Wednesday 7 October 2015

Celaka and babi, so overused lah

It was reported that

Loke in hot soup over alleged racist remark

The offending words allegedly uttered by DAP's Seremban MP Anthony Loke are

"Celaka punya Melayu!"

Loke had however denied that he used those words as per reported.


“I would like to clarify that I have never said those words. The only thing that I said was “Celaka One Visa, Celaka Anwar Yeoh”.
“One Visa and Anwar Yeoh are the owner of the land and responsible for demolishing the settlements in Kampung Ulu Temiang.
“Even Malay families have been victimized by his act. I am merely defending everyone’s right regardless of their race,” he wrote in his Facebook page.
The Jamal Sekinchan Red shirt guy had however today lodged a police report against Loke.

And while doing that

Jamal calls Anthony Loke a 'human pig' 

It's becoming quite childish to me.

Like kindergaten kids quarelling.

You curse me, I curse na na na na.

And these are supposed to be our leaders.

Nonetheless, did Loke really utter the offending words in the first place?

Here is the video of the incident,

It sounds like he did say it.

Unless of course if the video had been edited to make it sounds like he said those words.

You know lah, these days the technology is quite sophisticated.

Well, Loke did admit that he used the "celaka" word but not the "Melayu" one.

Why la Mr Loke did you use the C word?

Can't you be a bit more imaginative?

I think the "celaka" word had been overused by the DAP people.

The last time I wrote something about one of them using the "C" word was in this posting,

Celaka punya Kelingon pariah

Well, I really think the handsome DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng should initiate a training course for party leaders on how to curse creatively and at the same time be politically correct.

Err...Umno also need to conduct the same kind of training, I think.

The "babi" word is also a bit overused lah.

I guess the ultra-Melayu among them don't realise that some Chinese don't mind that much being called a pig.

Pig is actually quite an intelligent animal and to some quite cute too.

I even have a friend whose nickname among family members is "little piglet".


  1. It's common practice in Malaysia ,to deny something you do .

    1. Mainly by DAP people and those like them, the cakap tak serupa bikin fellows.

    2. mainly by umno people and he says slap the chinese. chakap tak serupa bikin fellows

    3. 0750, where it's a matter of opinion, mine is always better than yours, hehe. And you an old man, using old Malay spelling chakap?

    4. Betul tu Tebing Tinggi.

      Di Malaysia, kalau Ahli politik tak mengaku buat sesuatu, mereka akan terlepas.
      -Ketua mereka yang mahu ditabalkan sebagai PM, 2 kali ditangkap main belakang-anak-muda pun dia tak ngaku.
      -Ditangkap video melalui high definition spy-camera dari 2 angle berlainan sedang di kulum dan menghenjut China-doll, pun dia tak ngaku.
      Najib pun tak ngaku, pada mulanya, RM2.6 billion dalam akuan peribadi.

    5. Hahaha, RD - "Bukan aku, bukan aku," kata China doll Anwar.

      "Aku tak ambik utk faedah peribadi, aku tak ambik utk faedah peribadi," kata Najib.

      Btw, RD, sedar tak bahawa Najib sabenar nya tak pernah ngaku terima duit tuh? Ha nya kata tak ambik duit utk faedah peribadi.

      Entah apekedarahnya so-called pemimpin politik sekarang. Maybe God is angry with us all, make us suffer with these kinds of bastaks.

    6. "Bukanku, bukanku!" sorak Al-Juburi. Kalau bukanmu, kemaluan tu siapa punya? Aduhai!

    7. both sides. even billion bigger than jumbo jets are missing

  2. We are Muslims and my little toddler loves watching this cartoon Peppa Pig. So it's about a loving pig families. So what?

    1. You don't mind him/her liking pig so much to the extent of tasting pork?

    2. Maybe not tasting lah. But holding and cuddling are haram already. Loves watching will lead to wanting to touch, hold and cuddle, Mat. Tak kena tuh, Kalau genuine Muslims, jangan cakap so what, k.

    3. Did you know that pigs carry a variety of parasites in their bodies and meat? Some of these parasites are difficult to kill even when cooking. This is the reason there are so many warnings out there about eating undercooked pork.

      One of the biggest concerns with eating pork meat is about trichinellosis or trichinosis. This is an infection that humans get from eating undercooked or uncooked pork that contains the larvae of the trichinella worm.
      The worm often lives in cysts in the pig's stomach, and when these break open due to stomach acids, its larvae are released into the body of the pig. The new worms make their homes in the muscles of the pig. Next stop?: The unknowing human who consumes this infected meat.

    4. Interesting, 1049. Thanks.

    5. Wow! Pigs are so bad eh? With worms bacterias and what not. But yet so many chinese, Japanese, Koreans, mat salehs etc survive for thousands of years and could live till over 100 years old too and still eating pigs. Nowadays even Jews eat bacon and pigs product. Not just that, these are the people (the pig eaters) who invented so many high techs products and many many other brilliant things in these world that the non pig eaters relying on to live and their countries too are super developed. Even the people who don't eat pigs (Syrians etc) ran to these pig eaters countries to escape from non pig eaters countries. Don't be stupid and ask yourself, what are these non pig eaters like Malays have done good to these earth that can benefit everyone? What are these stupid Arabs do to change this world to a better place?? The answer is 'NONE' - ZERO! By right they should be the number 1 people in this world since they are supposed to be healthy and free from all these man eating worms right? By being healthy, it should make them smart too, no? But to date, they are the most stupid people on earth at the moment! Please lah melayu jangan jadi bodoh. You all ni too much relying on myths and not facts from ustaz2 yang retard tu. Don't make pig to have so much power that you all semua dah takde benda lain nak fikir.. Babi Babi Babi ... Takde benda lain! Yes pig tu semua ada dalam Quran, but look at the context lah! Ada Tuhan cakap pig tu memang taboo habis and you all semua will die if you eat pig and semua benda bodoh yg korang dok fikir siang malam tu takde pun dalam Quran. Yg besar kan cerita pasal Babi semua ni ada lah Ustaz2 dan Hadith2 yang merapu tu! Pasal makan duit haram tu takde lah pulak taboo and jijik. Bodoh punya manusia!

    6. "Nowadays even Jews eat bacon and pigs product." Buntut, ha?

      Who got say that, Mister? Got can-caya link or not?

    7. Oooooooo, blame ustaz2 dan hadith2 plak. Konon nya, "Yg besar kan cerita pasal Babi semua ni ada lah Ustaz2 dan Hadith2 yang merapu tu!" Karut kau nih.

      Ko kapir ke? Tak caya Hadith ke? Free Thinker ke? Ke kau anarchist, tak respek agama apa, main ikut kepala hotak kau je? Gi cek, kot ada ulat/ worms dlm otak kau tuh.

    8. Modern science and health measures have ensured the pig as safe for human consumption for some time already. But the response at 1332 exceeds reasonableness in tone and accusations. Deserves counter whacking.

    9. I feel sorry for Malays! They permanently stupid and they allow themselves to be one!

    10. I am a Chinese, also a Buddhist by conviction and a practicing vegetarian. Animal meat diet has been scientifically shown to be detrimental to physical health (arguably mental calmness too).

      As for pork, its dietary habits naturally make it a haven for germs and bacteria.

    11. 1453,

      Malays feel sorrier for you. Misfit in this country, not observing the norms of society here.

      Like the description in one comment on pariah below, you are a pariah. That term is not limited to Indians.

    12. 15:21,

      Interesting point you made. And thanks for the link.

      Maybe the DAP people and their kind eat too much pork. So, they are lacking in mental calmness. Like Loke in Seremban. Pity them. And those who suffer because of them.

    13. 13:32,

      Kamu ni yang paling bodoh among all here. Kamu DAP ye?

      Takda siapa cakap tak boleh makan babi, kamu dok merapu dan merepek, pasal apa?

      13:32 ha nya terangkan worms and so on that exist in pigs and harmful to health IF NOT FULLY COOKED. Kau nak makan raw bertan pun kau punya pasal lah.

      Kau dah hilang mental calmness akibat makan banyak sangat pork, macam dia cakap, ye?

    14. What are these idiot Malays yapping about I don't understand. They never understand anything because they so stupid. Pariah? What the hell with the definition shit you wanna prove here? Ok lah, we are pariahs but these pariahs are way more successful than you guys are who as you claimed the one who own the country. Why like that one? The pig eating people, they go to the moon and back again, and you guys, the best that you can do is just to be a successful baker. Oh wait? You did go to space before... ? Err, well more like menumpang lah! Haha... Because you know why? Melayus are so busy wasting time doing stupid dakwah and attending ceramah agama bodoh by the retarded Ustazs and only thinking about going to heaven. We the pariahs who eat a lot of babis, we are successful in any countries we go to and making histories too like Singapore. But you Malays, tell me what are your achievements? Pathetic!

  3. Annie ,
    When the head is rotten ,there goes with the others , when the boss are corrupted ,its corrupted all together. So what can you expect from crooks and idiot of cause no manners. Nowaday we being rules by a bunch of corrupted ,zero integrity and shameless personality , So sad , Malaysia . Oppositions of cause there are some idiots but they are not running this country so I dont bloody care.

    1. Oppositions have plenty idiots, not some. They run Penang and Selangor also "zero integrity and shameless personality", corruption like alleged taking sales commission from Penang Sate land sales.

    2. Wakakaka , and gomen is so squeaky clean?? They are the worst of the lot lah 6:50

    3. penang n selsngor gomen no integrity? taking sales? then what is jmno polisi and macc doing? join nato. no action or bee gee brain

  4. Annie, pls stop referring to guan eng as handsome, even if you meant it as a joke. He is not. Period.

  5. Why u racist towards Indians. People curse u back them don't cry your life fuckup

    1. Not racist towards Indians. She was explaining.

      Red Annie's post "Celaka punya Kelingon pariah" again, slowly. Especially the comments by "LOL" That post had 147 comments, so no play play about being racist, accusing others racist and so on.

    2. People life fuckup because of curse? Can you tell how, what kind of curse, please? I wanna use on Kit Siang, Guan Eng and some others, hehe.

    3. I've been trying to understand why Malaysian Indians find it offensive when called Keling. Any one knows the valid reasons, pls write here, TQ.

      This blog says "the word “Keling” was used to refer to our ancestors who came all the way long from India to Malaysia those days." But he himself does not know how "becoming a ‘derogatory’ word nowadays. How on earth did that happened?" And he asked, "is there a need for us to be offended with this infamous “Keling” word?"

      He even suggested

      1) Should we get desensitized of that word?

      2) Would sensitivity be reduced if Indians started to utter the word “Keling” amongst each other, so that the “exclusiveness” of the word won’t longer be exclusive?

    4. Yahoo did try to find the answers to why the Indians object to being called Keling.

      Best Answer: The origin of the term is rooted in the former cultural and economic influence of the Kalinga kingdom over south east Asian kingdoms. The ancient Indian Kalinga was located in southeastern India occupying modern day Orissa and northern Andhra Pradesh. India was then referred to by the Malays as Benua Keling. Indian is the word used by British who bring Indian labour. Since not all of them are from southeastern India, they take exception being called Keling and prefer what British been calling them. Indian.

      If that was the case, no strong reason for the objection.

    5. Even the word pariah is not as bad and objectionable it seems.

      The Urban Dictionary (whatever that means) says



      A social outcast, one who doesn't fit in with the morals of society. Derived from the caste system, in which it was the lowest one could be.

      A very good definition and one that fits very well in Malaysia even for non-Constitution respecting DAP Chinese.

    6. Well this blogger had a close shave with death. that's what can happen if you use your blog to press people down.
      I'm sure all those who are supporting this blogger will cry weep and wail at her funeral should the next close shave ends up being the last shave. remember Indians have to suffer serious stigma to survive in Malaysia if u want to make their lives more difficult then accept the consequences

    7. Now, now, now, 17:38, what are you trying to say? Trying to be funny arr?

      And who is pressing anybody down? You can't understand English? Everybody here is not trying to press people down but trying to understand, discuss and explain. Quoting sources, giving links and so on?

      What's your problem? You can't argue? If you don't agree with anything said in here, why don't you state the facts and argue?

      Now what is the "serious stigma" you have to suffer? Why don't you explain? Even if you don't agree with those comments made by your fellow Indians in the links provided above, explain why.

      And who and how are people here "want to make (your) lives more difficult", why don't you elaborate? Explain them, so that if it sounds reasonable, then people won't do those things that make others' lives more difficult. That's more useful to everybody than sounding threatening that you make.

      By your English you sound educated. Use that education to be civil in society. You feel offended, say so, explain why exactly it's offensive. Discuss it. If and when mistakes have been made and acknowledged, apologies can be made. But nobody will know that if you don't explain what exactly your problem is.

    8. 1738 may not be an Indian. Comments have been made elsewhere of others trying to cause racial disturbances, especially the DAP type which caused the race riots of 1969.

    9. 1738 could be the same guy as Anonymous 8 October 2015 at 14:53 who counter-commented on comments regarding the babi issue. He said, "I feel sorry for Malays! They permanently stupid and they allow themselves to be one!". Nasty and badly intentioned.


  6. Tatak hat maa aa , Cina, cekap celaka punya Bulayu , itu baiasa punya maa aa.

  7. Annie,

    No lah Annie, dia jerit cilaka punya Anwar Yeoh, naughty u lah...


    1. That may be truth but perception is truth, Sdr Bongek
      to our non-discriminating public
      as the PMs now suffering big big

      This will die down soon but one undeniable fact, the deed is done(?) whatever it was.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  8. We badly need ONE VOICE together the people

    There's a girl I see that she's hurting
    I'm sure she's hiding scar's
    Do they only know me when they need me
    It pulls her shoulders down

    There's a boy, he carries a great weight
    He is often pushed to the ground
    And he cries when no one is watching
    And pain shows in his eyes

    One voice can make a difference
    One voice can make it right
    One voice can change the world
    One voice can make it better
    One voice can heal the pain
    One voice can change the world

    Do they know all the pain that it’s causing?
    Forcing people to run and hide
    With the words that are filled up with poison
    And threats that bring us fear

    I know that you've had it hard too
    But you don't have to go down this way
    All your pain can stop if you make a change

    There are much needs that need to be meet, so as one voice we gonna say what needs to be said, it's like we need a needle and thread to bring us back to our knees once again and hopefully realize so many real lives are being mistreated by those mis-leaded so yes this is needed, way more than ever, I've got one voice but more would be better(more would be better) yeah so let's make one choice and let's all come together.

    Our voice, our voice what's the most important thing? X3
    It's the people


  9. YB Loke S Fook Anthony is the National Organising Secretary, DAP
    and is the next deepest official throat of the party. If he wants to win Malay friends he's being over-clever(?) in doing it.

    Don't know about Penangites but Melakans are more likely to. Most Malays do not use the c-word even at the greatest provocation say vs the 'effing' word kan?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. the c comes ftom what language? indian. chinese, english. if he speak other language he is not loyal malaysian .loyal he spsak malay

  10. dia cakap 'cilaka punya olang you'

  11. Swearing an individual is not as bad as swearing a race, like the DAP Ayer bloke did some time back and often called Pariah in return. But DAP people are prone to using swear words. Because of being frustrated often.

    Why so? because they are anti-Establishment, so they find a lot of things disagreeable to them. Why so? Because they don't respect the Constitution and the laws of the country that emanate from the Constitution.

    And the Loke bloke does not respect the law that allows the land owner to get squatters to vacate his land.

    1. How not to see the owner has right to the land. Loke just want to bikin kacau arr? Like DAP flers always do.

    2. polis sleeping like the snimal chinese like 。why no action? all big talk n no walk

  12. Stupid Loke bloke could not say he was fighting for the villagers' right. The villagers have no right squatting on people's land.

    What he should have done was try to find alternative accomodation or places to build houses for the villagers. Get multi-millionaires like the one who donated RM50 million to the Penang Government, buy a few acres of land even far out of town and let the villagers build houses thereon.

    And ensure the evicted Malay villagers get the same benefits as the Chinese. Then can talk of being Malaysian First, not cakap tak serupa bikin.

    1. Maybe he knows the multi-millionaires don't like his face saying cilaka etc and he won't dare try to see them.

    2. 50 million is hundred times smaller than the 2.5 billion donation received from middle east good guy. why the 2·5 not redonate ???

  13. handsome DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng? I like to borrow again the hilarious laughter to I saw elsewhere - hahaha, hohoho, hihihihi.

    Good of Annie to introduce some joke which can spruce up a sombre early morning mood. But watch out, you might get bombed by lightning-inducing Rainbow.

  14. The old story of action and reaction - in this case, Loke was reported saying Cilaka and after that Jamal ikan bakar said Human pig.

  15. "some Chinese don't mind that much being called a pig."

    Because they don't understand how strong the Muslim taboo against pigs is. If they do, they'd mind a lot.

    But the point is, try to get everybody not offend one another based on race or religion. Need more social contacts. Difficult as adults with the hectic life everybody faces these days.

    One way is by having Single Stream Education where eventually all children attend even the vernacular schools that use BM as medium of instruction and same curriculum and syllabus as the Sekolah Kebangsaan. That way, all children would mix and learn about one another's way of life since small and through the formative age.

    1. The court has decided some time back that the word bodoh is not offensive in certain situation. And the dictionary says the word bloke also refers to a ship captain.

      So, when angry may shout you bodoh or you bloke.

      Pssst, don't tell the bugger what kind of ship captain the English sailors meant when referring to them as blokes.

    2. Please bring back ppsmi - maths and science in English - for the sake of unity and progress for nation.

    3. Single stream yes but in English and Malay. Also no religious agenda.

    4. mara uni, malay college also open all for mixjng!??