Friday 23 October 2015

Another precious life lost on our roads

I actually have a little wish for the Budget 2016.

I hope the government will increase the allocation for road safety campaign.

If I was not mistaken, the Transport Ministry was given just RM2 million for it this year.

What can you do with that amount to create awareness on road safety for a whole year?

I just feel that it's not enough.

About 5,000 people had died on our roads so far this year.

Malaysia is among the countries with the highest number of traffic death per capita in the world.

Everyday, more people died....something I believe the government can do something about to mitigate or even prevent such tragedies.

I know, it's Allah will....but I also believe that Allah wants us to make the effort to do something about it.

Last night there was this sad story

TV3 Cameraman Dies In Freak Accident After Losing Control Of High Powered Motorcycle

KUANTAN, Oct 22 (Bernama) -- A TV3 cameraman was killed in a freak accident when he lost control of his high powered motorbike and crashed at KM156 of the Kuantan-bound East Coast Expressway at about 9pm, here Thursday night.

According to a police's spokesman, Nor Azman Jumahat, 41, or known as Man J among the media fraternity and his friends, died on the spot due to severe injuries.

"Police investigations revealed that the victim was riding his high powered motorcycle from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan when he lost control and hit the road divider.

"The victim from Binjai, Kemaman, Terengganu died on the spot due to severe head injuries, including a fractured hand and leg," he told Bernama, here.

Nor Azman was believed to be on his way to meet his family after work.

His body was later taken to the Jengka Hospital for post-mortem.

Additional information that I got,

- Nor Azman was riding alone rather late at night because he was earlier required to stay back in office to prepare for the coverage of the Budget 2016 today.

- He had told his friends that he missed his wife and son and wanted to see them despite the late hour.

- His wife is a teacher for special needs children at SK Bukit Sekilau and his 13-year-old son is a student of SMK  Panglima Perang, Indera Mahkota. They live in Indera Mahkota, Kuantan.

- It's Nur Azman's routine to ride home from KL every time he got the chance to visit his family.

- The exact time of the accident was 9.22pm.

- Nur Azman was riding a Ducati Streetfighter 850cc.

- He is known among friends to be a loving husband and father as well as a very dedicated journalist.

- Nur Azman was laid to rest in his hometown about 10am today.

May Allah bless his soul.



  1. Poor fellow probably could not get his wife a job in KL, live together and he does not have to balik kampong every so often. It's not a short distance "commuting" KL-Kuantan every now and then.

    He has to use a motor bike. Maybe he loves biking, using a powerful one. Unfortunate having to stay behind and left KL late, maybe sleepy etc. But wonder if he had been driving a car, he would not have died.

    Kuasa Tuhan. Al fatihah.

  2. Big number of deaths are motor bike riders. Road safety campaigns must focus on this group. Not just the long distance riders. Also - maybe even especially - those trying to beat traffic lights.

  3. Budget allocation -

    A quick glance led me to RM90 million allocated for Chinese businesses. Haven't seen the numbers for Malay and Bumiputera businesses and any one seeing them may put them in here..Maybe hidden by the blog which could be pro-opposition and designed the report to provoke the Malays into protest. Or me bias, incessantly calling for Najib be replaced.

    But why must there be special allocations for Chinese businesses? They have so many clan and sub-clan associations, business and trade guilds of so many kinds that help the less fortunate among them (loans, credit, etc) and thry are exclusive to just Chinese - Malays and Indians cannot join.

    They are the richest community in this country for many decades already and their millionaires and multi-millionaires donate in the tens of million Ringgit. One Chines engineer millionaire offered to donate RM30 million to UTAR which had so much money already that they refused it a few years ago. And Robert Kuok donated RM100 million for the Chinese cause in Kajang where he announced he has one foot in Malaysia, the other in China, and no instances pulling his legs apart such that his kelengkang koyak.

    And the Chinese have the culture of doing business for thousands of years that the Malays and Bumiputeras don't have. The Malays only had a culture of "berdagang" i.e the exchange of goods, no timbang menimbang, no fixing of prices, no profit taking and no wealth accumulation.

    Yet Najib wants to help the Chinese in business. Despite bending backwards for the Chinese before PRU13 yet given the Chinese tsunami in return, This is the sort of things making people wanting him be replaced. Apart from the huge 1MDB and RM2.6 billion scandal.


    1. I Love PM . Najib . manyak lekat dihati olang Cina .

    2. Lufang le mai sa kar Toa Pow Sian Tow - tian boh chiak leh ....

    3. umno mp in jb admitted he received 1 m from jib whi gets billions in donations. 90 m. is just kacsng. how much is the highway which the tv3 was killed

    4. The fact that Melayus are useless is our fault?
      Where TF is your logic?

    5. 2055,

      Lu kong simme arr? Ang chua lu emmai king Bahasa Melayu?

      Hah, boleh jugak aku menibai dlm bahasa Hokkien yang aku tahu sepatah dua dari kekawan dulu.

    6. 2152,

      That RM1 mill, it would seem, was not from public funds and cannot be compared to the RM90 mili.

      The RM90 mill from public funds is not justified because giving to a community that has tons of money since decades ago and has a system of helping the less fortunate among themselves.

    7. 2219,

      TF is in your mouth, your blasted head, your ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit mentality, biadap and kurang ajar like then DAP Vice Chairman Tengku Aziz said of your boss Lim Guan Rng.

      You and your DAP kind are not only useless but should be and are being shooed from this country, talking through your assol, not respecting the Melayus by calling them so, not respecting the Constitution wherein their position is not only spelled out but enshrined in the sensitive articles of the Constitution that are protected by the Sedition Act.

      You are not only seditious by creating ill will among the races in saying those, but are also subversive to the Constitution and, if in China, you would be shot for that kind of crime.

      You and your kind have caused the race riots of 1969. The British colonial rulers did not give the tongkat to the Malays in education and business but gave the Chinese all kinds of tongkat during their 80 years of colonial rule. The race riots of 1969 produced the NEP which have now produced so many educated Malays who can shit nasty-mouthed bastards like you, like I'm doing now.

      Though without a business culture like the Chinese have, and having only 1% total wealth in 1970, the Malays have, at the last count, 24% corporate wealth. They demand more of the wealth in their own country, not just in corporate wealth but also in all aspects of the economy. Never mind TF logic gets into your thick, useless and damn skull or not.

      Get it? Now git.

    8. 22:19,

      Who the bloody hell says that the Malays being economically left behind by the British colonial masters are the Chinese' fault? You learnt that in Chinese schools? Propagated by DAP Red Beans and you believe that? Or are you yourself a despicable, biadap and kurang ajar Red Bean? Coming in with 1-2 sentences, hit and run style.

      Do you know the kind of tongkats the Chinese, who were brought here by the British as "coolies", got from the British colonial masters as the years went on? Mining license, mining land leases, lottery and gaming licenses licenses (easy money for amassing capital to do other businesses), tin and rubber trading licenses tongkats.

      Do you know that even after Merdeka, the Malay-led governments continued to give the Chinese tongkats? Robert Kuok got the sugar monopoly tongkat, became millionaire, now a billionaire, but one foot in Malaysia, another in China, as he himself admitted it. Vincent Tan got the social welfare lottery license from Daim Zainudin, made millions, now a billionaire; yet still wanting the football betting license that Najib decided not to issue when he became PM.

      You not thankful for those, like you and bastards like you are not thankful for your citizenship right that the Malays agreed to at Merdeka. And now you are calling the "Melayus useless"? You son of a gun. You ought to be dragged to the seaside, pushed to the ground face downwards, and your assol shoved with sharpened bamboos, Malacca Sultanate-style.

    9. damn englanders. why malaya have to seek the queen for merdeka in 1975. thrre is no malays snd johot can be free becsuse there is strsits settlrment, federated and unfederated malay states. sabah remain as north borneo snd
      malaya remain as malaya if tar did not form mslaysia

    10. Wo Wo Wo nate' 07:16, wat bloody hell you talk arrr? You the same DAP Red Bean now menacing this blog? Ok la, you come in and we shit you for your bloody subversive and anarchistic thinking.

      You should not ask your stupid dirty brain question. You should ask why you are here. You should berambus from this country if you don't respect its history and Constitution.

      Migrate to Canada, ok? They have vast country, new PM, whose great great grandfather from his mother's side was William Farquhar, first British Resident of Singapore, your esteemed Straits Settlement. Damn you for not respecting my country Malaysia.

      So, wen you leaving this country? Wanna names of migration agents for Canada? Say so and I'll get for you. Pack up and go quickly.

    11. Woi Cina Beng, you insult Malays, we sure insult you back. Not like before when Malays meng'amok" by use of keris, lembing and tombak and speared the first British Resident to Perak, JWW Brich, to death along the Perak River. Until the word "amok" entered the English language and now appears the Oxford English Dictionry etc.

      Now we use language to shit and shit you until you cannot breathe. We won't go seditious out of respect for Annie, the blog owner. But we will whack you endlessly. One nasty comment from you will bring countless shitting counter-comments from us.

      We will shoot, blast, torpedo and exocet you verbally. You and the likes of you Red Bean kind. And, in the process, help make this blog interesting. The majority Malays would like reading that, I'm sure. Tak boleh kasi you get away with nasty comments undamaged, but beaten half dead.

    12. isis member

  4. Annie, lu tak berani siar, ikut Rocky idola haprak?

    1. Mak bapak engko tak ajar engko adab ke? Dia orang tak bagi tau ke kalau ada orang meninggal kita jangan menyalak macam anjing? Tu sebab aku tak lepaskan komen engko yang awal tu.

    2. Saudara 19:07,
      Ada sepatah kata hikmah cocok dengan semangat keberanian:
      "Mati lah sebelum kamu dimatikan."

    3. Ok annie, i love PM..

    4. LPT 2 is such a dangerous highways. In less than year after it was open for public, it has been an awful lot death and accidents. LPT 1 didn't registered that many accidents in its earlier days. There's something wrong on those stretches leading up to KT and vice versa.
      Independent audits consists of highway experts such as Plus, MTD, Mex or even international ones needs to be carried it as soon as possible. It must be free from any interference. The source of the problem needs to be found out.

    5. NS has so many accidents for about 30 years. what experts???

    6. What NS? Where got no accident about 30 years? Where you got that info? From assol?

    7. 07:28,

      If you mean North-South Higiway, ok, many accidents. But you have no suggestions? Just use your backside, you tonggeng bontot beside the emergency lane with placards saying do me slowly?

      See, you don't even state the NS clearly, you got double whammy - even on your backside.

    8. 21.33
      Triple wammy. See our expert telling about NS managed by minus not plus. Plus plus more tolls

  5. Hello Annie, apa kabar?
    Kematian di mana2, bila2, macam2 mana dan adalah Kepastian... Tetapi manusia perlu juga berhati-hati menjaga keselamatan. Kiranya berlaku juga barulah boleh dikatakan sudah tersurat. Di Texas di mana kami tinggal, kerajaan di sini juga berusaha keras dalam isu keselamatan di jalanraya. Baru-baru ini mereka buat sign di jalanraya dan lebuhraya..."You talk, you text, YOU crash!" dan macam-macam slogan lagi.

    1. Bagus lah Puan dalam hati masih bersama kami di Malaysia walau pun tinggal di Texas. Mungkin boleh beri tau kami apa lain slogan mereka gunakan di Texas bagi mengurangkan kemalangan di jalan raya.

      Tak tau lah jika ada slogan jangan tembak menembak dan mengebom di Texas, tempat George W Bush. Saya tak suka dia sebab mengebom Iraq memulakan Perang Iraq. Saya harap adik dia Jeb Bush tak dapat jadi Presiden. Sebab nama Bush membikin saya nausea tiap kali mendengar atau membaca.

      Saya jenis yang tak sebegitu senang nak "move on" saperti kata General Colin Powell yang jadi Secretary of State George W Bush, muka dia masih lagi jelas di fikiran saya, memegang test tube mengandungi "Weapons of Mass Destruction" anthrax, konon nya, mencoba dapatkan pendengar nya percaya Iraq ada WMD. Pada hal sampai sekarang pun tak di jumpai.

  6. Annie,dalam perjalanan dari Jakarta ke Pelabuhan Ratu(jawa barat),jalan berliku liku,banyak polis buat tanda jalan dan kain rentang antaranya'Hati hati memandu,rumah sakit jauh dari sini' dan 'pandu dengan hati hati,signal hp susah di area ini,tak tertolong nanti jika ada kecelakaan'.hampir ratusan tanda keselamatan di sepanjang jalan 100km tersebut dan budget bukan banyak pun di Indonesia,tapi pihak polis prihatin.

    1. Terima kasih bagi tau itu.

      Nak tanya: kemalangan banyak tak di 100 km itu?

    2. Mungkin tak banyak kemalangan sebab di negeri jawa selalu orang ramai ake the law into thir own hands. Selalu saya dengor kalau pnecuri masuk kampong, di belasah sampai mati. Bila Polis yang di panggil "Pak Rambo" tiba, depa buat tahu sama tau.

      Kot pengguna jalan raya sana tau kalau langgar sesiapa, tiada ma'af bagi da.

      Kalau dapat camtu di Malaysia apa macam korang pikior? Aku takut jadi rusuhan aje - riots.

  7. Not much more to say except to suggest Annie put out a new post. Saying too much on a post about death risks being offensive anyway.

  8. Yes, we should "move on" from any bad experience, mistakes and follies of mankind. But we must not forget them completely. That's why history is written since the advent of the written script. To avoid man making mistakes again.

    Yet man do make the same mistakes again and again. That's why we must mention them from time to time. Like the race riots of 1969. Like 1MDB and RM2.6 billion.

    Now Tun Dr Mahathir says Najib uses government funds to bribe people. The story of Cash Is King must never end until Najib resigns or be replaced. Otherwise UMNO/BN will be replaced at PRU14.

    I cannot accept that. So do about half of the popilation of this country. Now that Anwar is in prison, there are more Malaysians who feel that way.

    1. Takes 2 hand to clap. Giver n taker. What macc sleeping? What we learn in religion?

  9. I fear there is so much corruption in the country that road safety in design and construction might have been compromised. Steepness of corners and gradient may be sacrificed because of cost reduction bad intentions.

    It's common knowledge that, for example, contractors or sub-contractors laying crusher run stones less thick than specified by the Engineers can affect road worthiness and safety - the road may wobble in no time. The German autobahn is designed and built to last 20 years. Malaysian roads may last 3 years and defects show up.

    Highways have been built mostly on privatization basis - design, construct, finance, build and manage by the same contractor or consortium of companies. Of course maximization of profits is the primary objective. All business people worth their salt have that objective and targets.

    But to what extent? Some airplanes have fallen from the skies because of attempts at savings demanded by the smaller airline owners or management too keen to please the bosses by showing good bottom lines. The same may happen with highway design, construction and management.

    The earlier comment suggesting the experts from various bodies should certify the safety of highways should be implemented. Engineers specialising in road design and construction, including from Jabaan Kerja Raya and the Highway authority. Not just at project "handing-over" upon construction completion, but also periodically after public use, when maintenance standards can affect safety conditions. .

    1. Totally agree with your comment bro..

    2. Corruption? Now only you said that? Don't insult. We have the polisi, aca and reformed macc? Gaji buta from the tax payers?

  10. Al Fatiha kepada arwah .....

  11. Al Fatihah utk Aruah Nor Azman.

  12. WOI kerajaan MALAYSIA, aku risau dengan masa depan keluarga aku dan rakyat MALAYSIA sekalian dengan kadar kemalangan yang meningkat setiap tahun...saban hari di berita disajikan kemalangan maut, ingat kita haiwan ke...tolong buat sesuatu, jangan terlalu sibuk dengan masalah politik sehingga nyawa rakyat sendiri diabaikan...mati kemalangan lebih banyak dari mati berperang...isk isk

  13. whts the point of doing safety awareness. from wht i see its the attitude of msian (i dont mean the guy mentioned in this entry). regardless of campaigns, if we dont change our attitude the road will never be a safe means of travel.

    wht the gov can do, increase public transport. its already long due for another ETS to pantai timur. why are they talking about building another highway instead? thts just wasting money and time. by the time the new highway is completed, vehicles will also increase in number.

    travel by train is much safer, reduce life killed at roads, and reduce traffic jam effectively during festive season. gov should really invest on public transport.

    Al fatihah to Nur Azman

  14. Kepupusan lelaki Melayu in Malaysia in progress due to motorbike.

  15. Can you imagine lorry treler can share their road with motocycle...maybe we can learn something from first world country