Monday 26 October 2015

Khaidir needs help

My friend in Kuantan forwarded me these screenshots of a Facebbook posting by former TV3 journalist Khaidir Ahmad. (Note: I'm not active in Facebook)

My friend had requested for me to highlight Khaidir's plight.

She's very sympathetic of him.

Khaidir is being sued by the Temerloh district authorities for protesting against sand dredging activities near his fish farm along Sungai Pahang.

He needed financial assistance to pay the over RM10,000 legal fees for the start of his defense.

Khaidir seems to be going through a bad spell of luck at the moment.

His fish farm was severely damaged in the big flood which hit the country end of last year.

His home in Temerloh was also badly damaged in the flood, causing losses of almost half a million ringgit.

I think he is quite desperate for help that he made the appeal on Facebook.

Khaidir was a good journalist.

He won the Kajai Award for his coverage of the Penan in the mid 1980s when he was the Berita Harian bureau chief in Sarawak. The award was still highly regarded among Malaysian journalists at that time as only the best among them could had won it.

Khaidir was also known for his coverage of environmental issues in Pahang in the mid 2000s, particularly about the illegal logging activities in the state, when he was the TV3 bureau chief there,

Those who wish to assist Khaidir may donate to his personal account at :
CIMB 8005421571 (current acc)
Maybank 156057201737 (saving acc)

To know more about Khaidir Ahmad and his problems, please go to his Facebook page at,


  1. He should have his own blog ma if he is so good a writer..
    If you want promote green issues there are many people who cares..

  2. Terutamanya bagi kita yang selalu memberi perhatian pada tulisan dalam blog ini.Mari lah kita bersama sama beri sumbangan sakadar terdaya untok meringankan bebanan yang dihadapi.

  3. Wait a minitue Annie.I'm confused here. ADO tu nak saman saudara Khaidir atas kapasiti personal ke atau mewakili pihak berkuasa in Temerloh? Kalau mewakili pihak berkuasa Temerloh kenapa tak bos besar daerah yang initiate legal proceeding? atau pun kerajaan negeri? pegawai bawahan macam ADO hanya mengikut arahan jer..

  4. This is for all the lonely people

  5. asj jib no problem. received billons in donation.

  6. Khairir deserves some sympathy at least for the floods affecting his fish cages. I waited till very late to submit my comment to avoid influencing readers here.

    I don't have a Facebook account and do not know the details of Khaidir's predicament. But I wonder why did he have to "protest against sand dredging activities near his fish farm" - he could have "merayu, jangan rosakkan perusahaan dia" (if it did so), negotiate with the government authorities.

    If protesting in the name of an environmental group, presumably an NGO, they should have some means of facing the consequences.

    And why did the the Temerloh district authorities “sue” him? The normal course of events is the authorities report any untoward protest to their work to the Police, and Police action, rather than civil action (suing), takes place.

    If the authorities do sand dredging to deepen the river in the face of current floods and that affects his fish business, that’s very unfortunate. Even if he has the right to the fish rearing place (land title, license and such) and wants to “sue the authorities” for that, it might be a long, exhaustive affair. The authorities can go to the highest court, appeal after appeal, as they don’t pay lawyers’ fees – the AG represents them. The practical thing to do is to negotiate, appeal.

    My comment is not intended as a wet blanket over others from taking any action they wish.

  7. Tv 3 and good journalism is an oxymoron.

  8. Aww, come on people. He is not asking for much, just RM2.60. For that amount, you could barely buy yourself a glsss of teh tarik and a roti canai. Let's give him a decent fighting chance. Where is your sense of fair play? Let's give, people.

  9. everything settle. ask umno div leader. pkr can settle in s.way bazaar.