Friday 8 April 2016

In defense of Khaled Nordin

There have been some rumblings down here in Johor over the past few days.

This is a Bernama story yesterday,

Johor Wanita Refutes Claims Of Move To Topple Johor MB

I first heard about it when a statement by Johor Umno Youth deputy chief defending MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin was circulated several days earlier.

As the Malays like to say it, if there's no wind, the tree won't sway one.

So, I assumed there was indeed a move to unseat Khaled from Kota Iskandar.

As suggested in the Bernama report, this is likely a move being initiated by people who felt that Khaled was not going all out enough in his support for PM DS Najib Razak in the fight against party rebels in Johor.

My personal opinion is that, it could also be initiated by people who felt that there was an opportunity to put their own "race horse" in the MB post by painting Khaled as not being a true blue Najib loyalist and having him kicked out because of it.

Whatever it is, I think this is another brainless scheme which will further damage Umno in Johor.

As most regular readers of this blog should know by now, I'm not a big fan of Khaled and his administration.

In fact, I used to bitch quite a lot about him and things related to his administration.

I even at one time made some noises about the need to remove him as MB. I was very angry with him at that time.

But as I had written a while back, I don't want to disturb the guy too much anymore.

It's because the general election is drawing near and attacking Khaled now will only damage Johor Umno.

I had written that this blog had made known of things I felt needed to be improved or corrected by Khaled and it's up to him whether to do it or otherwise.

You can read it here,

Time to fix Johor


There is little time left for Khaled and his people to fix things.

I may be critical of them but I have no intention to pile on extra pressure for them to mend their ways during that short period they have left.

I also have no intention to provide the opposition with extra ammunition by keep on harping on the weaknesses of Khaled's administration.

As it is, I know that he is currently struggling to keep things under control due to pressure from all quarters.

Then there is also the ongoing Umno rebellion which is draining support for the party.

Seriously, I don't want to add to Khaled's troubles for now.

I'm not like some of those Umno bloggers who attacked former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman just weeks before the last general election in 2013 to make sure he leaves Johor.
They never care whether their attacks were actually harming Barisan Nasional itself. 

So, I think these nonsense about removing Khaled should stop now.

Khaled and his people may hate me for my past criticisms of them but that's besides the point.

I'm still not a fan of Khaled but this time I'm supporting him because, for better or worse, Johor Umno cannot afford a change of leadership now as changing Khaled at this point would cause too much disruption.

Anyway, I think Khaled is better than some idiots who chant "either you are with us or against us" and other nonsensical soundbites.

Heaven forbid, him being replaced by one of those idiots.

It's now time for Johor Umno to unite and start working hard to prepare for the next general election instead of once again being dragged down by internal fightings.

Whether they are pro-Najib or pro-Mahathir, they must from now on work together demi agama, bangsa and tanahair.

I may no longer consider myself as an Umno supporter, but I'm still of the opinion that as far as my home state is concerned, BN/Umno is still better than the opposition parties.

I don't know about other states, but I want the best for my Johor....whatever there is available to it.


  1. "Either you are with us or against us" sounds so much like the Wahhabi chant!

  2. Dear Annie,

    I gave my mandate to UMNO. Always.

    I gave Najib's UMNO my vote last PRU.

    I received GST. My spending power is lesser by the day.

    My kids, the youngest is about 1 month old now, definitely inheriting the 1MDB mess that is PM Najib's brain child.

    Do I give my vote to Najib's UMNO?

    I don't think so.


  3. Rocky tanya apa jenayah 1MDB.

    Terus terang, 1MDB ini memang tidak patut ditubuhkan.

    Duit hilang, harta tergadai. Cai-cai PM Najib boleh cakap sesuka hati dia orang la tapi realitinya memang hutang tinggi dan tiada apa-apa yang boleh dibanggakan dengan penubuhan 1MDB.

    Yang kaya terus kaya, yang miskin tu merempat.

    Apa ekonomi yang dijanakan oleh Kerajaan PM Najib? Tangible dan intangible.

    Yang tangible tu, shopping bini dia adalah. Anak kahwin mewah giler. Anak masuk Zouk. Kenapa religious authority tak pulak tahan anak dia tu? Kan Islam? Kenapa pergi disko?

    Dibawah kerajaan Najib memang jelas bersuluh ada dua set undang-undang. Satu untuk yang kaya dan berkuasa, satu untuk rakyat marhaen.

    Kalau negara ditadbir Najib lagi, saya nak tanya cam mana? Nak buat satu 1MDB lagi ke? Saya pasti dia akan naikkan GST tu selepas PRU. Generasi saya cam mana Datuk Seri Najib? Jangan asyik jaga generasi kamu sendiri tu. Pasti dua tiga generasi kamu tu tak payah kerja pun hidup mewah.

    Entahlah. Ayah dia buat NEP. Anak pulak pencuri.

    Macam mana nak tanda pangkah kat UMNO??

    Macam bersubahat sokong penyelewengan terbesar di dunia. Baik jangan undi.

    Hipokrit la Datuk Seri Najib. Saban hari cakap UMNO dia penyelamat Melayu, pertahankan Islam. Tapi Bini, keluarga, seluruh parti dia tu memang jelas munafiq. Gaya hidup kebaratan adalah.

    Biar undi rosak je la.

  4. all these bastards still dont understand that u cannot change johor politics as it will be domino effect. being a johorean, dont ever2 touch johor.if we as johorean wanna die as fools, let us be and the federal boys just shut the fuck up. behave like how ur boss tells u not to disturb sarawak...comprende

    1. That's telling them fat ass macais of the mappadulung bogeyman the way it is!
      Go to hell laughing... and leave us alone!

  5. Same here. As long as Najib et al around, I'm not voting.

  6. Will go for DAP this time around!