Wednesday 17 June 2015

Guan Eng's strategic tantrum

You all probably have by now read all kind of commentaries about Pakatan being dead after DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng announced so yesterday.

Yay! We win! So cheered the Barisan Nasional and Umno people.

I beg to differ though.

To me, it's just little boy Guan Eng throwing another tantrum.

However, this time it's a strategically designed tantrum, actually.

Go ahead and read again Guan Eng's statement.

Did he say anything about DAP quitting Pakatan?

No, right.

He just said that Pakatan is dead because the Pas people had gone crazy doing this and that.

He also said that the DAP central working committee (CWC) still wants to be in "pakatan" with PKR.

So, what DAP (or more precisely Guan Eng) wants is DAP being in a reformatted Pakatan, but be seen as not in alliance with the now more hardline Islamist Pas.

Really, that's how I read Guan Eng's statement yesterday.

And this is probably what happened at the DAP CWC meeting:

Guan Eng: I don't want us to be seen as friends of Pas anymore. Their ulama gang who are now in charge were scaring the Chinese and Christians of Sabah and Sarawak.

DAP CWC members: Yes boss (in unison).

Guan Eng: But we must work together with PKR. We need the urban Malays' votes. Let the Pas people go on their own to steal away the kampung Malays and those in Felda settlements from Umno by selling their hudud and Islamic state mumbo jumbo.

DAP CWC members : Yes boss (in unison).

Guan Eng: To make it seems real, I'm going to put some drama to my statement by saying that Pakatan is dead. The Umno people will go ga ga to that. Don't worry. The Chinese worship me. We are not going to lose their votes. In fact, we have everything to gain by distancing ourselves from those Pas crazies.

DAP CWC members: Hallelujah! You are the smartest and greatest of them all! (bow in unison).

Guan Eng: Of course I am.

Really, I don't think BN people, especially from Umno should be overjoyed by the latest development.

I am quite sure that not only they are not going to get the Chinese votes which will remain with DAP, they will also be facing,

A definitely stronger Pas


  1. Dont be fooled by Guan Eng's statement. This gemparan 9.7 ritcher scale hahahahaha.... Najib is soo horny until he cum like thunder!!!!! Kahkahkahkah

  2. But then it's now all dependent on PKR. They now couldn't just stay silent. I believe PKR would eventually side with PAS. Only after PKR made their position known we could actually see where would this heading to. Right now just enjoy the show.

  3. The people has definitely been taken for a ride by Guan Eng and DAP.

    Last GE, people gave support to Pakatan that led them to win Penang and few other states.

    Now Guan Eng is asking PAS members to resign from Penang government.

    To be specific, resign from DAP-led Penang government. Wait, what?!! I didn't know you can shift the goal post at your whim and fancy.

    Now Penang government belongs to DAP, not to Pakatan. All those votes from PAS members in the last GE really are meaningless.

    1. Yes,how can DAP claims Penang belongs to them if they only have 19 out of 40 DUN seats? They cannot form the state government without PKR and PAS.

      Now DAP tries to mislead everybody that the PAS Muktamar has decided to break ties with DAP. Actually the resolution passed during Muktamar only suggest to Majlis Syura to cut ties with DAP. So it still depends on Majlis Syura to decide.

  4. haha why would umno be all ga ga ga. if pas is out from pakatan or the pakatan is over, majority malay will vote for pas.

    thts wht happen when u keep najib around.

  5. Whatever happened to Pakatan, the people are so fed up with Najib that they rather not vote than vote for BN. From those who still come out to vote, many would rather vote for anything but UMNO/BN. Either way, if Najib stays, UMNO/BN will be severely dented. PAS will be the big winner and the kingmaker.

    1. It wouldn't be a surprise to see BN to lose to the Opposition in Peninsula Malaysia in GE14 with DAP holding all the Cainis seats and PAS stealing all the grey seats they were fighting with UMNO.

      Soon, PAS and Sarawak will the kingmaker.

      I wouldn't mind Adenan Satim as PM though...a BN leader who actually has balls.

    2. Umno will win big next time around.


  6. The first episode of DAP's wayang trying to meddle with PAS election is just over ,and it's turned out, bitter for them.

    Now they are coming to second episode ,the outcome is very much expected ,let see what the hero can do .

    All the three are palying games ,to sell to Najib Razak .


  7. Guan Eng: We will use Mat Sabu and the progressive PAS leaders to bring in their stupid PAS members through PasMa. When they we win big in the next GE and move into Putrajaya, we just kick all of them out like we did to Haji Hadi and the PAS Ulama.

    DAP CWC members: Wah! You are the smartest Tokong in the world boss. (bow in unison)

    Guan Eng: Of course I am. What was that Blackmoon call me "The Braggart" for?

    Blackmoon: he..he..he.

  8. Chinese or Malay we don't smell the rose no more ....

  9. Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan kepada Annie yg dikasihi!!!

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  10. Is there a Pakatan or not?

    No Pakatan, no state government for Penang and Selangor!Why are they still there if Pakatn is dead?
    What is this bullshit scam?

    Nothing from Sultan Selangor yet?

  11. Annie you can say what you want about DAP and LGE.......but they have progressed for the last 8 years and the majority folks are quite happy with the way the administration has functioned in Penang.

    The Auditor General or SPRM has not found any incriminating evidence of wrong doing or corrupt activities.Umno with its hungry vultures hovering around, has not found anything substantial to harp on.Of course MCA and Gerakan are continuing with their idiosyncrasies which is akin to a barking dog.
    It appears you don't like a clean and transparent administration.

    Oh, please don't brand me as a oppo or a DAP supporter/evangelist / red bean.
    I was a BN supporter during TDM'S rule and now for the past 2 elections I spoilt my vote on election day.


    1. Old man should join Dap along samad.

  12. Can't believe that you subscribe to this line of thinking. Respect your enemy or BN shall always be in a self-imposed bubble. Wake up. The opposition is formidable & quite capable. Going forward, it's all about providing a better program than the Opposition.

  13. My son hardly whispers on politics. Just missed voting last GE13 and definitely this GE14.

    First time I heard him voice his displeasure.
    Kalau Japan dah lama resign gracefully.
    Habis la Najib..

    Budak mentah gini pun dah mula meluat!

  14. Orang politik asyik main politik rakyat yang merana, orang politik kaya raya rakyat masih mcm gitu jugak.


  15. DAP CWC members : Now this problem, about the urban Malays' votes?
    Guan Eng : What (?) no worry, they'll still vote PKR.
    DAP CWC members : Not PKR members. the voters have always been the hard-core PAS grassroots and PAS professionals, Boss!

    Whatever angle one looks PKR is totally irrelevant, imprisoned DS forgotten
    and DAP can just fight alone and win all the Chinese majority seats.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH