Thursday 15 October 2015

Let's give the good minister a chance

Of all the current Cabinet ministers, I feel that the most credible of the lot is DS Abdul Wahid Omar.

The guy is not really a politician, thus likely he doesn't sells too much bullshit or any at all.

I met him a few times and he seemed genuinely a good guy.

So, I think when he quit his Maybank job to serve in the Cabinet, it was really a national service kind of thing instead of just another opportunist making a move to enrich himself by being close to the powers that be.

Hey, there are still good people who do that, okay.

Anyway, there's these stories about Wahid last night.


Wahid said accusations of him and several ministers including International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed “selling the country” were circulating  in “WhatsApp” chat groups.
“We have no other agenda than to have the best for the country and the people. I believe Tok Pa (Mustapa) and his MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) team have been relentless in obtaining a desirable outcome for the country from the TPPA,” he said in a WhatsApp message to The Mole.
“It is a norm that whenever agreements are being negotiated those involved would want the agreement to suit the interest of their respective parties.
“Every country involved in TPPA’s negotiation wants the agreement to benefit their respective country but through such process we have reached a consensus that brings mutual benefits to everyone,” Wahid said.
He added that the TPPA that has been concluded in Atlanta on Oct 5 has been greatly amended from its previous form.
In fact, Wahid said that several of Malaysia’s national policies have been recognised in the TPPA, including those on bumiputera inclusiveness, government procurement, investor state dispute settlement  and intellectual properties.
He also clarified that the agreement is now undergoing a legal scrubbing process before it can be released for public perusal.
“Everything will be tabled in Parliament and the agreement will only be signed after the house has reached a collective agreement.
“Therefore, instead of forwarding unofficial and dubious information regarding TPPA, it is best for everyone to wait until the official facts are presented,” Wahid said.


“The prime minister had issued a statement before this saying that the issues related to 1MDB will be resolved in six months, meaning by the end of this year,” said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar last night.
It was emphasised again when the government took proactive measures recently, such as selling some of 1MDB’s assets and using the proceeds to pay and reduce the debt level, said Wahid.
“This process will be carried out in a market-friendly and transparent manner,” he said on TV3’s Question-Answer programme on the national economy.
It sure looks like Wahid was sincere when he said Tok Pa and himself having done their best for the country when they negotiated the TPPA.

I don't see how someone like Wahid and Tok Pa of all people wanted to betray the country.

I do think that we need to wait and see what are the stuff to be presented to parliament about the TPPA before condemning people as traitors and such.

Let's not shoot before even knowing the targets, okay.

As for 1MDB issues to be resolved within the next two months, I hope Wahid is right.

Again, I don't see why someone like Wahid wanted to bluff us all.

Okay, let's's just two months what.

If the mess are not cleared by new year 2016, then, okay go and whack the government la....and Wahid along with it.



  1. Annie i tend to agree having met Wahid before - he appears to be (along with Mustapa) very focussed technically on the macroeconomic policies for the country. There is some talk that he is on the slate as the next BNM governor after the retirement of Zeti and if so, I think that's not too bad a move.
    However, (dah pasti mesti ada walaubagaimanapun dlm komen ini )
    This idea that the 1mdb issue is "settled" in Dec looks focussed entirely on the delevraging, asset sales etc of the entity.
    The entire issues of bad behaviour, fraud, misrepresentation, crimes etc do not appear to be of interest to our government. The Rakyat however is completely focussed on this.
    Arul would be best served making it clear that he is not getting involved in the latter. He can't even tie his shoe laces because he is so busy trying to defend actions made before his time. Silly boy.
    As for the government - well their intentions were made abundantly clear by forcing the dissolution of the PAC and prematurely forcing the AG into retirement. Toksah lah buat drama Hindustan dan cerita pusing pusing - their actions say it all.

    1. You are right 1400, "mesti ada walaubagaimanapun dlm komen ini". AWO has become a politician and there's no politician as the Governor of the Central Bank of any country. Not even Zimbabwe's name came out when that is googled.

      Here's why a politician should not be BNM Governor -

      The central bank has been described as "the lender of last resort" .. responsible for providing its economy with funds when commercial banks cannot cover a supply shortage ... the central bank prevents the country's banking system from failing. However, the primary goal of central banks is to provide their countries' currencies with price stability by controlling inflation ... also acts as the regulatory authority of a country's monetary policy ..

      Time has proved that the central bank can best function in these capacities by remaining independent from government fiscal policy and therefore uninfluenced by the political concerns of any regime. (Otherwise we become Zimbabwe, their currency worthless, people using US dollars, Pound Sterling etc there now).

    2. Agree with you the Rakyat is completely focussed on issues of bad behaviour, fraud, misrepresentation, crimes etc. These would make the 1MDB issue not "settled" even after the the deleveraging, asset sales etc.

      At one point and time, the "hidden hands" must be identified, publicly exposed, prosecuted and humiliated.

    3. 17.48 you mean under umno, malaysia be can like zimbabwi? then what happen to ketuanan? you traitor to pm elected by umno

    4. 18:11,

      Read, man, read. If you are a Muslim (you sound DAP way of talking ketuanan) you should read, if not, convert to Islam and listen to one of God's earliest revelation "Iqraq bismi rabbikal .." as stated in the Qur'an.

      You don't understand much, do you. Good that you ask, maybe I'll explain when in a more energetic mood.

    5. 18.31

      by all mesns explain otherwise just like zimbabawi half dead mood

  2. Aaaaaa a new post. I refrained from commenting more than just once in the previous post comment section despite being provoked with questions by a he/she bloke who pretended not knowing the answers, and who apparently has never heard the expressions “discretion is sometimes the better part of valour” and “only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

    And the STFU bloke tried to stifle a relatively polite dissent, what a bugger.

    Now wd give my views on the subject of this post - in due course.

  3. Apa sudah jadi Annie,Saifuddin sekarang dengan PKR.As for me I would like to say "ALL PRAISE TO SAIFUDDIN - teruskan PERJUANGAN YANG BERINTEGERITI"Saya pernah jumpa Saifuddin beberapa bulan lalu disabuah kedai chapati.I like his humility and earnest entreaty

    1. I'm more interested if he is with Tun DR Mahathir and group. Is he? Would he? Never mind if he is in PKR so long as he tries to get Najib replaced.

  4. I agree that Abdul Wahid Omar, sometimes fondly referred to as AWO, is a good man. He is a chartered accountant with good analytical skills. But not sure if I'd agree with all that he says re TPPA.

    Primarily because there has not been much disclosed of what exactly were being negotiated; we will know only when Tok Pa has it presented to Parliament for discussion. And I read that it'd become effective only 2 years thereafter though once it's passed it'd take a lot of doing to get any aspect of the TPPA re-negotiated with the parties concerned and any amendment passed in Parliament.

  5. TPPA - i sincerely believe that Wahid and Mustapha are not on a mission to destroy Malaysia.

    The questions is though: do they have a choice to say no? Now thats a different matter altogether....

    1. Very pertinent point, bro 1443.

      What I'm rather flabbergasted about is why Wahid has to be the one defending and promoting TPPA, 1MDB etc. Isn't that the primary function of what used to be the Ministry of Information and all the agencies under that Ministry? Is Said Salleh Keruak's Ministry not having Information functions?

      Why is Said not the one endlessly defending and explaining the contentious issues brought on by Najib? Why only in his blog - which is not an official medium and not treated such by the public - not through the Dept of Information, Bernama, radio, tv channels?

      How much is he doing the defending and explaining in those media forms, can any one tell? I ceased frequenting those when they put out a lot of nonsense - except Bernama, though they are not doing enough by interviewing everybody that matters that can help Najib's cause. Not that I mind it because I'm among those who want Najib replaced.

    2. You can sign a dozen agreements but what if you're shamelessly siphoning off the nation's goodies while the people are hit hard?

  6. 2 months is a very long wait considering the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion issue has been very hot and on so many people's lips, mentioned and discussed everywhere, even in the coffee shops and warongs.

    Familiarity breeds contempt and curiosity kills a cat, but give me familiarity any time. What has been most disturbing is what appears as the "bo paluli" attitude of the boss man - imagine, Najib has up to now said only "I never take money for personal gain" - not even admitting that the money was indeed in his personal accounts, or giving some indications who the "donor" and what the purpose is. Only others came out with "From Arabia", "for fighting Al Qaeda", "for fighting ISIS, even "for fighting DAP", etc. How ridiculous.

    Sorry Annie, how to keep quiet as the retired MACC Deputy Commissioner said only the other day that MACC is investigating "the most powerful man in the country", the MACC Commissioner has asked to meet the relevant people on the Special Task Force and the IGP has said words to the effect that the new AG should initiate a meeting for the re-activation of that Special Task Force that the AG has not been disbanded and said still exists.

    The public is watching and awaiting developments with baited breaths. So, can't blame them (me included) for wanting to talk, to know whether the Investigations are going unhindered, no "hidden hands" here and there.

  7. Yes Annie its fair!
    Since its less than 3 months until the new year - what if we spare those two gentlemen - they are really honest and sincere ministers...

  8. Whatever. Getting bored with politicians and those serving them

  9. Emm..2 months. After the last promise of Auditor General forensic Audit Report, PAC Report, including Task Force Team being dismantled.....

    Well I guess, if its coming from you, I think its fair enough, Dear Annie.

    But please remember that the rakyat will still be short-changed after the "selling some of 1MDB’s assets and using the proceeds to pay and reduce the debt level".
    Those assets (highly valuable prime land) used to belong to the gomen i.e, the Rakyat and was practically 'given' to 1MDB on a silver platter, would probably falls into the hands of foreigners.

    OK, 1MDB fiasco settled by new year. Next, the Pembinaan PFI Sdn Bhd (PPFI-Pembinaan Private Finance Initiative) and more debt crops-up to hound Najib's cabinet. FGV shares, drop from IPO RM4.50 to RM1.50, now.... How?

    Therefore, its best to give Najib a 'safe-passage' and be gone so that BN could waste no time mending what's been damage, before GE14.

    1. See, how influential you are, Annie - "if its coming from you, I think its fair enough." You should be driving a BMW X series, or a RM160,000 Harley Davidson, not an ordinary motorbike you spoke about, hehe.

      Yes, "highly valuable prime land" some 500 acres of the old Sg Besi airport, State land of Wlayah Persekutuan. The Malays and Bumiputeras should benefit from that, equivalent to ownership of at least 150 acres (if kira just 30%).

      Wonder how much benefit the Malays and Bumiputeras would get from the 500 acres after Najib has it sold to 1MDB for almost pittance and to be resold to dunno who and at dunno what price, does anybody know?

      Of course Najib has placed the NEP at the back burner and this is one reason why many Malays want him replaced.

    2. I like the idea of giving "safe passage" to Najib and family to a country of his choice, and Khazakstan has been suggested - he has a biras there or somefin'.

      I first read the idea mooted by old man Kadiaq Jassin, former NST Group Chief Editor. He has quite a lot of wisdom, like Tun Dr Mahathiir does.

    3. sound. smell and fart like pakatoon. read too much from Tony …


    4. Yes YB Tony stinks of stolen PSI property, Sdr 21: 19
      and many things we never heard in the bible.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. here umno follow Tony stink and msking noise like dapigs . without Tony there is no sting 。all trsitors

  10. "instead of just another opportunist making a move to enrich himself by being close to the powers that be." -

    Nur Jazlan, former PAC Chairman? But he is Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, not sure of being able to enrich himself there. But sure closer to Ajib and may benefit from the RM2.6 billion splurge here and there. Or IPP shares going for public listing or increase of capital via bonus and dividend issues.

    Aiyyo, PAC practically decapitated by his accepting of Ajib's offer. Not much though, just a Deputy Minister. But then that's his calibre, innit.

    If he was a man of principle, he would have stayed and contributed a lot to the unmasking of 1MDB. After meeting the reps of two former 1MDB audit firms, he announced that 1MDB changed auditors twice within a few years, not normal for a big firm, said he, who also had accountancy qualifications and practice before that. People then clamoured for the reasons, nothing was heard after the bloke accepted Ajib's bait. Apa daaaaaa .....

    1. This bloke plays usual politics. At ketua PAC, he told Malaysia, he will complete on 1mdb. Someone panick and there you are. Promoted to ass...minister

  11. Wahid said that several of Malaysia’s national policies have been recognised in the TPPA, including those on bumiputera inclusiveness ...

    I doubt that. Of course I can't back it up because I'm not privy to what was agreed in the TPPA which is till confidential. Anybody heard the details so as to be able to back that up?

    1. He's lying thru his nose, or he's delusional. Tppa is about the filthy rich conglomerates waiting to rule the world.


  12. OK TPPA process-wise will require, adinda Ms Annie
    not only the final text but two (2) final CBAs
    for Parliament. UMNO is keen on the one by TERAJU
    ( Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera )
    on the cost-benefits-analysis for Bumis inclusiveness in-sya-Allah in particular through the GLCs.

    Since we don't know how detailed was the text concluded on the 5th so lets just patiently wait.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  13. Please sober up! If there is a prove that any civil servant is having money deposited in his personal bank account from unexplained source or a donor, and unable to name the donor.. Do you think anybody will buy it? What more if the account then closed and money suddenly disappeared dunno where.. what is there to discuss? For God sake, Najib is the PM!


    1. DS Mohd Najib will in-sya-Allah be PM, Sdr 00:31
      and we'll see after GE-14 maybe YB Lim(?) or one of his lackeys OK?

      Salam Jumaat and G'day !

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  14. AWO is good..unlike mr tony pua..