Wednesday 7 October 2015

Yes, please settle 1MDB asap

I guess the Rulers are quite in touch with what's happening on the ground.

They must have been quite concerned to come out with a statement as reported in this story,

Malay Rulers want quick end to 1MDB issue

Yeah, I also want the whole thing settled.

It's not only tiring but also depressing.

I hope PM DS Najib Razak can ask the investigators to hurry up a bit.

I actually have not been keeping up with the issue of late.

Been doing other less depressing  things.

Therefore, I have to admit that I'm not so sure who are the investigators now.

But, whoever they are, I think they better start cracking and quickly be done with the whole thing.

Of course the outcome of the investigation must be so, that it will convince Malaysians there were nothing hidden from them.

Do that and I'm quite optimistic that everything will be back to normal.

I can then meet with my friends from both sides for tea again.

Some of them have not even want to pick-up my calls because they believe that I'm with the opposing side.

How annoying, isn't it.

More importantly, we can go back to work together again.

I know, some of you all may think I'm daydreaming....but who knows, things may turn up okay again.

Well, that's all for now.

Suddenly feeling very sleepy

Oh, by the way....

Daulat Tuanku.

Thanks for being concerned.

Good night/morning.....


  1. I also hope that it will be settled soon. DAULAT TUANKU.


    1. Lia olang cekap ,itu 1MDB ,manyak babut punya business maa aa , tapi Wa manyak helan lea aa ,apa pasat lamai olang manayk cekap manyak lugi ,maa aa .

      Sikalang itu Majlis Raja-Raja stutak bertitah , Wa ingat ini pasat itu itu Najib tatak mau tunjuk itu untung atak belapa punya .

  2. Good morning Annie,

    I like the good night/good morning part. Sometimes I have this problem deciding whether to say selamat pagi or selamat malam. Normally I go with ... since I'm going to retire for the night I say "good night" even though it's already a.m.

  3. I suspect it cannot be settled early. 1MDB has said the documents seized by the Special Task Force set up by the former Attorney General are not available for their auditors to view.

    The auditors, Deolite, said they must view the documents. They have become cautious because of heavy public concern over 1MDB. 1MDB said they expect the issue to be resolved by the end of the year.

    The "hidden hands" (words of the former Deputy Director of the Police Special Branch) have to move again in order to get the documents kept by the Police, MACC, Bank Negara and AG Chambers returned.

    The new AG will have to make a major decision to allow/ direct all those parties to return them when the case was said to have reached a stage of preparing a Charge Sheet but Gani Pattail was suddenly removed from his post. If he does that, it would mean no prosecution or further action on the case. Everybody is watching him.

    And has the AG the power to "direct" Bank Negara and MACC to return those documents?

    1. Ekaun 1MDB tahun 2013 Deolite yang odit. Najib dan orang orang nya dulu selalu cakap tarak selewengan di 1MDB sebab ekaun nya dah di odit dek firma kontan besau di dunia.

      Keluau tuduhan tuduhan di SR, WSJ dan NYT. Dulu Deolite odit ada cukup dokumen utk semua transaksi tahun 2013 ke?

      Pahal pun, bagus le depa nak tengok semua dokumen berkenaan ransaksi perniagaan tahun 2014 yang odit nya nak di siapkan hujung tahun 2015 nih.

    2. Aku minat nak tau apa AG akan buat salepas Majlis Raja2 keluarkan kenyataan bertulis tuh.

  4. The fact that the Rulers Council put out that statement means the people who are watching the acts and omissions of the new Attorney General and PM Najib now are more than the rakyat.

    And the Rulers Council may have other prerogatives beyond that. It's a matter of interpretation of the Constitution. The Sultan of Perak used his discretion ad acted upon the matter of then MB Nizar not having or enjoying majority support in the Dewan Undangan Negeri.

    Saying more may not be fitting now. But the Rulers Council issuing that statement is certainly a new development and of deep interest.

    1. are we going to stay silence to see the royalties going to be insulted? where are the defenders? in the past, they shout and scream and charge sedition act. dalaut tuanku

  5. PM Najib would want the 1MDB issue resolved months ago. It's a make or break for him. Especially now that the Rulers Council have weighed in by issuing that statement.

    Those investigating remain the same as before - the Police, MACC, Bank Negara and AG's Chambers .... Well, it's moot point whether the the last named is "investigating". Certainly the "Special Task Force" is no more, disbanded by the new AG.

    Wonder what Tun Dr Mahathir is thinking and doing now. The Rulers Council statement must have comforted him. As it did me.

    1. The last Tun Dr Mahathir's Chedet cc blog post is titled NO CONFIDENCE VOTE. I think anything to do with the confidence of the people he'll be delighted.

      The Rulers' statement said "“The failure to give convincing clarifications and answers is feared to have resulted in a crisis of confidence."

    2. "Crisis of confidence" are very apt words to use. Our Raja Raja these days are well educated, possess good thinking and analytical capabilities.

      They live up to their roles, functions and responsibilities as spelled out in the Constitution and the statement they issued clearly reflect that they are Payong Rakyat, tempat rakyat berteduh.

      All Malaysians should be proud of them. DAULAT TUANKU.

    3. najib wants to settle the issue asap. you blind. almost there, the dpm, ag get sack the pac team naik pangkat tinggi.

  6. Sorry that things came to be so bad for you, Annie, that "Some of them have not even want to pick-up my calls because they believe that I'm with the opposing side."

    I think I have contributed to that. Because I believe Najib must be replaced by UMNO well before PRU14 otherwise UMNO/BN will lose the next, and possibly the subsequent elections and I have said so in here.

    I shudder at the thought of Anwarul Al Juburi, PKR, the new outfit PANTAT (the Negori sense) and the DAP ruling the country. The country would go to the dogs if they do.

    But how good and noble of you to stick it out by publishing our anti-Najib comments in here. Hopefully the PMO people would realize that you were just being fair in allowing freedom of expression. Thank you indeed for the space you provided.

    1. Dia orang mesti tau Annie mesti keluarkan apa apa komen penerangan yang mereka masukkan di sini. Dulu aku tengok ada beberapa komen yang bunyi mcm dari mereka. Gamak nya banyak sangat komen anti-Najib di sini, mereka pun fedap, tak cuba masuk lagi. Tolong jangan marah Annie lah, PMO.

    2. penang for 2 terms under dap goes to dogs??? many are leaving penang state and go to kedah and perlis. in fact country is run by umno and umno allow dogs with dieases like rabies to enter the country. syrians can entet the country but not non buddhist burmese

  7. The RM2.6 billion is a part of the 1MDB issue? Not suing WSJ and NYT?

    1. If suing WSJ and NYT, means longer to resolve the issue. The truths cannot be ascertained until after the court case is settled.

      If in Malaysia it may take years to reach the apex court - the Federal Court. If suing in US, dunno how long.

      The WSJ owners' lawyers have said would not make things easy for their opponents by not resorting to the Free Speech Act. Using that gives them better chances to win.

      Suing in Malaysia raises question whether the decision is enforceable if 1MDB wins against the Yanks.

      People asking and Najib's lawyers saying will ask him whether to sue WSJ/NYT or not after he returns from New York/ UN trip. But instead of action on WSJ/NYT, he instructed his lawyers to sue former MCA President Ling Liong Sik.

      Liong Sik also walloped Najib on 1MDB. Najib does have plenty enemies on that case. How to resolve soon? UMNO should ask him to resign.

    2. Maye Ling should not apologize and let Najib sue him. Then when go to court we may be able to know who and where the RM2.6b is from. If its not an Arab donor then maybe Ling and Mahathir is right. Its from 1MDB as in the money trail shown by WSJ and the Sarawak report. Let's hope Ling have the balls.Ever wonder why Najib dare not sue Mahathir? I think Mahathir said more damaging and libelous charges against him.

    3. Sure Ajib won't tell who exactly put the RM2.6 billion into his bank accounts. For so long olely he said only no take money for personal gain. He can't say more, man. The truth must be so damning, lorr.

      I like what former NST boss Pak Kadir Jassin said - guarantee him and family safe passage abroad like Philippine President Marcos before. Let him go quietly. Then the county can move on repair the many rosak he has brought.

    4. The last 11 months mark a watershed for Prime Minister Najib. The unfolded events of 1MDB are damaging to Najib administration's statecraft that the 2.6 billion checked into his personal account has tarnished his credibility by leadership.

      Many have perceived that the offenses have already been committed in relation to 1MDB. It will remain to haunt the individuals who had committed the offense.

      I think, Najib cannot recover no matter what he does. Pity him, pity Barisan National and pity the Nation because of Najib and his wife's doings.


    Dedicated to our August Fraternity Kesultanan Melayu:

    The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra performs Bach

    1. Good that they do. Wish I understand and appreciate classical music. Got laughed at by friends when pronouncing Chopin instead of Chopan'..

    2. 1MDB & The Chopin Block, hehehe

  9. Tapi kalau dia buat dek je camno.
    Sepertimana dia buat dek je bila didesak pelbagai pihak.

    1. Kalo dia buat dek je, kita co cok le. Supaya sampai Mjlis Raja Raja bertindak lagi. Tapi jaga jangan sampai menghasut, ye.


    2. Itu statement , Majlis Raja-Raja apa Wa paham adalah satu pelintah lor rr .

      Kalau tatak ikut ,itu sutak kila "derhaka" maa aa .

    3. Ini Gurindam Raja Ali Haji pasal yang kedelapan :

      Barang siapa khianat akan dirinya,
      Apalagi kepada lainnya.

      Kepada dirinya ia aniaya,
      Orang itu jangan engkau percaya.

      Lidah yang suka membenarkan dirinya,
      Daripada yang lain dapat kesalahannya.

      Daripada memuji diri hendaklah sabar,
      Biar dan pada orang datangnya khabar.

      Orang yang suka menampakkan jasa,
      Setengah daripada syirik mengaku kuasa.

      Kejahatan diri sembunyikan,
      Kebaikan diri diamkan.

      Keaiban orang jangan dibuka,
      Keaiban diri hendaklah sangka.

    4. Boleh tolong beri tahu siapa Raja Ali Haji dan latar belakang Gurindam nya?

    5. This is the website on Raja Ali Haji:

  10. Yes, who knows, things may turn up okay again. If Najib resigns or is eased out, sure ok. New PM, new PMO. Hopefully.

  11. You hope PM DS Najib Razak can ask the investigators to hurry up a bit.

    Would he, would he, would he? Can he, can he .............? Imagine, no info as to where or who the RM2.6 billion came from until now. And there are those who believe it came from 1MDB. Including Chedet.

    1. Kalo tak sanggup nak kasi tau sapa derma RM2.6 bilion, camna nak cepat selesai masalah? Peguam Negara pulak dia yang pilih.

  12. And there has been no answer to the question why 1MDB's auditors were replaced twice within several years.

    No less than Nur Jazlan, then PAC Chairman, said that's not usual for big companies. Leading people to speculate that maybe the auditors asked for documents or proofs on huge and shady transactions like with the Middle Eastern parties. And replaced for being "too nosy".

  13. Former NST boss Pak Kadir Jassin's suggestion - guarantee Ajib and family safe passage abroad to any country they choose:

    Will top UMNO people with the relevant powers do so? And replace Ajib with the party's next in line?

    1. Najib is either brave or he has a death-wish.

    2. He is not brave. FLOM made him take a make-dunno stand. He dug his own grave with 1MDB and RM2.6 billion.

    3. The 21 year PPA with YTL Power Generation Sdn. Bhd. has expired, said TNB.