Saturday 2 April 2016

Day for special ones

Today is

World Autism Awareness Day 

Please click on the above link to know more about it.

Today I just want to wish all the best to parents and caregivers of children and adults with autism.

May Allah gives them the patience and strength.

May Allah bless them and their loved ones.

To know more about autism, please click on this link,


Hopefully ours becomes a more caring and compassionate society.


  1. "I don’t want my thoughts to die with me, I want to have done something. I’m not interested in power, or piles of money. I want to leave something behind. I want to make a positive contribution - know that my life has meaning."

    - Dr.Temple Grandin, once diagnosed as an autistic child.

    1. Meet the lady.....

  2. In life and death ...may Allah bless them and their loved ones