Wednesday 13 April 2016

OMG! Halimah!

Woken up earlier by the buzzing of my phone.

It's a wassap message from my beloved.

It reads,

"OMG! Halimah!"

and a link to this story

Deputy minister denies involvement in move to oust Johor MB

I was at first very happy to receive a message so early in the morning from my beloved, but then got irritated as I read the story.

This Halimah Sadique really don't know how to keep her mouth shut.

Last time also like that.

Always want to talk one, this woman.

Limah, you don't know ka that if you talk like that, the more people are going to believe in the stupid gossip.

So slow la you.

And I don't know why Bernama, as the national news agency kept harping on that story.

Nothing better to do, I think.

Who is this son of Mat Aziz anyway?

He is the one who started all these rumours

I know la his father is a State assembly speaker and former MP, but why so many people jumping around because the boy said some people were plotting to topple MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin?

Just ignore him la.

Mat Aziz, you don't want to slap your son ka?

You always garang with other people, but with your own son can't shut him up ka?

Why were you letting your son going around rumour mongering like that har?

Tell him to get a decent job and do real work to earn a living, can or not?

Honestly, I think if his son continues making up stories, Mat Aziz may likely be implicated as part of a plot to make Johor politicians jumping around like monkeys.

Really. This is all really stupid.

Can't these people just do their work instead of fooling around with intrigues like in some Korean drama?

The general election is just about two years from now and they are all still fooling around.

I was told Khaled has started moving on the ground, which is good.

Why can't they just help him, instead of getting all excited about some stupid gossip about him?

This is such a waste of time.

Bernama, you all don't want to ask Razali Ibrahim ka after this?

He's also a deputy minister from Johor, okay.


PS : Limah, can you slim down a bit har? You are getting quite chubby, okay.

Not very pretty like last time lar.


  1. So...are you very sure it is purely rumours...??? Like the first time we heard about 1MDB few years back where most people took that as rumours made by Pakatan Rakyat...?? Tuhan bagi kita akal, maka berfikir lah....

  2. "Limah, can you slim down a bit har? You are getting quite chubby, okay."

    It's also what happens to elderly Chinese women who eat too much gomen dedak late in their lives.

    At least Kak Limah is not a bitter, lonely spinster.

    That's a plus : )

  3. Setakat yg saya kenal limah bermula di politik kluang, dia tidak akan terlibat dan terikut kecuali tekanan yang cukup kuat.

    Limah juga boleh dikatakan sangat rapat dengan Istana.

    Bagaimanapun jika limah mahu dinamakan sebagai MB Johor, wanita pertama, why not.

  4. Tiger Lipan Limau13 April 2016 at 10:07


    There's another Dep Minister aside from Limah & Razali.

    Did u forget Mr 3.85 Amat Maslan?

  5. Bila nak ulas pasal PAC report and 1MDB- Aabar - IPIC news. Still believe in Najib innocent?

  6. Positive moves to get new government GE14. We look forward .....Trengganu, NS and Johor maybe next pakatan government after GE14

  7. A short essay. Angin dan pokok. What benefits the speaker's son get by talking about such thing? Bagi malu abah dia some more. So listen lah when someone is not afraid to speak. Kalau tak benar nak takut apa. The truth will prevail. The end.

  8. Nothing is positively good are coming out from UMNO mouth lately,the whole party didn't look promising at all ,except just to keep Najib as president .

    Malays are really in a state of delusion , "berpaut kapada dahan yang rapoh" ,believing that UMNO will go through GE14 if the current UMNO leadership is still around .

  9. “And turn not your face away from people (in haughtiness), nor walk in insolence upon the earth. Verily, God loves not any arrogant boaster. And be moderate (show no insolence) in your walking, and lower your voice. Verily, the harshest of all sounds is the braying of the ass.” (Quran 31:18-19)

  10. Heheheh!!

    Doesn't sound like there is very much truth in what I have been told about you been banned from commenting on UMNO politics.

    As each day passes, the credibility of those accusing you have just fallen through the floor, or to use graphical terms, the line plotting time passing in days (x axis) versus credibility (y axis) has a steep negative gradient and has cut through the x-axis at y=0 and x=n, where n is between 0 and approximately 100 (?).


    I am starting to wonder just how believable those other allegations about you are.

    According to the above graph I have described, if I believe those allegations above you, I should also believe in little green men from Mars.

  11. It is UMNO la. What do you expect?

    Kan President pun cakap nak yang loyal not the intelligent.

    So you get this kind of quality la.

  12. Modus Operandi najib untuk mencuri wang 1MDB amat mudah. Hanya pemakan dedak yang buat tak faham dan ahli UMNO yang tolol memang tak faham.

    1. Tubuh syarikat pelaburan dengan modal berbayar RM1 juta

    2. Buat hutang RM42 bilion melalui jualan bon dengan jaminan kerajaan

    3. Hasil jualan bon RM42 bilion dihantar kepada syarikat-syarikat yang dikawal oleh jho low

    4. Kutip hasil curi, kongsi dengan jho low, pergi shopping beli berlian, Birkin, hartanah,buat filem Hollywood, etc.

    5. Beli dedak suap kepada Tan Sri AG, Tan Sri IGP, Tan Sri MACC, Tan Sri BNM, Tan Sri KSN untuk tutup mulut dan baki bagi Ketua2 Bahagian UMNO untuk dapat sokongan

    6. Happy ending