Monday 4 April 2016

Riding better than hating

I like this story today,

For many Malaysians, Adam is a winner too

which followed this story,

Khairul Idham wins Malaysia’s first MotoGP

I think Malaysians need more stories such as those.

Better than all the political hate stories people are selling nowadays.

Hate Najib, hate Dr Mahathir, hate Chinese, hate Christians, hate Malays, hate Muslims....hate Sino-Malay girl etc.

Hate is not good, okay.

I tried it before for a while after the last general election and it made me felt ugly and maybe even fat and other not so nice things.

At that time I wanted to hate the Chinese so much for their GE13 tsunami.

But really. It was just for a while only.

After a while, I realised I was being silly.

Now that I don't hate anyone anymore, I feel better.

There are people whom I dislike, but I don't hate them.

I just don't like them for doing bad things such as instigating people to be bigots and to hate each other.

But it doesn't get to the point of me hating them....I think.

How to avoid from hating others?

For me, I'll take a spin on my bike whenever I feel angry and want to hate someone.

When I'm riding, I have to be extra careful.

So, instead of being angry and wanting to hate people, I just concentrate on my riding.

After a while, I'm okay again.

It works for me.

That's why I especially like those stories about our MotoGP3 guys.

Congratulations to Khairul and Adam.


  1. You're right lady there's too much hate mongering circulating in the ether... Sooner we get rid of the wahhabis the better...we've been poisoned by them.

  2. FAKTA yang baru didedah: Masa bercuti di Hawaii, Mohd Najib guna kad kredit sebanyak AS$130,625 (kira-kira RM522,500) di butik beg tangan Chanel, Honolulu pada 22 Disember 2014. Duit banyak tu cukup untuk dirikan dua buah masjid kampung.

    Sekali belanja di Chanel cukup untuk bina 2 buah masjid macam ini
    Yang kita tahu, gaji pokok Perdana Menteri setahun hanya kira-kira RM273,912. Maksudnya belanja di butik Chanel dekat dua kali ganda setahun gaji. 

    Sebelum itu, pada 24 Ogos 2014 kad kredit Mohd Najib digunakan di sebuah toko Sardnia, Itali untuk perbelanjaan sebanyak Euro 750,000 (kira-kira RM3.2 juta) - cukup untuk taja 260 penuntut universiti dalam negara sepanjang pengajian.

    Dari mana dia dapat banyak sangat duit tu? Adakah keturunan dia kaya meliana?

  3. Just saw from the blurb that that sad Ah So writing about her personal experience -- online dating scams involving desperate lovelorn spinsters. No wonder she needs all that dedak to fund her Tinder etc accounts.
    Try, try, try until one day, mana tau, some sucker will succumb.

    Hopefully soon, then we'll be spared further psychosis, and she'll leave our Annie alone.

    So much hatred, jealousy and spite. ..and for what? Has it made her a happier person, a nicer person, has it won her friends?

    She's obsessed with Annie and pitting Malay Muslims against Chinese Christians because her life is so empty. Classic syndrome of if-I-can't-be-happy-no-one-can.

    She has to hit out at others to fool herself that she has a better life.

    Like you Annie, I just feel sorry for her. She never writes about anything happy or joyful. Unless it's glee at someone else's misfortune.