Thursday 14 April 2016

KJ's small money, according to a cyclist

I think everyone knows by now that KJ was whacked quite hard over the token prize money given to winners of a junior cycling initiative on Saturday.

Well, KJ may be handsome, but he can be quite silly also sometimes.

Everything need money la, KJ.

Lots of it.

That's the value of most people these days.

Next time KJ better make sure the kids are given proper prize money.

At least RM20,000 each.

Otherwise he will surely kena whacked again.

Those kids are not some bloggers who write just for agama, bangsa and tanahair, okay.

Anyway, I actually read the whole thing at this Malaysian Digest's story,

Khairy Awards Junior Cyclists RM10, RM20, RM30 Prize

As elsewhere, it highlighted KJ being whacked by netizens for that measly prize money.

But interestingly, the story also includes a comment by Josiah Ng.

The post even got the attention of three-time Olympian, national track cyclist Josiah Ng, who gave his positive point of view and applauded JCM on its success.
“Great job on the first event Junior Cycling Malaysia! I see a lot of comments and concern with regards to the small prize money that was given.
“I would like give my point of view. When I was a young racer, I was only concerned about two things. Racing and winning.
“Money came to my pocket because I was able to race a lot and that lead me to be a champion. I have made a very good living from cycling over my 15 year career. Do not focus on money.
“Be happy that JCM is putting on events that will help you to be a better competitor. JCM will help to develop you into a champion. Once you are a champion, the money will come!,” he wrote on Facebook.

Guess, money is not everything to ALL people.
Apparently there are values which are more important than money.
People like Josiah give me some hope for Malaysia.
Well, up to the big people like KJ to decide la, which to teach the kids, big money or good values.


  1. Come on la, aku rasa harga mock cheque tu pun lebih dari RM10. Kalau betul tak nak 'spoil' kanak2 tu dgn duit, bagila hadiah peralatan sekolah ke, raket badminton ke, voucher buku ke.

    Aku rasa yang sebenarnya, KJ tak ambik tahu pun perkara remeh temeh macam ni. Tak glamer...


  2. KJ is trying to give a signal ,that money is running short. Everybody should adapt and "redha" .

  3. OK, i'll grant you that the prize money should not be the major concern of the young champions... so why the stupid public relations stunt with all those gigantic fake cheques?

    1. Same thought initially. On reflection though, I believe it must have been a memorable moment for the boys what with the gigantic mock cheques and the presence of the minister to celebrate their achievement. And that is great joy enough for them. What kids think can be totally different from what adults think.

    2. I think the abounding complaints are coming from "adults". We know what the pee em has been up to, and lately KJ's ministry's monetary scandals. So the adults are saying "Come on, cease your fiscal pontifications about good nurturance for the children!"

    3. Too true. I was just going down for the children. They should not be part of the adults' war ammunition.

  4. Budak kecik tak boleh pegang duit banyak-banyak..

    1. "Budak" yang telah berumban boleh makan segala dedak tanpa rasa malu?

  5. Be successful first, and money will follow you

    1. Aku bimbangkan diriku di dunia yang kurang bercahaya...

  6. That prize money at RM30, 6 percent of it will go to the government by the time he chooses to spend it. That kid will only benefit like one third of it while the rest of it goes back to the government. You see, how cunning the government with the GST tax. They take back everything they give and laugh all the way to the bank..

  7. Sorry to say that so few people of today value ' Semangat Kesukanan' anymore... There goes one of the good values of humanity.

    Nenek Kampung

    1. The religious scholars mention five conditions to be fulfilled in order for an action to be acceptable to the Lord:

      *To be conscious that Allah Most Sublime knows all things.
      *To strive to discern the truth and have a sense of what is right and wrong
      *To have a pure intention in your actions
      *To act in accordance with the counsels of the Prophet s.a.w.

  8. Lets be practical. Its a cycling competition. So why give out money. Make it worthwhile and to encourage them and act as further incentive for the youngsters to continue to be passionate in riding; then KJ should make sure the prizes should be bikes. Better quality ones than what they are using. Or has all that allocation run dry???

  9. What a joke. RM30, RM20, RM10? Duit raya pun dapat lebih banyak dari tu. Berilah RM3k, RM2k, RM1k kalau pelokek sangat pun. Boleh dia orang buat savings for their future education. Competition menyanyi yg takde faedah tu hadiah berpuluh ribu pulak. Ini sports yg menyihatkan badan dan ada potensi untuk menjulang nama negara dipesada dunia hadiahnya so insulting.

    It simply proved what is truly our priority.. shameless!

  10. Atleast buy them bikes...don't insult their abilities.