Sunday 10 April 2016

Qingming thoughts

Today I don't feel like writing politics.

Been doing too much of it the past week.

The general feeling on the ground is that people are tired of politics.

Almost everyone I know said that.

So, today I just want to write something light.

Just want to record my thoughts at the moment.

Okay, just before CNY, I did this post,

It basically laid down five basic things women should do to be likable,

1. Be nice

2. Don't be over bitchy

3. Try to be reasonably intelligent

4. Have a pleasant appearance

5. Be hygienic

Please click on the link above to read it in detail if you haven't already done so.

I think it was good as the number of readers of this blog jumped quite high the day I posted it.

I even got calls from friends saying that the guide is good.

Actually, I was quite happy with it as I believe I had helped other women to make themselves more likable.

It's better than all those political postings, I think.

But of course there are also those who didn't like it.

Maybe because it's too simple.

Strangely, some even got so angry with me because of that post and started accusing me with all sorts of things.

I'm not really sure why all that anger was directed at me.

It's just a guide for women to be better, for God's sake.

If don't want to follow the guide, then it's okay la.

No one forcing.

No need to get all worked up, okay.

Well, that's the way it is with blogging.

Some people like you, others hate you.

Honestly, I'm just writing for fun.

It's just my thoughts and experiences.

Some postings, such as the women's guide were good as it helps others to be better, while some postings were bad because I was just venting or being emotional.

Anyway, today I'm in Kluang.

It's the Qingming family gathering again.

Was at the graves yesterday.

Chinese pay respects to their elders and beloved even after they were dead.

You can read more about what Qingming is to me at this post,


and my thoughts around the same time at the start of the Umno civil war last year here,

Qingming and a heavy heart

Okay, I need to stop now.

My mom yelling for me to have my breakfast.

Need to go to town and buy grandma some stuff later.

I leave you with a repeat of this video about Qingming, so you may understand what it's all about,

I love the way she pronounced "dragon boat festival" :)


  1. As we reflect on life and our inevitable death.....

    By (the passage of) Time,
    Humanity is at a loss,
    Except for them with true faith and good works,
    And who mutually counsel each other in Truth and Patient Constancy.
    (Quran, surah al-Asr)

    1. for those that dont have can read Quran from this side with english and many other translation...

      and this is Quran takes years of making and now it is finally here...(happy learning more)

    2. Thank you for the links.
      Our blessed Prophet said if you teach good to others, whatever good they do because of your instruction will give you spiritual merit as much as the merit they obtain for their actions.

    3. When I die, don't lament for me, we're returning to our Beloved.

  2. Annie relate this to your "best" friend Hilan Gang

    2. Don't be over bitchy

    By the way ask whether her grnddi was "forced whort" during Japenese occupation

  3. Annie,

    Some flabby Chinese Ah Soh opportunists didn't read your guide, because they still smell bad (and not just physically either).

    Life moves in circles so you never know, Ah So may revert to being an Islam-slamming anti-Malay racist all over again. Depends on how the $$$$$ offer goes lah.

    Someone once said, she flopped from being GollumKini to Gollum Muniandy to Gollum Maimunah : )

    What's next?

    (Besides a triple chin, I mean....)

  4. Here some more titles from Fat Chinese Gollum back in her Kini incarnation:

    Hudud creates two-tier citizenship

    Haram supremism fans bigotry

    Behind Perkasa's pig obsession

    Criminal bullying of the poor into Islam

    And on and on.

    Like I said, old aunties in the 40s don't change their beliefs.

    Maybe she's just confirming the importance of cash to the Chinese.

  5. Her day isn't complete unless she belittles and berates someone. Today, again going after the Christians. Then it'll be anti-chinese, proTun, Dapster and of course, her numero uno pet peeve...our Annie.

    Everyday, rotate and recycle. No excitement or anything fresh and new in her life.

    Fat, foul fiend furiously fanning flames. ..that's what she is.

  6. One may look ugly on the outside but thru one's words and one's deeds, others can tell that one is a beautiful person on the inside.

    Unfortunately, some people are ugly on the outside and by their constant calls for hate, and sometimes even violent action, against others who do not share their views, they show that they are ugly on the inside as well.

    Do UMNO and PAS really want such ugly people to speak for them?

    1. Umno's spokepersons are always good looking. Teuku Adnan is one classic example. Fat ah so can be a fairy in umno.