Wednesday 3 June 2015

The worst may be over for Najib

So, it turned out that,

Hisham denies resignation rumour 

Well, to be honest, I didn't really believe it when Raja Petra said the other day that it was

Hishammuddin’s last 48 hours as a Minister 

when the PM's cousin tweeted that his support for DS Najib Razak's handling of the 1MDB issue was conditional.

I wrote here that, "Hishammuddin seems quite brave to me now....either that or he was actually not sure what he was talking about when he twitted that conditional support thingy."

I think it would had been very bad for Najib if Hishammuddin really meant to abandon him.

As it turned out, the whole thing was just a false alarm.

Coincidently (or maybe intentionally) Hishammuddin's denial of rebelling against his cousin came after DPM TS Muhyiddin Yassin returned from overseas last night.

Now that Muhyiddin had also declined to make a clear stand, I believe the worst is over for Najib as far as the internal rebellion was concerned.

The real immediate danger to Najib has always been Muhyiddin as the guy is in the best position to replace him.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad may be Najib's harshest critic but the almost 90-year-old statesman will not be the one who is going to take over the premiership from him.

So now that Muhyiddin had decided to lay low, maybe for a while, the pressure has to a certain extent been lifted off Najib's back.

Dr Mahathir may continues his attacks but Najib could probably take comfort from the fact that his former mentor have nothing really new to throw at him.

All these were however not reasons for the Najib's camp to rejoice or gloat about.

They should know that the general public unhappiness towards Najib continues to simmer.

It will be fatal for Najib if his team failed to realize this situation.

The PM now has to plan on how to prepare for the next general election under such condition.

He also needs to make sure the rebellion doesn't flare up to dangerous level again.

All the stupid macais and their attack dogs must be put on leash.

Najib needs to realize who are the ones actually saving him and who are among his people making things worse for him.

If the prime minister is smart, he would know how to separate the good ones and the "garbage".

Otherwise, he may survive this internal rebellion but will be ripped to pieces along with Umno and Barisan Nasional in the next general election.

That is just less than three years from now.

It's not an awfully long time, okay.


  1. It was bound to happen anyway as there was always an air of inevitability about the whole thing. Beyond the rhetoric, brinksmanship, ideal boast and sundry posturing, the Erdogan faction of PAS was always walking on a knife’s edge, awaiting the moment when it would fall off the long plank into the green tempest below to be chomped to pieces by the extremist turbaned sharks.

    PAS goes to its poll fully knowledgeable what it must do surgically to survive and flower politically. The extremist ulama faction had always dilly dallied on this in the knowledge that as long as the “new, moderate” PAS sandiwara played out, the party stood every chance of milking the electoral cow off its moderate liberal votes from new Age Islam liberal poseurs, to disaffected anti Malay Chingk and Injun scum to go with its 15% traditional support base from the Malay agrarian and littoral heartland. As long as the extremists could keep a leash on the Erdogans, thing were hunky dory as PAS could use the ulama face to hoodwink the rural simpleton bumpkins in the sawahs and perahus of the North and East and its “moderate liberal progressive” face to beguile,bewitch and seduce the seemingly clever but actually stupid, conceited and condescending liberal Malay, Chingk and Injun cohort ensconced in the condos and suburbias on the Peninsular’s West Coast and South.

    But the moment, the Erdogan malignancy overreached itself by believing its own hype and began spreading within the PAS body politic, self cannibalizing the party’s innards, it was time for the extremist talibanist ulamas to act. No way could the PAS ulama jettison the obscurantist Islamic rhetoric that is their very being and no way could they be replaced by a bunch of Chingdick milking Anwarinas, injected into the party by the other KJ (go figure who he is)

    And what better way to do that than to excise and dump the whole Erdogan coterie who have served its purpose and who have run out of value. And what better place to do the slaughter than at the Muktamar with a whole horde of like minded turbaned or kopiahed extremists egging them on. You see the Erdogans never stood a chance…that’s why they dare not register PASMA amd that’s why Husam ran away when invited to challenge Hadi after Ahmad Awang was inserted as spoiler ala Tuan Ibrahim in the Sabu vs Nash showdown of 2011. No way, the Erdogans were slaughetered at branch level all throughout the peninsular and will be at this muktamar in all wings.

    So what will be the outcome? Simple. Pas to emerge internally stronger and more clearly defined, ready and well equipped to consolidate their Malay-Muslim strongholds in the heartland besides making solid and deep rooted gains into UMNO territory particularly in large swathes of FELDA in the East Coast and the disaffected Malay urban underclass in Johore and elsewhere. (The alarm bells are already chiming : 7K staying away in Rompin, Malay heartland of Permatang Pasir voting PAS in Permatang Pauh at a bigger rate than in the DUN outcome; 1.95 for FGV shares and falling thus exposing FELDA’s underbelly to full view, Tabung Haji …blah blah blah and I am not talking about other things yet)

    Warrior 231

  2. Part 2

    PAS has read the mood well. It knows that vast numbers of Malays have become more radicalized either secularly or spiritually. DAP inflicted humiliations and Chingk Muslim/Malay goading in general, have driven many Malays to seek ironically, not UMNO’s comfort, but PAS’s hearth (provided it morphed back to its radical aura which it is precisely doing at this Muktamar).

    Besides that, Malays have become disillusioned with the high costs of surviving (NOT ‘Living”, mind you), the widespread and pernicious perception of corruption, the consistent erosion of malay economic holdings, the spiraling unemployability of their offspring, the rocketing costs of housing, the jing bangs and shenanigans of obese elites and badly coiffured freaks, the nagging and growing suspicion that Tanah Melayu is slipping away from their grasp etc.

    Throw into that equation, the end world eschatology that chimes well with all the prevailing decay and decadence, the rise of Kharijism via the Islamic State et al…and you have the marginalization of the Malay center in full swing. Yep….PAS will be the DIRECT beneficiary of all the above provided they reTalibinize themselves which is what they are exactly doing now.

    Deluded rant? Well, sadly, the Warrior has been spot on long ago with what is about to unfold at this Muktamar. So given that, what’s stopping him from being spot on regarding PRU 14? Terengganu, Kelantan, Kedah, Pahang and Johore to be PAS bastions come 2018 with Perak and Selangor in limbo. The Federal government mired in chaos with no one coalition being able to muster the required numbers to form a government but with one party calling the shots in a hung parliament. Who? Why PAS of course but with a huge price; the Talibanisation of Malaysia in return for parliamentary support. Now wouldn’t that make all those mocking PAS as a soon to be Parti Pantai Timur shit away in fear……hahahaha

    So folks, another finger up for PAS and a middle finger to all those idiots, morons, imbeciles, fuckheads, shitheads and toadies from both sides of the divide who conspired in a ghastly manner to fuck the politico-economic system, burn interracial and interreligious harmony, destroy the 1957Constitution and its Social Contract Siamese twin and in the process consciously deliver the country to a rabble of ragheads, turbaned lollipops and goateed nincompoop…It was always a train wreck in slow motion, wasn’t it? I weep for you, My beloved Country.

    Warrior 231

    1. Ini copy dari m bombastic, ambo dok page!

  3. Annie,
    I beg to differ you opinion of BN will be whitewashed in next GE....
    Situation of PR questionable....always agree to disagree.You cannot make sound decision on this principle of running a nation...the rakyat is watching.
    Most of the rakyat that are anti establishment now are the urbanists,and they tried to oust the BN in GE 13 but failed due to our constitutional ruling of who is legitimate to govern,not popular votes but how many seats a party won in the election.The same story will happen.
    BNs votes banks are the rural folks and sinced last GE they had been looked after well,increase in BRIM handout better infrature built esp in Sabah and Swk.
    Most of govt iniatiatives now is slowly adapted by the rakyat,recent petrol hike,no ho haa,GST issues is slowly quiten down.1 MDB so confused to not only the rural folks but I bet to the urbanites too,basing on comments from bloggers.
    Every party had strategy,and I bet BN and Najib had too,afterall they had been ruling for more than 58 yrs .History had seen that UMNO will be stronger if they are threatened esp when Religion,Race and the position of the Sultans
    PR must stop bickering at each other,esp PAS and DAP as if they keep on going like it is now PKR will suffer most.PKR do not have grassroot members,only surface when there is party election.Few of their leaders are facing court cases and they may lose their right to contest.
    Correctly less than 3 yrs is not awfully long time,not to BN only but to PR too to pull their socks up as the fence sitters are really the smart voters than party members.

    1. PR will win GE14 for the same reason why Malays voted BN in PRU13: PR will be seen as the lesser of two evils. As Annie's survey indicated, the battle will be close, but BN will win simply because pro BN supporters will not be coming out to vote, whereas PR supporters will never vote for anything other than PR. BN won GE13 despite 1 million Umno members not coming out to vote, because atas pagar votes saved them. In GE14, BN will no longer have the support of atas pagar voters. Rompin sent that strong message through which Muhyiddin picked up but Najib continues to choose to remain in denial. Goodbye, BN.

      PS: I am pro government. But I don't support Najib. If Najib remains, I won't be voting.

    2. Correction:

      PR will win GE14 for the same reason why Malays voted BN in PRU13: it will be seen as the lesser of two evils. As Annie's survey indicated, the battle will be close, but PR will win simply because pro BN supporters will not be coming out to vote...

  4. Annie,

    last time when somebody asked me about who to vote, ill explain the option we had, PR and BN. what is the pro and cons of two and why BN is better because of the clear policies that BN has and how we can tackle the weaknesses of BN on implementation part. and why PR will never be a good governement due to their loose pact, unclear policies and god knows what will happen at the implementation stage when the policies itself were not right.

    Today, after assessing the 1MDB issue and how government handle it and how one person could run everything and make decision alone (read najib), Ive lost faith on BN especially UMNO and its leadership.

    If anybody ask me who to vote, I will surely not suggesting BN anymore. Its up to them. Let it be if PR will run the country. I am willing to accept the risks because what government do with 1MDB is totally unacceptable and shows arrogant and low level of integrity and accountability (i am not talking about the results of the audit but the conduct and how they answer the question). I am nobody, but i have my circle of influence, my family, relatives, my ex schoolmates, my neighbourhood and my cyber friends. Lets see what happen come next PRU.

    budak jawa

  5. it doesnt really matter if najib is save or not. wht matters is if BN gonna win next GE.

    if he stays, BN will lose. its just as easy as tht. in diff term we call tht syok sendiri. patting their own backs, congratulating themselves but with nothing much to contribute to the nation.

    it also shows tht umno members are just yes man and are willing to be complicit to the 1mbd fiasco and willing to close both eyes and ignore the fact tht people are suffering because of 1mbd. its just like wht jebatmustdie said, the seat must be very comfortable up there.

    tht shows the integrity, accountability and morale tht these umno people has.

    wht a ba ta? i feel like spitting...

    so wht if najib is save? they will see a malay tsunami like never before.

  6. Warrior 321,

    Pahang becoming a PAS bastion in 2018? Hahaha

  7. During PRU13, I voted for the devils I know instead of the devils I don't know. Too bad the devils I know turned out to be totally unacceptable. Their kepala devil mismanagement of the Govt funds and economy is unforgivable. So come PRU14, I will vote for the devils I don't know. I'll take the risk. If Malaysia turned to ashes after that, then maybe come PRU15 a phoenix will emerge.

    Que sera sera. What will be will be.

  8. Wa manyak ingat eaa aa ,Bulayu semua mesti mau UBAH maa aa , itu Cina lama sutak ubah lea aa ,mesti itu macam punya ,tatak ubah lagi lor rr.

    Apa guna galoh-galoh maa aa , mau cali macam itu Tun mana lapat lagi maa aa , Wa ingat itu uncle Lim punya team's mesti bolih bikin lebih babut punya maa aa.

    Wa manyak lespect itu Tun M ,tapi sutak dua PM, mana atak selupa.


  9. Aa miin In-sya-Allah Yg Bhg DS Haji A Hadi & DS Mohd Najib :

    "That which does not kill us makes us stronger .. "

    -- 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Among Nietzsche's other ruminations:

      "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

      "Not necessity, not desire - no; it is the love of power that is the demon of men. Let them have everything else - health, food, a place to live, entertainment - but they remain unhappy and low-spirited: because the demon waits and waits and will be satisfied."

    2. Haji M Zin represents the outdated UMNO thinking that will be jettisoned by the atas pagar come GE14. UMNO has been surviving based on suggested blackmail of "Kalau bukan UMO, Melayu akan mati". 1MDB was the turning point, where upon Malays saw that UMNO today is not the UMNO of yesterday. So it will not be the UMNO of tomorrow. Tomorrow, UMNO will be no more, and no Malay will weep for the demise of an arrogant, self-serving and highly corrupt virus. Good riddance, UMNO. And good riddance, Haji M Zin.

    3. Haji m zin ni syok sendiri. Komen dia pun merapu tak tentu arah...


    4. Right or wrong UMNO will in-sya-Allah prevail Sdr ANON 23:08 together with East Malaysia Bumi coalitions.
      The 11th Sarawak state elections should be very indicative.

      As for my rid, will be exactly what Allah SWT has decreed.
      ( Surah at-Taubah, 9: 51 )

      Re. 1MDB is what else but rubber stamped(?) by Parliaments PAC exactly in Tan Sri Speakers Pandikar favourite depection kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  10. Why worry so much of PRU 14 and BN losing. Still few years to go. At the moment the Malay vote may be split but BN still have the chinese votes.. If DAP cannot contain PAS then the chinese will think that all is not right and vote all for BN. The chinese are always calculative and pragmatic. Remember 1999? Who save Tun M's ass back then?.Even LKS and the late KS had to go.It may happen again and the chinese will dump the DAP into the longkang again if they dont sort out their problems with PAS.

  11. Yang banyak cakap nak undi PR ini serupa juga pada GE 13,tapi result nya BN jua perintah.Selagi orang pekan ini tak gunakan otak bila buat komen,selagi itu BN perintah.Najib tahu jaga aja hati orang kampong,dia selamat sebab tak payah nak fikir banyakx sebab jumlah pengundi satu kawasan di bandar macam Puchong sama dengan tiga kawasan di luar bandar.Itu sebab lah pada GE 13,UMNO saja menang kerusi Parlimen lebih kurang sama banyak dengan parti ketiga parti dalam PR
    Tambahan sekarang situasi PR tidaklah memberangsangkan
    PKR....ada kemungkinan kuasa berlaku antara Azmin dan WAWI..dan kalau ini berlaku PKR akan hancor kerana mereka tidak ada ahli akar umbi
    PAS.... perpecahan mungkin akan berlaku di antara pihak Ulama dan Edrogan,dan ada kemungkinan pihak Ulama menjadi BN friendly dan tidak semestinya jadi ahli BN..
    DAP .....status quo,tapi rungutan telah mula kedengaran terutama di Png di mana parti lebih tumpukan perhatian kepada kelemahan Federal Govt, tapi kurang kepada local problem,terutama perumahan,kemudahan asas lain,malah ada kedengaran slogan UBAH mereka sudah ditukar kepada NAIK...sebab semua kos naik,air,sewa kedai dan yg lainx.
    Walau bagaimana pun samax lah lihat dan tunggu,dlm jangkamasa 2 setengah tahun lagi.........

  12. Dear Annie, 3 years is not a long time. I have been giving my vote to BN for the past 6 elections without fail and this time around ,come what may, I will take my whole family for a holiday so that I dont have to waste our vote for him