Tuesday 12 May 2015

What Umno rebellion?

With a single masterstroke last night, PM DS Najib Razak apparently snuffed out a potential rebellion.

He just sat down and talked with the Umno leaders and everything was fine again.

The tall dark and handsome Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin confirmed this as reported by the pro-Pakatan news portal Malay Mail Online:

Just the other day, I thought

KJ, handsome and now brave

Hmmm, still handsome, but not so brave anymore.

Even my sister blogger Helen Ang who had heavily criticized Najib and even his wife DS Rosmah Mansor whom she dubbed as "Rosmelda" had made a bit of turn around last night in her post,

Tun is beginning to trip

I hope dear Helen won't get angry with me for saying that as previously she had even scolded me for defending Rosmah from some nasty personal attacks,

Annie's bad habit and the need for her to see the bigger picture

Well, I guess Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and others who were hoping for the Umno people to replace Najib as PM simply have to accept the fact that it will not happen.

They apparently have to bear with it until the next general election, just two and a half years from now.

After that will be anyone's guess.

Hopefully Dr Mahathir was wrong.

Maybe Umno and BN will not be defeated with Najib as PM.

Maybe the people will realize by then, that no matter what their grouses were with Najib, he's the only choice that they have.

Maybe, they will also realize that Datuk Ahmad Maslan was not as stupid as they thought he was....

I will continue with my observation till then.


  1. re, With a single masterstroke last night ,PM DS Najib apparently snuffed out potential rebellion .

    He may be the president of UMNO ,but he forget that ,he also the Prime Minister of Malaysia . UMNO hasn't had enough lesson to be remembered .
    God willing , Insyaallah ,Doa mereka yang terasa dikhianati akan dimakbulkan .

  2. Kahkahkah. Funny UMNO fellas. They talk and act differently and God knows what they are thinking, most likely they think differently than what they talk and act. They are playing a chess and waiting for the right time to checkmate najib or it may not happen if najib keeps his guard.

    Najib seems so strong, but not because he is really strong. It is because the other UMNO fellas are merely weak or weaker than him. They are because of their self interest is greater than the country's or people's interests.

    By the way, if UMNO fellas cannot ask Najib to stepdown, let rakyat make him and UMNO fellas and UMNO to kiss the ground come next PRU. People are clever nowadays and had enough of UMNO's game including the racial card they always play to escape like the one when TH-1MDB deal leaks.

    All the best Malaysia and Malaysian.

    1. umno was suppose to protect malay rights but i am so sad to see what has happened. najib basically did not answer about the inflated jet price, 1mdb and etc and yet they support him. Kesian Tun Mahathir he fought and was label as an ultra and yet it is his party that is destroying the country :(

    2. budak jawa,

      re ,All the best Malaysia and Malaysian.

      1 Malaysia / Malaysian Malaysia atak sama lea aa !
      , tatak Cina ,tatak India , tatak Bulayu ,tatak jawa ,tatak bugis ,tatak boyan ,tatak banjar lea aa .
      Semua Malaysia maa aa ,manyak susah sikalang lor rr ,itu I/C punya lalam semua tulit Bulayu , tapi Cina lalam I/C Cina lekat luar pon Cina lor rr ,tatak lain-lain lea aa .

      Cina punya eaa aa, tetap Cina ,tatak isi bolang mohon, tulit lain ,luar punya jam jadi lain maa aa

  3. kan dah cakap hari tuh annie.. lol kj only serve his own self interest.. rafizi even though an opposition dia sanggup pertaruhkan kebebasan dia demi rakyat. look at how explain gst? ahmad maslan ada berani buat?? KJ ada berani nak jadi the first bersuara tentang 1md dia the first yg julang ada la..

  4. "With a single masterstroke last night ,PM DS Najib apparently snuffed out potential rebellion."

    Hahaha do you really believe that Annie? I hope you noticed that the Supreme Council came out in support of BOTH Najib and Muhyiddin.

  5. The PM and President posts are entrenched Numero Uno with all the powers entrenched in those 2 posts. For this, PM must thank Mahafiraun for his good job of castrating all other levers of check and balances.

    The probable thing The President did at the UMNO Supreme Council meeting is just wave the Sedition Act and POTA and just ask "Pilih yang mana satu?"

    So , what next? BN Supreme Council Meeting? The PM just have to give out forms for them to fill in "Jawatan yang ingin dimohon".

    And finally at Parliament. If ever anyone dares to raise a motion of No Confidence against the PM, it will never see the light of day just like any other private member's motion.

    The Rakyat? Well, can continue with demo, roll on streets, hold candles, carry banners, jerit "Reformasi" but won't be long cos the organisers and leaders one by one will be busy in courts, sued to bankrupt, intimidated, humiliated, castigated or perhaps turned around with gifts and rewards.

    So, listen, listen, listen. "I help you, you help me, ok?" Go pay your tax, zakat and Gst and you get increase in BR1M, pencen and social welfare.

    1. Mahafiraun??? Awat hang tak sebut Mahathir saja? Pasai pa nak sebut Mahafiraun? Hang rasa hebat ka kalau buleh sebut or panggil orang firaun??? Apa la hang ni!

    2. I am a PKR supporter from permatang pauh , hopefully Najib will be around until PRU 14 , We win in permatang pauh recently were because of him and his wife mostly , In the biginning of the champagne our confident were not that high because of a problem arise between PKR and PAS but at last we managed to hit up the feeling of the people by using this slogan " Najib dan Rosmah hidup boros dan mewah tapi paksa rakyat bayar cukai tolak kezaliman" and we do it in last minutes afford. Because that slogan was a fact and it will be in the people mind forever , hopefully najib will be around untill 2018 , people really hated him like hell but we love him for our dream come through were Anuar will become prime minister beyond 2020 . insha allah.

    3. Its Anwar lah, not anuar. U cant even spell ur master's name correctly....

    4. Just as long as we all know its the 40mm Rear-Admiral pm wannabe.

  6. For me it's still too early to say that they are fully behind Najib. Najib's words that he will have more words with TSMY shows that something is there with the two. Maybe Najib agreed for TSMY to have a go at top leadership come UMNO election next year.

  7. I don't understand why Tony Pua and DAP were disheartened and making noise when the hang over power did not materialise yesterday. I wonder if they with BN or Pakatan?
    When Najib is still there that means Pakatan stands an extremely good chance to form government in the next GE. Najib is soooooo unpopular with the rakyat right now. GST, 1MDB. mounting national debts you name it. Everyone knows that. The Umno leaders and BN partners know that but they are hopeless to do anything about their belegured president. There is hardly no leader in there who really cares for the country and its people.
    The rakyat is extremely unhappy with the PM. Whatever he said and done, rakyat don't trust him anymore especially among the Chinese. The Chinese are practical lot you know. They quickly can sense and spot if a leader of any good. So this is a golden opportunity for Pakatan.
    With Dr. Wan Azizah now has been accepted unanimously accepted to lead Pakatan, it looks like Pakatan is on the path of healing. With a pool of brilliant and intelligent young leaders in there with the likes of Rafizi, Surendran,Tony, Nurul, Pakatan have a bright future in front of them.
    With Anwar is in jail, the path is now clear for Malaysian youth to join Pakatan. Before this they're reluctant because Anwar was still around especially the handsome and good looking ones. When Anwar is gone, they will join Pakatan in droves. These saluran 4 and saluran 5 voters will forever be in Pakatan hands.
    Wan Azizah is the only leader who is well accepted by partners in Pakatan. Anyone else other than her will not be accepted either by Pas or Dap. It shows that Wan Azizah is the clear choice to be the Ketua Pembangkang. Anyone else is unviable candidate. If Pembangkang happened to form a government after the next GE, then by right she will be the Prime Minister.
    The next step for them after this is to discard their differences and get together to form a formidable coalition like they used to do in the last two GE. This time around, Umno will be routed like never before. That is for sure. As for Umno, they can go on throwing money like they used to do. Everywhere they go they throw money. A modus operandi of a rich kid in an attempt to buy friends and influence. It won't work forever.
    Even if BN managed to win slightly more in the next GE, mixed government is almost guaranteed since there is no clear winner. With mixed government like what happened in the UK, Umno can't no longer do as they wish. They will always be check by Pakatan Rakyat which also part of government. Be it power or finance, Umno can't do like they wish as before. Bright days ahead for Pakatan.


  8. Justice is better than chivalry (perwiraan) if we cannot have both. Justice and chivalry are the noble marks of the man of faith. But when ignorance and arrogance rule the day, warriors of light must stand up to the forces of darkness.


  9. Moooneeyyy first la...
    Everything else is at disposable..

  10. Its poker. Let Najib think he has the winning cards.
    The warlords knew they cannot win next PRU with Najib. So they are aligning themselves quietly.
    Let Najib carry on with such allusion

  11. Annie, saya orang melayu, saya ahli umno. UMNO itu adalah parti orang melayu. Sesiapa yg ingin memimpin UMNO haruslah mempunyai jati diri org melayu dan harus lah mempunyai kebanggaan menjadi seorang melayu..... Apa ke halnya tetiba umno di pimpin oleh mamat bugis pulak???? Apa kejadah ni???? Bila masa umno ni jadi united bugis national organisation???? Bodoh la ahjib gor al bugis ni.

  12. Yes MONEY is king.
    Najib might have learned this from his ex-boss as Ketua Pemuda then.

    Anwar Ibrahin aka the Peliwat Negara knows how to use money to his advantage.
    Go read below for detail.


  13. Memang sah the leaders of UMNO takde teloq. How the mighty has fallen! If Najib continues to lead BN come PRU14, the RAHMAN prophesy will come true. Najib is the last PM from BN. As a BN supporter, I will refrain from voting. I can accept a lot of weaknesses from my leaders. They are human after all. But 1MDB is just TOO MUCH! I will never support blatant corruption. Najib and family lavish lifestyle is just too vulgar.

    I hope PR will have a better candidate than Wan Azizah as PM of Malaysia come PRU14. She is too weak to unite Malaysians.

  14. Umno tak jadi tukar Presiden. Nampaknya kena terus bayar GST untuk 2, 3 tahun lagi. Lepas tu bolehlah pangkah parti lain tukar kerajaan.

  15. Annie,

    Biarlah Najib terus mimpi di siang hari. Dia lupa peristiwa Psy di PP semasa kempen PRU ke 13. Kembang kuncup senyum Najib bila lihat ramai Cina datang! Dia ingat Cina Cina itu datang untuk sokong dia!

    Betul tak? Bila PRU 13, lebih 90% Cina mengundi DAP

    Sungguh pun begitu UMNO/BN masih menang . Kenapa? Masih ramai Melayu yang sokong walaupun pun Najib tidak menjanjikan bulan bintang!

    Bagaimana kedudukan Najib sekarang?

    Cina? Jangan haraplah Cina hendak sokong Najib

    Melayu? Inilah yang menarik, Melayu telah terbahagi tiga. UMNO, PKR dan PAS. Sekarang, UMNO, secara kasar juga telah berpecah dua. Antara penyokong Najib, penyokong TDM. Jangan diperkecilkan pengaruh TDM dalam UMNO dan di kalangan rakyat biasa!

    Saya juga yakin ramalan TDM, BN/UMNO akan kalah dalam PRU 14 bersandar kemenangan nipis UMNO/BN dalam PRU ke13. Sekiranya si Najib masih memimpin BN/UMNO

    Dikatakan Ahli Ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO menyokong kepimpinan Najib sepenuhnya? Betul ke? Jangan nanti jadi macam harapan Najib terhadap sokongan Cina semasa kempen di PP. Hancur berkecai!

    Ada satu perangai orang Melayu yang saya tidak suka. Walaupun marah, benci tidak sokong, mereka tidak berani bercakap terus terang di hadapan mereka yang berkenaan. Bila di belakang, dia lah juarannya!

    Secara pribadi saya tidak yakin sokongan penuh Ahli Ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO kepada Najib. Boleh dipercayai nanti Najib akan jatuh terlentang tanpa dibantu mereka atau mereka sendiri menjadi Tok Dalang mrenggulingkan Najib

    Saya juga baca posting Helen Ang yang Annie sebutkan di atas. Saya pun terasa 'kelembutan' tulisannya.

    Tak apa lah saya yakin dia juga mendapat tekanan. Sekarang belum sampai ke tahapm 'do or die' Berundur selangkah ke belakang untuk maju tiga tapak di hadapan adalah satu straregi yang baik.

    Cuma saya harap, baik Helen ataupun Annie tulis apa sahaja yang berlaku terutama dalam dunia poltik kita, untuk kebaikan dan kesejahhteraan Negara kita.

    Cuma tulis kebenaran dengan cara penulisan yang bijaksana supaya tiada siapa yang terasa hati atau naik marah !

  16. Selepas Mesyuarat MT Umno semalam, PM gesa Ketua Audit mempercepatkan audit akaun 1MDB. Aku tak faham statement ni. Dia kan PM. Dia boleh serta-merta keluar arahan untuk buat siasatan. Sebulan ke, dua bulan ke PM boleh bagi arahan. Kena bagi tempoh yang detail untuk buat siasatan. Kena ada time frame. Dia buat statement macam tu seolah-olah Ketua Audit lagi besar dari PM.
    Arahan sebelum ni kepada Ketua Audit pun kabur. Minta Ketua Audit mulakan siasatan. Tapi tak ada arahan bila mula dan bila habis. Point of reference pun tidak ada. Ketua Audit pun tak tahu mana nak mula.
    PM juga ada cakap jika ada salah laku dan kesalahan berkenaan pengurusan akaun, mereka yang bersalah tidak akan dilindungi. Dia kan penasihat dan pengerusi dana pelaburan tu, takkan dia tak tahu langsung apa yang berlaku. Inilah kenyataan paling pura-pura pernah aku dengar.

    1. mcm mana ketua penyamun nak suroh polis siasat sapa yg samun. mesti la susah. ada logik ke ni?

  17. Annie,

    You're betting on the wrong horse...or shall I say a Bugis horse. Wait and see 1 or 2 weeks from now The Tun will come back with the last ace....many do not really know it is with a heavy heart if the last ace is thrown.

    1. wakakakakaka . Asyik last Ace jer. Tak balik pon ada kemungkinan kerana dah diberi amaran terakhir oleh Menteri Amaran.

      Silap-silap PM yang pakai last Ace Akta Hasutan dan untuk joker pakai Akta POTA.

  18. Understand the numbers and authorities and you will understand the current situation. Firstly, No other BN party or parties combined would ever cross UMNO, its a recipe for death. UMNO can bash heads in other parties but not the other way around. Secondly, the UMNO President is pre-eminent. The only way to remove him/her is at the ballot box or at the UMNO conference (if they choose, they can delay this also). Thirdly, the ballot box is loaded anyway towards rural constituencies where opposition parties have hardly any chance. If the East Malaysians BN parties hold firm and MCA/MIC/Gerakan can't sink any lower (which is hard considering they are at rock bottom anyway), then the Opposition (does it still exist?) needs to take the seats it needs from UMNO. To take about 20 seats from UMNO needs the vote percentage to swing by about 20%, but even in Rompin it moved by only 5%. So at the next election, the other BN parties will do just as poorly and UMNO will have almost the same result. Everyone can relax again.

    1. I think your optimism is misplaced and dangerous. It could lull Umno into complacency, which was why they lost at Permatang Pauh. Rompin shows that rural Malays are no longer a white vote bank for Umno. Malays may not vote against Umno, but as Rompin shows, 50% of them might refuse to come out in protest. Undi Umno pada masa ini sebenarnya di hujung tanduk.

  19. Annie,
    The grand old man cards still close and tight to.his chest...

  20. If TSMY cares for the majority of rakyat he should tell Najib to step down. If Najib is reluctant to step down,TMSY should resign as a show that he cares and listen to the rakyat's feelings now. Then everyboby will see what the heads of the country are made of. Hopefully Najib understands what the rakyat wants. I am an UMNO member and feeling desperate to stay on with UMNO. So wishing Najib to step down and the good TMSY to take over.