Friday 7 March 2014

Dying is part of life

Bought myself a pack of Malboro Light in the afternoon and finished the last stick just now.

Can't remember the last time I smoked heavily like that.

I don't think I can quit it anymore after this.

Bad for my health, but I don't think it really matters.

After all, non-smokers died too.

Ya, who cares anyway.

Tried to read a book I bought a long time ago for a second time.

I used to enjoy reading this book despite the depressing story.

But my eyes hurt after just two pages.

I need new glasses, I guess.

By the way, this laptop I'm using is also giving me some problems.

It has not been functioning properly ever since I dropped it the other day.

Maybe I need a new one to replace it too.

Otherwise this stupid blogging business has to slow down.

It's too tedious without a proper working computer.

But buying a new one has to wait. I'm quite broke at the moment.

Last month, I overspend. Used up over RM800 just for dining at expensive restaurants.

Anyway, I'm beginning to think that I want to write less political stories in this blog.

Maybe I should cut it down to the minimum.

After all, he only thing about politics that I'm really interested in at the moment is  to see DP Chew Mei Fun perform well in the Kajang by-election.

It's because I think she is a good, sincere and honest lady politician.

And she is up against bad people.

I doubt that she can win, but I think there's a good chance for her to send a message that not all politicians are bad people....


Sorry, I'm suddenly feeling so sleepy. Have to cut it short there.

Good night.


  1. Annie don't take life too hard dear...air laut pun ada pasang surutnya...enjoy our life ride cos things happened for a are those who learned from mistakes...just do the right things then you can expect the right results. Nite!


    1. Aiyoh Annie, please stop drama-ing will you !

    2. Be sitting bull n smoke peace pit.nothing spilling vernom of race and religion.

  2. RE: "After all, the only thing about politics that I'm really interested in at the moment is to see DP Chew Mei Fun perform well in the Kajang by-election. It's because I think she is a good, sincere and honest lady politician. And she is up against bad people.
    I doubt that she can win, but I think there's a good chance for her to send a message that not all politicians are bad people...."

    bi husnil-khatimah ya Rabbi wa la takhtim alaina bi suu' il-khatimah fa hayana Rabbana bis salaam fil jannatan dar as-salaam.

    We implore Thee, Oh our Lord, for a good ending to our lives - do not end our lives with any evil. And bestow O Lord, peace upon us; and admit us into Thy Paradise, the Abode of Eternal Peace.

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky, from The Brothers Karamazov ::

    “Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot discern the truth within him, nor around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

    “What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.”

  3. why don't you just draw up the courage and commit suic-id-e. You would be praised by the opposition and the UMNo types... well they won't make you a martyr (coz you are a chinese lover)

    1. Anon 05;16

      Haii....ya....!, apa ini olang !, apa ini macam ceekap loo , Wa manyak helan neaa Lee Aa Pee / PR punya olang semua ini macam ceekap loo o.

      Wa manyak helan nee a , macam tatak selupa olang maa a .

    2. lufang, go and learn your bahasa melayu properly before commenting here.
      Nanti itu Perkasa halau sama lu balik tongsan baru tahu !

    3. lufang lu tatak otak, macam tatak selupa olang, melayu pon tak erti cakap atau tulis.

    4. Sister, if things aren't going right ............ know that Allah never abandons you though you might be stressed into forgetting .... His Mercy and Wisdom in the roadmap of your heart.

  4. Dearest Annie

    Here something for you okay.
    Enjoy it okay.

    :) sarah

  5. everything in life is uncertain except death. so live your best life, annie dear. live a life of quality ... cut down on the smoking. best is to give it up completely ... u said you're broke, right? Giving up cigarettes won't make u rich, but it can improve your health and wealth.

  6. Dear Annie
    Be strong and move on. And please don't stop writing on this blog.

  7. "Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath."
    -- actor Michael Caine.

    - It does take an enormous amount of effort to achieve our dreams and goals even though that effort is most often hidden.

    1. Everyone at the dinner table applauded with inspiration that Chew Mei Fun would win the Kajang by-election. It was a digestive moment. The first time we have agreed upon by sentiment that Chew is the virtuous candidate who honestly will make the different if she is elected in Kajang. 

      We also realize for the first time that our appreciation for mankind have brought us together as demonstrated relation through our friendship. This time the dinner served with Cantonese delicacy dishes were easily digestible. 

      It was amazing though, it the midst of our dinner discussion, we realized that the more we appreciate mankind as a whole, the less we  appreciate individual like Anwar in particular.

    2. Understanding the mind of Anwar thru the acts of Mullah Nasruddin, emmm, how twisted can you get huh?

      Mullah Nasruddin went into a shop to buy a pair of trousers. Once inside, he changed his mind an chose a cloak instead, which was at the same price. Picking up the cloak, he left the shop. "Wait! You have not paid!", shouted the merchant. The Mullah responded, "I left you the trousers, which is the same value as the cloak". "But you did not pay for the trousers either", the confused merchant said. "Of course not", said Mullah Nasruddin. "Why should I pay for something that I did not want to buy?".


    3. Mullah Nasarudin also tells this following tale:

      The village mayor (Anwar) went up to Nasrudin (Najib) and said, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you must leave this village. The people have had enough of your bullshitting, and have all unanimously demanded that you leave immediately!“
      “Ah,” replied Nasrudin, “but they are wrong for asking me to leave. In fact, I would be far more justified in telling them to leave.”
      “And why is that?” the mayor asked.
      “Well,” replied the Mulla, “’tis simply a matter of fairness. It would be unreasonable to expect me-one man-to live somewhere alone in the middle of nowhere, build a house, and start a farm. The townspeople, on the other hand, can all leave together and easily form another village!“

  8. Annie please add another item. LKS must retire! Cukup-cukup lah! Practice what you preached!

  9. Annie, I read your blog often. I can understand the frustration, but I wont make any judgement of anything. We all have our ups and downs..all I can say is stay strong and one day, this too will pass. I wish you a happy life, it shall come for sure. Have faith in happiness and love too :)

  10. I knew a girl who smoked Malboro.

    I knew she liked to quit smoking but couldn't.

    One day, I bought her a filter. The sight of the nicotine tar that quickly accumulated scared her to stop immediately.

    Annie, like to try that way?

  11. stop the whinging, life goes on

    nothing is right except it is a right thing

  12. Yes Yg Bhg DP Chew Mei Fun will be fun to support, Sdr Annie
    being more than able to cause more than an embarrassment to Yg Bhg DS Anwar!
    ( if he contetests? )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  13. Annie, mati itu sebahagian drp kehidupan. Tapi yng penting apa yng dibawa dlm kehidupan abadi dan bakti apa yng ditinggal d dunia fana


  14. re, I doubt she can win,

    It's all defend on Kajang Malays , with their numbers ,it look promising only if they could forget what had happened in the last GE, in the spirit's of Barisan National where the Chinese has forget or never had.
    Malay on the whole are very forgiving and known to be easily forget (mudah lupa) with proper approached and with Chew Mei Fun personality ,she would make it ,of course with strong support from UMNO ,and I see Perkasa are actively giving their support, though both of them are being labelled as raciest party and NGO.
    It's hard to for see , where the Chinese votes goes this time , but many believe it would remain the same , nothing to do UMNO.

    1. Anwar won't be contesting. Chew is in a different game now. Will she have a chance now?

  15. If you can't quit smoking, do as what I do. e-cigarettes. Been smoking these for 5 years, got back my health, taste and more intimacy with my wife.

  16. --STOP PRESS--

    PUTRAJAYA: The Court of Appeal today sentenced opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to five years jail for sodomising former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan six years ago.

    1. Hooray! Now Anuwar can be PM or MB of Sungai Buluh prison. I wonder what will happen to PR? Without the sodomizer, who will unite the 3 different idology parties under the banner Pee Arrr? My take is Pee Arr would just disintegrate into thin air and PAS and DAP would go in separate ways. PKR? Without Aljuburi, PKR does not exist.

    2. You damn right!

  17. when someone smoke, people like me care, annie. it is true all will die regardless of cigarette smoking or not, but it is not fair to puff poison into the air for ur personal reason.

  18. Annie, you have spent some time with love for someone who no longer likes to touch your hands anymore. He will say, “Smoke as much as you like but I can't stay to hold you.”
    Have you ever sat down and tried to figure out what part of you was doing wrong. You are hurting him on your blog almost every day but if you choose someone from MCA, that would be a different story.

    1. When it come to love, Annie is trying to follow her heart. If that guy can't take her openness than it is that guy who behave like a girl instead. She need a man instead of a boy. Certainly DAP guys are more boys than men.