Friday 22 April 2016

Focusing on Johor to stop creepy DAP people

Earlier this year, I got so fed-up with politics that I thought of switching to writing about food.

Actually, I did start to write a bit about nice or unique makan places around JB at that time.

But later on I realised that I'm not very good at writing about food.

It's probably because most of the time I just eat whatever available rather than search for really good food.

For example, this is my dinner last night,

Mee goreng telur mata and teh O ais limau
I just stopped by at a mamak after work and had that.

Not really healthy stuff, okay.

Told myself that anyone who eat such thing shouldn't be a food blogger.

At least that's how I feel about it.

Once in a while can la write about food but I shouldn't do too much of it.

Anyway, I had given it quite a bit of thought and decided that it should be okay if I write about the local Johor political scene.

I'm no longer as actively involved in it as before but at least I still have a bit of knowledge about what's happening on the ground.

So, I think it wouldn't be too bad if I write what ever I know about it.

Who knows, maybe it can do some good.

I always believe that if I want to comment on something, I must be there on the ground to really understand the situation.

Too many arm-chair con jobs la these days, okay.

Never really been on the ground in Johor yet writing about the state as if knowing everything about it.

Then, when people disagree with their stupid theories and they can't argue back on facts, they got angry and went on a crusade of personal attacks and accusing these and that.

Really crazy.

Well, I will try to never be like that.

By the way, as far as Johor is concerned, I still prefer for BN to continue ruling the state.

That, despite my lots of unhappiness about what's happening in this state at the moment.

It's because if BN falls, DAP will be the one which actually going to rule the state.

The DAP people in Johor are mostly quite creepy, okay.

This is a story about one of them,


That one is really very creepy.

Okay, fine, the DAP had kicked out that one but there are still many others like that.

Just can't imagine if they take over my home state.

Hopefully, MB DS Khaled Nordin can fix things in Johor properly after this.

I will try not to disturb him and his team too much like before.

Unless, of course if they really mess up things again.

That's at least until the next general election.

See lah how.


  1. Annie,

    Your too-fat-to-creep friend, how? Disappeared.

    Maybe she's gone to a fat farm?

    1. Aiyo, my friends all nice and pretty, okay.

    2. tapi betul ler, si cina puaka gemuk tu dah berhenti.....x cukup dedak kot!

    3. Cheque not yet come, I guess. Like contractor, stop work until next payment done.

      "She works hard for her money, so hard for her money..."

    4. She's probably frothing at the edge reading this. But fatso really needs to get a life. Then again with that levels of dedak she probably doesn't need to. What happens though when the gravy train stops?

    5. Anyone checked swimming pool? Maybe weight dragged her down to bottom. Sorry... that was mean.

  2. We don't need no creepy Dap nor jemuan Jibno to be the best .......

  3. Hahahah!!

    And I am told you are a DAP blogger.

    You would make for a really lousy DAP blogger, madam.

    Perhaps someone can explain why a so-called paid DAP blogger is calling DAP people creepy and hoping an UMNO MB can fix things in Johor.

    Very strange.

    Graphs and charts welcomed in any such explanation.

    1. why are you talking like a you want dedak?

    2. 23:31 sounds like the Mr Wok. Such a creepy stalker.

    3. anon can kiss that anon 18:57 whole ass as you please but dont confuse yourself with me

    4. Confirmed. It's the Wok!!!

    5. Anon 19:17. This is truly comical.

    6. Anonymous22 April 2016 at 23:31,

      Not sure what you are babbling about but I see the following possibilities.

      1/ You seem to have got into this "DAP blogger" + "graph and chart" joke pretty late in the game, so you did not understand what the original comment was about.

      2/ You have difficulties understanding simple English written in a humourous manner.

      3/ You dislike Annie's blog and love hatemongering bloggers who use graphs and charts to explain everything.

      4/ You are terribly stressed out and need to have a nice cuppa tea and then a quiet lie down in a fetal position with your thumb in your mouth.

      5/ All the above

  4. Bukan orang Johor. Curious about wok yang meroyan tu. Google gave me the answer. Pretty sure I got it right. Bottom of wok? You over la Annie. Tak suka pun janganlah hantam kejadian dia :)


  5. re, I still prefer for BN to continue ruling the state .

    We can only hope ,but with the current leadership, making choice a very difficult situation ,bak kata perpatah melayu ,'ditelan mati bapak ,diluah mati mak '.

  6. By the way. Trying very hard to imagine how hidung sudu senduk looks like. As described by wok meroyan. Kena google lagi ni. You people are better than comics :)

  7. Annie, all politicians are creepy crawlies... UMNO full of them, say Ali Tinju and Jamal Sekinchan no?