Monday 10 March 2014

Flying with Malaysia Airlines

The last time I flew in a Boeing 777-200ER, the type of Malaysia Airlines' aircraft which went missing on flight MH370, was slightly more than a year ago.

It's so happened that on that trip I was flying with Malaysia Airlines from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, the reverse flight path of the missing MH370.

It was a smooth flight. The aircraft was sleek and elegant, the passengers were comfortable and the cabin crew were friendly and efficient.

I had earlier on that trip flew to China in the same type of aircraft, but to another city.

I like the aircraft better than the bigger but of older designed Boeing 747.

I believe that it was good that Malaysia Airlines had chosen the aircraft as part of its fleet due to its more modern design which reputedly enable the aircraft to be more fuel efficient and therefore being environmentally friendlier.

It is also reputedly among aircraft types which have great safety record.

Here is an introduction video clip of the aircraft.

By the way, I have always fly with Malaysia Airlines whenever I have to travel abroad.

The airline has excellent safety record, in fact, among the best in the Asia Pacific region. The excellently trained cabin crew were perhaps the best in the world.

Of all my overseas travels, I had only twice flew with another airline which was AirAsia. Those were flights to Bali and London.

What happened to MH370 was still a mystery and as I am writing this, search and rescue efforts were still ongoing.

It is heart wrenching to watch the grief stricken families and love ones of the 239 people onboard of that missing plane.

I pray that the mystery of the plane's disappearance will be solved soon for their sake.

So far, the handling of the disaster has been rather satisfactory. Undeniably that there were some rough edges to it but I believe it can be smoothen in the coming days as more information were gathered and hopefully more questions being answered.

I think PM DS Najib Razak has so far been doing well in his handling of the disaster. He was calm and collected as well as showing good leadership in the face of this national tragedy.

It was also good to see countries in this region and also other part of the world getting together in deploying their assets in search and rescue operation.

I am not sure what will happen to Malaysia Airlines after this tragedy.

I hope it will survive and continue flying the Malaysian flag.

If it does, I am sure that I will fly with the national carrier again, and it will remain as my favorite airline.

It's not really because I am being overly patriotic, but rather it's because I am confident Malaysia Airlines will continue to strive to be among the best airlines in the world.

I am also confident that the airline will further enhance its safety level in the immediate future due to what had happened to MH370.


  1. Yup..mas is still my first choice..

    1. Me too. Never flown Air Asia, unlikely to do so.

    2. RD, anon 10:10 & 07:12, good for you guys and also good for MAS.
      MAS need more business from you to recover their business losses.
      Tetap sokong MAS !

  2. Yep... Me 3. I am flying with MAS next week and every month after that to come back to my home country. Wishing MAS all the best. We are here to support you.

  3. One mishap doesn't pictured the whole organisation is bad , if we were to take that one tragedy to blackened it , might as well we avoid all the airlines in the worlds , because all airline has experienced it's own history of tragedy .

    Let all of us pray that we will overcome with this .

    1. tebing tinggi, at least you talk sense this time around. Bravo !

  4. I last flew MAS last CNY to Bali. It was a good experience flying with MAS. The inflight services were good and the crew was outstanding.

    MAS has hardly any issues on technical and services.

    The problem is MAS is it higher-management, always been one for a long time. They face constant interference from non-MAS people; politicians, politicians wives, and what not.

    Just ask the stewards and stewardess.

    1. Politicians and wives, it must be UMNo or you mean dapster really kacau mas?

  5. yes yes yes
    this is how wise people think.
    Not like the dumb PAKATOONS who always HENTAM keromo without using their brains.

    1. Thank you Annie for the article. Glad that Annie no using the MH370 tragic to smack anyone or any party.

      Subramanian Tan

  6. Looks like Uncle Sam is in hot soup in Ukraine.

    "Having backed a bloody coup there by a Nazi group Svoboda, in the Ukraine ( a group not unlike what Bersih is to Malaysia), the US and Hillary are now faced with a reality they had not foreseen or calculated into the matrix of politics in that region.

    Their “Springs” abroad are quickly turning into winters of discontent and rivers of blood everywhere. In light of whats happening in the Ukraine and with Putin’s fightback, Anwar and his problems pale into insignificance and irrelevance as far as the west is concerned. Anwar and his mates (Ambiga included) are no priority for the west.

    The west have bigger fish to fry and their hands are getting burned in the process. Their media will throw a one liner on and off in the interests of hedging their bets on Anwar Ambiga and their minions. Anwar is a non entity. Ambiga is on a very slippery slope and a watch list."

    Quote: Gopal Raj Kumar

    1. RD, will you please stop your shit stirring antics. Annie's today posting is about MH370, let us all pray for them okay.


    2. I'm stirring your shit, RajaMani Al-Juburi.

    3. You moron RD, can you just pray for MH370 ?
      You know, you can continue to stir shit in any other days but not now ok.

    4. Anon 19:23,

      Who is the moron here? RD's postings are always full of facts while yours are always full of shits. Typical RBAs mentality. Who says again that the chinkies are clever? The chinkies themselves, of course!

    5. Anon 20:48,
      calling for pray for MH370 is full of shits ??
      gosh, here come another moron cum shit stirrer !

    6. How to pray when umno government disallow to use God name. Maybe he is angry with malaysia

  7. Annie,

    I am not a rich man and MAS is simply too expensive for me.

    When one does not have the financial means, one has to do without the luxuries of comfort and friendly staff.

    I fly because I have to, not because I am going for a holiday.

    So, I fly anybody who offers cheap fares - I just want to get to my destination and I don't need a servant to wait on me hand and foot.

    I have not looked at the economies which drive MAS but I will bet that it is a horribly inefficient organisation which is poorly managed. When this happens, the staff and crew of MAS must surely feel demoralised.

    It is no good asking the staff and crew of MAS to make sacrifices, work harder and work longer hours while middle and top management are seen to be living high on the hog.

    As far as MH370 is concerned, I believe it should be taken out of the political arena entirely for the time being.

    There will be plenty of time for accusations later on when the fate of MH370 is known for certain and enough is known about what happened. I can promise you that like many other Malaysians, I have a very long list of questions that I want answers for.

    At the moment, because it relates to an operational matter, I feel it would be better handled with daily briefings by senior MAS personnel.

    But then, Malaysians are too used to turning to our politicians for answers, so I am not expecting too much from MAS management.


    1. When leaders were insensitive in times of tragedy, they deserve to be reprimanded. It doesn't matter whether they are from BN or Pakatan.

    2. Annie, can you please let your readers know which leaders is so insensitive to the MH370 tragedy and you may go ask your 'journalist friend' about it.
      Let us know, okay.

    3. The entire Fuckatan leadership. They are more interested in shaving Anwar;'s backside.

    4. Annie,
      Semalam Nurul Izzah dan Dr.Wan Azizah cuba bertemu keluarga MH370 di Everly Hotel, tapi tak dibenar bertemu.
      So, ni salah siapa ?

    5. Anon 16.04
      I was informed that the families of the victims had yesterday requested not to be disturbed too much by the VIPs anymore. Thank you.

    6. Why FLOM can go meet the victims family together with the TV crews but Nurul Izzah and Dr.Wan Aziziah are not allowed in ?

    7. Anon. 16:04.
      Nobody wants to be 'used' by politicians for their selfish greed.

      Tomorrow is nomination day for Kajang by-election.
      Since Kajang is near to KLIA, Azizah might have dropped-by to visit those grief-stricken families for the cameras as one of her political campaign strategy.

    8. Wow seem like Annie got all her journalist friends and spies everywhere, information at her finger tips !

    9. Annie,
      on March 10, 2014,Tun Mahathir and wife meeting the families of those on flight MH370 in Everly hotel in Puterajaya.
      Annie informants must be telling lies saying that the families of the victims had requested not to be 'disturbed' too much by VIPs.

    10. Anon 19:19
      Actually I do.

      Anon 20:06
      It's probably because when the families were asked whether they want to be visited by Dr Mahathir and wife, they said yes, but when they were told that Dr Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah wanted to see them, they said no. I am not very sure if that's the case but my sources said all the ministers and other busybodies had been told not to disturb the families yesterday as they needed the privacy.

    11. So if Pakatan decides to focus on the Kajang election at their political convention, you bash them for being insensitive to MH370

      If they want to visit the victims of MH370, you bash them for using it for political gain.

      Which is it?

  8. Turn inside you and fly to ethereal worlds of reality invisible to the outside

  9. Annie,

    I also prefer MAS as compared to other airlines. Whenever I come back to Malaysia from the US, I would use MAS flights. I normally would stopover in London and spend a few days with my nephew who lives and works there. One time my husband and I flew to Malaysia using EVA. Although it was comfortable, the food was so so and there was not enough snack foods between meals thus the passengers would get hungry pretty fast. With MAS, we never have that problem.

    I think for MAS to make profits, it has to be free from meddlings from all political quarters including the government. The CEO must be chosen based on his/her capabilities and not from his affiliation with any political parties or persons.

    1. but lately, the nasi lembak served in MAS international flight are without the ikan bilis,kacang and sometime no cucumber. Many claims that the ikan bilis,kacang and timun were all eaten UMNO cronies.
      MAS rugi besar but the MAS suppliers untung besar, how lah ?????

    2. Anon 21:26,

      That happened only once. And please lah.. UMNO cronies ate the ikan bilis, kacang and timun? Are you biyol? Or your otak is full of taik ikan bilis? Can you list down the alleged UMNO cronies?

    3. anon 06:05,
      It has been happened for a long time until recently some responsible celebrity brought it up and post it in the cyberspace.
      Do you know Brahim's Airline Catering ? Siapa punya company ?

    4. Anon 12:39,

      As long the catering company is owned by a Malay and not a Chinkie, it is fine by me.

      The most recent MAS flight I took was 3 months ago and the nasi lemak served was delicious complete with ikan bilis, kacang and timun. Both of my sisters and their families often travel abroad for vacation and they always fly using MAS. They never complain about the food or services. Only the opposition supporters like you who enjoy complaining every little thing. Everything done by UMNO (Malays) is bad and everything done by opposition (Chinese) is good. Even tahi kit sial you goons say smells good.

    5. Anon 21.26

      Low life like you need to get the real can ask your mother to send new nasi lemak quotation to MAS! extrs sambal pleaseee kikkikkikihh!

    6. Good to hear everyone loves to fly mas. Mas should be making money and not losing. Even chinese are supporting and their lives more than other races. Show Chinese love malaysia but other races dispute.

  10. I too fly with MAS all the time and have found their services very good. Furthermore, prior to this event I've always felt that MAS has a good safety track record.

    However to all of Annie's followers who are so anti Chinese and Singapore, please be made aware that Malaysia is dependent on these two countries to a substantial degree; so please stop your stupid Chinese/Singapore bashing. Please check out the following statements reported in the Malaysian Insider today:

    China accounted for RM8.262 billion of Malaysia’s exports in January, the second-largest amount after Singapore.

    Malaysia approved US$920 million (RM3.03 billion) of foreign investment from China in the manufacturing sector in 2013, up from US$646 million the year earlier, according to the Malaysian Investment Development Authority, the report said.