Sunday 18 October 2015

The more important things

Someone told me not to hate the people who did me wrong.

She said the hate will destroy me.

She said revenge is not going to do me any good.

I disagree.

I'm of the opinion that those who do bad things deserve to be whacked.

They are telling us to forgive and forget because they want to get away with what they have done.

The hate keeps me going, okay.

It gives me a sense of purpose.

They are not going to get away with what they did to me.

Yeah, they think they are so powerful and untouchable now.

But when the time comes, they will cry tears of blood.

I will not forgive or forget.

The stupid arrogant prick.

The scheming little bastard.

The spineless boot lickers.

I remember them all and I will make them pay for what they did to me.

That's for sure.

I will be merciless.

I will destroy them all.

How's that for being dark.....hahaha.

See, there are more important things in my life than defending DS Najib Razak or trying to topple him.

I need to save my energy to settle my personal stuff first, okay.

If there are any extra, only then I'll spend it on the other nonsense.

Okay, my eyes hurting again.

Can't write too long for now.

Need to fix them first.

Hope you all are having a good weekend.



  1. I wish I could say sabar annie, selawat byk byk etc etc.. but no one knows how u really feel.

    "keep your friends close but your enemies closer"

    *short & sweet kan? no need grandmother story or write karangan at comment section. *hint hint*
    #TeamAnnie. :)

    1. This sounds like the guy (most likely a woman) who used the name Tebing Tinggi in a previous post (small t's with lousy English in other blogs) trying to provoke people not wanting to comment much on the state of affairs in Johor.

      One naive woman who has not heard the expressions "discretion is sometimes the better part of valour" and "only fools rush in where angels fear to tread". One who pretended not knowing the situation in Johor but wants to be a cengkurik.

      And most of all, one who does not know much about things in general but tries to create sour feelings even when Annie writes languishingly about enemies.

      She must be a bitch, grudging others writing long comments when Annie, the blog owner herself, does not appear to mind and publishes all such comments.

      Actually she can just scroll over such comments when reading, but no, her bitchiness is such that she must write a comment to try to irritate and calling herself #TeamAnnie whatever that means.

      Looks like this Tebing Tinggi wants to be an enemy. And enemy she shall become. She may be a woman, but each time she bitches in here, she will be whacked.

      Even Annie disagrees when someone told her not to hate the people who did her wrong.

      Note that this comment is broken into many 1-2 sentence paragraphs to make the comment appear long for the bitch.

      Sorry folks if your Sunday morning is spoilt by the intrusion the bitch makes. Have a good day anyway.

    2. Those who don't like "karangan" kind of comments should go to Facebook and Twitter. And this is not a hint.

    3. ".. not wanting to comment much on the state of affairs in Johor."

      Certain aspects of the state of affairs in Johor, that is.

    4. wah. panjangnya. apa yg susah sangat nak tulis short comments. ni suddenly Johor pulak etc etc.

      ur English power mcmana pon, otak & pemikiran mcm tu. susah la bro.

      my comments towards u is simple. You can take a Kampung ppl out from Kampung, but u cannot take the Kampung out of them. :)

    5. it's those tl:dr (too long.. didn't read) comments? just scroll right past them. thats what I'm doing. couldn't be bothered.

    6. 1919 kamu ni bodoh. Kan dia kata dia sengaja tulis panjang sebab nak irritate Tebing Tinggi. Dan dia dah kata dia sebut Johor tu berkaitan TT provoke dia di pos dulu.

      Kamu tak reti baca ke? Tu lah, kalau short attention span, hati hati lah bila nak komen dalam blog.

      Kalau kamu bukan "kampung people" asal nya, kamu Tongsan mali ke? DAP ke? Cakap pun mcm Red Bean.

      Bila dah bodoh tu, jangan ngata orang le, Kamu kena kata bodoh. Kan malu.

    7. 1919 ko ni Tebing Tinggi ke? Ngapa tak pakai nama tu? Malu ye? Tu le, lain kali pikior dulu sabelom nak cakap, nak komen.

      Awat komen ko panjang. 3 perenggan. Tulis 1-2 ayat cukup le kalo nak pendek. Cakap tak serupa bikin, mcm DAP Red Bean

      Tak suka komen panjang panjang, pigi Facebook atau Tweeter le. Di blog ada yang lebih panjang dari di sini. Dalam taip skrip yang halus pulak tuh.

      Ini public service aku yang pertama hari nih - menasihat ko.

    8. Well done 0042. Bravo. That's the way to go. Too long, scroll over.

      Hear, hear, everybody, 0042 has spoken. So, from now on, we shouldn't have any more problem of the long and the short !

      Boy oh boy. Sorry for those who are short in more ways than one!

    9. agreed. just ignore all TL: DR comments.

      He who is the LOUDEST in the room (in thiscase those who writes loooong comment) is the WEAKEST in the room.

      so why bother?

  2. I pray that they can be fixed (referring to your eyes) not the arseholes that did you wrong.

    1. Some of those who did wrong should have their arseholes shoved with sharpened bamboo on the sand at the seaside, like done during the Malacca Sultanate days. Called "di sula".

      Read OutSyed The Box on the criminal act done by 1MDB that led to then Chairman Bakke resigning as Chairman. That act was recorded in minutes of an 1MDB BOD meeting in 2009.

      Just click on Bakke's image on the column to the right of this to get the details. I can't write more details, takut kena marah by the Tebing Tinggi bloke, haha.

  3. just get out from them.....

    Have patience with what they say and keep way from them in a good way
    -Qu'ran [73:10]

    No person knows what is kept hidden for them of joy as reward for what they used to do. -Qu'ran [32:17]

    "Whatever is with you will end. But whatever is with Allah is everlasting."
    -Qu'ran [16:96]

    " And Allah is most knowing of your enemies; and sufficient is Allah as an ally, and sufficient is Allah as a helper."
    (Surat An-Nisa 4:45)

    When people help one another in sin and transgression, they finish by hating each other.
    (Ibn Taymiyyah ra)

    >james bond

    1. Careful James, the Tebing Tinggi SOB may think yours is also a "karangan", hehe.

      But good of you to provide the Quranic quotes - not that the TT bitch will understand or practice them.


    2. TQ wal hamduli'Llah for the Verses, Yg Bhg ANON 02: 38
      and here are Hadiths.

      Abu Hurairah RA narrated from the Prophet SAW :
      ( transl Hadith Hasan, Book 1 No 1997 & link to texts at )

      " Love your beloved moderately, perhaps he becomes hated to you someday. And hate whom you hate moderately, perhaps he becomes your beloved someday"
      -- Jami'at-Tirmidhi

      Auf bin Malik RA narrated from the Prophet SAW :
      ( transl Hadith Sahih, Book 20 No 4573 & link to texts at )

      " The best of your rulers are those whom you love and who love you
      .. And the worst of your rulers are those whom you hate and who hate you and whom you curse and who curse you"
      It was asked (by those present): "Shouldn't we overthrow them with the help of the sword?" He said:
      "No, as long as they establish prayer among you.
      If you then find anything detestable in them. You should hate their administration, but do not withdraw yourselves from their obedience"
      -- Sahih Muslim RA

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Excuse me Zin, so the ruler hate us and we hate them, they curse us and we curse them but we should obey them? Like how man?
      Are you sure you understand your hadith or not?

    4. 1-2 points about Hadith -

      1. There are over 1 million Hadiths, Bukhari alone collected some 600,000, although he memorized only 220,000 of them, and his Kitab contains less than 6,000. So, who to remember all and how to know if any Hadith quoted is valid or not?

      2. Some rogues - politicians, ulamaks and others - quote Hadith just to justify their acts and wants. The Shi'ahs believe Hadith only up to their 12th Imam. Killing and shootings among the Sunnis, Shi'ahs and others now, many Muslims are confused and suffer in the Middle East now.

      What are doing about the situation in Malaysia now?


    5. Muslims rely on Hadith Sahihs, Sdr Anon 09:13
      that are checked for its chain of narrators all of whom are of sound character and memory. We have records from the ages so are confident of their original source, but accept that non-Muslims may not believe in it.

      Yes there are unfortunately Mawdu Hadiths that are falsely associated with the Prophet SAW and we are careful, so that they are not quoted.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. Muslims the world over have no quarrel about what lies in the Quran. They don't kill each other in the middle-east because of what's written in the Quran. Therefore, it's wise to use only the Quran for reference.

  4. make love, not war ...... love, not hate ...... life too short .... enjoy it, not grudge it .........

  5. Agree with you on this one Annie...

    When the time comes, seek and destroy..!

  6. "She said revenge is not going to do me any good." -

    Don't keep things in your heart and revenge later. The waiting may be painful and not good for health.

    So, whenever TT appears, just whack her there and then.

  7. Into the Fire .... forced down by their own willfulness.

  8. Yes, those who do bad things deserve to be whacked. Mankind has been whacking and counter-whacking since the third guy was created after Adam and Eve.

    Cheehhhhhh, where's the Tebing Tinggi woman? She may next comment I'm trying to be clever talking like dat. Vat a woman.... said my Benggali friend. The vether is wery varm....... especially when TT is around....... I must ask him to see that woman (note, I did not type the word whack as it may mean some other thing in this context).

    Especially the politicians, if not whacked, they'll go on and on doing the same things again and again. True opposing political parties always whack one another. But there must be limits. And the public must come in and play a role in more positive ways than the stupid Tebing Tinggi. Come election day, vote them out.

    But don't vote UMNO/BN out - let others in UMNO replace Najib to ensure voters retain UMNO/BN at PRU14. Just vote DAP out of Penang and Pakatan (?) out of Selangor. Btw, what are they called, the Selangor gomen, anybody knows? It's not Harapan - called Pantat (meaning backside in NS) by people already.

  9. Kesian that Tebing Tinggi woman. One stupid comment got her so many whackings. But enough of her as far as my whackings are concerned.

    Moving on -

    Agree with you fully, Annie - They are telling us to forgive and forget because they want to get away with what they have done.

    Imagine, they say the sudden removal of Gani Pattail from his AG post is now past and it's academic to talk about it! Goodness gracious me! What kind of argument is that? Gubla gublerduk.

    Langsung tak boleh terima punya argument. In fact, it's simply no argument. But no point to argue with that kind of people. So tumpang ngadu nasib in Annie's blog here. And whacking them at the same time, if I may.

    Actually they don't have any answer. Like so many things pertaining to 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion, only 1-2 of the topmost fellows knows, nobody else does. So, how can they say anything except to say it's academic.

    But, kesian the honest, hard working Gani Pattail who pleaded that he was just doing his job. Yet they summarily removed him from his post, casting a huge aspersion on his integrity and record of over 30 years service. How inconsiderate.

  10. "If you're on the path of revenge, dig two graves."
    - Confucious

    1. Were there pistols, guns and Western-style duel during Confucius' days? Duelling by swords would likely not make both fellas dead. hehe


    2. Good one! Heres another fr Afghans Sdr Anon 11: 07
      ( Talibans? also copied to English )

      " Revenge is a dish best served cold"

      Haji M Zin
      A Gajah DPH

    3. Aii yaa !, sikalang itu Tebing Tinggi sutak jadi musoh No 1 ini blog lea aa . Tapi itu Tebing Tinggi atak dua maa aa , satu 'Tebing Tinggi' ,lagi satu 'tebing tinggi' ,itu kechik punya sutak manyak lama lor rr ,besut punya TT manyak balu , sikalang apa macam ?.

      Wa halap itu 'Tebing T' sama itu ' tebing t' tatak jadi musoh No 1 negala macam itu Datuk khairuddin sama itu Mattias Chang .

      Wa manyak sukak itu Duta Cina cekap masa MCA punya masyulat , ' Cina Malaysia, eaa aa selupa macam itu anak pelempuan kasi kawin lain tempat punya olang ' hubungan tatak putus lor rr.

  11. See when you use your blog to attack Indian race, in the end you kena balik. Always angry and now bitter. That is why, dont attack people who are weak and already marginalized. Better apologies for all your racist attacks!

    1. Unfortunately for you, none of the people I hate are Indians.

    2. You call people keeling pariah klingon - that's a racist slur. So now you feel misery. I warned you many times. People don't disturb u , but u attack them.

    3. Unfortunately for you, I'm not in misery. I'm quite happy today, actually. And I don't think I have ever call people keeling pariah klingon. What is that? Are you one of them?

    4. I vouch that Annie has never called people keeling pariah klingon. Good that Annie asked him if he is one. He sounds like having some problem up there.

    5. You had a post about it. Your a racist who likes to put Indians down. Sooner or later you will get what you deserve. I think it's sooner.

    6. Waa aa !, ini hali itu MIC wanita Chief , Mohana Muniandy ,sautak kasi hentam Tun M lor rr , pasat Tun M manyak kacau sama Najib lea aa.

      I Love PM .

    7. I really hate the god forsaken caste system of the Indians

  12. Do not be averse to the wrongdoer; hate the wrongdoing itself. Unless the wrongdoer himself transforms into hate personified ... then there's almost no difference between the evildoer and evil in itself.

    1. "Hate personified" is DAP blokes. And all those like minded.


  13. Great so far(?) no Remove Najib, adinda Ms Annie
    or Tun's Worse shrieks alhamduli'Llah on this thread
    vs all the concern and personal counseling here.

    Who loves you baby ?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Yo Gajah what is love trunkie?

  14. "all the concern and personal counseling here"? Have not noticed those, not sure what is meant, anyway.

    Replace (rather than remove) Najib it shall always be spoken. Until he is replaced one way or the other, legally. The revelation in the blog OutSyed The Box and placed on the internet by "The Thingy" may pick up steam.

    It's Minutes of 1MDB BOD meeting in 2009 that recorded a reprimand for a serious criminal act by the staff that led to then Chairman Mohd Bakke resigning.

    US700 mill fom 1MDB was diverted to another account and using a different bank instead of that applied for and approved by Bank Negara before. That which, when BNM investigated, found breach of the banking rules, led to a revocation of the approvals and a demand that the money be brought back into he country.

    The new AG said no wrong doing. But the minutes of the BOD meeting showed otherwise. The MACC Commissioner and the IGP have recently spoken for a meeting of the Special Task Force on 1MDB. The AG hould re-activate the Sp Task Force which he has said has not been disbanded.


    1. We have many very smart readers here, Sdr Anon 13: 37
      who don't need reminding, to read alternative sites
      so really no need to post out of topic messages on this thread

      Just a suggestion to help focus, boleh?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Tak boleh, Hj. Banyak sebab.

      1. Awak sendiri yg keluarkan perkataan "Remove Najib" tu, sedar tak? Pernah berdebat? Kalau sesiapa nak bawa apa apa perkara pun yg berkaitan dgn isu yang pendebat sabelom nya dah keluarkan, mesti boleh. Kalau tak, takkan sesiapa saja boleh kata apa saja and get away with it. Ada faham?

      2. Pos Annie pun ada sebut "defending DS Najib Razak or trying to topple him". Jadi cakap pasal Najib - remove, topple, sorok ke apekebende nye tentu boleh, Hj. Mana pulak out of topic nye. Tau le kamu sokong Najib, tapi nampak dah jadi mcm kebanyakan penyokong Najib, main beri tahu yang membangkang nya tak boleh cakap itu ini, ada blog yang alih alih kuat sokong Najib, aggressive, di tohmah di bayar dsbnya, tak jadi le, Hj.

      Ada lain sebab, tapi had situ aje jadi le sekarang.

    3. Alamak, Hj, dah berat nampak nya you nih - sapa ada "reminding to read alternative sites"? Pahal pun, that was the first time people mention it, how come you say "reminding"? You BM stream ke dulu, hehe. (Jangan marah ye, Hj, Sunday happy hours nih).

      You are implying orang nak sabo blog Annie, suruh pergi the "alernative site". Teruk bebenor persepsi penyokong Najib sekarang ni ye? Kalau you cakap "other site" pun, lain le. "Alternative" tu mkna nya, jangan blog ini lagi.

      Steady Hj, steady.

    4. Hj,

      While still on the subject of OutSyed The Box revelation about 1MDB, and still not out of topic, nak cakap sikit lagi (I'm worse than my Jewish acquaintance Mr Lissner who talks most of the time):

      Why don' you tell your fellow Najib supporters (I'm UMNO suporter but not Najib's) to keep on explaining and trying to comvince the public that there was nothing wrong with 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion. Show evidence that, for example, the 1MDB Minutes of 3 Sept 2009 meeting was false - sure 1MDB can produce the genuine one if that one was false, betul tak?

      Instead of trying to shut up or muzzle the public - those UMNO members and supporters. There's a chance a few would be convinced. Many woud if 1MDB produce the genuine one.

      That'd be a positive, pro-active thing to do. Don't be like the Opposition so-called news portals, otherwise called news kontols, like MKuno, MOutsider, M Chronic News, that don't even publish our comments there.

  15. Yeah, they always think they are so powerful and untouchable.

    Corrupt former Chilean President General Pinochet was hounded all the way to London until well over 90 years old. He led a miserable life practically under house arrest for years and years.

    Corrupt and dictatorial former Filipino President Marcos left to stay in the US, died in Hawaii, his wife could not even bring back his body home, not allowed by President Aquino.

    So many others who think they are so powerful and untouchable suffered a miserable fate later on. God is great.

  16. You'll make a good novelist, Annie. Suspense thriller writer. You built up your post with suspense, short sentences, sentence by sentence, to a crescendo. Then the climax. Bang. Your hahaha.

    But never the mind. You no want defending DS Najib Razak or trying to topple him, let others do it. So long as not breaking the law. Especially the toppling part.

    Best is for UMNO to replace him. Never say no. James Bond up there has not spoken on it yet.

  17. Now that Annie has said she's happy to day, time to pull her leg again -

    "Someone told me not to hate the people who did me wrong." Your ex told you arr? He's trying to get you not to hate him issit. Cheap skate. Forget him larr, Annie.


    This is a racist blogger. Very rude and insolent.

    1. Aiseh, Muthusamy, in that post Annie cakap pasal Rayer le, that DAP racist bloke in Penang. Annie did not say all Indians are like that Ayer bugger. Grow up, boy.

    2. Annie bashes every race and species under the sun la. The only two people she never bash are her Ma and Pa. And she absolutely idolises, loves, adores her mother.

    3. Up to this day, I still dont understand how the Tamils became associated with this term. As far as I know, Kalinga was a great empire in Southern India.

    4. She bashes chinese even her mother is chinese

    5. Using racial insults is wrong because it shows that it is okay and acceptable. Others will see it as being normal and in the end people will see no issue about that.

      If Annie is not happy about Rayers actions, then reprimand Rayer as a person. Don't insult Rayer on account of his race because that is what she has done.

      The point is that if one perpetuates racist behaviour , it creates problems for others and surely, one day, the same misery you cause others to endure will also be heaped on you.

      Anon 1659 is a racist . Period.

    6. Aiyyo 0412, you are awake at 0412 writing that kind of comment without explaining or knowing the definition of racist, who would believe you?

      Racist is only when antagonism is expressed on another race, not to an individual like Rayer, maaaaaaaaa.

      Look, man, if Rayer is racist, he is racist, but not the whole of the Indian race - can't you see that?

      And everybody has the right to call anybody racist if he is antagonistic towards a particular race. Like Rayer was to the Malay race.

    7. The way I look at it, only a racist would call other people a racist.
      Name calling, racial insult such as Melayu celaka, Cina Babi, Kelingon Pariah, etc are part a parcel of 'Freedom of speech'.

      But when Politician utter those words, then it become racist. When a politician claims that they are color-blind, Malaysian-Malaysia, etc, then they must not say things that is racial in nature.

  19. Annie, "the more important things" for us is to contribute whatever little we can towards the betterment of our country. By our standards, not theirs.

    Manusia mati meninggalkan nama - yang haprak tuh, amat busuk wei. Anak ank depa nangis bila di keji dek kawan kawan kat sekolah. Sekolah kat England pun, dah banyak Melayu dan Malaysians di sana.

    'The evil that men do lives after them;The good is oft interred with their bones.' Kalau banyak berbakti dan tak buat tahi, tak makan Calcium pun tulang tu tahan beribu tahun salepas mati.

  20. "If there are any extra (energy), only then I'll spend it on the other nonsense."

    Pls save some energy, Annie. Because tackling the "other nonsense." is what'll make this country strong or break.

    Enough already with the divisive DAP, Pakatun and Harapantat. The 1MDB and RM2.6 billion issue is also highly divisive. Most importantly, it'll lead to UMNO/BN losing PRU14 if Najib continues at the helm.

    Even Khairy Pemuda UMNO also sounding desperate. "GE14 a 'do or die election' for BN," said he. But he also should be weighing in on the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion issue more effectively. One way or another, to have it resolved.

    The fact that UMNO Youth and Wanita UMNO have not been whacking much Najib's detractors on the issue speaks volumes on the strength of their support, or lack thereof, for Najib.

    Maybe they want to pay safe, watching who wd take the initiative to act on Najib. Like they did and got Najib to flip flop on the Sedition Act some time back. This time Najib just needs to flip, no need to flop.

  21. A blog is popular by the number of comments readers make. Also the variety of the comments. Long, short, serious, funny, light, entertaining. In the blog posts and in the comments. Annie's blog is all those.

  22. The "more important thing" after Annie has sorted out her "personal stuff" (wish her best of luck there) is to try and get Najib resolve the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion issue ASAP.

    Failing that, try to get a change of leadership in UMNO. Because PRU14 is not far away. She can use her popular blog to try and get the message across. Well, these are suggestions and of course she decides as she owns this blog.

    There are so many blogs that have only a few comments, even no comments at all. Including the previously popular so-called socio-political blogs that suddenly become strongly pro-Najib, becoming aggressive, even rude. Sad.

    They can't explain 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion. Even 1MDB staff can't or won't, on many points, for example, on putting out into the public domain the minutes of the 1MDB 3rd Sept 2009 BOD meeting - to prove that what is circulating in the internet and damaging Najib/ 1MDB's integrity now is false.

    So, instead of trying to defend, some pro-Najib blogs resort to offence. Attempting to silence Najib's critics. The very people who talk about democracy, transparency and all. Very sad.

    They ignore the advice by Dr Rais Yatim (former Minister and PhD in Law, London) that the onus is on Putrajaya (and the supporters) to explain such things as the use of SOSMA that the public complained about recently. And certainly on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion. They might be ignoring Rais' advice to Najib's peril and that of UMNO/BN fate at PRU14.