Saturday 3 October 2015

Ramblings on pomelo for gods and more deaths on the roads

Fallen asleep about 11pm.

Woken up by some mosquitoes about 2.30am.

I had forgotten to switch on the air-con.

Somehow, mosquitoes don't come to my room when the air-con is on.

Went downstairs to the kitchen. Was thirsty.

There's a pomelo my mother brought back from Kluang for me during the weekend.

Ma told me that my grandmother actually bought the pomelo for prayers purposes.

My mother's family members are Taoist. My grandmother always placed pomelo or other fruits at the altar as an offering to the gods.

When my mother was about to come back to KL, my grandmother told her to take the pomelo home for me.

She knows I like pomelo.

I love my grandmother very much.

I cut and peeled the pomelo and ate some of it just now

Very nice.

After that I came back to my room and started reading the other sopo blogs before starting this posting.

They are still at it.

The ding dong battle.

Tried to read what a friend wrote about how Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is now a liar.

I can't finish it.

My friend used to be a Mahathirist.

Honestly, I'm tired of it.

Everything about the ding dong battle seems so fake to me of late.

That's why I decided to highlight other issues and at the moment my main concern is road safety.

I think it's more constructive to highlight such an issue rather than getting all bogged down by the depressing ding dong political battle.

Hey, 19 deaths per day on our roads is no joke, okay.

I think it's more important to find a solution on how to save those lives than discussing who are the better politicians amongst the mostly liars, hypocrites, corrupts, morally bankrupts etc.

Unfortunately, my last two postings on road safety still attracted a lot of political comments instead of the desired ideas on how to save lives on the roads.

I just showed you all videos of motorcyclists flying off to their death after a collision and some still want to talk about terrible lah you all.

Maybe it's my fault too.

I had been focusing too much on motorcyclists and probably most readers of this blog are car drivers.

Some of you all probably think that "Hey, those are motorcyclists flying all over the place...I drive a car....I'm not going to die like that."

For those of you guys who are thinking like that, here is a video you should watch,

Ya, I'm trying to scare you all into being more careful while on the road.

Actually, there are even more horrific traffic accidents videos on YouTube but  I think that one should suffice for now.

The part involving the horny cows was funny though....

Heck, I wish TV3, Astro and the other mainstream TV channels can show these kind of videos so that their viewers would realised that they are not Ironman or Superman when they are on the road.

Well, never mind....I know they got other more important things to interviewing Ezam, Azwandin, Nallakaruppan and other jokers who were hired to whack Dr Mahathir.


I do whatever I can over here.

Sometimes I do wonder,,,,ain't all those smart big time editors ever concerned and want to do something real to save those lives we are losing on the roads?


  1. Isn't bersih and read shirt are concern about 19 death everyday on our roads ?.

    They could organize few round of demonstration concerning road safety .

    1. Hahaha, Maria Chin, like Ambigaga, wants to be in the limelight. Jamal Ikan Bakar wants to curry Najib's favour and others of the Red Shirts want a message to the "overwhelmingly Chinese" Yellow Shirts not try to overthrow the gomen by other than via the votes and touch on the dignity of the Malays by doing so as well as trampling of the photos of Malay leaders. So, where got they cocerned about 19 deaths.

      Ooooops, political already.

    2. The nation has been seduced wholesale by the demonstrations of the wicked Al-Juburi and his sexual adventurism and zionist bravado (islamist pun boleh laksana)

    3. Since the discussion has already included political stuff, let me add:

      Anwarul Al Juburi apa saja pun boleh jadi. Islamist since ABIM days, anti-PAS during UMNO/BN days, love PAS and DAP which was anti-PAS in Pakatun days. Emak dia, kalau boeh, di jual nya, kata orang.

      Some say that's politics. I say that's hell of a lot of Anwar's shit

      However bad Ajib may be now with 1MDB, RM2.6 billion scandal etc, never let Anwar be PM.


    4. 14.06

      Agree with you completely.

    5. ulamak in the silicon valley are investing in autonomous vehicles (driver-less) and this will greatly reduce road accident, reduce jam, increase productivity & wealth as well as lower emission. With Apple Inc joining the fray, it will be a reality soon.

  2. I waited some time before writing this comment. Wanting to see if others before me would write comments completely devoid of political content.

    Realizing that it's 2 hours now from the time Annie posted this new article, here I am writing and unable to guarantee nothing political is mentioned at all.

    Annie, when God created mankind, the third fellow became a politician. He/she tried to get the attention of one of the first two and politics was born.

    The next batch of fellows God created produced more politicians. Then the politicians compete. Then the methods of getting attention changed from persuading to cajoling and God knows what. The French say c'est la vie or that's life from then on and I think until eternity.

    Note that if there is a comment saying what I said above is not the Muslim teaching about how God created mankind, that's politics I assure you.

    1. Ever thought of what life will be without politics?

      Hell of a bore, guys.

  3. Well, sometimes a mosquito can also take one out in the comfort of the home, no need fatal crash on the road.

    1. Basket the mosquito, going after only the "petite lady". Annie has not responded to comments that she is perceived as "petite".

  4. The newspapers - a former Reuters guy who became the editor of a local daily who I knew long ago said newspapers publish what they think the readers want to read. Otherwise they will lose readership and have to close business. So, their political pages would now sure contain a lot of Mahathir-Najib stuff.

    You now have 2,617,239 page views since March 1 2013. That's not a mean feat even allowing for many guys monopolizing page views on some days. I know of well regarded sopo blogs which took years to get 1 million clicks but you got 2.6 million in 2 1/2 years.

    People flock to your blog because they like what you write and, hopefully, also what are written by the commenters - no such word in the English language, but what the hell so long as readers understand.

    You frequently wrote politics in the past, so, many come for such posts of yours. Now you shift subjects but the readers are so used to coming here and the politically-inclined blokes like me will somehow even unintentionally mix politics even in supposedly non-political comments. Pardon, pardon - is that the French way of spelling it, as I'm feeling a little Frenchy this morning, haha.

    1. Are the French bikers like the Yanks and their Harley Davidsons? The French don't even produce bikes, do they?

      Even their cars had funny engineering in the past. The Citroen had suspension that pushed the car up when moving, lower it down when stationery. It's called the up and down of the French. hehe

  5. Now, on the main subject of your post - pomelo. I find the fruit is more juicy than the others in the family of oranges (or are pomelo not?) and wonder if their sugar content is less. If so, it'd be good for diabetics. The weight is a problem when carting from the supermarket to the car, though.

    Didn't know Kluang has a lot of pomelo. The mind always associates pomelo in that area by the sides of the Plus highway in Batu Gajah (?). A friend who often visits his father in Ipoh often drops 1-2 pomelo at my house when he comes back. That's more often than me dropping durians at his house!

  6. On traffic safety campaign - I must confess I'm at a loss as to what else can be said. Not much is done now because everybody is busy with political problems.

    I bet you that more will be said by more people in the mass media and elsewhere if and when the political problems improve and less tension in the air. Then the politicians will want traffic safety campaigns to catch public attention with, the Police will have more time to deploy teams to nab traffic offenders and the mass media will have spaces to fill on traffic campaigns.

    But it's a noble thing to do for you and others who want to campaign on traffic safety now. I definitely will support by saying a few words here like also done in the previous posts.

    Have a good week end everybody.

  7. "Well, never mind....I know they (TV3) got other more important things to interviewing Ezam, Azwandin, Nallakaruppan and other jokers who were hired to whack Dr Mahathir."

    Are we human or just dancing to the tune of fulus (ringgit)?

  8. Is it possible that Annie has not bought, even if has bought the bike, wants us to reassure her that it's safe to ride?

    If so, you have our reassurance, Annie. You have said you'd be careful riding the bike and we believe you. Quite a bit of advice has been given in the past posts' comments.

    Enjoy your rides.

  9. One loves one's grandma dearly. Yet one ought to love the blessed Prophet, mercy to the whole world more dearly, shouldn't she? If you can't tell what gods the food is offered to then there is no blessing in the fruit Annie.

  10. big time editors ever concerned? Yes they are. But traffic safety campaign don't sell newspapers.

    To say more would be to talk politics which I'm trying to avoid for now and which you seem to prefer.

    I'm a Pak turut - for now.


  11. Good point Annie.

    Let's stay clear of politics for the time being. We Malaysians have been overdosed on politics every minute of the day. And worse still, it has been going on like this for years and years. It's bad for our health, it's bad for everyone and certainly it's bad for the nation. It is time for time out.

    Let us go on to other more positive topics that unite us all instead of dividing us.

    I am sure we Malaysians could do that.

    1. You know why so many problems in the world? Because all the news - be they written, aired or electronic media - are full of stressful news evey day, almost 24 hours of the day.

      So people get stressed, many turn bonkers, shoot innocent fellows like in US, shoot ISIS and infidels like in the Middle East, and shoot Najib or Chedet verbally in Malaysia.

      Remember, even the haze is bad for health. I won't apologize for being cynical, mate.

    2. 09:22,

      Good of you all wanting to talk about non-divisive subjects and unity. But the other side of the coin is that things get more divisive and "disuniting" if we don't talk about them and just leave the politicians to their own devices.

      Gawwwwwwd, the kind of device they have and use. We had race riots in 1969. Some say don't remind it in order to avoid it. Yet others say,without mentioning it, people forget about it and get emboldened to do those 13 May-ish things again and again.

      I say we talk politics. Get a strong gomen in. UMNO/BN has always been strong until Tun Dol and now Ajib's time. The fault lies not with the party/parties but with the party leaders. So I say replace Najib by a no-nonsense leader and things will be better. Let UMNO/BN continue to rule, otherwise the Opposition will bring the country to the dogs. And Penang has rabies, folks.


    3. Thanks 14.28

      I was just thinking of no politics for the time being. Maybe we could have A Day/Week Without Politics, just like A No Tobacco Day. Maybe I have had 'politics-fatigue'.

      Anyway, I totally agree with the points you raised. We are on the same wavelength there.

    4. Txs also to you 18:25. Good to know we are on the same wave length. I'd love to chat politics with you here after you have got your 1 week without politics and when Annie's post is political in nature.

      We can't solve the problems of the country but it's nothing like being arm-chair critics. Maybe 1-2 UMNO people read our comments and our views get "brought up".

      I once argued with a consultant in the relevant field who insisted that to "influence", we should get the message thru those in a position to influence, meaning those in high places. She could not answer me when I asked her how to influence people to avoid corruption when those at high places are involved in corruption.

      And Khir Toyo still says he is innocent until Kadir Jassin said he cannot say so any more as the highest court of the land, the Federal Court, has said he's guilty.

      A friend recently said out of frustration that we the arm-chair critics know what to do with the country, it's just that the politicians won't listen to us, haha. Heck, they don't even listen to Tun Dr Mahathir.

      See you again, mate.


    5. See you soon, 20.30.

  12. When it become too common, people have become immune to that kind of news. A bomb blast in KL for example might become a front page item in Malaysian newspaper bu I guess not in Afghanistan or Syria

    Prof Kangkung

    1. I think the time will never come when nobody speaks up against crimes of humanity, racial bigotry of various kinds, anarchy and non-respect of the Constitution of the country.

      However busy people may be trying to run away from, recover from and re-start their lives after being destroyed, dismembered and dislocated by bombing, shootings and exploding everywhere.

      We have to continue to speak up against such things as Bersih street demonstrations that brought counter demonstrations that may cause flare ups and spark race riots like 13 May 1969. We need to continue verbally whacking those DAP and their kind of blokes to get them to fully respect the Constitution and live by it all the time. That's the only way we can have long term racial harmony and peace in this multi-racial country.

    2. Al Jazeera now shows a documentary on the multi-racial bliss of Canada. Good. Very good. Theirs is a bliss built up from the fact that all of them are immigrants. Some arriving from Europe earlier than others from Africa, Asia, etc. Everybody accepting new values that are now called Canadian.

      We in Malaysia must always go on the basis of the Constitution. That which was presented to Parliament, discussed, debated and passed by the representatives of practically all the communities in this country.

  13. maybe you shall share with us all what you think are the factor to the problem....chasing time?? being drunk while driving?? or are malaysian actually that not clever or whatever it is

    >james bond

  14. Unlike 2 wheelers, cars can understeer, oversteer, skid, hydroplane and still be on their 4 wheels I.e unless they overturn. Motorbikes have 20 times more chances of getting into accidents n when this happens there will be bodily injuries. Motorbikes are less visible because of their speed and size. Many more lessons taught in motorbike classes should reduce likelihood of accidents n injuries like putting on safety gear, understanding the physics on motorbike motion, braking, vision spectrum etc. All bikers should attend even if bawa kapchai. Will help save lives.

  15. Assalamu'alaikom Annie,

    Since you are talking about deaths and mosquitoes, Dengue has has taken a toll of 244 deaths so far this year and not many people and Ministers talking about it. May be deaths due to Dengue not tragic enough. The Gomen has been doing the same old ways of combating Dengue and expecting new result.

    1. Yes, we must do all that we can to avoid and reduce deaths by mosquitoes etc. Clean our compounds, no stagnant water etc. And campaign for the same.

      But the power for an overall nation-wide and effective campaign rests with the gomen. We must have a strong leader with no-nonsense attitude and zero tolerance to dengue mosquitoes, rabid dogs and the Lims - the last one I won't spell out details unless you provoke me!

    2. To avoid misinterpretation by the good Lims of this country, the above refers to DAP Lims.

  16. Don't go for the corner baring, Annie. Ever.

    Only Mat Rempits do. Or the professionals in the racing circuits.

    And some Mat Rempits have landed under the 4,6,8 or 10 wheelers. Too late to regret at that time.

  17. those lives we are losing on the roads?

    Most are genuinely sadly and regretfully lost. Some - the daredevils - good riddance.

    What, crude saying those in outright manner? They are devils, caused innocent others to lose lives or suffer. Why regret their going?

    Just pray for the ordinary citizens and campaign for road safety.

  18. Hi Annie,

    letih la asyik ter"kecuali" lagi,

    kepada Anon 14:15,

    Kemain ya sindir-sindir kita...

    Vélo/bikes ada lagi dan banyak tapi produksinya terhad melainkan jenama Decathlon dan yang seangkatan dengannnya dan tahu Taiwan adalah negara pertama pengeluar basikal didunia !

    Ada, cuma satu yang masih bernyawa ikan yaitu Avinton Motorcycles.

    Mencuba rendahkan automobils Peranchis la tu... DS Citroën bukan jenis kereta "funny" akan tetapi jenis kereta yang unik dan révolutionnaire dari ciri "suspension hydropneumatique"nya, sedangkan Mercedes pun ikut cara yang sama terhadap model Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9., juga Rolls-Royce-Silver Shadow dan bacalah mengenainya sebelum bernada sinis...

    Iyalah di Malaysia kereta yang disanjung tinggi semestinya kereta dari negara Das Auto... kalau tak punya Merce, Porsche, BMW, VW dan Audi maksudnya miskin lah tu tak de klass !!! Tengoklah apa yang telah terjadi dengan Das Auto, berjaya sebab menipu?

    à plus.

    1. Tarak sindir atau sinis lah, kawan di Peranchis. Saja kekadang nak pull one's leg sikit, tapi no offence intended.

      Wah, bukan main semangat mempertahankan industri otomobil Preanchis. Bagus lah, takda masalah. Ha nya bila banding dgn Proton - mana yang boleh banding - harap mirip kpd Proton sikit. Tapi kita tau pengkilang yang dah banyak puluh tahun lebih awal dari Proton, pengeluaran nya susah lah nak banding dgn Proton.

      Saya tak tau mengapa kereta Peranchis tak nampak banyak di Malaysia. Mungkin Sdr ada terbaca di Peranchis sebab nya. Sekali lagi, bukan sinis, ha nya secara berdiskusi, berbual - tarak sapa yang tau semua, kita tukaq maklumat dan pengtahuan lah, betui dak.

  19. My uncle is a Catholic. But the wife (who is my mum's sister) is taoist (not sure if she has become Catholic as well). But what my mum told me is that my uncle, he will not eat any food offered to altar as prayer.

    1. I'm interested to know in the context of knowing religious beliefs practised in this country.

      Can you or any one here tell me

      - what is usually done to the fruits at the alter after the prayers?

      - the paper money, cars etc burnt in the belief they would provide comfort to the departed soul? That's Taoism isn't it?

      - one friend found it difficult to explain his religion - elements of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. How are these rationalized?

      I know Buddhism teaches peace, respect for both animal and human life but have never got to asking those in the know and read books on how the Buddhist teachings blend with the Taoist and Confucian teachings. Maybe some one can enlighten me.


    2. Bro. 19:26,

      They'll usually consume the fruits offered at altars (but not those left by roadside shrines I think - and quite a few Malay boys have enjoyed them as treats).

      The burning of paper representations of worldly goods to be forwarded to the soul in the afterlife is a superstitious shamanistic practice - it has nothing to do with pristine Taoism as taught by Lao Tze in the Tao Te Ching scripture.

      Chinese religion is a highly refined synthesis of Tao Te Ching, Mahayana Buddhism, and Confucianism - and it has been developed and revitalized by scholars of every epoch.


    3. Thanks bro. My friend and I at 10 years old also thought of taking the fruits at the roadside shrine but got scared of being spooked.

      I must read more about the religions in practice in this country. Have started reading about Indian beliefs of the caste system and how Gautama Siddharta Buddha in India became enlightened after realizing the terrible extent of death and destruction at the end of a big war and he started preaching respect for life of both animals and mankind after that.

      I fear a World War III with Inter-continental Ballistic Missiles fitted with nuclear heads would lead to a total annihilation of mankind. How I wish the heads of world leaders will be fitted with devices that would self-destruct those fellows the very moment they decide on using such IBMs

  20. Dear Annie, I wrote about first hand account here of how dangerous it could have been but when we're young, it was just the adrenaline rush we're after. An adrenaline junkie that is... -

  21. We all succumb to the adrenaline rush at times. Let's hope we don't get rushed to the hospital as a result of it. Remember to exercise some restraint even when the adrenaline is on.

  22. The Al Jazeera documentary is titled "Citizen Or Stranger?". It "explores the issues of migration and multi-culturalism. Scenes in Canada and USA.

    The need to conform to the norms of society in the chosen country. And of course to respect the Constitution of the country and the laws that emanate from that Constitution. When those happen, acceptance by society and integration (no need for assimilation or total change to local-ness) happen. Good for the country.

    Migration is now a common feature all over the world. Some forced by intolerable circumstances of war and economic hardships, like hundeds of thousands from Syria and many more from Africa now in Europe, Obama promising to take 83,000 next year and his golfing buddy(?) Najib just announced taking 3,000.

    There are those migrating because of being square pegs in round holes, or having holes in the head, accusing this country not having freedom, equality and what not. Mainly tortured by their own self action or non-action - not accepting and respecting the Constitution of the country.

    Yet there are also Malays who have lived abroad for a long time, a few saying the same - so called "no peace in this country". But the son of a doctor I know has opted to work and live in Japan after graduating from a Japanese University. Many years now, happy and attuned to the Japanese way of life - strict discipline, hard working, respect for seniors, bowing down several times each time. And the broad-minded doctor father is an all-abiding and Malaysian Constitution-respecting guy, agreeing with the Look East Policy of Tun Dr Mahathir.

  23. You mentioned in your posting about BigDog.Commenting on BigDog must include RB and Brick. They are one big brotherhood.As what RB replied to a comment in his blog and being completely honest about it, as a journo he is a professional.
    Ex Mahathirist or not, whacking the old man has become their KPI. Nomatter how others look at it, being professional is also not to bite the hand that feeds you.If its the underworld of Mafia and Yakuza ,being caught doing that means at least having your tongue or fingers cut off.If not then you have to pay with your life.
    So Annie you can consider yourself lucky for still being able to remain neutral.
    Ini lah maksud Syukur Selalu yang patut di hayati.