Thursday 11 June 2015

There will never be another Dr Mahathir (updated)


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It's a tiring day for me today.

Don't feel like writing anything too serious.

There were already plenty of those in the other blogs at the moment anyway.

Just want to write a bit about something more mellow.

I'm usually in mellow mood at this hour before I go to sleep.

Okay, this is about the first time my heart went out to former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

It's probably one of the reasons why I can't stand people attacking him.

I was quite young when it happened and admittedly, I was not really a fan of the guy at that time.

From what I read about him back then, I thought he was too hard a man and not such a nice prime minister.

It happened that afternoon I was at the house of a person who had just died of an illness.

The place was in Bangsar.

There were not many people yet there to pay their last respect except for family members of the deceased.

Dr Mahathir, who was at that time still the prime minister arrived shortly after me.

It happened that the deceased was his friend.

Dr Mahathir was apparently attending his horse riding session at Mount Kiara when he was informed of his friend's death and had rushed to the house from there.

He was wearing a checkered shirt and jeans.

He was also still wearing his horse riding boots.

I was standing near the gate of the house as i observed his arrival.

There were only two bodyguards with him.

He performed the ablution at a pipe outside the house before going in to offer his prayers and pay his last respect.

He was inside the house for a while before coming out again.

I noticed that he appeared shaken and looked drained.

The bodyguards who were waiting for him outside the house immediately ushered him to a chair at a corner of the porch.

They must had feared that he may passed out.

Once seated, Dr Mahathir waved the bodyguards away.

It was at that moment for the first time I really realized that Dr Mahathir is actually an old man.

He really looked his age as he sat alone on that chair looking so sad and tired.

At that moment I remember telling myself that Dr Mahathir is just like any other guy.

He is just human after all.

The guy got feelings and he is definitely not a fake.

Ever since that day, I look at Dr Mahathir differently.

Whenever he looked sad, I know that he was not faking it.

For me, he is as sincere as a man could possibly be.

As to why he is attacking PM DS Najib Razak now, I believed that he is doing it because he was worried that the prime minister is not doing good enough for the country.

I think he was worried the country will come to ruin should Najib lead Barisan Nasional to a defeat in the next general election.

He must have made careful assessment and consideration before embarking on such a perilous endevour.

Whatever it is, even if Dr Mahathir was wrong about the whole thing, I still sincerely believe that he is doing it for the country.

The man is almost 90 years old, for goodness sake.

What else there is for him to wants.

He clearly doesn't mind at all for his legacy of building this country to what it is today be torn to shred if that's the sacrifice he needs to make.

He surely knew that his children will likely have to suffer setbacks in their life because of what he is doing now.

That's why I think  everyone who are against him now shouldn't be too hard on the old man no matter what.

Even if I ever decide that Najib is right, I can never stop from defending Dr Mahathir whenever anyone attacks him excessively.

These days, I always worried that his struggles may take a toll on his health.

Then there is also his soulmate Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, who is also of his age.

I'm worried that she may also suffers along with him.

One day, which I hope a long time from now, when this grand old couple are no longer with us, I think many who are now being so unkind to them will regret what they did.

There will never be others like Dr Mahathir and his wife.


  1. May Allah grant him happiness in the Hereafter!

    1. Dedication for a fine gentleman and gentlelady

  2. How Ananda Krishnan stole 8 billions from Malaysians11 June 2015 at 01:11

    Reezal Merican - Indian ARB
    Arul Kekanda - Indian 1MDB
    Ananda Krishnan - Indian beneficiary 8 billion
    Azeeez Rahim - Indian Tabung Haji
    Irwan srigar - Indian MOF
    The History of 1MDB started when Abdullah Badawi was ousted and Najib Razak
    grab his position. The UMNO Presidency is a coveted post where money falls from trees..
    Chinese companies tripped over themselves to appoint UMNO Presidents sons, brothers, fathers, daughters, father in laws. son in laws their company directors.
    And so it was Najib team of hangers on, brothers and companies quickly put into
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    Najib tried using the Trengganu angle with the chinese boy Jho Low pretending to
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    unsuspecting UMNO members or the Malays.
    Why the King of the centre of Islam would be the good aquaintance of a chinese boy from Malaysia should be the first warning bell.
    1MDB was done quietly until even Muhyidin or the cabinet dont know what they are up to?
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    Did the cabinet knows that it was going to cost the country 25 billion to get the loans to pay off Ananda Krishnan and gang. Btw Ananda is accused of bribery in India and unwanted in indonesia.
    Only UMNO Presidents love him. There was rumours a Yacht in Perth belongs to the last UMNO President who shall be nameless.

    First the KSN was Indian, Ali hamsa who promptly appointed fellow Indian Irwan Srigar into MOF, appointed other friendly indians into CEO and Charimanship of Malay trust funds and banks.

    Thus the billion ringgit robbery by Ananda Krishnan is well plan. His IPP Powertek is not worth 13 billion for the cash that UMNO govt has to cough up.
    The income from the power station cannot pay off even the interest.

    But how do you get international banks to give billion ringgit loans to 1MDB which is only capitalised with 1 million ringgit?
    Why sell the Malaysian Govenrment name of course and this is abetted by Goldman Sach, Tim Leiners who are personal friends of Najib and

    Picture of Rosmah and his celebrity wife was on Sarawak Post.

    So that is the real story behind the billions stolen by Ananda Krishnan through 1MDB. That is why Jho Low complained why is the focus on him
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    1. Interesting stuff there bro..

  3. Thanks Annie.
    I really appreciate what you wrote about Dr.M. You're right.
    "There will never be others like Dr Mahathir and his wife."

    I think Najib's ball-polisher have gone too far.
    Last Tuesday, TV3 aired grievances from some taxi drivers using Proton made vehicles, complaining about frequent breakdown. Instantly I had a hunch that, it aimed at Dr.M as advisor to Proton.
    And tonight, they aired again, exactly that same piece of news.

    How stupid of them and TV3, retaliating in a manner which could bring about disrepute to our national car. They seems to be ignorant that other car makers too, nullified the owner's warranty if the car is used for racing, rally, taxi for rental. TV don't even ask whether those taxi driver conduct regular maintenance on their cars?

    1. Have stopped watching TV3 for many years now. The advertisers had better take note of the trend.

    2. We can't quite decide if the world is growing worse, or if the TV3 reporters are just working harder for money. It's been some time since they worked wiser ....

  4. Indeed. are not alone. We are always with you.

    GE 2018...we know what to do.

  5. So, so true.

    With Tun M, what you see is what you get. His words, thoughts etc have remained the same. Unlike certain political leaders who say different things to different audiences. And he says it in simple straightforward language. No need for flowery phrases or fistwaving.

    To me, he built Malaysia. Sure, he's been accused of financial scandals etc but at least we see concretely the results of his government ie Petronas twin towers, putrajaya, proton, MSC, Klia etc.

    But now, 42 billion ringgit...where? Several plots of land originally owned by the government.

    I've always supported BN, but if Najib's still there, I'm not voting.

  6. Kita sudah kehilangan seseorang seperti Sudirman, P.Ramlee...sekadar satu dua nama yang terhad sumbangan mereka, tetapi itupun sudahkah ada pengganti..

    Mahathir hanya menasihati, hanya minta Najib berundur...itupun sangat susah untuk mereka lakukan, mereka sudah jauh dari ciri-ciri negarawan, sudah dibuang dari sudut hati rakyat Malaysia, walaupun tidak semua, tetapi ia sudah majoriti...

    1. cakap tak serupa bikin, bikin tak serupa cakap.

  7. May Allah bless this couple and Malaysia....

    Indeed Annie, there are so many good things about this old man. People who had experienced talking/discussing/meeting him would be able to tell the story.
    I had mine too..there was once that we (my team) had a chance to meet him up and explain about some I.T thing to him. He was very receptive and eager to know about it even though that idea came from young people like us (age 20+). He even had a small note pad taken out from his jacket (i heard he always carry and write things on it) and wrote down informations we were giving him. He asked quite a lot of questions about it and at the end advised us to keep on doing what we are currently doing until we become the best in the country if not the world!!! He was very sincere, humble (eventhough he was the pm), interested and encouraging towards our idea.

    We did try to approach the pm after him but was told "not interested".

  8. wasatiyyah or moderation was only a slogan of najib.nothing more can be expected from a bad actor.

    even his speeches were lacking the necessary sincerity to touch people heart.

    he may won umno's and bn's support,but he might lose the support of the majority of rakyat with his ill advised action.

    rip bn and umno...

  9. Dear Annie,
    I have never met Tun M or even see him closely. For all that have been said and done, Tun M is one of a kind. He is one of the main reasons that made me proud to be Malaysian...
    Salam from Japan

  10. Annie,

    For Heaven's sake, They Can't be Both Right!! Takde Otak Ke?

    1. hahaha aiyoo lek la bro. aku pn tension jgk annie still believe in najib

  11. Anniie..

    Your writing about our dear Tun really touched my heart. It brought me to tears. I too, have never met him personally but I love him as much as I love my country. Maybe I love him more.

    And there is nothing like farid ridzwan or paul stedlan or LKW can change my mind about Tun.

    Thank u Annie

  12. The best -

    "berdoalah semua agar Allah SWT memberi hidayah kebaikan "

    - what else to do ? "

  13. Annie ,

    Reading your article about Tun M ,does really made my morning feel sullen ,thinking of losing a personality that many had much respect and adore of his capability of steering this beloved country into what we have now.

    The tussle between Tun M and Najib is a matter of doing right and wrong and nothing got to do with personality or any of it's kinds . Knowing Tun M ,all these years , I strongly believe that grand old man are just advising Najib to steer the country to the right path ,but was neglected by, thus make him to call for Najib resignation before everything turned to shambles .

    Should things go to the worst , Najib had been advice and the outcome has been very much predicted .

  14. Annie, I'm surprised that you still thought that Najib is in the right after all the evidence. I really don't get it. Why are you still in denial? What is your relationship with him? What do you know that we don't?

    Najib divorced his first wife to marry his present one (who also divorced her husband). That alone should served as a warning that he is not a good person. 1MDB scandal simply provide the final nail in the coffin.

    1. Yes, those who knew her during her first marriage knows that this woman is highly ambitious and only interested in money to spend. She left her first husband for better pastures.

  15. Since that guy helmed the country, whenever I travelling abroad, people make fun of Malaysia. We have become the butt of a joke overseas. It made me angry. They came up to me and said how come a company with a perfectly good track record could lost two airliners in a single year? It has never happened before. It was hard for them to look at the tragedies from the angle of an accident. Lightning doesn't strike at the same spot twice they said.
    They said our country response to the unfortunate events too were pathetic by followed blindly orders issued by the West and letting other countries dictating the course of the enquiry. They were suprise of our timid respond as if the country is ruled by a wimp. It put me in akward situation having to explain things and I was so embarassed by the situation. It has never happened before in my 20 years of globe trotting.
    Before this, whenever I went abroad, in any international airports checkpoints, after I had surrenderred my passport to be examined by the officials in charge, when they found out that I'm from Malaysia, sometimes they'll quipped "please send my regard to Mahathir" and "Oh Malaysia, Mahathir.." before returning my pasports. I felt a ting of pride in me. And for your information I am a frequent traveller.
    Since then, things have change. Things have gone from bad to worst. Our excellent reputation abroad has been destroyed. Mahathir knows this. That's why he dedicates all his energy in the last days of his life to rectify the situation.

    1. Just mention Malaysia to the Japanese, and most probably, their reply would be Mahathir san accompanied by two thumbs up and an approving nod of the head.

    2. Didn't the Japanese also nick named him Mr 10%? or was it Mr 20%?

    3. Nope..i believe that was for ur grand parents

    4. That 10 % is quota of jobs allocated to local people if the Japanese companies wish to open their branches in Malaysia

    5. He started all these 10-20% and its all deep rooted now in all the people with power.

  16. When he dies, I am going to pass on his grave.

    1. Yo retard, I'll shit on ur fucking grave you pussy ass pig!!! fuck you and your motherfucking family!!!

    2. yes please

    3. Anony 10.29
      Just out of curiosity...Pass what eh?

      Pass out? Pass UPSR especially english subject? Pass mental health test? Pass urine/drug test? Pass the DOMS test( for detecting dementia), Pass the baton? OR Pass away gruesomely...

  17. Dear Annie your posting this morning on our beloved Tun makes my eyes well up. Despites everything I too admire, respect and "love" Tun very much and cannot stand people attacking him.
    I remember very well during one of BTN convention in 2007 at PICC ( about 800-900 participants) Putrajaya when Tun came to give a talk in the afternoon after a heavy lunch ( you know how it feels during that period).

    The morning sessions were given to the exPM Abdullah Badawi and Deputy PM then Najib Razak. Despite being in the morning, both of these gentlemen's speeches were dull, uninspiring and lacking connections with their audience and of course after about 15 mins or so, people were beginning to doze off, including yours truly, couldn't help falling over and had to prop my neck up to avoid hitting the table.

    After each of their speeches ended, everyone stood up feeling relieved of having to listen to boring speeches delivered in boring voices. The people right in front row shook hands with each of them and off they went.

    But Tun's session in the afternoon was electric. Everyone that I noticed around me was rapt in attention. I was too despite the heavy lunch. He was so inspiring that we did not want him to stop speaking. My God, this was a real leader who evoked such indescribable emotion. We listened to him transfixed. He also touched on the need to have racial harmony and the contributions of the Chinese to our economy and how we the Malays should also help ourselves. Those who were there with me could testify to what I am recalling of this great man's speech. We didn't want him to stop.

    After he finished speaking and answering a few questions, the front row people stood up like they did to Pak Lah and Najib in the morning, and you know what? Suddenly the whole of the audience rushed forward and me too caught up in the "rasa sayang and kasih" for Tun, to shake Tun's hands! We all blocked his exit just to make sure most everyone could shake his hands and thank him for his contributions to the country and for that mind-opening speech. Tun appeared bewildered when I shook his hands and I got a funny photo of him looking amused.

    I have never forgotten that spontaneous show of love and respect for Tun. The other two just cannot be at Tun M's level. Tun has his faults, one of them is for choosing AAB and NR to be Prime Ministers of our country.

    I will sure cry when this great man passes on. May Allah Bless him and Tun Siti ( a lovely lady and a supportive wife).

    Thanks Annie for your thought on Tun and for giving me the space to also tell about one of my close encounters with Tun.

    1. he's the real snake charmer.

  18. masih ada lagi ke yg berani bercakap benar dan menegur pm..siapa yg akan jaga Negara dan kita rakyat m'sia tanpa mengira bangsa agama dan keturunan mereka...kalo dilihat dlm parlimen sekarang ini semua tak boleh pakai dan tadak balls dan agaknya sama dunggu ngan aq ditambah pemalas buat kerja semua nak senang takyah fikir bg ja org lain fikir da guna tanpa diperiksa semula...tuk nyenagkang ati..syukur aq tadak keturunan tp masih jugak mikir cenggana ngan anak2 adik bradik kawan2 kenalan jiran tetangga..atau hanya aq yg nyerabutkan kepala...

  19. Hi Anon@11 June 2015 at 10:29, when you die, I will also pass on your grave!

    1. Ya ....i will join...maybe i will dig u up 10:29 and put u in a pile of shit...

  20. Nice piece Annie.

  21. Hi Annie,

    When most people said why this orang tua (Tun) disturb Jibby, just let him run the country, even I am not a fan of BN, but sincerely, even if PR won the next election with a bankrupt country and the Rakyat suffering, it make no sense. If Jibby still around and the fall of BN is within reach, a empty Malaysia that beyond repair is still pointless as the Rakyat will suffer.

  22. Mohd Najib is the prime minister of the day. Many who wrote in support of this man tried to accuse Tun M of wrong doings implying MAS losses, BNM exchange losses, etc.. Please don't forget that your master is the prime minister of the day, what better time to launch investigations against Tun M?

    Please don't say that Mohd Najib is trying to cover up for Tun M, or is he? Because if he does, then he is committing a crime too.

    Investigate, charge Tun M in court, and see what happen. If not, then Raja Petra Kamarudin has asked you very politely to shut the fook up, because if you don't shut the fook up, you and your master are all liars.

    The rakyat want to know what happened to all those allegations about Tun M also, and all other allegations against BN and UMNO about what they did for the past 70 years. Tun M said if BN tumbang many will go to jail. If Mohd Najib don't investigate, come next GE if a babi hutan promises to investigate then even the babi hutan also can be voted in as the new prime minister.

    1. I'd rather see investigate and PROSECUTE.

    2. Raja Petra..ha ha ha . Didn't he the one who have an SD made accusing some VVIP's wife murdering a mongolian woman. Maybe najib can investigate that SD first...ha ha ha. Even his now najib's machai compatriot, the miserable Big Dog called him Serial Liar!

  23. I pray for Tun's health after every solah. So does my sister. And i know an Ulama from Indonesia who does the same. I heard a Bangladesh man talked about his kampung and said that it was Malaysia's prosperity under Tun that helped built the mosque at his kampung. It was built with money sent home from his and his frens in Malaysia. So they always pray for Tun's health. I heard a victim of Pol Pot's regime almost teary as he told the story of how Tun was the first Muslim who realized their existence and sent help. And then there were the Bosnians, and also the countries he indirectly helped thru Petronas. Not to forget the Palestinians..

    Tun is bigger than us all. What Najib is doing to him will not affect him. So do not worry Annie. Leave it to Allah swt. That's what Tun is doing. Have faith...and keep doing whats right.

  24. Annie,
    The 1992 nationwide power blackout for two days rocked Malaysia

    Tun M,a visionary leader mooted the ideas for IPPs to curtail future outage.

    Today,1MDB unwittingly endosed his lagacy by buying/control most of the IPPs inspired by Tun M back then

    Please back off to unlock and show your intelligence


    1. He is just for the money, Drug factory IPP.

    2. Dumb dumb...that is you you're talking about....

  25. I have lost respect for Najib for everything that has happened today. Nothing can change my mind now. I have been an UMNO supporter since the first day I am eligible to vote.

    I think come this next GE, if Najib is still at the helm, sorry, you will not get my vote.

    You don't have to pay me to support Tun.


  26. i have seen tun M once face 2 face....
    he is abit short in person actually...well that is how is saw him in that day...

    and this is how i saw tun M.....

    i was in mid valley mph bookstore waiting for my brother and although i dont like reading...i have no choice but to take a book and pretend to read it in order so that i will not look awkward being in there and so while i was suffering myself in a corner....suddenly Tun M came tun m.....

    i just could not and tun m...face 2 face....and he smile at me and he walks....there is nobody and just he and me....and out of shock to see him...i followed him in mph but then...within a few seconds...the crowd realize tun m and all of them ran to tun m.

    it was really an amazing moment lah and those that have seen tun m in person will know what i am saying.

    >james bond

  27. Listen carefully Umno people. If you insist in keeping your beleagured president and unwilling to replace him, then we're sorry guys. We have no choice but putting you guys on the left hand side of the Dewan Rakyat come GE 14.

    1. Anon 21:22, speak for yourself. The old man has no support apart from a few deluded Mamak bloggers......Hidup Najib.

    2. 634...dream on.....who has been goin nationwide to gather support? Not to mentioned the money paid to support his arss...such a desparate low class biatch he is or shall i say she is...

    3. 6.34
      Eat your heart out. Your Najib is way outclassed in every department by Tun M. That includes sincerity and honesty, too.

    4. Just look at najib's official fb page and all other political group pages... the only ppl supporting najib is his 200 or so blongangs which have at least 2 fake ids each just to double the number. I dont know how anybody could miss the fact.

    5. Why the mamak bloggers so active now. Are these people the same people like the mamak kitols in Melaka.

  28. For those who have experienced the currency crisis in 1997-98, they will vouch for the brave leadership of Tun in implementing the RM3.8/1USD capital control and many others stimulating policies ie low interest/BLR rate, (despite the Mat Sallehs'' criticism).

    Straight and simple solution to fix the root cause of the problem - our currency was at the mercy of speculators, almost reaching RM5/1USD - hence simply take it out of circulation, out of reach of speculators and fix it at RM3.8/1USD.

    Innovative and effective policies. Credit crunch reversed. High interest/BLR rate of up to around 14% went down to around 6% which has been maintained till now. Shopping complexes were almost empty, hence temporarily reduced the EPF rates(optional) for more spending power and make half-day Saturday holiday as a full day holiday(work longer during weekday) to encourage internal tourism

    He is a farsighted and a good leader, whom thinks and cares for the country


  29. Yes. Bukan semua orang berhati busuk terus terusan macam dia.

  30. annie saya sedeeeey baca entri ini....

  31. Anon12:13,
    Jangan-jangan hati awak lebih busuk dari hati dia!

  32. Sorry,I picked up the wrong Anon, It should be Anon 10:06, not 12:13.

  33. 2018 TUN MAHATHIR is the new pm...BN lose