Tuesday 27 October 2015

Questions before a long ride

This is a short one.

A friend called this morning and asked after reading my last posting,

Remembering how Najib became PM and Muhyiddin his deputy

whether I think TS Muhyiddin Yassin is the kingmaker of DS Najib Razak.

I replied, "No, Najib would still be PM with or without Muhyiddin."

"Why?" he asked again.

"Because Najib was in a better position than Muhyiddin to be PM at that time. Muhyiddin making a lot of noise against Pak Lah back then was not the deciding factor," I replied.

I also told my friend that I don't believe that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the one who decided who should be PM.

"It still boils down to who Umno wants.

"Najib was number two at that time. It's for the Umno divisions to decide who is to be the party president and PM. Najib had much better support than Muhyiddin as far as they are concerned till now.

"If there is a contest for the post in a party election, Najib would had won. I believe he will still win even now. It's as simple as that."

My friend then wanted to know what should Umno do now considering the so-called trust deficit suffered by Najib.

"Wait until the next party election which is after the next general election. That's because there's no way Najib going to give up power and there's no legitimate means to force him to do so for now. Hopefully Umno and BN will still be in power at that time. I don't see any other way," I replied.

Okay, I think that's clear enough.

I'm going on a long ride in a short while.

All geared up now.

I will write again when I get back.



  1. "Wait until the next party election which is after the next general election. ... Hopefully Umno and BN will still be in power at that time. I don't see any other way,"

    I disagree. I do the Red Bean thing - say without explaining.

    Maybe I'll explain another time.


  2. Yes the 191 UMNO division chiefs, adinda Ms Annie
    and the UMNO Supreme council members are in power, think themselves big and in full comfort zone. Why would they tolerate outsiders including Tun Dr M who interfere with the internal UMNO processes to oust the current party leadership.

    Remove UMNO in-sya-Allah by all means, only during GE-14.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  3. Annie,
    Saya rasa tak payah la nak berdebat berkenaan perkara ini( siapa cakap benar dan siapa yang salah) ,tiada faedah lagi ,walau pun saya menyokong umno dan BN semakin hari hati semakin tawar dengan gelagat pemimpin peminpin yang berimankan jawatan dan kedudukan ini ,saya rasa masa sudah hampir di penghujung hayat untuk umno , tak kira lah apa yang kamu fikirkan dan kamu harapkan yang pasti umno bukan lagi parti untuk perjuang bangsa agama dan negara , umno wajib di bersihkan melalui kekalahan dan ahli ahli serta pemimpin umno perlu dicuci dan diinsafkan dengan ditarik kuasa daripada mereka ,rakyat dan diri saya tidak dapat lagi menerima manusia hipokrit didalam umno ,menteri menteri , ketua ketua bahagian ,kuncu kuncu PM , blogger blogger upahan , pemakan dedak najib serta macai macai sekeliling semua ini pelingkup bangsa dan negara. Ya banyak orang berkata pembangkang lagi buruk dan teruk , tapi sampai bila rakyat hendak di lembukan dan sampai bila pemimpin pemimpin munafik handak diinsaf malah dinyahkan dari umno yang jumlah mereka semakin hari semakin ramai.

  4. heavy rain lately Annie. be careful. jgn corner laju sangat (unless u got good tyres) :)

    baca bismillah before jalan.

    insyaallah ok

  5. All geared-up for a long drive at 1637hrs., Dear Annie?

    Your night vision must be excellent, starting off quite late in the evening. Just hope your helmet's visor is not tinted too dark, though, as in that picture.

    I love driving long distant at night too.
    Anyway, safe riding.

  6. All geared up? Well go ahead lady, you may never pass this way again .....


  7. Kipidap annie... Keep on supporting najib like your towkay locky and his machai's bujai, a voice and zakhir. You can try to show you are neutral but we all know you are covering najib's ass just like them...

  8. Based on information in the previous post where a member of Najib's staff said then DPM Najib was not a person who'd do up Pak Lah to get the PM post, that Muhyiddin was the most senior Vice President, that there was a private "four eyed" talk when tumpanging Najib's airplane after the talks in JB (however varied the reports on them were), Muhyiddin can certainly be regarded as the kingmaker for Najib.

    As Najib was seen as the interested party then, those in the UMNO Supreme Council, Pemuda and Wanita must have looked to the most senior Vice President for guidance on what stand to take. True, many, especially the pro-Pak Lah faction would not have wanted him to resign but how many may be academic now as it's already past.

    Using the term "become academic now" that's used by pro-Najib people when telling others not to ask compromising questions, hehe.

  9. Of course Najib was in a better position than Muhyiddin to be PM at that time. Najib was DPM and deputy party President whereas Muhyiddin was only a Vice President. And the issues against Najib were not so serious back then when Pak Lah was PM.

    So, there was no issue of Muhyiddin becoming PM at all when Pak Lah resigned. That Muhyiddin was reportedly asked by Tun Dr Mahathir to vie for the post when Pak Lah was tottering is not relevant now because Muhyiddin said the was not interested at that time. (Better than the words "become academic", eh?)

    Muhyiddin knew that the line of succession must not be interrupted. Just as it should not now or in the future. For the sake of UMNO's longevity.

  10. If there is party election now, Najib's winning against Muhyiddin is not certain. Najib knows it, that's why he manoeuvred to get it postponed to near PRU14. He planned it such that everybody will say by then it'd be too late to change leadership.

  11. Annie I agree with your observation but just want to map some pieces on record.

    Najib was seemed stronger by virtue of him being number one among the three Vice Presidents of Umno then. He collected the highest number of votes. A potential marked for a deputy Prime Minister.

    However, the sentiment for Muhyiddin's durability as deputy was overwhelming.

    At that time Muhyiddin's machineries were at its highest ability, subtly organized, connected and was ready for his disposal. He was a pragmatic and signature chief, across the board of anak-anak tani were with him.

    Pak Lah had full consideration for Muhyiddin. Muhyiddin was a tested, abled matured and dare to die leader.

    On record, he was abled to unite Umno Johor from the dismaying political episode. In spite of that, Johor economic growth was second to Selangor. He was a marked for Pak Lah's deputyship. Apparently, Tun's compelling self deputation for Najib overpowered Pak Lah's discretion.

    Regrettably at one particular juncture, prior to Pak Lah's appointment as the Prime Minister, Muhyiddin signed up his political blank check which spelt him as a non ambitious politician. He abided by Pak Lah's, (the coming Prime Minister) prerogative whoever his deputy were. Further, he pledged not to contest for Umno deputy presidentship. His vow of loyalty holds and remains to this day.

    The reason was simply then, to maintain political stability and harmony in Umno. Power struggles in Umno had let Umno to disunite as shown in the past. Umno can't effort to go against each other through power struggle.

    Muhyiddin took away his political gut and instincts to do that. What it meant, he offered his priceless and undivided loyalty to his party Umno first with integrity, honesty, loyalty and morality are pivotal elements of good governance by leadership.

  12. Wah, sampai hati, nak pigi jauh pun taknak kasi tahu ke mana pun, tak dapat nak kirim salam ke pesan ke.

    Ye le, ini negara bebas. Asalkan jangan ngutuk yang berkenaan banyak sangat. Aku tak, cuma nyebut fakta dan so'alan yang menesabah aje.

    Have a good trip, Annie.

  13. I won't be writing until you "write again when (you) get back." Tak syiok le nulis, tak keluor, orang tak baca, hehe.

    Nak tahu you pergi jumpa hulubalang ke, perwira ke, wira ke, maharaja ke.

    Beza perwira dgn wira tu - perwira tu warrior mcm Hang Tuah, wira tu champion mcm Mat Sabu kata kominis Mat Indera yang bakar Balai Polis Bukit Kepong zaman kecemasan kominis dulu - kupra worak Mat Sabun.

  14. Alamak, tutup semua sampai leher dan dada dan kepala. Ini serious riding nih. Steady Mem, steady. Bila hujan, jaga jaga. Orang potong, jangan panas baran.

  15. Even with helmet on looks feminine. Tumpang boleh?

  16. Hi Annie,
    Najib is tainted. He is a corrupt figure with 2.6 BILLION bank into his account. SRC 42 million also being banked in. He is a cunning and think the country owe him money. Rosmah is spending millions. Malaysians will kick Najib out. Now Najib is plotting....how to secure his power. He has no class and dignity. Fish rots from the head. If Najib can take BILLIONS, why not fellow Malaysians......corruption is a joke.