Friday 26 June 2015

About Sufi Yusof

Saw this post at the Another Brick In The Wall blog,

Doubt Sufi met Justo 

The senior blogger, called Brick by the guys and Voicey by the girls was expressing his solidarity with his friend Sufi Yusof, a long time aide of former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Voicey (I call him this after hearing a famous political writer of The Star called him such) used to be a staunch supporter of Dr Mahathir but now I believe has become a pro-Najib blogger.

Despite being now of different camps, Voicey defended Sufi Yusof from the insinuation cast by RPK of Malaysia Today, who is also a pro-Najib.


Coming back to Sufi Yusof.

Immediately upon news of the capture of Justo, RPK made that revelation. Unless he has an untampered photo, there is hardly any reason to believe it. It would be a slanderous act to stretch the psychological gain for more with a lie. 

Sometime in 2012, Tun M wrote of Malays in Thailand losing their "kemelayuan" in his blog and there was a Berita Harian article related to the blog posting [readhere]. They could not speak any more Malay, not even the northern Kelantan or Kedahan dilect.

It was after a trip Tun M made to certain part of Thailand. After the trip, there was believed to be follow-up. If RPK's contact is genuine, then he would have told him that Sufi was not there to meet Justo but for a worthy and noble cause. Sufi would not want to brag of his efforts so it is not necessary to tell.

The known place Sufi went was too far from the vicinity Justo was captured. His timeline does not tally with Justo's departure from Petrosaudi and his blackmail operation against Petrosaudi and 1MDB.

If truly Sufi did meet Justo, then it will link Justo as Tun M's source.

Differences in opinion should not be the barrier to friendship. True friends would not antagonise and troll on another just cause they see things differently. And differences in opinion does not mean not defending a friend being slandered.

Such claim is slanderous and makes no sense. Justo could have come over to Malaysia to deliver information or emailed it. Or he could give his materials through a trusted someone. Why would Tun M's office send someone over to collect such information?

This an unnecessary effort to inconvenient people with the law. If the need to defend Najib, then stick to defending Najib. But to answer allegations against Najib by not answering and doing endless personal attack on the messenger, that is a dumbass strategy.

Same with attacking Proton. If the real issues of Proton are made known, everyone - both side of the political competition - would be embarassed. One fella orchestrating the attack on Proton used to be on the board of a subsidiary. Covering his failure?    

I guess Voicey could not stomach people from his current side employing dirty tactics like that, especially when they were trying to destroy his own friend who is a good person.

I know Sufi Yusof too.

There is no way he can be the nefarious character RPK was trying to insinuate him to be.

He was similarly attacked during the fight to pressure Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi out of the prime minister office almost a decade ago.

Sufi Yusuf is the sweetest boyish-looking guy you could ever imagine.

Loyal, friendly, always helpful and as far as I'm concerned, almost totally without malice.

Sufi Yusof (standing next to his boss) taking notes during a Dr Mahathir's press conference

He once gave me a big help without asking for anything except wanting me to continue writing as according to my conscience.

I will always appreciate that about Sufi Yusuf.

To me, there is no way he can be a bad guy.

Well, the rest of Voicey's post was a bit too long (for me).

Voicey tends to be like that, but that's probably because he is smarter than me and therefore got more things to say.

Unlike Voicey, who said he writes based only on facts, I'm more of a perception blogger, thus I guess for many of lesser value.

Since I'm not smart, I better end this post here before you all get bored with my own perceptions of things and people.


  1. Welcome back, Annie. Strengthen your faith and all will be well. Stay strong, girl 👊

  2. RPK is pro najib meh? Wow had me fooled.

    1. RPK I know him very well , that bastard always goes where money float. macam anjing akhir nya akan jilat najis .

    2. Do you have evidence to accuse RPK in such a way? Stupid moron!

    3. Anon 06.30
      Out of respect for Annie, watch your tongue. That kind of language is out of place here in this blog. Take it elsewhere.

    4. My reply was meant for Anon 22:31, not Annie. You reprimanded me for using "that kind of language" but what about Anon 22:31 using the word "bastard"? Selective prosecution? Or you and Anon 22:31 is the same person? Actually my usage of "stupid moron" is not as bad as calling another person "bastard"! Stupid moron!

    5. There you go again, 20.48.

  3. I wounder people could easily change side , what make them do that ? . Unlike Anuar supporters ,even being found guilty by the country highest court ,still they are with him ,with the verdict of , not guilty .

    RPK has said that ,the hunter are now become the hunted ,are we too quick passing out judgement without any truth being surface yet .

  4. Welcome back sweetie!!!

    1. Anon 16:24,

      Wa hati manyak panas lor rr .

  5. Too many shallow characters in this plot of deception and vice ...

    ... to make any difference in the world for good

  6. Whether he has changed side or not ... he did clarify that "CAUSES ARE NOT STATIC; THEY ARE DYNAMIC" -

    And ... I'm not judging anybody.

  7. If you're not mistaken about his character, then this humble Sufi Yusuf guy is the exact opposite of Legasi Lim Cock Wing.

  8. Biasa la Annie , kan Najib dah kata "Money is king" apa yang berlaku sekarang adalah sokongan wang yang kuat bertabur sekarang , Just imagine our country now is full of bloody bastard , dah tak ada perjuangan elok juga BN lingkup PRU 14 akan datang negara dah tak boleh bergelumang dengan pemimpin dan munafik-munafik yang terlalu banyak , biar semua lingkup selepas PRU 14.

  9. RPK......siapa yang interview dia kat UK masa pilihanraya lepas tentang SD yg Rosmah ada ditempat kejadian pembunuhan....oh ya Ashraf

  10. Salam Annie,

    To Sufi....we victorians are behind u

    1. SUFI?

  11. As usual you give an innocent like assessment but yet direct and simple. That's why I still follow you Annie, I just have to put up with with your emotional drama now and then.

  12. 22.33
    Only BN full of your eyes

  13. Seriously. Does anyone really still give a shit about "Voicey", Jelani, Kapten SeaDemon and others who have sold their souls for a bit of extra money? I thank God Jebat Must Die and KijangMas Perkasa still have their heads screwed on right.