Saturday 23 April 2016

Cat in a gutter is okay....but not Johor Umno

Saw this guy having a nice nap just now,

The spot must be cooling that he choose it in this hot weather.

It's very hot out there of late that I decided to rest indoor for this entire weekend.

Going to do some research on several complaints I received from friends in Johor Umno.

Among others, I need to verify whether it's true that several Umno divisional annual general meetings here were held without enough quorum.

Never heard of this happening in Johor before.

If it's true, then things must be really bad.

Then there's another complaint that the Johor Umno war room people were being put under pressure by some kind of think-tank which was set-up supposedly to assist them.

That's really stupid.

Why must there be a need for all these intrigues?

The war room already have good experienced people such as Datuk Ahmad Zahri and Datuk Ramli Buhani, yet they were being impeded by a bunch of people who only know theories and arm-chair knowledge.

Johor Umno cannot afford these sort of things with the general election just two years from now.

MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin needs to fix such problems fast.

Otherwise Johor Umno can ends up in the gutter.


  1. Its still ok if UMNO ends up in the gutter.

    Usually, only rain water flows in the gutter. It does not stink.

    I would be more worried if UMNO goes into the sewage drain, where affluent from kitchen and sometimes toilet, flows. I think this is where UMNO-Najib is heading.

  2. 'Among others, I need to verify whether it's true that several Umno divisional annual general meetings here were held without enough quorum........'

    Who want to comes?

    Umno dah jadi Parti Najib plsk......

  3. Q: What do you get when you dip a cat into a pail of vinegar?
    A: A sourpuss!

    Q. What happens when a sourpuss gets cuddled by a bogeysman?
    It cries ngeow, ngeow, ngeow

  4. What's do you expect when the support for UMNO is now at its lowest .. 20%. I'm not talking about BN .

  5. Probably we could focus on worthy people for representatives regardless of parties. Then again probably too forward an expectation.


  6. re,UMNO divisional annual general meeting here were held without enough quorum .

    How could they pass the motion ?. If I do remember well .UMNO was declared "haram" by the court, during Ku li and Mahathir fight for presidency because of something like this.

  7. To be honest I have no idea who he is. But reading on I was curious to know more. Some people live after death. Good or bad. We still have a chance.

  8. Dia punya "think-tank":

    The Bogeysman had eight donkeys; he mounted one of them. At the end of his ride he counted them, but he saw only seven. He forgot the one he was sitting on. After dismounting he counted eight. This so confused him that he asked a passerby, "Earlier there were only seven asses, but now there are suddenly eight!"
    "The one you were sitting on brought the number to eight!" The Bogeysman answered, "But how am I to see what I have under my behind?"

    1. HA HA HA! Good one........

  9. Yikes!!

    Another article on UMNO politics.

    Quick, we must let Ah Soh know you are again flagarantly ignoring direct orders dari atas banning you from writing about such things.

    She has already written thousands of words telling everyone how you have been banned from writing about UMNO politics and she would look very stupid if you dare disobey those orders.

    Boy, are you going to be in big trouble because she is a very powerful person who will report you and get you sacked again, you know.

    You not scared ah?

    1. betina cina gemuk tu dah hilang dah......x cukup dedak from paymaster!

  10. Annie, nobody wants to be associated with evils..corruption is evil..