Saturday 27 June 2015

Motorcycle race better than politics (with a caution)

(Note: Due to some requests, I'm cautioning readers that this post is boring...unless you are a fan of motorcycle races)

I thought of writing about why Pas, DAP and even PKR are now actually stronger after their "split".

But I feel so tired of politics for now.

You all can however read my past posts for that,

Umno, you realize this coming danger...

A definitely stronger Pas

Anyway, I think I want to cut down a bit on politics for this blog.

It's not really fun anymore, especially after observing friends from my own side fighting each other these past weeks.

I refused to be dragged into the fight.

I may be seen as being pro-Mahathir though for defending the elderly statesman, but that's because I love and appreciate the old man for what he had done for the country.

Even if he was wrong about the whole thing, I can't stand watching him being whacked by especially those shady characters employed by the gang defending PM DS Najib Razak.

Okay, enough of that.

What I really want to write tonight is about Valentino Rossi.

Valentino Rossi is definitely cuter than Najib, Guan Eng or Hadi Awang.

I watched the nine-time world motorcycle champion winning the Dutch TT at Assen just now on Fox Sports channel.

Fantastic ride as the 36-year-old Rossi beat the much younger Marc Marques at the last chicane to win the race.

I was still a kid in 1996 when I first watched the Italian raced in his debut season in the 125cc class.

I was at that time in love with Japanese rider Tetsuya Harada who was battling it out in the 250cc class against his great rivals, Max Biaggi and Loris Capirossi.

Tetsuya Harada won the 250cc championship in 1993

Still, I noticed the young Italian despite him racing in the lower class because he was monkeying around so much that the commentators were calling him an idiot and immature, among other things.

But I enjoyed his antics.

He did funny things such as patting his rivals' back as he was overtaking them at high speed.

And he is indeed a good rider.

He won his first world championship in the 125cc class the next year and from then on there was no stopping him.

Can't imagine that it was almost 20 years ago since then.

I miss those young carefree days when my main interest was just a simple motorcycle race on TV.

I'm happy whenever I got to watch a motorcycle race.

Definitely not so with politics.

Especially now.

Politics were so stressful.

Ya, maybe I will write more about simple things like motorcycle races and such.

I'm actually quite happy writing this post :-)


  1. yawnnnnn...annie thats so boring.
    lets talk about how bruce jenner becomes caitlin jenner confusing...:)

    1. Don't be so not clever. If the blog is boring, just don't read it, okay.

    2. Kahkahkahkah! Good answer annie!

  2. Accompaniment for mokeying bikers . . . .

    1. Fresh off the press!
      Malaysia under-13 footballers are champs in Spain!

    2. 9 wins out of 9 matches in Germany Tour ; many thanks to Coach Lim Tiong Kim!

  3. unfortunately we have to read it first before we know its boring :)

    1. Ok. I have put a caution that this post is boring. Hope you are satisfied.

    2. looks like this fella have read the caution but tak boleh faham...sudah baca amaran tapi tak faham....tak boleh faham

      >james bond

  4. I like it annie..more posts on motogp will make my day (with a caveat - only #46 wins). Politic is boring. Especially when someone without balls wants to be president forever.

  5. ko ni udah stone ke Annie... udah layan Woodstock le tu...
    gostan sana gostan sini... bila tired ko cari tyre pula.... kita sayang sama ini negara.. ko kena support le till bla bla bla

  6. Doncin hancin..kelakar la ko apek ckp melayu...


  7. Yeah...motogp is the best..bring it on. Hahah..politic? Anything about those assholes in umno, cabinet is boring tahap gaban. Especially when they wallap our $$$...enuff of them. May Allah wipe them off from the surfcae of this planet for good!


  8. Cekap pasat ini motor sport ,Wa manyak ingat sama itu Tun M , lea aa .

  9. Dear Annie.
    Thanks for the MotoGP news. I'm a great fan of Valentino Rossi too.

    UMNO will become more boring when the Party Election is being postpone for 18 months?

  10. champ