Saturday 16 April 2016

Changing light bulb better than political bitching

The other day I mentioned about my father's Preve needing a change of light bulb every now and then in this post,
I also mentioned that my father was driving around with only one main light functioning.

This is among the advises I received

Annie ,
Old man is like that , just drive the car to the nearest workshop and change the bulb's for him.
He will adore you for the concern .

It made me thought "Hey, true also. I should have done it for the old man".

It so happened that my father came to visit me today, and as expected he hadn't fixed the light yet.

So I took the car to a nearby car accessories shop.

The Chinese guy who runs the place happens to drive a Preve too.

He said his car used to experience the same problem.

He said the car needs better quality light bulb because its light casing tends to retain too much heat.

He recommended a Bosh brand which costs RM50. The usual bulbs cost between RM30 and RM40.

The box of the Bosch light bulb and the burnt one from my father's Preve

"Lampu kereta aku lepas pakai ini Bosch, okay. Tak rosak lagi," he said.

 The guy took less than five minutes to instal the new light bulb.

Actually it's not much effort to make the car safer.

I think I need to ask my mother to scold my father too so that he'll take better care of his car, among other things.

My mother is more garang than me.

Okay, I just want to write about that for today.

Lesson of the day: Doing really beneficial things such as making my father's car safer is better than bitching about politics.

Really. That's how I feel at this moment.

Berhati-hati di jalanraya ya.


  1. May God bless you and your papa & mama along the way .....

    1. "Along the Road" Lyrics:

      Joy at the start, fear in the journey
      Joy in the coming home
      A part of the heart gets lost in the learning
      Somewhere along the road

      Along the road your path may wander
      A pilgrim's faith may fail
      Absence makes the heart grow stronger
      Darkness obscures the trail

      Cursing the quest, courting disaster
      Measureless nights forebode
      Moments of rest, glimpses of laughter
      Are treasured along the road

      Along the road your steps may stumble
      Your thoughts may start to stray
      But through it all a heart held humble
      Levels and lights your way

  2. Alhamdulillah. Happy for you and your father. God bless. Be safe too.

  3. Good girl, Annie. Tell your daddy not to drive laju sangat, ya. And to be mindful when driving.

  4. Good on you for taking the iniative :)

    There comes a time in our lives when we need to step up and take responsibilities for our parents' welfare and you have certainly done that this time.

    I have a feeling your dad is extremely proud of you even if he may not be able to adequately express it :)

  5. I x tau knp during the morning rush hour i selalu jumpa kereta yg bwk slow.they are either pensioners or some pak ciks and their gang just coming back from subuh prayer at nearby mosque. Semtimes i lose patience but i have to keep on reminding myself if i live long enough i will be among the slow drivers in lese than 10 years' time

    Prof kangkung

  6. Life is like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can finish the whole trip that way.

    1. A very agreeable observation.

  7. Thanks for the tip. My waja tail light same problem casing always cair. Hope this works.

  8. Good call .. Headlights are important on MY roads /SWK

  9. Kerete Jepun sama banyak masalah.
    The difference owners will change the parts.Tak boleh bising nanti malu le kerete mahal pun manyak defect.
    My Nissan macam2 dah tukar.And some of the ori parts more expansive than the BMW's.