Sunday 16 March 2014

Separatists' game plan against a superpower

Separatists fighting against a superpower country would probably do the following,

1. Devise a plan to take hostage a sizable group of citizens of the superpower country that they were fighting against for the purposes which include  exchanging the hostages with their comrades currently imprisoned by their superpower enemy.

2. They got a base in a neighboring country which borders their occupied homeland. Preferably, the host country of their base is unfriendly towards the superpower they were trying to chase out of their homeland. The host country, preferably should be controlled by people of the same ethnic group as them, thus sympathetic to their cause.

3. Recruit sympathizers such as co-religionists from other countries who among them include a person who is capable and in a position to pilot an airliner mostly full of citizens of the superpower to their base just across the border to their homeland.

4. This sympathizer would then carried out the

Ten steps which include flying along borders

5. Once the plane had landed somewhere near their base, they would transport the hostages to several separate locations to make it hard for the superpower to launch a military rescue mission against them.

6. A demand would then be made to the superpower, probably just hours after the hostages had been securely placed at several locations across the separatists' host country. The demand must be made in secret to avoid the superpower from acting rashly such as launching a military rescue mission across the border of the host country which itself is close and protected by a still militarily formidable former superpower ally.

7. A deal must be struck with the superpower for the negotiations between them be carried out in secret to avoid any pesky third party from interfering while the negotiation process was still ongoing. The superpower must be persuaded to act as if its officials do not know anything about the whereabout of the plane and all those onboard.

8. Once a deal had been struck and the superpower had fulfilled its end of the bargain, the hostages would be released at the border between the separatists' occupied homeland and that of their host country.

Note: As for the person who flown the aircraft to the secret location, he probably had arranged for his family members to move to another country where he will join them later, after the issue had been settled.


  1. wow. sleep blogging ke ni.....a bit merapu lah this teori.

    1. I know its outlandish but Its a possible scenario which may explain why we were yet to know of any ransom demand if MH370 was hijacked.

  2. a bit too outlandish, though probably true..
    for now, i stick to that captain's gila meroyan over nuar brahim's jail sentence!

    1. Could be bontot dia dah lama tak disondol oleh si Aljuburi.

  3. Annie.
    If it's true, the police might come after you. They would think that you are the mastermind.

  4. I love it Annie. Boleh buat script for blockbuster James Bomb movie. You got a fertile mind.

  5. your sleepy theory not so james bondy. I suggest u google : Diego Garcia and read the part on "Russia puzzled...". this one ade drama skit..

  6. read that Diego Garcia today before CIA and FBI force google to delete it

  7. Gentlemen,
    The theory above are her theory.Pse do not be harsh on her and afterall she is the Admin of this blog..I think she also will publish any other theories written by commentators of her blog.Meanwhile lets us pray for the safety of all the occupants of the ill fated MH 370 aircraft.

  8. Uigurs on flight , distraught pilot, over sensitive Chinese authorities.. this theory may not be outlandish after all....


    1. The Muslim Hui are an anomaly in China, an ethnic minority granted significant autonomy and allowed to devoutly follow their religion in a region where Islam thrives.
      The ancient Silk Road trade route cut through what is today the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, luring Muslim traders from afar. Descendants of Arab and Persian merchants travelled here in the 7th century and many settled, planting the roots of Islam in the heart of China.

      About half the country’s 20 million Muslims are from the Hui ethnic group.

      "The government gives people a religion-training program to develop Islam. The Han respect us, and we respect them, too." - Ma Zhang Wen, a Hui imam

      Although Hui Muslims were persecuted in Ningxia during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and ‘70s, today Islam flourishes. More than 400 mosques dot the region, and Islamic schools have produced some 7,000 imams - or Islamic clerics known locally as ahongs.

      While Muslim Uighurs of Turkic descent, who in the far west face harsh religious restrictions and repression, the Hui have been afforded much more political and religious freedom by Beijing. Part of the problem lies in language differences. While the Hui and Han both speak Mandarin, the Uighurs speak their own Turkic dialect and write in Arabic script. Observers say that it is the Hui Muslims' friendly historical relations with the ethnic majority Han that makes the difference.

    2. 17:28
      Your story sounds extremely familiar except that the more the minority are accomodated, the more besar kepala the become.
      Welcome to Malay si a

      The plane story is like scripted. You have to id the scriptwriter, this mystery will be solved. Right now the scriptwriter doesn't want to claim the credit

  9. Came across this comment (regarding US involvement) from another forum:

    I really don't think anyone knows what the hell happened to this plane.
    If the US did something with it...the circus wouldn't have gone on this circus, actually.

    "We think it went here..."-said Malaysia

    "No it didn't...because we're responsible for it crashing..."-said some Chinese Guys

    "Oh yeah...well, I saw a plane on fire whilst fishing..."-said some guy whilst fishing

    "Well...actually, the plane flew for four more hours..."-said some kind of authority

    " came to Iran...had some lunch...then it left and crashed" said Iran...

    "How come phones are ringing?"-asked the families...and the planet.

    "The beacon and the other things that tell us where planes are were disabled..."-said Onstar

    "We know and we do not know at this time where this plane is/was crashed/landed in the sea/tundra..." said Malaysia

    "We didn't detect any explosions in the air..." said the satellites

    "But I felt something..."-said the Ocean floor

    "I have all your planes!!!!"-said the Indian Ocean

    Carry on and enjoy the stories people...