Saturday 6 June 2015

Answering Salleh's rant about Dr Mahathir

DS Salleh Said Keruak was chief minister of Sabah from Dec 28, 1994 to May 26 1996.

He was nominated to the post by then prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, before being appointed by his father, then Sabah governor Mohd Said Keruak who was also the state's 4th chief minister.

He is now the current speaker of Sabah state assembly.

I think the introduction was necessary as some of you, especially the younger ones may not know the guy who is now one of the fiercest attackers of Dr Mahathir.

Yesterday he described Dr Mahathir's conduct at the PWTC as

Unbecoming of a statesman

The following is his article in full with my comments in blue ;

Salleh Said Keruak

Annie, a little lady of the valley

Those critical of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak are mocking him for not attending the ‘Nothing2Hide’ dialogue session today.

Yes, naturally that's the outcome. What did you expect? 

Some have even called him a coward for ‘chickening out’ and for not having the guts to face Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

I think Najib was called even worse than that.

Personally, I think the public dialogue that was going to be turned into a public brawl between the Prime Minister and Dr Mahathir is a bad idea.

That's your personal opinion. But, Ya. You shouldn't be brawling with a 90 year old man. In fact you shouldn't even badmouth such an old man, especially if he is a statesman who had done so much for the country and once put you personally in a lofty position. 

I was actually quite relieved when it was called off. First of all, I do not see what such a brawl can achieve. There are no winners and losers in something like this.

Actually, there's always be a winner and loser in a brawl. The one standing at the end of it is the winner, while the one thrashed to the ground is the loser. 

I remember when a public debate was held between PKR Youth and Umno Youth, also in PWTC, and it was reduced to a jeering match with both sides claiming they won the debate.

Was it?  

All it did was to reduce the dignity of the debaters to the level of the crowd who were only interested in seeing a fight and were not interested in the facts that the debaters had to argue.

I don't think there would have been a debate if the PM turned up. Najib will be on stage answering questions while Dr Mahathir will be on the floor asking questions. I don't remember ever seeing Dr Mahathir debating in public. He was just asking questions this time. Just answer him lah.   

This is what would have happened today. No one would have been interested in what the Prime Minister has to say. What they wanted to see was for Dr Mahathir to hentam Najib in public. 

Eeerrr...I would be interested in what the PM has to say. Wouldn't you all too? Most of the people in the hall were civilized people from the NGOs. I think they would want to listen to the PM too. I think Dr Mahathir can act with decorum and not just buta buta hantam Najib. 

In fact, that was the very purpose for Tun Mahathir turning up, so that he could hentam Najib. Dr Mahathir does not care what Najib has to say.

That's your opinion. My opinion was that Dr Mahathir went to the forum to get answers for his questions. If the answers were reasonable, he may just shut up. The audience could be the judges if he still make noise if Najib had given satisfactory answers. 

He has already decided he will not accept Najib’s explanation.

You assumed too much. If the answers were good, I think Dr Mahathir will have to accept them as the whole thing was to be disclosed in a public forum. 

Dr Mahathir has reduced himself from the level of a statesman to that of a street brawler.

People can say that you have been reduced to that of a shameless attack dog. 

And this is most unfortunate. What is even more unfortunate is that Dr Mahathir expects the Prime Minister to also come down to this level.

Nope. As I said, Dr Mahathir was to be on the floor asking questions, while the PM on the stage answering him. I don't think Dr Mahathir will ask Najib to go down to be with him on the floor. 

Had Najib turned up today the entire event would have become undignified.

I think it would have been great if the PM had turned up, met Dr Mahathir, be nice to him, answered him to his satisfaction and everything becomes well again. 

With the shouting, booing and jeering, and the main purpose being to run down the Prime Minister, nothing would have been achieved.

I watched the video clip of Dr Mahathir's interrupted speech. The jeering only started when they told him to stop talking. I think the audience is a civilized one if the organizer know how to keep things under control. 

It was, therefore, a very good idea that Najib did not turn up.

It's a bloody bad idea that Najib did not turn up as now he is being whacked upside down in the social media and no amount of spinning can help the PM now. 

I dread to think what would have happened had he turned up and tempers had gone out of control. Under such a situation it does not take much for words to turn to violence.

Errr...whatever lah...


  1. Dear Annie can i answer the clever via your blog

    Assalammualaikum Dato

    While I have to agree that a political brawl won't do any good to UMNO, let alone the country, but to put the blame on TunM alone is somewhat bias and unfair.

    The issue of 1MDB is already a cancer among the people in which DS Najib choose to ignore for far too long. It has influenced (among others) the negative perception towards UMNO and the government.

    DS Najib should have been more responsible (he actually have been very irresponsible in his handling of 1MDB circus) by explaining the situation of 1MDB, and not let it turned into the full-fledged circus like it is today.

    He as the Advisor to 1MDB and the Malaysia's Minister of Finance is the right person to end this circus.

    Even now that he at last responded, the given answers by him and the 1MDB team have not been consistent. Today its cash, tomorrow its unit. Today its back in Malaysia, but tomorrow its in Singapore.

    The root of the problem is 1MDB. The issue is 1MDB. This is definitely not TunM's doing.

    It is very easy to kill the messenger, but let's not put blind eyes on the elephant in front of us (even how stupid and bias we are. For that matter even the blind people should be aware of an elephant in front of them).

    Dato, you talk about having some class thus TunM should act statesmanlike; then what is so classy about the way DS Najib handling of this matter?

    1. Damanasaraman, I totally agree with your comment. There is nothing unbecoming abt Tun M which I saw on you tube.

    2. This Salleh Keruak is so obviously senile. Tun M is such a gentleman, mana ada dia beri speech terjerit2 macam Najib? So I disagree that Tun M will turn it into a brawl. Maybe Najib kot yang akan terkinja2 sendiri? Tun M is famous for his sarcastic remarks lah...tak payah jerit2 to make a point. Orang tua tu very classy tau..

      Mengaku ajelah yg Pahlawan Bugis tu pengecut. Tak payah nak spin lagi, takde siapa percaya pun. People are still waiting for the rationale of borrowing RM42b (and counting). What are the benefits to Malaysia and Malaysians for taking up the huge debts? Just answer the questions!!

    3. agree with damansaraman and rahman mokdin.

      the problem is najib and his 1MDB not tun m.

      why najib wasting time and resources to gather a support, no class. use PM time, priviledges and resources confered upon to serve rakyat interest not your interest or your inner circle interest please.

      People are clever enough to judge 1MDB case. Its fine if najib want to ruin his life but please dont ruin malaysia and malaysian's life.

      budak jawa

    4. Well done annie, just the right dose 4 that keruak fella. Ditto to Damansaraman.
      Keruak, u can bullshit so much la. The fact of the matter is that we the RAKYAT cant take it any more. Ada faham ke

    5. couldn't agree more. well said! that Said is talking like burung keruak all the know burung keruak is one of bird species that I would consider too cowardish by its nature. Dog barks but idiot named Said is "keruaking" sounds like wak wak wak (usually you hear this during sunset", just like him - a 1/2 past 6 politician).

      A Sabahan

  2. PUTRAJAYA: Fearing for the safety of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, today the IGP announced plans to introduce WAZE Tun Mahathir hazard alarms so the PM can avoid public 1MDB discussions with the former premier.

    “If supporters send WAZE hazard reports advising us of Tun’s whereabouts, we can inform the PM’s entourage to drive him away from potentially dangerous 1MDB discussions like this morning’s Nothing2Hide!” said a source.

    “Najib didn’t want to miss the event today, but safety comes first. He wouldn’t remain safe as PM if the old man humiliates him publicly over 1MDB!”

    - See more at:

    This one got me LOL. A+ for creativity. Why scared of a 90-yr-old statesman, right? If got nothing to hide ...?

  3. Najibs crony is answering like Anwar Ibrahim, can you imagine?

    1. Najid and Anwar are fellow freemasons.

    2. Snd you Anon 10:05 is a child of a prostitute. I screwed you mom. Jangan buat label gila-babi.

    3. And the same to you, 10.32.

  4. Bersungguh-sungguh betul
    si Salleh Cheerleader Keduak ni..

    I Love RM

    1. I Love PM , I Love PM , I Love PM , itu LKW mau kasi buat lebih baik maa aa ,

      Legacy ,

      Wa manyak ingat itu proglem , "nothing to Hide " mau kasi pelangkap sama itu Tun , sengaja mau kasi tunjuk itu Tun macam jahat punya olang lea aa , Wa ingat eaa aa ,itu Najib memang tatak plan mau latang maa aa .

      Itu Annie pon atak sebut itu "rebellion" macam kasi gambar itu Tun macam itu kepala rebel maa aa , Wa manyak tatak syok maa aa .

      Wa ingat semalam punya hat memang atak lanchang mau kasi malu Tun .

  5. to our coolest most dignified Drs. Mahathir and Siti Hasmah

    Please help change our world . . . for the better

  6. Good one Annie. You have torn apart the croaking Keruak. As they say: "terbaik".

  7. I've been following on 1MDB since it was first announced way back in 2009. There were some serious issues even at the beginning. 1MDB was heavily into Community Service stuff even at the beginning when it obviously did not have a viable income-generating business. That raised a red flag for me. After all 1MDB is not a non-profit charity organization.

    Now we have questions that when given unsubstantiated answers raised even more questions. This is what my advice is to the PM if he is sincere about not hiding anything on 1MDB: resign as the Minister of Finance. Appoint Bank Negara No. 2 guy to take over as the Minister of Finance and appoint a Spokesperson (well known public figure who is known to have integrity) to handle all PR on 1MDB so you will not have differing statements all over the place.

    Get Salleh Keruak to STFU. He may sound good to the PM but he is not helping to bridge the gap with TDM.

  8. Ouch. Quite a stingy response , had to,reread it several times. Salleh Keruak is getting increasingly frustrated that efforts to combat Tun are not working. So they engage in hyperbole.

  9. Somehow I saw Najib like Anwar... licik meh...

    1. Jibby flew off like a cock with wings when the Chief Inspector appeared. Anwar's dick on the other hand, had been sticking out like a sore thumb, and he got caught pants down.

  10. as a najib's dog, he certainly speaks as if his master gonna loose. from here it just seems like he was relieved tht the event didnt occurred because he doesnt have the confidence in najib.

    amazing how someone can be so low. ur value is whtever ur master is. to bring urself tht low... i pity him

  11. Excellent rebuttal Annie. I loikkeee....

  12. i dont think 'Dr Mahathir expects the Prime Minister to also come down to this level' was meant literally la Annie.

    another thing, Dr M has made serious accusations to Najib like a liar and he wants him to step down. i would like to think that if he said all those things before listening to Najib's explanation about 1MDB, he really want Najib to step down. Because if he cares about what Najib has to say, and presumably accept Najib's answer, why calling for Najib to step down before giving him the chance to defend himself? or maybe Dr M made the wrong decision on that.

    1. Butter chicken ,
      The questions have been raised but still no answer. Can u explain what the RM 6 billion units are invested in?
      Having studied the 1MDB annual report, let me tell u that even the 6.1 billion in brazen sky is no longer there . Part redeemed last year to pay off debt, the remaining 1.103 billion gone to repay deutsche bank. Tun has facts Najib has auta
      Btw, why choose butter chicken as a nick?

    2. no particular reason Le Prof ^^

    3. Ayam bater,

      Tolong pegi baca dan faham apa yg jadi dari mula....da banyak kali sijubor menipu...bab dia tak tau langsung hal 1mangkuk, bab duit kat spore dan byk lgi..sijubor menipu bukan lagi tuduhan tapi FAKTA.

      Lepas da paham baru masuk balik bg komen....

    4. ape yg ko ckp x relevan la dgn komen aku. pegi tido la.

  13. Please allow me to state this to our beloved Sultan and Tunku Mahkota Johor:

    Daulat Tuanku!

    1. Dear Anon 11:45,

      Concur & Seconded..!


  14. mahathir dah jadi pariah jalanan!!!

    1. Ha ha ha. The whole of Malaysia sees someone else as the pariah jalanan.

    2. As annie said what everlah...

    3. That still won't change the FACT that Najib is still a chicken and this Keruak fella is his obedient barking dog (the difference between a barking dog and an attack dog is that the former makes a lot of noise but the later is full of bite).

    4. If Najib is a chicken what is Mukhriz?

    5. Ooi kias pondan...g terjun gaung le mangkuk...

  15. 1. Najib will not show up. Ask yourself, will you show up to a trap?
    2. I saw the video, Mahathir was accusing Najib of not paying oil royalty to Terengganu. Was oil royalty paid to the PAS government when they govern Terengganu or Kelantan at Mahathir's time?
    3. All this Sandiwara is for? Ans: Mukhriz. Razak to Najib, Kuan Yew to Hsien Loong, No face is not Mahathir to Mukriz.

    1. Yes. you get the point bro.Mahathir pun tak sempurna

    2. Apa benda argument main petik from thin air ni.

      1. Is it a trap? Bukan Tun M punya orang yang organise. So Najib's people set up a trap for their own master? Bodohnya orang-orang Najib.

      2. Which video recording dod you watch? In the one I saw, Mahathir did not accuse Najib of not paying royalty to Terengganu. He said IMDB was going to take out a $5b using Terengganu oil wells as the security guarantee. A totally different charge altogether.

      3. As far as we know, Mahathir has never even mentioned a single thing about Najib tak mau naikkan Mukhriz. It's fanciful to think that Mahathir did this out of revenge for Najib suppressing Mukhriz in favour of lame duck cousin: Mahathir had 22 years if he had wanted a son of his to go up in politics. He didn't do it then, you think he would suddenly do it now? Being men with high self esteem, both Mahathir and Mukhriz would rather go up on their own merits, unlike Najib.

  16. Here's the prove. Without chinamen as bogey, stupid Melayu will kill each other to grab power. All about greed. Mahathir ain't an angel, OK?

    1. True dude, he aint angel but he definitely smarter than ur pussy arse jibby.

    2. Nah. Chedet is an angel of death to Najib's ass.

    3. But tun surely is damn smarter than u!!! Donkey...

  17. This guy Salleh Kerak...Yes, Kerak, should stay at the Bottom of the Pot where he Belongs!!

    He belong in the Pits!

    1. Salleh said keruak is the low life piece of shit!

  18. Annie - Points to ponder

    1. Sarawak - Adenan Satem is aiming absolute autonomy. Before, I admired him as a good , Malaysian leader. Now, politics - for all that matter. Lagi licik !

    2. Your correct answer.... eerr whatever lah...

  19. Don't be a HYPOCRITE Annie,

    What Datuk Sri Salleh Kruak did for Datuk Sri Najib Razak is the same as what you did for Helen Ang.

    Datuk Sri Salleh Kruak is defending his boss, the same way you, and any other person would defend his/her boss or friend(s).

    And please cut the crap from telling me that it is not same, when your action, motive and intention is none the better.

    Anak Buluh Betong

  20. Annie

    PM Najib patut turun. Sabah dilanda bencana pun dia tak pergi jenguk. Apa jenis PM ini? Terlalu takut kat Tun sampai lupa tanggungjawab PM ke?

    1. Yup... Esok pn najib akn btolak ke Arab Saudi.... He shd cancel/postpone that visit until sabah's condition is sorted out.... I'm a sabahn n i'm ashamed to hv this kind of pm, n i'm even more ashamed that a sabahan like saleh would be more than happy to become his annoyingly noisy chihuahua... Sorry, but that's what I felt...

    2. Seperti d pwtc... Pm tak datang sbb tun dah sampai dulu

  21. Terbaiklah Annie. A very good posting. Dok tgh enjoy the consultant's camp cracking their head to spin sampai 18,000 rpm. Hehe. Karut betui. Diorang ingat org percaya ka apa depa tulis tu. Org tengok tajuk pun dah rasa nak termuntah. Baca jauh sekali la. Depa dah kalah teruk dalam perang persepsi

  22. Annie, I wish this Said Keruak read your responses.
    It would wake him up!!!!!
    The guy must be having his deepest slumber to not realize what's happening in Malaysia today.

  23. Annie, di waktu ini keputusan Perletakan Jawatan Perdana Menteri dan Presiden Umno bukan lagi di terletak di tangan Dato' Sri Najib, ia sebenarnya akan diputuskan oleh Datin Paduka Sri Rosmah. Tanpa rosmah Najib telah lama tersungkur. Beliau masih berada ditampuk pemerintahan adalah kerana kekuasaan dan kebijaksaan isteri beliau. Mohd Najib sebenarnya terlalu bergantung kepada rosmah, beliau lah yg menentukan perjalanan karier politik Najib, rosmah tidak akan sesekali membenarkan Najib meletak jawatan. Beliau masih terus ingin berkuasa melalui jawatan suaminya. Kebanyakkan para pegawai PM melaporkan terus kepada rosmah. Jadi kepada yang ingin menjatuhkan PM dengan menyerang Najib, usaha anda adalah sia sia sahaja.

    1. Barang siapa tiada memegang agama,
      sekali-kali tiada boleh dibilangkan nama.

      Barang siapa mengenal dunia,
      tahulah ia barang yang terpedaya.

      Barang siapa mengenal akhirat,
      tahulah ia dunia membawa mudarat.

      Jika sedikitpun berbuat bohong,
      boleh diumpamakan mulutnya itu pekong.

      Tanda orang yang amat celaka,
      aib dirinya tiada ia sangka.

      Bakhil jangan diberi singgah,
      itupun perampok yang amat gagah.

      Barang siapa yang sudah besar,
      janganlah kelakuannya membuat kasar.

      Di mana tahu salah diri,
      jika tidak orang lain yang berperi.

  24. now in can see the connection between 1M4U (ayam for u) and Najib...

  25. Another barking dog is this silly fellow by the name of Tunku Aziz, former DAP high ranking official. I have never heard him speaking in Malay. Always with made-up English accent. Sorry, I just cannot compliment his intellectuality. Stupid!!!! .

  26. Pakatan is collapsing, even if it is a political shadow play, the component party supporters don't know that it's not real and will ensure it becomes real. Ultimately, UMNO will lose a few rural seats to PAS but pick up more seats from all the PR parties in urban areas. Najib will look strong, especially after finishing off DR M's closet supporters in thie 1MDB swamp. Najib may stay on for 23 years, just to outdo Dr. M.

  27. Apa benda nak tanya ngan penipu? Hakikatnya jubor da bbrp kali menipu. Tipu tetap tipu. Tun tanya ke tak ke takde rakyat nak seorang pemimpin penipu.

    Hang ingat baru la ni tun dok tanya? Apa sebelum dia dok crita secara terbuka dia tak pernah tanya sijubor? Tu pasal la org suruh baca dan selidik....

    Lepas ditanya secara terbuka, jubor menipu plak tu...kata tak tau langsung hal ehwal 1mdbb...pastu kencing kat parlimen...

    So apa jenis explanation/kelentong lgi yg ko nak tun dengar??? Semua yg dia explain sebelum ni masuk akal ke?