Friday 16 October 2015

For the girl who plays bass and the boy who sings Green Day

I got a few things I'm tempted to write.....such as about someone who demanded RM30 million of what I think should be rakyat's money and he got it without even lifting a finger....all legally okay but of course morally wrong.

Or about another guy who has 15 young secretaries driving expensive cars and living luxurious lifestyle doing I don't know what.

But I told myself, why should I do's not going to change anything.

The most it will be, they just shrug and carry on as usual.

Or they may even hunt me down and throw me in jail for being such a busybody.

Well, you all know lah these days.....

I'm definitely not going to sacrifice myself for anything anymore.

If anyone think I'm being selfish and cowardly....well, go ahead, I don't really care.

I think I have already taken quite a bit of risks and made some crazy sacrifices writing this blog.

It's kinda stupid actually.

If anything happens to me, I doubt anyone will help me....except maybe my blogging captain Rocky.

Well, enough lah me being stupid for now....maybe later.

For the time being, before falling asleep, I'm putting this video clip for the pretty girl who plays bass and the cute boy who sings Green Day songs;

Well, that's nicer than all the political nonsense, or immorally greedy big people or weakling in position of power, etc.

Good night.


  1. I have a one-track mind. In Essex, Sussex and Wessex, one-track means sex. But I have in mind the RM30 million given away at the flick of the finger. It must be from the RM2.6 billion. Given away by the Cash Is King bugger.

    No, Annie, it's both morally and LEGALLY wrong. If and when (I pray to God that it will not be an "if") the various investigations will lead to the RM2.6 billion being illegal one way or another.

    Note that the MACC staff sembahayang hajat (and thir wish granted by God) to get the "hidden hands" allow their 2 senior officers not have to report to PM's Dept for work and the sudden transfer order revoked. They also had another one led by the retiring Deputy Commissioner on his checking-out day and I hope the purpose was to bring "the most powerful man in the country" - who he said was being investigated by MACC - brought to book and by the collar hooked.

  2. Awakened by some strange noise, I cannot sleep any more and will now write as much as I can. Hopefully not touching on politics but I think Annie's post has a twinge of that in the RM30 million, the 15 secretaries bastak, etc. I'll react accordingly.

    I'll write as many comments as possible to make Annie's blog appear more and more popular to day and any other day I feel voluble - as if I haven't been so. In number of comments at least, never mind the content.

    But I'll also try to make my comments content substantive so that Annie's blog is more and more respected such that anybody wanting to do her up for the posts she writes will think twice for the kind of supporters she has.

  3. Curiosity kills the cat - me - again. Damn the cat that made the strange noise that woke me up. I'm now looking for the kind of cat that'd wake the UMNO people up.

    If the authorities try to stifle dissent by using SOSMA etc, damn them. Good that the IGP has explained that they are not. The new AG has also said so. But I'd take the IGP's words on this any time.

    Must not blame the rakyat and the voters for being curious. RM30 million said to be handed out without much ado is no small money. RM2.6 billion is much bigerer still - the doubling in the words used is for emphasis!

  4. Too many comments written and no record of them before they appear in print may cause a repetition of points and those without any points. Annie is hereby authorized to not publish those sounding repetitive,

    No doubt she has the prerogative not to publish most, even all. But having polished her "popular" blog with "substantive" comments earlier on, I trust my bribery would work.

    Wish I have a part of the RM2.6 billion to use. Did I not say I'm one-track minded? Now my comments may not be published for being one-tracked. I might have more comments on sex to avoid being so, hehe

    Warning: any one wantig to comment that I ramble too much or write too long comments will get me writing much more and much longer comments after his/her comment - all hitting, whacking and ridiculing him/her!!! Note the number of exclamation marks coz I have used hehe already up there.

  5. Back to the subject of the post -

    "15 young secretaries driving expensive cars and living luxurious lifestyle doing I don't know what"? Come on, Annie, obviously the bloke is doing what ancient Roman Emperor Nero did - fiddling when Rome was burning. Gawwwd, the bastard has 15 secretaries to fiddle, what a waste of man or womanpower.

    If that bloke sounds Joe and not so low and the 15 includes Paris, London, New York and Hilton, then it's his right. If not and he is a Muslim, then God will be after him if he fiddles his secretaries (what else to do if one has 15?). Nothing we can do and we can't see God's wrath if his wealth was ill-gotten.

    But you'll never know whether God will grant the MACC staff's second sembahayang hajat led by the retiring Deputy Commissioner. That's our only solace, our only comfort. Hoping for balasan Tuhan yang kita nampak. We all should join in their prayers said individually ourselves.

  6. Aiseh Annie, you do know a lot, you must be mixing in the right social circle, have contacts in high places despite the PMO not taking your calls as you have complained previously.

    Good on you, girl, and I'm not sounding (certainly not intended) or being patronising. In fact, there are times when it crosses my mind that you are not who you portray you are by your writings. But I'll not dwell on that and will not write more on it.

    I remember you said not to say anything bad of your friend Helen Ang as you'd defend her to the last. But Rocky Bru your blogging captain, eh? I have no love lost with him, especially lately when he started to sound very pro-Najib. I wonder why.

  7. "Or they may even hunt me down and throw me in jail for being such a busybody." -

    I don't think they would, Annie. They should know you write well and you could have written in stronger tone and terms than you did if you had bad intentions.

    You were just reporting - consistent with your role as a journalist. Only that those your newspaper or whatever media organ bosses will not print, you do so in mild language in your blog posts here.

    And you have praised the "good Johor prince" more than once, yesterday you wrote good words about Ministers Wahid and Tok Pa, showing that you give credit where you think credit is due, and restrain urge your readers to be patient, wait till the end of the year.

    Pssst, if anything happens, don't give away my IP numbers, ok, hehe. There are journalists who stick to their professional oath of protecting sources of information sacrificing a lot of their own personal comfort and well being. I trust IGP Khalid and hope the "hidden hands" would be dealt with some day.

  8. Don't worry, Annie. You have not mentioned names of the people concerned, the organizations they represent or associated with, their location etc.

    What you said is not defamation by any means and is not at all subverting the Government, or attempting to unseat anybody in authority. You did not even mention the source of the RM30 million.

    Upon reading I at first thought it had something to do with the Chinese engineer multi-millionaire who donated RM30 million but refused by UTAR a few years ago. And having 15 secretaries and so many cars gives the impression the bloke is a multi-millionaire.

    Yes, there are supporters who will help you in case anything happens to you. And despite the mengata and pulling your leg, they all love you for having entertained them and allowed them to express themselves in your blog.

    Yes, entertainment is the word to describe your blog and the number of non-political posts you have written testifies to that. You have not claimed yours is a political blog and it, in fact, is not one. And, when anything political, what you wrote was to inform, not to influence or incite hatred at the Establishment. Never inciting. We can testify that, in fact, you have even often cautioned restraint among your readers.

    Have a good day.

  9. Tell me: why play bass? Why not violin, trumpet, clarinet?

    Ok, ok, if nobody plays bass, there will never be a complete band in the world to day.

    Do you know why people always blow their own trumpet and not allow others to borrow and blow it? Because if you let others blow it, it will become dirty. What is blown becomes dirty. And the trumpet, too, if the fler has stinking mouth.

    Laugh, everybody. You are supposed to cheer up in the morning, sullen at noon time and moody the rest of the day!

  10. Wise of you not to take the risk.Get yourself a boy friend and enjoy life.I am sure there are many guys out there who is better than your ex 'bastard' BF.

  11. can see clearly now16 October 2015 at 09:06

    Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, Today I am wise so I change myself ......Rm 1.3 bil is consider as MODERATE .so what is Rm 30 mil?

  12. Annie must be so very busy to day that she did not release the comments even at lunch time. But, when seeing no comments were released until almost the end of the day, it crossed one's mind that she might have had reservations about some of the comments made and/or that she was having further serious thoughts on the post she wrote.

    Nice that the comments were released. Hopefully she had some comfort from the comments which were meant as some kind of reassurance, though a few were erratically written under the apparent early morning grogginess.

  13. "I think I have already taken quite a bit of risks and made some crazy sacrifices writing this blog."

    Why do people still feel fearful that they feel more comfortable being annoymous bloggers in Malaysia.

    Says a lot, I think

    1. Yes, you too, Anonymous.

      Do you realize that the Anonymous phenomenon has existed for many hundreds of years? Poets, authors, politicians, crooks etc all over the world do that Anon thing.

  14. In your writings you try to take the middle, so please demean your blog by associating it with Rocky, who is a through & through bottom dweller. Even the comments for his articles only have utter disdain for him.

    1. Not explaining or even giving a few examples, eh? As such, others can say their opinions are better than yours.