2 saja maaa..

    1. The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do at all, or can not do so well, for themselves -- in their separate, and individual capacities.
      - Abraham Lincoln

  7. Whose stupidity? You show lge and lks are true Malaysians.

  8. From Malaysiakini

    7.30pm - Unofficial results:

    PKR - 15,055
    BN - 9,628

    Majority - 5,427

    About 88 percent of the votes have now been counted. It appears that PKR will retain the seat with a reduced majority of about 1,000 votes.

    - I am relieved this Kajang election is over.

  9. another prk in permstang pauh right coz anwar going to jail. bn shd focus on that and win. forget kajang ...let azizah have it so she san be closer to anwar at penjara

    1. 21:31

      Like the working of your head !
      Brader suntut may ask for his old executive cell at Sg. Buloh. I think this close. Azizah won't have time for Kajang. Kajang people have just voted not to be served. Typical PKR. What bloody waste of people's time and resources. PKR retains its original characteristic

    2. Dumno n mca wasting yr time n money if you know you are going to lose.

  10. If there will be any more by election in the future I beg Sharizat to not show her face there. Innocent or otherwise people already made up their mind. If she really love umno she should leave the party or just do background work.


  11. Annie,

    The current swing against PKR seems to be fairly normal - only about 1000 votes.

    It will be interesting to seem what the final result is.

    Anyway, I will not be commenting for a couple of months as I will be in my kampung tomorrow night.

    No point in letting Special Branch track me down to my father's house, right? :) They might get a shock if they find out who I am :)

    Good luck with your blogging.