Tuesday 2 June 2015

Najib needs a plan to win over Dr Mahathir's supporters

My sources had indicated that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will push for the resignation of PM DS Najib Razak all the way to the next general election.

There will be no more talk about finding the middle ground, said one of them.

Those loyal to the elderly statesman appeared ready to go all the way too.

Here is a report by Malaysia Online (The Mole):

Anti-Najib bloggers shot down truce idea

They are TS Zainuddin Maidin, Firdaus of Apanama and Syed Akbar Ali. Also featured was Big Dog, who was described as seemingly neutral.

I was hoping for these fellow bloggers to at least contemplate coaxing Dr Mahathir to consider trying another discussion with Najib.

Well, no such luck there.

On the PM's side, Najib probably have his own "generals" who told him that they can actually quash the rebellion led by Dr Mahathir without damaging Umno and Barisan Nasional.

After all, Dr Mahathir doesn't have much compared to the PM's arsenal of mainstream media, advisers, consultants, the advantageous position of being the incumbent PM and Umno president etc.

Personally, I don't think Umno and BN can afford such a fight if they hope to do well in the next general election.

I do wonder what's the plan of Najib's people once they had vanquished Dr Mahathir.

Are they going to chop off every Dr Mahathir's loyalists from the party?

How about Dr Mahathir's son Mukhriz, who is now the Kedah MB?

Are they going to get rid of him too?

Bear in mind that the people, especially in Kedah like the guy.

Do read this article by Jocelyn Tan which was published a few weeks after Mukhriz led Kedah Umno to victory in GE13;

MB Mukhriz makes his mark 

Now, don't tell me that Umno and BN will not suffer if they chop off someone like Mukhriz.

And for Mukhriz, there is no way he is going to keep quiet while Najib's people hammered his father.

Some may like to argue that Pakatan too seems to be in disarray now, particularly the quarreling between Pas and DAP.

However, I believe those two will patch up over the next two and a half years as both sides, up to today have shown no intention of pulling out of the coalition which works so well at chipping at BN's dominance in the past two general elections.

This is Pas' take about its muktamar and elections later this week which some are hoping will break up the coalition,  

No matter who wins, PAS will not abandon Pakatan Rakyat - Mustafa Ali

I know, it's tiresome thinking about it.


  1. Who --- DS Najib or Tun M --- will have the support of the common people (even those who usually shrug their shoulders and say "I Don't Care")?


  2. The tiresome part is spreading of unchecked half-truths, adinda Ms Annie
    ( Surah al-Hujuraat, 49: 6 )

    Yes to greater transparency, but are we apparently so careless in gossip?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  3. Hi,

    If either party is truly interested in the well being of the party and/or country then this thing would not have started.

    Obviously their concern is more about ruling than welfare of the people..also...on state matters...please stick to writing about Johor....

    1. Where were you the last 2 years? Marooned on Mars?

  4. Hai annie,
    Apa yang nak letih sangat fikir pasal isu ini , apa saja yang dibuat najib dan geng geng nya akan sentiasa timbul masalah yang tak akan berkesudahan kerana dari awal lagi dah dapat bau dah penubuhan 1MDB ini di buat atas niat dan matlamat yang tidak elok , sebab itu lah bila 1MDB ditubuhkan kebinet pun boleh tak tahu dan bagaimana perjalanan 1 MDB pun mereka tak tahu (kenyataan TPM) .Pertama kali dalam sejarah seorang PM boleh luluskan jaminan hutang melalui kementerian kewangan tampa kelulusan kebinet ,jadi tak payah kita samakan isu penkianatan 1MDB ini sama seperti masalah masalah GLC kerajaan dimasa lalu kali ini cukup berbeza dan korup.

    Apa saja yang akan dibuat najib dan geng geng nya selepas ini tidak akan selesaikan masalah malah akan membebankan lagi kerajaan , kerana kita tak boleh menutup apa saja benda busuk yang membesar . Apa yang rakyat takut selepas ini najib akan mengunakan wang rakyat secara mudah kerana kebinet kali ini semua yang akan sokong dengan buta tuli , kerana yang menteri banyak soal najib sudah keluar amaran suruh berhenti atau letak jawatan supaya tak ganggu sebarang pengunaan wang rakyat , ini yang dikuatiri dari perkembangan terkini .

    jadi annie saya nasihat tak payah nak letih memikirkan hal ini , kerana selagi najib PM keadaan kerajaan tidak akan bertambah baik , banyak lagi perkara mencurigakan akan berlaku .

  5. Aiyooo susah sangat ke? Just tell him to force the wife to give back the money, and then all of them stand trial. That's it. That's the only thing that would resolve all this.

  6. Hi Annie,

    You are not alone. The whole nation is tiresome with the antics on Ah Jib and Ah Mah.
    Ah Jib started the 1MDB joke and now the joke is on Ah Jib and Ah Mah.
    TDM has already vowed there is no turning back.He had said that he attempted to do damage control about 5 years ago but Ah Jib brushed him off.So there is no point in wishing for peace talks. TDM is hurt and wounded but he is getting stronger by the day because the rakyaat are solidly behind him this time......pretty soon the Bugis warrior will find himself in a corner.....all alone......abandoned and discarded.
    I have followed Malaysian politics since 1969 and never has there been a prime minister and his consort ridiculed and ostracised like Ah Jib and Ah Mah.
    Can you imagine if the unimaginable happens.......on one fine day TDM breaks down and cries for the state of Najib's Malaysia !

    Old Man

  7. Assalamualaikum annie...
    kita semua meletakkan kepercayaan kita kpd pemimpin tak kira dr pembangkang/gomen utk menjaga dan memakmurkan m'sia..nampaknya dikedua dua belah mmg langsung tidak boleh diharap..hampas pon lebih berguna dr mereka...kita mempunyai lebih ramai pemimpin yg tidak amanah dan tidak beretika diri mereka sbb bg mereka m'sia bkn Tanah tumpah darah mereka...disini mereka boleh buat apa saja tanpa dikenakan sebarang tindakan dan hukuman bila berkuasa...

  8. If Najib is not defeated before his 6th years in charge, he will survive till PRU15. Mahathir did survive in 1987 but not Pak Lah. I am working with the company with 200 staff where workers technically come from the whole country. It is a very good sample for statistics. From my reading, BN is getting stronger little bit by little bit.