Friday 12 June 2015

Dismantling Dr Mahathir's legacy

I managed to read the latest post by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad before starting my trip today.


I thought that was the last I wanted to do as far as politics were concerned before my planned weekend rest by the beach.

Then later this evening someone alerted me of the latest post by PM DS Najib Razak.

I can't help but to read it,

What Motivates Tun Mahathir’s Attacks? 

I became sad as I read towards the end of the post,

9.    It is a shame that Tun has, yet again, turned against the leadership of his own party. These public attacks will only harm UMNO, the government and ultimately Malaysia. This unbecoming behaviour will be an unfortunate postscript to his legacy
10.  Tun is now saying that BN will lose the next general election, but since when did any one individual have the right to speak for the entire voting public? The opposition is in chaos, and, given their coalition’s fundamental ideological splits, there would be national paralysis if they assumed office. If we in BN stay united and prove ourselves worthy over the coming years, I have faith that the rakyat will prove Tun wrong at the next election – once it’s understood that his allegations are false and motivated by self-interest, not Malaysia’s interest.

I had previously stated that I don't believe Najib stole that billions of ringgit which Dr Mahathir alleged had gone missing due to the 1MDB mess.

There should be some other explanation to it.

Similarly, now I also can't believe that Dr Mahathir's attacks was motivated by self-interest as alleged by Najib.

It's heartbreaking but I have to admit that I now think it's true that Najib intends to dismantle Dr Mahathir's legacy as a mean to fend off his attacks.

I might be wrong, but that's how Najib sounded to me in that posting.

Anyway, they are already attacking the old man and the latest was that TV3's campaign of highlighting problems with Proton.

You can read that at Zam's


I agree that Najib has the right to defend himself, but how I wish it was not done this way.

Didn't the people of previous PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tried that and failed?

Dr Mahathir had late this evening replied to that alleged attempt to destroy his legacy,

Dr M tells critics to 'blow up' PLUS highway to erase his legacy


“Some people said I have done many bad things, such as the North-South Expressway. We should actually blow it up,” he told a press conference here.
“The Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), the Petronas Twin Towers, all these things are very bad you know,” Dr Mahathir added with a smile.

Of course he was being sarcastic. I don't think he really care about his legacy.

A good Muslim such as Dr Mahathir probably only care for what he is doing now being approved by Allah.

Anyway, for me, those were the least of Dr Mahathir's legacy.

He had done so much more, that it would be too tedious for me to list them down here.

Towards the end of his premiership, Dr Mahathir who then was past his 70 years on this earth even saved the country during the economic crisis of the late 1990s.

As far as I'm concerned, Dr Mahathir's greatest contribution was enabling Malaysians to be proud of their country during his 22 years as our prime minister.

That confidence was the most essential ingredient for us to build this country to what it is now.

I don't think anyone can dismantle that.


  1. Ya Allah...kenapalah kita ada satu PM yang sangat BODOH bernama Najib Razak...

    Shame on you Najib. Cepatlah bubar parlimen tak sabar nak pegi undi. Ingatkan nak buat undi rosak je tapi makin lama makin OK pulak PR ni...duhhh

  2. The RM42 billion is only one lie. There is many more. Try call his bluff. Ask him to prove the RM42 billion disappearance. Betcha he has none.

    Do it during puasa so he won't lie or twist and turn.

  3. Annie, dia boleh buat apa skali pun tapi dia tak akan dapat undi dari saya

  4. If you are not wrong, you can explain things better. look at PNB or EPF, their investments value are much much more than 1MDB. But the way they operate are govern by rules and they are transparent enough to have all the records of their investments that in any given time they can show them in detail to you. Most, if not all sovereign funds are managed prudently. There are steady corporate governance practices being implemented and different roles played by their management.

    Compare it with 1MDB. They can't explain where they invested their money in details. All seems to be too mysteriously done. How many sovereign funds open account in Cayman Island? Do 1MDB have corporate governance practices in place? Do they have risks manager, internal auditor or have they done due delegance for every investments that they do? why the other cabinet members were not informed of 1MDB prior to this year eventhough government guarantees have been issued for their debts? 1MDB was being run like a family business while using government facilities i.e government guarantees and buying government land at a favourable price.

    and then look at the SR and the Edge revelations. let us not assume the revelations are facts or fictions. but the characters that were mentioned are real. the people that are working for 1MDB are previously working for UBG. and the companies that were stripped and flipped from 1MDB are real. the persons that took over the companies are real. so where is the fictions?

    on top of that, there is a court paper in England for a failed acquisition that mentioned Jho Low was being backed up by a Malaysian sovereign fund, 1MDB. that is a fact.

    since there are too many worrying facts that are too difficult to brush off, najib decided to kill the messenger's credibility.but the problem is, this is not an ordinary messenger. this is Tun Mahathir. however you look at him, Malaysian still remember his good deeds, still believe in him. pak lah's team have tried, they failed. how can najib do the same thing and expect a different result? either najib is an idiot or he listen too much to his idiot's advisor. either way, it will back fire him in a big way.

  5. Isn't Lim Kok Wing and Lim Kok Wing's also Tun legacy? If he is directed to dismantle Tun's legacy, he is actually destroying himself!

  6. Hi Annie
    Ahjib blog is written wif the help of his punahsihat2,
    Blog articles r not PM Maysia genuine compilation
    TDM is a distinguished leader.
    Tun M wrote from his heart n soul.
    TDM is a Negarawan

    1. As far as I am concerned that Lim Kok Wing guy has just cocked up his educationist legacy - he's now a cock sucking politician!

  7. There are a few thousand Malaysian working in proton. Be rest assured that they will not vote for Barisal but they will remain loyal to the true stateman tun. My family also now turn and will follow tun. Najib already lost !!

  8. Najib tidak aka meletakkan jawatannya kerana behitu yakin dgn kononnya sokongan yg padu dari rakyat. My advice is baik berundur cara berkgemah dari jatuh tersungkur.

    1. Biarkan dia terjun. Mungkin telah tertulis beliau PM UMNO terakhir.

      Lepas tu ada orang boleh buat filem "Jangan Pandang Belakang - Final Episode "

  9. the last thing that should happen now is a snap election in Selangor.
    even though the Pakatan is in disarray, individually they will do very well.
    umno/bn is going to the biggest losers. god forbid, the non umno candidates may even lose their deposits.
    I pray that my analysis and views are wrong and misplaced.

  10. "As far as I'm concerned, Dr Mahathir's greatest contribution was enabling Malaysians to be proud of their country during his 22 years as our prime minister."

    You are so right Annie - this was Tun's transformation of the Malaysian psyche in his 22 years and his enduring legacy. Unfortunately Najib's shambolic administration has eroded this sense of national pride, and yes I have often felt shame and embarrassment for my country in the last couple of years.

    I am no huge fan of Tun M but on the issue of 1MDB and misgoverning of the country, I totally agree with him and am grateful that someone of his stature has taken up cudgels to fight on the rakyat's behalf. We have suffered in silence in the last few years.

    No doubt Najib is the most selfish and incompetent Malaysia prime minister in living memory. And that FLOM wife of his is a total joke.

  11. Harta awam adalah amanah bagi semua pemimpin. Amanah ini amat berat bagi mereka dan ramai yang gagal memikulnya. Satu ciri yang semakin pupus dari dada pemimpin kita ialah takut kepada Allah.

    Mereka yang mencuba, mereka yang membantu, mereka yang memakan dan mereka yang mempertahankan, mereka yang membenarkan adalah melakukan dosa besar yang boleh menyeret mereka ke dalam neraka. Mungkin kerana iman yang tipis, amaran masuk neraka tidak mendatangkan sebarang gerun dihati mereka, walahualam.

    Marilah kira bersatu di belakang pemimpin yang bertaqwa. Mungkin mereka kurang sedikit kecekapan memimpin dan mengurus dan kadangkala politically naive, tetapi kepimpinan mereka di bimbingan Allah. Itu yang penting bagi sesiapa yang beriman kepada balasan akhirat.

    1. * mereka yang mencuri

    2. First they steal 1 million and get away haha ... then getting more bold they go for 10s of millions and the rakyat still sleeping he he he ... then the fat
      AH BENG guy comes along and whispers into AL-BANGANG's ears:
      Then all HELL breaks loose!
      Freaking IDIOTS!

  12. Hi annie, saya percaya idea idea penulisan dalam blog Najibrazak untuk menyerang Tun adalah dari Lim kok wing. PM najib tidak mempunyai keupayaan berfikir sebegitu. Daya pemikiran beliau diketahui amat lemah.

    PM Najib Razak boleh berkata apa saja, percaya lah apa yg ingin beliau percaya, tetapi hakikat sebenarnya ialah sokongan rakyat terhadapnya semakin merosot. kepercayaan rakyat terhadap kerajaan juga semakin terhakis hari demi hari. Jika ini tidak ditangani dengan segera, kemungkinan besar pada pilihanraya umum nanti UMNO dan Barisan Nasional akan tumbang ditolak oleh rakyat. Itu hakikat yg harus diketauhi oleh PM Najib dan para penasihat beliau. Rakyat tidak bencikan UMNO tetapi rakyat benci mereka yg memimpin UMNO. UMNO tidak bersalah tetapi org yg memimpin UMNO itu lah yg bersalah. Menggunakan UMNO utk kepentingan diri sendiri.

    Rakyat sudah penat dan muak mendengar ucapan ucapan retorik pemimpin UMNO yg sentiasa berucap bahawa mereka akan memperkasakan orang melayu, melindungi orang melayu dan bermacam macam lagi tetapi hakikatnya rakyat melihat bahawa nasib mereka masih tidak terbela tetapi pemimpin makin bermewah mewah. Saya fikir akan tiba waktunya rakyat terutama orang melayu akan menolak UMNO disebabkan oleh segelintir pemimpin yg begini. Harus di ingat bahawa org org kampung yg dahulunya mengundi UMNO secara total semakin celik dan sedar akan isu isu semasa. Mereka mempunyai anak anak yg berpelajaran yg saya pasti akan bercakap cakap dgn ibu bapa mereka tentang isu isu semasa. Secara peribadi saya fikir kerajaan Barisan Nasional akan tumbang ditolak rakyat. Kebencian rakyat terhadap UMNO dan pemimpinya sudah tidak dapat dibendung lagi. Sesuatu yg drastik harus di lakukan jika UMNO dan BN ingin terus mengekalkan kuasa.

  13. selangor and penang should opts for a snap poll ..... test the market... now

  14. Pm....pls answer the fooking question.make me a believer.i am an umno die hard.defending umno while ur up there is getting harder need these legacy crap to black mailed n divert issues.for the last time "pls answer the fooking questions"


  15. Legacy of good will be most remembered , the same thing with legacy of bad doing ,will also be remembered, but differently .

    I never believe that Tun legacy will be ever eroded ,but Najib and Pak Lah will remembered as the destroyer what had been build earlier ,that is for sure .

  16. It will be hard on BN Negri to stay in power because of Ah Jib Goreng. I'll vote BN at state level because they are good n sincere n boycott the rest. Can't vote PR because they are demons in disguise.

  17. Annie you are just so naive to say that you don't believe that Najib has a hand in the missing RM42b. We have seen all,the evidence of wrong doing on his part and in case you had missed the facts, let me refresh you again;

    1. He must authorize all monetary transactions for 1MDB
    2. Wanted to use Petronas oil rigs as collaterals to obtain loans
    3. Bought gov land at ridiculously low price
    4. Bought IPPs at ridiculously high price
    5. Provided false documents to the banks
    6. Lied many times on the money whereabouts
    7. Until today, cannot explain where the money are


    1. People like Sully Ketiak and Lingkup Wing are being fook by all people around the universe, because of supporting Anjip Gore.

      You want to continue to have people's patronage yet don't want to get fook. So the best thing to do is to shout:

      Oh no! Don't fight! I'm so scare! Please stop!!

      That way you show how innocent you are, an anak dara yang tak tahu apa apa, the light of innocence still lives in you, and most important of all, you don't offend Anjip's people.

      Now you understand?

      Forgive her la. Dia pun mahu hidup.

  18. Now, word blow up are being use 2 times..previously use during 1MDB issue...

  19. "If we in BN stay united and prove ourselves worthy over the coming years, I have faith that the rakyat will prove Tun wrong at the next election – once it’s understood that his allegations are false and motivated by self-interest, not Malaysia’s interest.."

    Rakyat will prove Tun M wrong? Oh really? Then quickly dissolves the parliament. We would like to see the rakyat give you RESOUNDING mandate ever achived by ruling federal government. Do it immefiately. Don't just talk cock. We had had enough of it lately. You never live up to your words.

  20. Dr wan azizah adalah seorang isteri taat dan setia kepada anwar ibrahim. Begitu lah juga Najib seorang suami yg setia kepada isterinya rosmah mansur. Kedua dua mereka najib dan wan azizah mempunyai persamaan iaitu sanggup menutup mata diatas kerakusan pasangan masing masing. Wan azizah mengatakan bahawa anwar ibrahim adalah anugerah tuhan, saya percaya najib juga merasakn bahawa rosmah adalah anugerah yg terhebat pernah terjadi dalam hidupnya walaupun beliau tidak pernah mengungkapnya secara terbuka tetapi kita dapat melihat dari gerak geri beliau. Keterujaan najib terhadap isterinya tidak dapat dibendung lagi sehingga kebanyakkan pegawai pegawai Najib di PMO melaporkan terus situasi situasi semasa kepada isterinya. Mereka mereka ini juga kebanyakkannya dilantik oleh rosmah dan mereka menerima arahan secara terus dari beliau, tanpa perlu mendapat lampu hijau dari seorang suami yg setia. Pegawai pegawai tersebut kebanyakkannya lebih setia dan takutkan rosmah dari Panglima bugis itu sendiri walaupun hakikatnya mereka mereka ini berkerja di bawah PMO. Inilah yg dikatakan kasih yang membawa kepada kehancuran. Kepada Anwar Ibrahim dan Rosmah Mansur saya ingin mengucapkan syabas dan tahniah kepada anda berdua kerana dikurniakan pasangan yg taksub dan setia membuta tuli walaupun anda berdua adalah perosak kepada negara.

  21. dont u think najib is showing his true color now annie ? his advisor aside, everything done must have get a green light from him himself.

    im impressed with your unwavering support for najib. well good luck with tht. the fact tht hes willing to discredit proton for his own benefits shows wht kind of leader he is. not tht i believe he is a patriotic person to begin with. just a bodoh sombong anak bangsawan who doesnt want to admit tht people doesnt support him anymore.

  22. Very sad and dissapointed on How Najib and his MENS taking on DR M. Najib FORGET that DR M put him where he is now, otherwise if Badawi adamnant not to go Najin may not even be a DPM. He wont GE 13 but loose the popular votes. He becoming a COMIC in Malaysia othjerwise there wont be the KANGKUNG insident. Please Najib do it professionally and with humble to counter DR M. Why are you afraid Najib. We Malaysian escpially MALAYS are getting tired will all this and bored with your acroynm NKRSA, KERA or KRA what soever. Price is soaring and affeting MALAYSIAN. Our stock market is not good neither am the RM so what is your action Najib?t telling MALAYSIAN ECONOMY is GOOD is not enough and doest match with what goin on in the country. PR is in a MESS and this is your FINAL chance to get MALAYSIAN confidence by the fisrt move to ANSWER to the grand old MAN DR M and don ever hurt his feeling and it bas for you Najib. Naught Naughty. PAS is now with 1 million membership wow, UMNO how many young peoples as your new member be it with MCA, MIC ! . Have you all done your homework or just leave it to the CONSULTANTS?

  23. UMNOs..wake up. knock! knock! wake up UMNOs. NAJIB is no more UMNOs. Please wake up UMNOs..NAJIB is killing UMNOs...knock! knock! is anybody there?

  24. Ni bayar LKW guna duit rakyat ke duit sendiri? memandangkan jawatan LKW merupakan jawatan rasmi dalam kerajaan, tentulah bayar guna duit kerajaan kan.So apa tugas LKW? untuk faedah kerajaan atau untuk kepentingan Najib Razak pertahan jawatan? So far, nampak untuk jaga kepentingan Najib, boleh ke? wajar ke? Awat teruk sangat urus tadbir Najib ni.

    Saya tak kisah PM nak bertukar berapa kalipun, saya peduli nasib Negara dan rakyat. Kalau tukar PM baik untuk Negaradan rakyat. Tukarlah. Letaklah jawatan. Nobody is indispensable. Saya tak mahu kamu Najib. Ok,you tak nak step down, takpe, i will use my vote and pengaruhi my circleof influence not to undi you.

  25. It seems that certain people wanted to question Tuns wrong doing now. It is so unfortunate that during his years, internet was not rife and the medium of information was thru the official tv stations and the controlled newspaper, otherwise, we can ask Tun directly what has actually happen, and why "so and so go so much contract, in which he should not deserve one"

    But what I can say is, it is not the time to question Tun now. Maybe later in future, when Najib able to explain clearly all these questions posed him or he is no more the top person. Tun's time has passed and even if we got some sort of the answer, the most it would do is to satisft our ego or solve an unresolved riddle that has been bugging us for years.

    What is important now, is getting our current PM to answer all these basic and A-B-C type of questions that is very fundamental for someone who is also a Finance Minister------- such as how come billions and billions of dollars are allowed to be invested into a fictitious company located in off-shore market that is Cayman Island, which is known as tourist island than as reputable and recognized institutions centre.

    PMs is trying to wriggle out from answering this simple question and his avoidance is tantamount to a criminal act. If it ever happens to other man-on-the-street or regular "Apanama" CEO, there will be no buts, he would send straight to jail based on incriminating and obvious evidence. This PM is playing with the people future and investors confidence. His words do not have any credibility anymore. He can be blackmail left or right by people who knew his in-depth secrets. He is one desperate person, who can turn to Singapore or America to obtain billions and billions of money to cover his wrongdoings. To repay back, he is willing to make "sky is the limit p" promises and auction our country to so the so call friendly country. As I see it, the more he is a the helm, the riskier he is to our country and future generations.

  26. Dissing proton on national tv. So this is what LKW had told before and warned Mahathir with regards to dismantling his legacy. So it has started huh? Hmmmm interesting. Do you really believe Mahathir would back off? I don't think he cares about such a threat. Even if you play even more uglier after this, he will never stops. Ever. That's for sure. Once he sets his mind into doing things, he will keep on doing it until it achieves the result he wanted. At the moment, only death can stop him.
    You know what, this is the guy at one time telling the President Bush in his face what he thought about the US invasion in Iraq. This is the guy at one time lecturing several Israeli PM in their faces on international stage about the killing of thousands of innocent Palestinians. And you thought he would easily back off by sending in some people to scare him? You must be kidding.
    These guys have no idea what they're up to. You don't pick a fight with Mahathir. You just don't. Its like a scranny little kid with unwiped mucus in his face trying to talk cock and calling up the leader of a mob into fighting him. Something you should never ever done if you know what I mean.
    So sit back and wait. Just watch the grand old man makes the next moves. If the guy insists to stay on, I'm afraid when he falls, he falls hard. I mean really hard. Harder than you can imagine. Harder than Anwar Ibrahim. You have no idea what kind of beast Mahathir is. He can be really nasty if he wants to.

    1. Absolutely agree with you sir! Those idiots surely dont know who r they dealing with!!!!

  27. Some people ask Salleh Keruak to stop talking. He is fast becoming a relic and talking nonsense.

    1. Salleh Kera is a humanised orang utan!

  28. Lets see if PM Najib's latest post 'What Motivates Tun Mahathir’s Attacks?'.. came wihin 60 mins of Tun M's latest 'The 1MDB Story.'
    Step aside LKW and all other media consultants of PMO, here comes the bigrock himself.....'In view of this, Najib's advisors may want to encourage the PM to consider using his blog to respond directly and swiftly (preferably within 60 minutes) to each and every time Dr Mahathir publishes a new posting.
    The stakes are surely high now.

  29. Probably Lim Kok Wing should be reminded that Tun M's legacies are not only what he built for the country. His legacy would be us, the new young generation of Malaysians who were once so proud of being Malaysians. Tun had done so much good for the country during his admin. The one legacy ie that proud feeling being a Malaysian with that beaming semangat Malaysia Boleh is something that no one can dismantle and take away from us. Come on Najib. Pull that final curtain and pls don't eat too much Kangkung. Stop bringing more shame to all of us who are of Bugis descendant.


    1. Saya sangat bersetuju dengan anda. Saya adalah generasi yg membesar dibawah pentadbiran Tun Mahathir. Dan saya amat berbangga dengan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    2. Proton bukan lah legasi tetapi syok sendiri TDM. Bukan mesra pembeli tetapi meyusahkan.

    3. Bukan dia buat ini semua free beb.

  30. you guys can say whatever la...we are the one who suffer because of him, the Pahlawan Bugis W/O Balls or Pahlawan Bangang Abad 21.