Tuesday 26 April 2016

Interesting Terengganu intrigue

Things don't look good in Terengganu.

As everyone should know by now, the Sultan had stripped all titles conferred to MB Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman.

Among the titles stripped was the highly coveted SSMZ which is the Knight Grand Companion, carrying the Dato' Sri Setia title.

This is unprecedented as I don't remember anything of this nature ever happened in Terengganu before.

I wondered what actually happened.

I'm not a Terengganu expert, so I called one that I know to get his opinion.

He said what caused the Sultan to take such a drastic measure against the MB could not be just because of the latter's speech on Friday which so far was the reason given by many for what had happened over the past few days in Terengganu.

"There must be something else which was far more serious that angered Tuanku," he said.

It was said that the Sultan was offended when Razif's speech was allegedly delivered in such a manner that it belittled a contribution made by the palace to assist orphans and the less fortunate in the state.

PM DS Najib Razak was expected to have an audience with the Sultan over the matter as early as this evening.

I asked the Terengganu expert whether Razif still has a chance to continue being the MB now that the Sultan appears to be very unhappy with him.

"Not much of a chance. It's very unlikely that Tuanku will retract the stripping of Razif's titles," he replied, adding that it's almost impossible for Razif to work as MB if the Sultan dislikes him.

He said it's very likely that Najib will have to propose to the Sultan a new MB.

According to him, if that's the case, the likely leading candidate will be State tourism and culture executive chairman Datuk Mohd Jidin Shafee, the Permaisuri assemblyman.

Jidin is the second most senior BN assemblyman in Terengganu after former MB Datuk Seri Ahmad Said of Kijal.

He is said to be in Najib's good book and doesn't have any problem with the palace.

I asked the Terengganu expert whether the BN government may collapse over the Razif issue and his response was in the negative.

"I don't think Tuanku wants that. A change of MB should be good enough," he said.

When pressed on what would happen in the unlikely event that the Terengganu assembly be dissolved due to the impasse, this was his response,

"That's almost impossible to happen, but if it turned out that way, BN is most likely to lose the ensuing state election due to the current political atmosphere."

The Terengganu state assembly consists 17 BN members, 14 from Pas and one from PKR.

Well, I'm wishing the people of Terengganu the best of luck. Hopefully everything will be peacefully resolved.

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  1. "PM DS Najib Razak was expected to have an audience with the Sultan over the matter as early as this evening."

    So Jibby has time to save his own backside but meanwhile 1MDB is sliding into chaos:

    "Troubled Malaysian state investment fund 1MDB said Tuesday it had defaulted on $1.75 billion in bonds it issued after missing an interest payment, raising fears of financial-market fallout from the scandal-tainted company.

    The fund, founded in 2009 by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, who remains the chair of its advisory board, is teetering on the verge of collapse amid multiple investigations around the world into allegations that billions were looted from it."

    Yep, good work Jib.

    I guess the folks in 'Ganu will be impressed when it's proved the Wolf Of Wall Street money came from our public funds.

  2. I think the Sultan of Trengganu has no qualms about quelling unreasonable or corrupt officials - BN or otherwise. I'm sure most people remember the state stadium roof collapse in 2009... Who was in charge then?


    "An investigation of the failure was preformed after the collapse by the government of Malaysia. The report was finished in December of 2009 but has not been released to the public and to obtain a copy it costs a large amount of money to purchase from the government. This is in stark contrast to how most investigations of building failures are conducted in the United States. In the States this report would have been made public so that the engineering and construction community could learn from the mistakes made. This along with other issues in how the stadium was originally constructed imply the presence of corruption in the government. (Hassim, 2010). Luckily there are summaries of the report available as an alternative. As for the cause of the failure, in short everything from the design through construction was done incorrectly. Failures in every aspect of the building also leads to questioning about the owner which is also the government and their motivations when starting the project."
    (Chiang, 2010).

  3. I heard people say, its also due to Razif had denied grants for DS Ahmad Said's DUN Kijal. If that's the case, then DS Mukhriz can also bring this matter up to Kedah's Palace for the benefit of Ayer Hitam voters who voted UMNO, last GE.

  4. Ahmad Razif orang pandai.Idris Jusoh pun orang pandai.Tapi yang dok berkenan di hati si gedebe itu lah jugak.

  5. Annie,

    Oh no! Another article on UMNO politics. :)

    I can almost hear the wails of anguish coming from behind the seemingly dead home page of a hate-mongering blogger.

    The cries would be along the lines of "Why why why is that horrible woman, Annie, still writing articles about UMMO politics after I have told the whole world that she was banned from doing so? *sob* *sob*"

    I will bet that the hate-mongering blogger wish that it could come up with a graph or a chart to support what it has been saying.

    Here, let me help.

    Draw a pie chart of the number of political articles Annie has written in the last three months versus the number of non-political articles she has written in the same period.

    Go on. It is a very very easy chart to draw.

    Please do use pretty colours and 3D effects for maximum visual effect.

    1. the fat old Cina cow has been milked dry.....dah stop blogging!

    2. Ahjibgor cannot be defended anymore ... he and his honcos are guilty as hell of robbing the nation

  6. The Sultan giveth and the Sultan taketh away....

    Anyone knows what the speech was? Want to see what the hooha is all about.

    Jibby like in last days of Hitler. Fighting on all fronts as the Third Reich crumbles.

    Every second the noose tightens.

  7. BN should dissolve the DUN. No problem for BN to win more than 2/3 majority as the people love Najib very much.

  8. Family of the Year - Hero


    So let me go
    I don't wanna be your hero
    I don't wanna be a BIG man
    I just wanna fight like everyone else

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    Everyone deserves a chance to
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  9. Razif, Razif...kalau nak eksyen kat negeri pembangkang takpe jugak tapi ni ko dah melangkah Sultan...

  10. Something healthy for the nation here. Before anyone rasa tertanya-tanya sila baca komen-komennya. One of the comments surprises me. And I setuju very much.

    1. Terima Kasih Anon 2031.

      Saya setuju dengan pendekatan DBP untuk memperbanyakan tatabahasa Kebangsaan. Idea "mengkayakan bahasa dengan menggunakan perkataan-perkataan kumpulan etnik orang asal yang lain" adalah sangat baik untuk keharmonian dan perpaduan kaum di Malaysian. Ia akan menyebabkan lain-lain etnik yang bahasa mereka digunakan-pakai, merasa 'mesra' dan bangga menggunakan Bahasa Kebangsaan.

      Saya harap DBP menghentikan atau mengantikan perkataan Arab yang telah diciplak kedalam Bahasa Kebangsaan dengan 'bahasa kaum-lebih-dekat' yang terdapat di Malaysia. Mengapa perlu ambil bahasa-Asing yang jauh dari kita, seperti Arab? China dan India lebih 'dekat'.

    2. Tiada masalah mengambil dari pelbagai bahasa asalkan tepat pada konteksnya. Malah pastinya memperkaya peradaban pengguna bahasa tersebut. Istilah dari Bahasa Arab mungkin tepat dalam konteks pengguna Bahasa Melayu Islam. Yang lain seperti istilah dari Bahasa Inggeris, Cina, Tamil dan lain-lain pula dalam konteksnya. Dalam mengembangkan sesuatu tidak semestinya kita menidakkan keperluan sebahagian yang lain. Semuanya boleh saja dijalin dengan baik. Asalkan saja bertepatan dengan konteks yang berpaksikan adab. (Saya tak sempat keluar merarau hari ni. Boleh tolong tapau? Terima kasih)

  11. The Wok cannot even get the Johor MB's name spelt right. His spiteful and unintelligent comment in Ah Soh's blog Is so low class.

    1. Aiyoh!

      The Wok is the very epitome of a pariah, not good for very much except pariah acts and behaviour.

      The pariah Wok's so-called revelation of Annie's identity is laughable.

      Two can play the same game, right?

      Most regular readers here already know that Annie's real name is actually ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ binti ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆.

      Yes, she revealed her true identity but removed the post very quickly when she realised what she had done.

      So you see. my dear pariah Wok, your game plan is easily broken down and pissed on.

      Only the most gullible will buy from a pariah Wok.

      BTW, in case anybody thinks I am one of Annie's "slick handlers", I would like to state that my family has been voting BN from the days when it was called the Alliance.

  12. Jaga sikit2 Cik Cina nanti gua tangkap lu masuk lokup. Jangan main2 pasal gua punya raja, tak takut Akta Hasutan?