Thursday 28 April 2016

A bit of this and that

Nothing specific to write at the moment.

Things seem to be bland and uninspiring.

I'm slacking. I didn't write again yesterday.

I'm supposed to write at least a post every day as part of the blogging discipline.

They said if I start to be a lazy blogger, my blog is going to die.

Many better bloggers than me went through it and their blogs just faded away.

So, I think today, I just write short takes on things which had been going on.

Better than nothing, okay.

Sarawak Election

Supposedly the hottest thing happening at the moment.

Unfortunately, I think it's boring and quite predictable.

BN going to win with a landslide.

Even, the DAP-PKR fight was not surprising. Sarawak is different than Semenanjng, okay. Anyway, they are too dumb to get it right in the first place.

DAP is luckier though. The Chinese will still vote for them. Can still get a few urban seats, I think.

PKR on the other hand is going to be totally wiped out in the rural area.


No progress up to this point.

I think MB Razif is going to try to be thick skinned and hangs on .

Other MBs would probably resigned after what happened.

Heard the Sultan is really angry this time and will not be so easily appeased.

Well, that's what my friends in Terengganu said lah.

I know of other Sultans being angry with their MB in the past but not to the point of stripping their titles like that.

Hopefully PM Najib will be able to settle the problem with the palace, one way or another.


Received several more complaints from Johor Umno friends.

Don't feel like putting them here though as I can't see the point in doing so.

They are not very major, anyway.

I think MB Khaled knows about the complaints.

Let him settled them lah.

Got a message for Pulai MP DS Nurjazlan though.

Please do something about Kempas before things get as bad as Pengkalan Rinting.

I think Jazlan knows what I meant by that.

Jazlan, whatever Uncle Rashid Kasman said about Kempas is true, okay. All the best.

Umno civil war

It's like the Syrian civil war.

No ends in sight as the whole place torn to pieces.

Accusations and counter accusations.

I'm sort of a refugee just complaining about the hardship caused by the combatants on both sides.

Tiring stuff that one.


The usual.

Mother busy, father misses her very much.

Old people like that lah.

Love them both very much anyway.


Trying my best but still don't think I'm doing good enough.

Wish could do better.

Will try harder.


A friend who is a very prominent blogger told me yesterday that an ex-friend, who is also a very prominent blogger had successfully underwent a liposuction surgery.

I think he was bluffing me, but still, if it's true, I wish that ex-friend all the best.

Hopefully she looks nicer now.

Heard they pay better if a blogger looks nicer. Don't know true or not but that's what they told me la.

Love life

Something like that lah....

Eh, enough of my nonsense for today.

Really. You all should go read the very prominent blogs of my friend and ex-friend instead.

They write better than me, okay.



  1. Ah, so (pun unintended) - what's the latest cause celebre?

    1MDB is like so yesterday. In spite of the "hardball" attitudes of 1MDB & IPIC.

    How it will all turn out is anybody's guess.

    Although many pro-bloggers will try to raise all sorts of red herrings to divert attention away from this.

    Difficult, lah - all this talk of billions flying around - allegedly. More money than 99.9% of Malaysians will see in their lifetimes.


    1. re, More money then 99.9% of Malaysian will see in their lifetimes.

      I wounder who is that 1% would be ?.

    2. 1% is in seri perdana or in MTU only.....

    3. Um, tt, that's 0.1%!

  2. 'A friend who is a very prominent blogger told me yesterday that an ex-friend, who is also a very prominent blogger had successfully underwent a liposuction surgery.'

    HA HA HA HA!

    No wonder Ah Soh missing in action!

    Have her 4 chins been reduced to 3?

    Does she weigh less than 2 tonnes?

    Is her rear end still fused to her chair by sweat?

    And what happened to the 6,000 litres of lemak khinzir they extracted from....."it's" body?

    Eeeeee, geli.....

  3. Ah So has been busy tending to her pussy or pussies lah, or so she says.

    The Glory of Ah So's Perfumed Garden....


    1. must be like gua mulu, except 2 BIG difference: (a) people actually visits gua mulu, and (b) gua mulu don't smell bad!

    2. 08:58 hilarious!!!! LOL

  4. Ma'am, this one to complement your musical escapade .....

  5. Annie, can I join your fan club?

    1. Annie is not a club.
      Like our PM, who declared himself a Fanclub of Manchester United, you too can register as a Fanclub of any English Premier League team, but not Annie's.

      First you must registered yourself with an ID, make yourself 'noticeable' to Annie's ex-friend. Then hopefully like me, you might be branded as Annie's fanboy.
      Good Luck.

    2. Noted RD, muchas gracias.

  6. Bang bang don't let anyone shoot you down. Here's a reminder that life can be truly amazing. Bang bang she shoot him down.

    1. The idiotic tenses of English. Okay. Bang bang. She shot him down! :)

  7. For a change. Dalam bahasa mudah.

  8. Dunia ini is far from bland. Setiap tamaddun ada Hang Jebatnya. Here's a Hang Jebat against slavery.
    Out of context?

  9. RE: "Umno civil war: It's like the Syrian civil war. No ends in sight as the whole place torn to pieces. Accusations and counter accusations."

    “The weak are dominated by their ego, the wise dominate their ego, and the intelligent are in a constant struggle against their ego.”
    “None of you has achieved faith until he loves for his brother (fellowman) what he loves for himself.”

    ― Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

    1. Ego Sdr ANON 00:21 ?

      " It just takes a little bit of this
      A little bit of that
      It started with a kiss
      Now we're up to bat.
      A little bit of laughs
      A little bit of pain
      I'm telling you, my babe
      It's all in the game of love"
      ( guitar solo .. )

      -- Santana feat.Branch 2002

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  10. Bank Negara vs 1MDB: A thesis in the making.

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3

  11. Analysing the Narcissistic ego


  12. Even Chinese vote's uninterresting, Lil sis Ms Annie

    Vote DAP big and Kuching and Miri Chinese will in-sya-Allah replace the Penans as The biggest forgotten minority.

    ( just mildly curious on Hua Zongs final voting instructions)

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH