Thursday 2 August 2018

Farewell Melody

Melody died this morning.

She was at least 13 years old.

My friend said she died peacefully after a brief illness.

Most probably of old age.

I'm going to miss her.

I will always remember her barking at me whenever she saw me as I visited my friend at her home.

My friend bought her from a pet shop 13 years ago when she was told that no one seemed interested to take Melody home.

My friend loves her dogs.

She now still have Melody's three surviving offsprings.

She said Melody's cremation will cost her RM500.

It only costs her RM400 when one of Melody's offsprings died two years ago.

Guess the currently zero-rated GST was of no help in this case.

The cost will probably go up again when SST is implemented next month.

Well, such is the price of love.


  1. Ha ha Neutral Annie.

    Everything must also spin back to politics, kan: )

    But we keep scratching our heads...

    ...why all you Umno pelacur2 whoops Unpaid Neutrals never gave a fuck when under the previous Barisan Neraka admin, money was gushing into the pockets of their leaders?

    Why arrrrrr double standard arrrrrr Annie?

    Of course we sympathise for poor Melody, but think how many doggie funerals could have been financed with this money....

    "Sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional Berhad invested some RM80mil in a failed online lingerie business, revealed Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

    "Khazanah had invested in the online business, involving bras and lingerie.

    "The business eventually failed and the losses had to be written off," he said during his ministerial reply on the motion of thanks of the royal address in Parliament on Wednesday (Aug 1).

    He was responding to a question by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (BN-Pekan) who wanted know how Khazanah had deviated from its agenda."

    Hee hee so funny...

    The world'd biggest kleptocrat now SUDDENLY concerned about Malaysia’s finances.

    Like some bloggers who don’t give a fuck about mega corruption before, now SUDDENLY concerned about Malaysia’s finances.

    Hilarious, kan?

    PS: Call Amokh lah Annie. Maybe can sell you some underwear cheap-cheap, kut...

    1. Bro

      Amokh also help pokjib to cover 1mdb hole la

      Maybe his bra and panties he sell also full of holes

      Ha ha!!!

    2. Anon 14.08

      True, true......

      Today LGE brought up the RM7 billion the govt money paid for 1MDB. Ask Wee Ka Siong so many times, yes or no whether he know the story or not. That Wee Ka Siong feller say everything but answer the question.

      That Rm7 billion can pay so many Melody funeral, and thousand of Melody's generation even more. Maybe billion, cannot even count la..

    3. Anonymous2 August 2018 at 18:51

      It's more serious than just losing money on bras & panties actually.

      See what else Khazanah was doing?

      "KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - The government of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak used money raised from a deal with sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional Berhad to pay for some of the liabilities of state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), two sources told Reuters.

      Khazanah paid the government 1.2 billion ringgit ($301.05 million) in mid-2017 in exchange for redeemable shares that the finance ministry owned, the sources said, adding that the funds were used to pay some of 1MDB’s dues to Abu Dhabi fund IPIC."

      Yep, bailing out 1MDB.

      This Amokh was no angel and the board were crooks.

      Good riddance.

      Glad Tun is back in charge.

  2. And speaking of Khazanah...

    Did you know that Khazanah Nasional Bhd has debts in excess of RM50 BILLION? And all these RM50 BILLION are government guaranteed. Meaning guaranteed by Mrs You and Mr Me.

    Did you read about Arul Kanda's RM5 million salary? This is beyond ridiculous. These folks are not even worth RM10,000 a month here. There is no risk in the type of work that they did (or still do.)

    Do you recall that Telekom guy who was paid RM300,000 a month? That works out to RM3.6 million a year. And that was a PR guy. Not even an engineer or with an engineering background.

    Their jobs are hardly worth RM10,000 a month. Even the Prime Minister YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed earns only RM22,000 per month.

    The same with the GLCs. Khazanah Nasional has RM50 billion debts, all of which are government guaranteed. What is so difficult about being the CEO of Khazanah if you can get a Government guarantee for your borrowings?

    I am sure the bosses of these GLCs who are paid all these millions cannot pass on any business acumen to their children. Because these CEOs are not part of the real business world. It is a cocooned and environmentally controlled business environment minus any real competition. They would not have learned much to pass on to their kids.

    Then the high salaries paid to them (which they do not deserve) gives them a false sense of achievement.

    Now these folks are out of a job. I doubt they can find any other job in the real world which can pay them RM300,000 a month or RM5.0 million a year.

    This disaster is a result of poorly thought policy. During the time of Pak Lah they thought up this "high income nation" idea. It was camouflage, to lull the Malays into thinking that they were now high income. Then behind the scenes other dubious things were taking off at high speed. The Malays were indeed lulled. They were high on the "feel good" policies aka easy money policies.

    So what's new?

    Arul Anak Konda participated in a theft of more than 30 billion, made sure Malay reserve land was used in a scam, TH investors were cheated, and more.

    Pinklips & hippo filled their houses with billions of ringgit worth of luxury stolen from public funds.

    And Annie wants to whine about SST?

    Good strategy, Annie!

    Kipidap, dongibab : )

    1. Why we pay arul kanda 5 million ringgit salary???

      To make sure he help pokjib to steal money from 1mdb

      Ridiculous man

      Get all this 5 million back!!!!

    2. Pleaselah...Dont cut and paste "OutsyedtheBox" over here.

      Tell to that Syed guy; at least allow critical comments to appear in his blog .


  3. Love does not come freely ,there is a price to pay .
    People love of Pakatan and they voted them in because of hope of better government ,but there's price to pay too ,you just can't expect a perfect government like Najib lead government .

  4. Stupid of you Annie. Why mention about the dog's cremation when you want to condemn about the tax system.

    1. Bro

      The dog real or one of lifeofannie cerita dongeng?

      U can never be sure with this lifeofannie

    2. More likely dongeng

    3. Anonymous2 August 2018 at 18:48

      Actually, I suspect the dog was real. It's just that Annie is showing the typical "class" and morality of a true Umno supporter in how she respects the dead : )

  5. Did you just politicize a dead dog? Shame shame on Annie

    1. Lifeofannie langsung xde modal la

      Nih la orang panggil "desperation lazy post"

      Umno blogger x evolve dari zaman purba dulu kih kih kih

    2. What do you expect from a brainless political blogger with bankrupt ideas like Annie?

  6. neutral ka x neutral ka kalau bersangkut ngan pekembar ja gerenti bangang abadi dulu kini dan selamanya....

    1. if anon 19:33 die instead of melody....annie friend will be happy...annie will be as a reader will be happy too

    2. if u die first pekembar would be loosing one of its most bodoh bangang abadi dulu kini dan selamanya member....kesian2...chow kit anytime boleh terima mak n bini ko....

    3. anon 03:59....what are you trying to say...your mom and your wife works as a hooker in chow kit...i dont care where your mom and your wife work..idiot

  7. one day....all the ph macai will die too....but if they die now...they shall pay sst instead of gst

  8. A new low for Annie. Using dog's death to score political points. Low class la Annie

    1. what do you expect from a political prostitude like this???

  9. Pokpekpokpekpokpek

    100days just round the corner. Talk to us dungus on progress of all the janji2 la. Enuf of excuses and all the pokpekpokpekpokpek nonsense.

    Oso all the bad/sad news happening to PH leaders? Hardly 100days?

    Macam sandiwara drama seram la moo semua ni.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. Another Pakatan Harapan assemblyman died.Already 3 died within 100 days.Maybe just a coincindence or maybe God Almighty is giving a warning to the new Pakatan Harapan government not to betray their promises.

  11. dumbo annuar will say more dogs will die adoi

  12. I'm sorry for the loss of Melody. Our pet also died because she was in senior age already and with the help of the pet cremation houston tx and now she's in the heaven and our angel, like the other pets.