Thursday 8 October 2015

Just want to have tea with my friends again (updated)


See, I told you so.

The Malay Rulers' edict is not really changing anything.

AGC confirms binned two Bank Negara requests for action in 1MDB case

Well, at least that was fast, just like what the Rulers wanted.

Life goes on, okay.

But somehow, I don't think I will be having that tea with my friends anytime soon.

I think you all know why.

Never mind then.


The call by Malay Rulers  for 1MDB issue to be quickly settled was greeted with cheers by the Umno rebels.

There have been quite a number of blog postings by them which praised the Rulers' "titah" (edict).

Nonetheless, I sensed that the rebels were not actually convinced such an edict will change anything.

Their cheers sounded muted to me.

I guess the rebels knew that the Rulers, even if they had meant the edict to be a rebuke of PM DS Najib Razak, could not force the prime minister to quit his office.

After all, the edict sounded too general to me.

Jebat Must Die was even funny in his latest posting,

Adakah Titah Raja Raja Melayu akan diabaikan oleh rejim UMNO?


Walaupun begitu, kami sebagai rakyat merasa agak khuatir ketika kenyataan Raja Raja tersebut dikeluarkan. Ialah manalah tahu, barang kemungkinan mereka semua akan dipecat dari singgahsana oleh rejim yang sedia ada sekarang. Mungkin ada juga ahli majlis raja raja yang akan dipindahkan ke Jabatan Perdana Menteri, atau dijadikan timbalan menteri! :p

That's hilarious, Jebat.

Reading through his posting, I think Jebat was quite pessimistic about the whole thing. He doesn't even seems to believe that there is any investigation into the 1MDB issue anymore.

Meanwhile, there were very few response from the pro-Najib side.

Among the few who commented was Voicey, who in his latest posting,

It's still propaganda and potshot to me

asked several questions related to the Rulers' edict.


How to speed up?   

Surely Najib cannot be brought to court and DPP argue that he be judged as guilty for swindeling RM2.6 billion based on allegation that he halted investigation.

It is quite fair to ask for investigation to resume than judging Najib as guilty. Now why are the Rulers' so concerned with 1MDB?

Why not BMF, Maminco, ECM Libra-Avenue, PKFZ, and various financial scandal in the past with implication on the economy and international reputation? Why not many other long standing investigation that smells of cover-up?

Why no statement on the Tun Salleh Abas sacking which had implication on the institution of justice and fellow rulers knew the istana renovation allegation against Salleh was a fix-up?

Why protector of the Bumiputera right made no statement on 25 kampong demolished in Penang, Bumiputera's diminishing educational, employment and economic opportunities, palace abuse for business interest, etc?

Why no statement on the insults on Islam and infringement of Islamic interest?

Why no concern on issues of sovereignty, subversive DAP-instigated racial unrest and ISIS and syiah cells jeopardising nation's securities?  

Still could not fathom why Rulers' inconsistency to produce that statement. Already there is speculation at large that Ruler's Council meeting Chairman, Raja Perlis has an ex-to-grind with Najib.

There is also speculation Rulers are jealous of one brother Ruler for getting his way for a certain local content on Federal contracts dished out in their state.


The final question and related to the accusation of invisible hands behind the scene.

Was the Rulers briefed and given a fair view of the 1MDB issue?

I find Voicey's questions to be interesting.

But honestly, I don't have the answers.

The only thing I can think of was that the Rulers were particularly concerned about 1MDB because the issue had further divided the people.

Well, for me it doesn't really matter what were the Rulers' motives.

I just wish for the 1MDB mess to be settled as soon as possible so that we can move on to other matters which I think needed to be addressed for the good of the country.

If things could be better for the country, then it doesn't even matter to me whether Najib stays or goes off.

At least, that's my personal opinion.

I just wish for things to get back to normal.

If the 1MDB issue could be settled and put aside, then I think it will be good for us all.

I miss my tea drinking session with my friends who are now divided into opposing camps because of the issue.


  1. Voicey's series of questions are not acceptable to me. Why can't he or any other people accept the strong possibility that the Malay Rulers feel that The 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion are the straws that break the camels' backs.

  2. It's a matter of opinion whether "the edict will change anything" or not. The YDP Agong and the Rulers Council have their roles, functions and responsibilities spelled out in the Constitution. We do not know what further steps they may take in line with those roles, functions and responsibilities. To say more may sound seditious and one stops at that. .

    How loud the cheers of the "rebels" sounded also depend on the sensitivity of one's ears. TS Muhyiddin did make more comments on 1MDB, though not sure if he is one of the "rebels" in Annie's calculation.

    1. Bukan "rebels" tu tak ramai tapi ramai yang takut nak jerit kuat kuat. Sebab SOSMA akta untuk terrorists pun di gunakan kpd orang spt Mathias Chang. Walau pun dia loyar. Teruk keadaan di negara nih .......

  3. "force the prime minister to quit his office" the Rulers' statement cannot do. But sounding a loud bell that his time is up it certainly does.

    Tun Dr Mahathir has not reacted so far - not by the news headlines given in Google News page. But Tun Dr Ling Leong Sik has issud a statemen daring Najib to sue him and Minister Wee has said MCA respects his stand.

    That surely is another of what appears to be a parallel if not a concerted attack. And we don not know what others are being discussed and planned along that line.

    1. Yes, Anina, the Langkawi Wanita Umno lady, started the suing of Najib, asking for shares of the RM2.6 billion for other Umno members and later filed papers in court asking her Umno membership termination declared not valid.

      She has announced support for Ling Liong Sik and called him perwira.

  4. That there are people who "don't even seem to believe that there is any investigation into the 1MDB issue any more" could also be the reason the Rulers issued their statement.

    Sure many among the rulers don't have any axe to grind with Najib. But they joined in the motion to censure Najib because of genuine and sincere feelings that the rakyat, for whom the Rulers have since time immemorial been regarded as the "payong", need to be helped to get the economy improved, the Ringgit shored up, etc.

    And the Bank Negara Governor has stated that the Ringgit will improve only when the 1MDB issue has been resolved. I think the Rulers statement has considerable impact on the rakyat. Only that people like Jamal ikan bakar will try to confuse the issue - unknown whether planted by "hidden hands" or not.

    I anxiously await Tun Dr Mahathir's reaction to the Rulers statement. There's a common point in the Rulers' and Tun's stands - "the crisis of confidence" among the rakyat.

    And if Najib dares take Tun Ling Liong Sik to court, the bean spilling will help speed up Najib's exit. The very reason I think Najib has not summoned WSJ and NYT to court in Malaysia or in US.

    1. The outgoing Attorney-General was a man of integrity and honour. The current one installed by Najib is spineless ...

    2. 111,

      If Najib goes to court in his personal name, his personal lawyers will fight. If in the name of the Prime Minister or Finance Minister of Malaysia, the AG will have to fight.

      Lawan international lawyers involving laws of foreign countries, tak tau le boleh berdiri tegak ke tak.

  5. Wahai manusia yang ber-teh tarik dalam cahaya kebenaran .... semua akan indah pada waktunya!

  6. Not for small mind8 October 2015 at 21:51

    The Council of Rulers was not talking to some stupid blogger like Voicy and you muahaha..

    Stop punishing your puny brains and that indian voicy too. 1MDB is too complex for small minds like you and voicy whoever that is.

    Voicy that indian fella and you imbecile should immediately ceased from questioning the Council of Rulers.

    Now I can have my supper peacefully with my friends as we laugh at chinese blogger like you who cannot understand the power of the Council of the MALAY RULERS.

    1. DAULAT TUANKU! Raja & Rakyat Berpisah Tiada

    2. Yet more cash cows cum geese laying golden eggs going to be killed. The mafia gangs will be effected.

    3. Kalau le bole tuan terangkan apa dia cash cows cum geese laying golden eggs dan sapa mafia gangs tuh, aku akan banyak berterima kasih, tuan 23:42.

    4. takpa la annie you nak kata apa pun asalkan fair dan ada alasan dan naik motosikal rm17,000 bukan bmw x series yang ada orang alih alih dapat

      sejak rm2.6 bilion ramai orang alih alih dapat itu ini tapi yang malang kena tarik jawatan atau kena tukar tempat kerja ali alih plak

      tak adil dunia ni kan kan kan

    5. complex beacuse . lie. dumno make more lies. middle east royalty give, donation, election money, to make sure dap lose ( interfere malaysia internal affair like getting money from kgb,cia)

    6. 747, you use the word dumno that DAP blokes regularly use, you DAP arr?

      No like some people say received RM2.6 billion to fight DAP issit?

      Where got "interfere malaysia internal affair", Chee Beng? You got proof who gave money arr?

  7. Hey Voicey, why didn't you question the Sultans why they did not issue a statement on the injustice of Cain who killed his brother Abel due to envy hasad dengki?
    But the ugliest sound is the braying of an ass with a forked tongue.

  8. Was it a coincidence that ringgit climbed steeply against the USD and EUR today?

    1. Mebbe they read Rulers' statement, believe Najib will do as di titah, economy will improve?

  9. True, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has rejected Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) recommendations for action against 1MDB on grounds of no wrong doing found.

    They even maintained the same position after BNM requested for a review. Those can be expected. Gani Pattail was not removed from his post without notice for no nothing.

    And the BNM Governor had informed the public that the declining Ringgit problem and the sagging economy would not improve until after the 1MDB issue has been resolved. That was done probably after being informed of the AG's stand,

    Yes, the AG has the power to decide on whether there has been any wrong doings by 1MDB. But the AGC did say, “As of today the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) have not completed their investigations as some key witnesses’ statements have yet to be recorded.”

    1. Everywhere one goes to find out the role of a central bank, the explanation is always about the same -

      Primary duties for a Central Bank include: Implement a monetary policy that provides consistent growth and employment. Promote the stability of the country's financial system.

      Pity the BNM Governor.

  10. Sure, after the statement by the Malay Rulers, the public has become more concerned and will be watching ever more closely the developments on 1MDB.

    For example, on whether the "hidden hands" that the former Deputy Director of the Police Special Branch spoke about will move to get the files taken by the Police and MACC during their investigations in the past returned to 1MDB unannounced before completion of investigations and submission of reports.

    1MDB have said their auditors, Deolite, have not been able to complete their audit work as they have been unable to view those documents. Deolite would of course be more cautious especially after the Rulers' statement.

    The extent they would go in being cautious would be another example of the effect of the Rulers' statement. The "viewing" of course means checking not only the authenticity of the documents but also the business sense and logic of agreements entered into by 1MDB.

    Concerns have been expressed in the past on the agreements entered into with the Middle Eastern companies. Deolite would be expected to state their findings in their audit report that they have verified such documents as those and have found them as tenable and valid.