Monday 29 June 2015

A weekend alone in Penang

I drove up to Penang for the weekend on Friday evening.

Just wanted a change of environment to recalibrate myself.

Been a bit stressed out of late.

It was a pleasant drive.

I was going at an average of 140km per hour all the way.

Was driving my father's two-years-old Proton Preve.

It's really a good car. Nice looking and the handling was superb.

Stayed at a seaside hotel near Batu Ferringhi.

Just enjoyed the solitude.

I didn't fast though. It's that time of the month.

Just went about like normal.

I look so Chinese that no one bothered me as I ate alone in the restaurants.

But most of the time I spend those two days at a beach.

Got myself a spot under a tree, spread a mat, and just laid down there with a book.

But I always ended up sleeping there.

A nap under a tree by the beach is heavenly.

It's nice to forget about everything else.

Needed the rest.

As someone said to me the other day, I was a bit too caught up in the negative mood of the Umno rebellion.

But I believe that it's over now.

The rebellion is effectively over after the Umno supreme council decided on Friday to continue with Najib as their party leader ahead of the next general election.

There's really nothing for the rebels to fight for anymore.

They had failed to oust Najib and replaced him before the next general election.

I can also stop from being bothered by it.

Well, that at least until the next general election.

If Umno and its BN allies still perform poorly, then the rebellion can start again.

Of course that is, if Umno and BN survive the polls.

If they lose, then we all better get ready to be ruled by the likes of this guy.

Then the rebels don't need to rebel anymore.

Honestly, I don't think Umno can survive without being in power.

I don't know yet whether I'm going to continue writing this blog in support of BN until the next general election.

It depends on my mood.

Well, to those who have been complaining about my mood swings in this blog, I really apologize.

Actually, I have always been like this.

You can find this kind of posts quite regularly in this blog.

I'm not one of those clever sopo bloggers who prided themselves in writing clever stuff and knowing everything and everyone in the Malaysian political scene.

I instead just wrote whatever there were in my heart and those crossing my brain.

Sometimes I actually wrote nonsense to make myself happy.

I hope you all can understand.

Anyway, the weekend in Penang was quite alright.

It's nice to go on a solo road trip once in a while to clear the cobwebs in my brain.

Oh, and I didn't bump into the Chief Minister while I was there.

So, my weekend was not spoilt in any way.


  1. Annie !,eaa aa ,

    Wa manyak suksk lu kasi tunjuk itu gambar ,permata Pulau Pinanag @ CM ,manyak hensom maa aa .

    Wa manyak ingat lea aa , itu gambar nanti ,tatak lama lagi ,semua negeli mesti kena kasi gantung semua pejabat , mesti manyak syok maa aa ,datang pejabat punya jam mesti kena holmat lea aa .

    Wa ingat itu jam latang pejabat punya time ,tatak perlu itu 'dress code' maa aa , pakai apa - apa sukak maa aa , itu Ahmoy and Nyonya bolih pakai itu hot's pant's lor rr ,anyak syok itu Ah moy tengok .

    Tapi eaa aa .!, kalau itu gambar ,satu Malaysia sutak kasi taruk ,itu Uncle Lim punya gambar mahu taruk mana maa aa ?.

    1. i will never understand what this guy is trying to say or what tree he fell off from

    2. Lufang cakap, nanti kalau pakatan perintah malaysia, kalau rakyat nak datang berurusan dengan kerajaan tak perlu ikut tatacara pemakain yg sesuai, pakai hot pants pun boleh. Dan juga kalau diperintah oleh pakatan, mesti gambar guan eng digantung disemua pejabat kerajaan. Tapi dia juga fikir kat mana pulak mereka akan gantung gambar lim kit siang. Tu pun x faham ke?

    3. Anon 15:33 , Malaysians have no problems understanding Lufang. In fact thats how some MPs speak in the Parliment.

    4. The fucking chibai melayu just wanna insult the chinese. It doesn't matter what he says. Fuck the pig.

    5. Anon 15:33,

      Probably you and lufang fell from the same tree ,the only difference is that you don,t admit it.

    6. haha people are jealous of lufang...maybe they are feeling demotivated & demoralized of themselves by lufang intellect and style.

      (gaya,mutu & keunggulan tersendiri)

      >james bond

    7. Anonymous29 June 2015 at 15:33,


      Gua tadak cakap Melayu, lu marah gua.

      Gua cakap Melayu, lu pun marah gua.

      On a more serious note, I did try to read thru what was written and gaawd, it was difficult to decipher what was being said.

      Maybe it is because it was written out.

      Strangely, I have no problems understanding the actual spoken version, eg at the wet market.

      The Malaysians who are willing to have a go at speaking the national language should be encouraged NOT ridiculed for their poor grammar, mispronunciations, etc.

      Why do you think I speak passable Mandarin? Because virtually every Mandarin speaker I have ever met world-wide has always encouraged me to keep practicing.


  2. If you want the perfect sense of solitude, do head up to Teluk Bahang and catch a boat ride at Penang National Park. There's some hidden beaches you head to :)

  3. One of these days you ought to step beyond the waves into the beyond Annie ...

  4. Annie, Whatever are your inclinations in politics , we feel your sincerity. Hope someday, someone will keep singing this song to you. c21g2okheyo.

    1. Rather take this song from me dear ... you'll be alright insha Allah

  5. annie do you that haji rocky tak lama dulu ada gf di uitm dia dok bawak pi main kat hotel. very notty one ....

  6. ...its not umno n politics that makes you depressed...u just need a man to love ...thats all...:)

    1. True Annie. Let's be in love. I shall care for you macam minyak ditatang. I promise you.

  7. Hi Annie,

    Nice to see you still writing :)

    I tend to read other blogs nowadays but I still check out your blog every now and then.

    It is kinda interesting to observe the various transitions between your social and political blogging styles. I have noted that you continue to exhibit a painfully honest character right throughout. Very admirable :)

    Well, your pageview counter doesn't need very much help from me, but please do keep writing.

    BTW, there is nothing wrong being single and/or not in love - there are many of us around :) Believe me, you will find lots of advantages just like I did :)