Wednesday 20 April 2016

Thanks KJ

I'm busy over the past and next few days.

Can't blogging too much.

For this post I just want to share this

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Thanks KJ.

For context, please read my last post,

Redha and a little story about KJ

I know that some of you don't like KJ, but I believe that if the guy is doing good, then I must acknowledge and appreciate that he is doing good.

The same when I wrote this in January,

I know, some people will accuse me of "makan dedak" and such because of it, but I don't care because there are already people accusing me as such.

I believe in being fair when it comes to such things.

Well, that's all there is to it as far as I'm concerned.

Need to get back to work now.



  1. Annie,

    I have always liked KJ despite what some people in UMNO and DAP and hate-mongering bloggers say about him.

    His recent performance in the Iron Man challenge has increasedy respect for the man. Now that is what I call leading by example for a Minister of Sports.

    For KJ to step up to the plate for autism is an admirable gesture on his part.

    I hope he can, somehow, incorporate treatment theraphies for autism into his sports portfolio.

    Any such programs for autism may require input from the Ministry of Health and I hope that a comprehensive sporting program for all Malaysians suffering from disabilities, physical or mental, etc can be devised.

    Perhaps even some of our universities can put some research effort into determining whether such programs provide any real benefit towards those sufferers of various ailments.

    Let us keep politics out of this.

  2. Watched Redha today. Kudos to the director, producer and the casts!

  3. If Ironman is true then he ought to challenge "681 American Pie" Billion$$$man

  4. OK, fair enough - this time, 2 thumbs up for KJ!

  5. Selagi KJ tidak jual dan dermakan harta yang diperolehi semasa di 'Tingkat 4' kepada badan amal, UMNO atau untuk membayar hutang 1MDB dan meminta-maaf kepada Rakyat Malaysia, saya tak akan sokong KJ.

  6. May not be relevant here. But since lying is in the air here is food for thought. The art of self destruction. Starts with lying.

  7. OKU tak boleh pegang duit banyak....

  8. Saya hormat menteri yang ada integriti (maruah dan harga diri). Menteri yang melakukan kerja demi rakyat. Menteri yang sedar apa berlaku di kementerian bawah jagaannya. Menteri yang tidak biarkan duit mengalir masuk akaun beliau sehingga satu negara malah satu dunia tahu tetapi masih tidak mahu ambil tanggungjawab dan meletakkan jawatan.

    Saya tahu KJ adalah salah seorang menteri yang menyokong perbuatan tidak bermaruah ketuanya. Ini tidak dapat dinafikan.

    Mungkin mulai dari hari ini dan seterusnya, KJ boleh lihat semula ke dalam diri beliau dan rasa tersentuh dengan anugerah Tuhan kepadanya iaitu anak beliau sendiri. Mungkin ini dapat mengubah sikap dan cara KJ melihat apa yang rakyat mahu dari seorang menteri yang punya maruah dan harga diri (integriti).