Wednesday 10 June 2015

Observing Najib-Dr Mahathir from the blogs that rock

It's almost midnight as I start to write this.

I really don't have anything interesting to write except the ongoing spat between the camps of PM DS Najib Razak and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

I know, those from the Dr Mahathir's camp had commented in my previous posts that I should describe it as Najib versus rakyat, but I think I need to be fair by not putting it that way.

Well, yesterday, I was mostly reading blogs listed in rocky's bru  main blogroll, which touched on the issue.

I'm just going to tell you what I saw from both camps.

The first that I read in the morning was Dave Avram's

So who really is Lim Kok Wing and how much do we know of him? 

Interestingly, Malaysia Online (The Mole) later in the day has this story,

Lim Kok Wing denies Nothing2Hide involvement

Then, when I got to office, I found Jebat's rather good and simple explanation on parts of the 1MDB issue,

IPIC – The RM3.6 billion payment for 1MDB dummies

That made me noticed the explanation on the matter in the blog of the prime minister the previous night.

Najib among others wrote that Dr Mahathir should also be blamed for the country's current mess....or something like that.

I'm sorry that I can't find the direct link to it because somehow the PM's blog administrators made it quite difficult when I tried to find it.

You simply have to go to the PM's main blog page and try to find it there,

And of course Dr Mahathir later yesterday afternoon had his own latest post where he wrote about,


Well, I think Dr Mahathir was more questioning than explaining things. Not at all as suggested by the title of his post.

Later on, I also noticed that some bloggers in the Najib's camp were beginning to favor a peace talk.

At least two of Najib's supporters in Rocky's blogroll supported the call by Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin for Najib and Dr Mahathir to meet privately and settle their differences.

Jailani Harun of Just Read wrote about it and asked the two guys to

Settle it! 

while Parpukari told everyone this,


But then again, Dr Mahathir in his posting yesterday had wrote;

10. I don’t think we can resolve the problem of where the 1MDB money has gone through four-eyed meetings. Najib can resolve through proving beyond reasonable doubt that no money has disappeared from the 42 billion borrowed.

And of course Sabah assembly speaker DS Salleh Mohd Keruak was whacking Dr Mahathir as usual,

Stop questioning and instead give us the answers, Mahathir 

Meanwhile, supporters of Dr Mahathir were also on the offensive starting late in the afternoon,

Senior journalist and blogger Datuk A Kadir Jasin wrote,

N2H: Arul Kanda not Dr Mahathir who Spooks the PM 

with Syed Akbar Ali commenting on it with the question of,

Zeti's penchants ...?? 

And then Firdaus Abdullah of Apanama last night being very brave wrote,

Rulers are above politics and 1MDB is a scandal - AMPUN TUANKU

Well, there you have it ; stuff from a single blogroll that I read today as an observer of the Najib-Dr Mahathir unrest.

No matter what his detractors said about Rocky these days, I think his main blogroll still consists a fair balance of both sides.


  1. the peace talk ? four eye meeting? if anyone read the chedet then theyll know its been done, on tun m's own initiative. tht is why in one of the press statement he made, he said tht the time to talk has way since passed.

    kj as usual only making an opportunist move. as long as it looks good on him. he didnt want to get involve but he needed to sound like he care. its a brilliant move actually, but if there any sincerity in it? thts the diff btw a good leader and the opportunist. and when u know this guy since pak lah it gets to the level of me wanting to puke.

    but who cares right since the younger generation are oblivious to the fact of who kj really is.

    dear annie, losing billions and not millions and risking the malaysia's future with it is not a simple matter. ringgit is going down again againts the usd. someone is accountable. the blog wanted to be all nice and say make room for najib, let him breath. well the rakyat never get the chance. things are getting worst.

    again annie, when should we hold najib accountable for his fail leadership?

    why do bloggers keep making excuses for him ? its billions, not millions !

    1. Its "bilyun" not billion. "milyun" not millions - when u pronounce it like that UMNO people can understand

  2. Next election is for PAS to lose.

  3. Rosmeldajib just had fun ride all over the world wif new VIP jet.
    Why should hubby Ahjib gave up as PM
    Come on lh,there r many more places to go on new jet

  4. The sooner we come to understand that this sordid public affair is not about partisan politics the better. It is indeed very much about a major act of criminality and a breach of the citizens' trust on the part of the Prime Minister's Office. Only His Royal Highness should be capable of adjudicating the investigations and inquiry into the 1MDB's travesty of governmental rule.

    1. Dear annie, my perception of thIs fiasco is that it is not an act of foolishness, or tak Ada telur or things like that. It is a criminal act, with intent to deceive the general public for the benefit of a few

  5. Apa nak jadi , jadilah , mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya , expect for the worst is more appropriate ,rather then hoping for the best.

    Seperti mencurah air di daun keladi , UMNO is to proud to listen to any advice , and it's beyond stimulation, that nothing much the Malay can do to revive back ,to UMNO that the Malays used to lay their hope .

    Some may argued that UMNO is not the problem ,that only Najib has to go ,but practically the whole bunch are stink's , biarlah berputih mata daripada ,berputih tulang .

    There always calm's after the storm , just hope ,not much damage is done .

    1. Ate end of their rock and roll, Kangkung Bogeyman and Superhair Doodledo will know it's nobody's fault but theirs . . .

  6. I know, those from the Dr Mahathir's camp had commented in my previous posts that I should describe it as Najib versus rakyat, but I think I need to be fair by not putting it that way.

    Annie, kalau ini sekadar Najib Mahathir, kenapa pula kita buang masa dan tenaga untuk bercakap isu yang sama, setiap jam, setiap hari, setiap minggu dan setiap bulan. Ia sudah jadi isu rakyat.

    Kalau bukan 1MDB, GST mungkin ada sedikit kelonggaran dan lebih soft perlaksanaannya. tetapi dalam masa yang sama isu GST menampilkan watak sebenar Menteri yang pak lawak dan dungus serta kelemahan seluruh jentera kerajaan bermula dari menteri hingga pegawai kerajaan yang tidak berapa faham perlaksanannya.

    Sebagai ahli perniagaan, majoriti kalau pun tidak boleh gunapakai kesemuanya, sedang mengalami kemerosotan perniagaan, bermaksud kemerosotan pendapatan dan bukan satu dongeng jika ada yang perlu tutup perniagaan dan mengurangkan pekerja bukan satu cerita aneh lagi.

    Dalam keadaan harga barang naik seseorang itu hilang pula pekerjaan (?) Apakah itu bukan pertentangan Najib dengan Rakyat ?
    Kalau yang hilang pekerjaan itu bukan kita, ia mungkin adik beradik kita, tidak pun jiran kita, tidak pun kawan kepada kawan kita atau jmungkin yang kita pernah kenal dia sebelum ini...

    Bagaimana nasib anak isterinya ? Sudah tentu tak dapat beli handbag baru atau buat rambut raya ni, baju raya pun belum tentu mampu beli.

    Kebanyakan yang kita katakan di sini bukan soal kita, bukan soal kesusahan kita tetapi soal dan kesusahana rakyat bawahan....Kalau kita bukan Menteri pun boleh terfikir, bukan tanggungjawab kita, kenapa Najib dan Menterinya tidak terfikir?

    1. Apa yang nak difikirkan kerana ia bukan isu kepada yang berfikiran positif. Hanya yang lemah saja menokok tambah kepada perkara yang separuh benar.


  7. Yes make 1MDB performance transparent & analysed, adinda Ms Annie
    ( BoD accountable, and criminal charges for fraudsters kan? )
    but no choice really except to save this sovereign wealth company.

    How to agree with YAB Tun Dr M and opposition agenda however in adding the big big political uncertainty of change in PM?

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH.

    1. What are you saying Zin? Call an elephant a trunk or a whip like blind men?


    2. Systemic issues solved by political change Sdr ANON 12:10
      during GE-14 to change government and appoint the PM.

      1MDB rescue:
      The patient 1MDB has to be saved intensive care if necessary being our national asset or liability what(?) depending on which side people.

      By separating the issues we do not get emotionally hung up like many here unable to separate the elephant and the trunk,
      then start calling the good people on the other side as elephant dung(?)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. So the advisor of 1MDB , the Ministry of Finance can just go scot free is it Tuan Hj.?
      Macam tu aku pun layak jadi MOF.


    4. PM Chairs Bo Advisors which is not the BoDs Sdr ANON 15:55

      Anyway you have to leave it to the 191 UMNO Bahagian Lords IF they are ready to ditch this PM and then to find a replacement amongst the next layer of their Kepimpinan(?)
      No thank you, and in-sya-Allah won't happen.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. M Zin alor gajah ni celaru sikit. Tapi takpa lah biarkan dia begitu. Itu hak dia utk berfikir begitu. Mungkin namanya pun bukan M Zin


    6. Kita alukan penjelasan yang tak celaru Sdr ANON 20:23

      1) constitutional law, berkenaan proses menukar PM
      2) company law, berkenaan BoDs, tahu?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. Good Job Tuan Hj.

  8. maaf..yg aq tak paham...mengapa dan kenapa yg kununnye bijak pandai masih menyokong kemana menghilang lebih 20 bilyun bkn ratus ribu bkn ribu riban dan utang 42 bilyun seluruh rakyat m'sia ntah sampai brapa keturunan yg akan bayaq...cuba lah annie rocky papa gomo tak spin tp putarbelit dan yg nyokong pm lanun pengecut cerita dgn telus dan terusterang pd aq rakyat m'sia sbb aq yg nanggung beban hutang najib...

  9. Im Malaysian and im demanding answer too from the prime moron. Rm42b will b forced on us to shoulder through ridiculous taxes, increase in prices of goods, controlled price on petrol/diesel and so much more...
    Gst has, still and will be a burden to us the poor rakyat...
    Luxury lifestyle with own financing is none of our business but with Tax Payers money, they will be cursed forever.

    So Annie, these issues are not just Tun's issue. They are rakyat's issues with the govt led by pmoron. If you can show prove that non of those pakcik/makcik/uncle/auntie and everyone at the market or pasaraya has anything to complaint about 1mdb/gst, then only you can say that it is najib-tun issue.

    Also let us not forget that the prime moron had few times LIED to all Malaysians!!!

    1. 'Abdur-Rahman bin Samura narrated this:
      The Prophet said, "O 'Abdur-Rahman! Do not seek to be a ruler, for if you are given the authority that you demand then you will be held responsible for it, but if you are given it without seeking it, then you will be assisted (by Allah) in your affairs. And if you ever take an oath to do something, but later on you find something else is better, then you should expiate your oath and do what is better."
      (Sahih Bukhari)

    2. Singapore has GST. Yet it can afford a corporate income tax rate of 17 percent and a top income tax rate of 20 percent and run a budget surplus.

      Oh, yah - and having the Singapore Dollar moving towards the 2.80 Ringgit level.

  10. Annie,

    you said: "I know, those from the Dr Mahathir's camp had commented in my previous posts that I should describe it as Najib versus rakyat, but I think I need to be fair by not putting it that way."

    How can you be fair by not putting it that way?

    See I was and is not a big fan of Mahathir himself. I have long oppose him with regard to several issues like MAS, Renong, Perwaja etc...

    But now when it come to 1MDB and GST, yes I am with him....It is not just his issue...It is indeed Rakyat (or most) issue...

    I know a lot of Pro Najib bloggers like to paint it as Najib vs Mahathir....but this is unfair. Not all of us that are actually championing this 1MDB issue are actually on Mahathir camp! Not at all.

    Rocky Bru inclination is clear based on his writing...just because he has a "balance" blog roll it doesnt mean that he is neutral.....Similar thing can be said to dinturtle...have you seen his blogroll? It is quite balance as well.

    1. Did Mahathir ever accused or hinted that Najib has used his (Mahathir's) money? No. It's rakyat's money.

      So how can this be TDM v Njeep?

    2. Excellent. Why isn't Nufam asking hard questions about how MAS was run during the time Tun Dr Mahathir was PM?

      I suppose that's a "sensitive issue" and Nufam finds it easier to be populist and threaten to call MAS flight attendants out on strike.

      Stupid, right?

  11. Why don't Najib appoint Dr M as a special advisor to 1MDB to clear the air between them both and to provide the old man's expertise in clearing up the mess?

    1. You must be kidding

    2. No joke. Can the Dr complain at the lack of info? No. Does it show some respect to the elder statesman from the PM? Yes. Who will complain about it? Only the opposition, while the civil war in UMNO is calmed down. Mind you, it will take some bravery from both of them to accept the peace, but it will give Najib more time to reorder UMNO in his own image.

  12. Neutral blogroll but very obviuos under whose payroll.
    The blogroll had been there since the blog started.

  13. The Edge, Malaysian Insider and in particular Sir Wenger Khairy is my preferred source for info on 1MDB. Appeals to the professional and diplomatic corps

  14. Salleh Kruak i hope i get his name right is on a roll. It seems he blogs more frequent than he visits dentist. What he blogs also i dont know but it must have something to do with mahathir. he however never dispute the fact that 1mdb is a huge financial problem. He also never say anything about how monies becomes units. He doesnt know that why the banks were very concerned and wanted their money back once monies become units or about to become units.
    He doesnt know much about property prices and apparently he is playing dumb about 1mdb cashflow problem. He doesnt know 1mdb has no money but they suddenly got money because the valuation of land they buy suddenly being upped by government.

    I also dont know you can do that. But i am not the subject

    This guy know very little. He knows nothing

  15. Who say it's Mahathir vs Najib? It's me vs Najib la..I also dowan my money being songlapped la...

  16. Dear Annie,

    This is akin to a football match.

    Najib vs Rakyaat

    Match referee - TDM

    Linesmen - Rafizi and Tony Pua

    Match Inspector - Salleh Ketiak

    Match Commentators - Ahmad Maslan 3.85 and Sahidan

    Groundsman - Arul Nasi Kanda Samy

    Official Bookie - Jho Low

    Official Fan Club - KJ

    Official Match Advertiser - Sarawak Report

    Official FIFA Rep - HRH TMJ

    Official Drink - Rocky Brew

    Official Logo - ILOVEPM

    Official Broadcaster - TV3 Suku

    Official Hair Cream Sponsor - Lim Cock Wing

    Official Security - Outsyed the Box and Kadir Jasin

    Official Team Chaperone - Rosmah Birkin

    Official Transportation - Annie Express

    Match Venue and Date - To Be Decided

    Tickets - To Contact GST Ahmad Maslan


  17. Then, when I got to office, I found Jebat's rather good and simple explanation on parts of the 1MDB issue in the scholarship essay writing help is very best and informative blog.