Saturday 9 April 2016

Good things done by Khaled

I wrote this post the other day,

Remembering the lawatan kawasan peti undi in Johor


However, the current Johor BN/Umno leadership doesn't seems to employ the same strategy.

The last time I checked about three months ago, there was no lawatan peti undi being planned yet.

Today I got a call from an aide of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin,

"Annie, my boss has actually started the visits to the polling areas," he said.

The aide said Khaled and his team have so far visited areas in Kulai, Segamat and Pontian.

More will come, he said.

Well, that's good to hear.

I thanked the guy for correcting me. I have to admit that I'm a bit out of touch with the current inner workings of Johor Umno.

He nonetheless said the visits may not be as extensive as the one done by Khaled's predecessor TS Abdul Ghani Othman during the 2008-2013 campaign.

"Things have changed, So, the strategy needs to also be changed," he said.

I asked the guy if the visits include the wrap up session at the divisional level, complete with polling simulation briefing as done during Ghani's time.

He was not very sure of that.

He however said the Khaled team have the necessary data of electorates' mood of the visited areas and had made necessary recommendations on what measures to be taken, especially in the "grey and black" areas.

Guess that's not too bad.

Some sorts of continuity of a good thing from Ghani's time.

I also learnt that the Johor Umno's  "war room" is still led by Ramli Buhani, who used to be the state Umno liaison executive secretary during Ghani's time.

The guy is good. Hardworking and selfless. That's what my opinion of him since back then.

He was supposed to be the BN's candidate for the Kempas state seat in the last general election but replaced by Datuk Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid bin Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat upon a last minute directive from the Umno headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Maybe it's good after all that Ramli was not made a wakil rakyat.

Otherwise he would be bogged down by works in his constituency instead of doing what he is best at, planning and implementing strategy at the state party headquarters.

Anyway, I don't think Khaled has any better choice than Ramli to lead the "war room" in term of experience and dedication.

As it was with other members of Ghani's team back then, the guy is not the "cari lubang" (looking for opportunity to enrich oneself) type and instead always focused at the works in hand.

Guess Khaled recognised this, and for that I have to commend him.

Well, I'm not a fan of Khaled but if he did good, I would write that he had indeed done good.


  1. Kalau UMNO nak menang, tolong address that elephant or hippo in the room. Pun intended.

    Mana pergi duit 1MDB tu sampai Malaysia malu seantara dunia?

    Nak cakap pasal bread and butter isu lagi tak payah. Apa yang kerajaan DSN buat sepanjang pentadbiran? Bersubahat dengan yang kaya, menindas yang miskin. Bagi Brim tapi ambik duit dari kocek rakyat dengan lebih banyak melalui GST. Melayu tak bodoh sampai tak pandai berkira-kira.

    Saya setuju dengan mereka yang nak bagi undi rosak. Bagi pengajaran sikit kat UMNO.

  2. Hahahah!!!

    Stop! Stop! Don't do it!

    You are "banned" from writing about UMNO politics!



    Damn! Some one should let the UMNO Supreme Council know that the "ban" is not working.

  3. Not the mat cari lubang type? Great! jangan bos suka susahkan manusia...

  4. “And turn not your face away from people (in arrogance), nor walk in insolence upon the earth. Verily, God likes not any arrogant boaster. And be moderate (show no boastfulness) in your walking, and lower your voice. Verily, the harshest sound of all is the braying of the ass.” (Quran 31:18-19)