Sunday 24 April 2016

Please, don't let it be another Kow

Last night I saw this story,

Tersalah Lapor: Wartawan Malaysiakini Cabut Lari Dari Sarawak

It's about Malaysiakini reporter Kow Gah Chie being recalled back to KL from covering the Sarawak election after she caused an uproar with her report that a BN candidate allegedly saying that voting for BN is to ensure the state continues being govern by a Muslim chief minister.

The BN candidate had said he didn't say anything like that and a few police reports had been lodged against Kow.

It's clearly an incitement for the Christian majority of Sarawak to go against BN, led by TS Adenan Satem, the Muslim chief minister of the state.

For me, this is obviously a case of overspin by an overzealous pro-opposition reporter.

Kow, may not be a DAP member but she seems clearly trying to assist the party by spinning the story that way.

I don't think she "tersalah lapor" (misreported) but instead intentionally wrote it that way.

The modus operandi seems very much like that of a DAP operative.

DAP has been playing this game since before the last Sarawak election.

All these while, they have been accusing Umno of playing the racial and religious sentiments, but themselves doing it.

It's what made me can't stand them even when I'm very unhappy with Umno or BN.

I just can't stand the hypocrisy.

And the way their operatives spread hate is totally despicable.

I believe that they were trained that way.

They repeat their hate-mongering chants over and over again like mantra.

Evidently, the habit of hate-mongering sticks with their operatives even after they were no longer working for the party or even changed sides.

That's how well conditioned they were with that tactic.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't be surprised if this Kow suddenly switch sides a few months from now, and self-styling herself into an Umno defender and "penyelamat ummah".

Hey, don't laugh, okay. I've seen it happened before.

Well, if Kow really switches sides like that, I only have one wish of her - that she will diet a bit,

DAP people, if you all want to send over your operatives to switch sides to Umno, can you all send the nice and pretty ones for a change?

The one you all sent over so far looks like...Kow, okay.

Umno, no need to add another Kow la.

But seriously DAP people, can you all change your hate-mongering tactics so that people like me won't find your party to be too repulsive?

At the moment, I don't see your party to be any better than your opponents.


  1. Alamak!

    First of all, Ah Soh tells me you are banned from writing about UMNO politics but you don't seem to care and just keep writing about UMNO politics.

    Then she tells me you are a DAP blogger and now you start to hentam a pro-opposition reporter kow kow.

    Ah Soh is a very famous blogger with impeccable credentials and solid contacts at the highest levels, you know.

    She has the graphs and charts to prove it, you know.

    Why you so bad like that one ah?

    Just you wait until Ah Soh starts quoting chapter and verse from the Quran telling you how to be a good subservient Muslim gal.

    She might even decide not to let you get into Paradise after consulting with her new poster pin-up boy, Nik "The Fake Motorcross Rider" Abduh.

    BTW, why is Nik Abduh even at a motorcross event and wearing that teeshirt over his normal street clothes trying to look like he is Da Reel Thang?

    Didn't Nik Abduh realise that, globally, such motorcycle events have the word "cross" associated with it?

    1. 'Ah Soh is a very famous blogger with impeccable credentials and solid contacts at the highest levels, you know.' Betul......Ah Soh's rear end , currently weighs 2,000 kg , is in solid contact with the ground when she walk.....kih x 3

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    3. Sorry Anon 19:52
      Can't let your comment through.
      The name you mentioned had been banned from this blog.
      Thank you

  2. According to reliable sources from a famous pro UMNO blog you, Annie is also a DAP operative...What's your comment on this?

    1. is this a question that you want to know the answer... or are you finding options to get some dedak or a hope that some dedak may reach you

  3. "I wouldn't be surprised if this Kow suddenly switch sides a few months from now, and self-styling herself into an Umno defender and "penyelamat ummah".

    Annie, you could be right.

    We also know another fat chinese girl from M'kini who switched camps in return for 100kg of dedak babi daily.

    But note that Kow only has 2 chins, whereas the fat Chinese Gollum has acquired at least 4 chins, from hours of sitting in lonely silence sweating into the same chair. (The chair has become fused to its body.)

    Also 2-chins Kow needs to learn the art of being repetitive and eating dedak.

    Then she's all set!

    1. ah so = founder of umno

      3 tahun lepas = founder of DAP

      2019 = founder of PAS

      2021 = founder of MCA

    2. Sometimes when you start losing refinement, whether it's in music or in life - something as small as failing to be polite - you start to lose substance. We all could do with more bro.

  4. Everyone choose sides, how many sides has your heart?

  5. "Hey don't laugh okay"
    Sorry sudah ter laugh.

  6. Now. Now. You are starting a new war. Wonder if the Ms has a blog.


  7. Ini hat tatak susah punya maa aa , kasi mitak maa aa lor rr .

    Biasa memang itu macam punya maa aa .


    1. Hai yaaa! ,Wa sutak buat silap ,itu 'mintak maaf' sutak tingal maa aa .
      Manyak soli maa aa .

  8. A 'kow' with four dangling tits, Annie? That's hilarious.

    "The one you all sent over so far look like...Kow, okay."

    Maybe the 'old' kow's previous posting on KJ had annoyed her dedak-givers. Hence that noticeable lull.

  9. Reminds of Stewie's "ugly" song in Family Guy.

    "M...she's major ugly

    O..she's fat and pugly

    Oh my God, no, the cow says Moo!"

  10. Menukar kerajaan
    Menggulingkan kerajaan
    Menggulingkan monarki atau demokrasi?
    Korea dan jepun sudah berpuluh puluh kali menggulingkan kerajaan mereka
    Di malaysia selama 50 tahun kerajaan barisan nasional tidak pernah diggulingkan
    Apakah maksudnya ini
    Ini bagus ka tidak bagus untuk mencapai status developed country

    1. Mana teori yg ajar hang syarat nak jadi negara membantu musti ada ciri guling kerajaan ???

  11. Japan explores gene modification. What do you wish in a baby.

  12. 1MDB defaulted. Bagus la tu...give PM Najib another mandate please. So he can do 2MDB.

    Terima kasih PM Najib.

    Dear Sarawakian, please pangkah BN selamanya.

    And please welcome UMNO to your state. It is happening right under your nose.

  13. The way u commented is already know that u r on BN side. Do u hv proof that she spinned? How much BN paid u ?