Tuesday 19 May 2015

An unfortunate turn of events and a holy land story

As of now, I'm quite convinced that PM DS Najib Razak will not try to appease Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as I had hoped he would.

It's almost certainly going to be WAR till the bitter end between those two and their respective supporters.

Najib and his people at the moment looked intent on destroying the legacy of Dr Mahathir in their effort to beat back the attacks by the elderly statesman.

Here is from The Star,

Najib: I was elected not via bonus votes and quotas


1. "I was the first Umno president elected under a new party constitution that is more open and more democratic," Najib, who is Prime Minister and Umno president, told a gathering of Umno veterans at the party headquarters here on Monday.

2. "Previously, anyone who wanted to challenge the party presidency had to have nominations from 63 party divisions. That is how Tun Mahathir Mohamad could stay in power for 22 years," said Najib.

3. He said he too could remain in power for 22 years by amending the party constitution but chose not to do so because he wanted to be elected sincerely by his party members.

This came following the shift to attack mode by the mainstream media against Dr Mahathir over the past weeks.

I was and still am against such a strategy as I had highlighted in this post,

Idiots making things worse

Another former PM, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his then Forth Floor boys had tried to do the same to Dr Mahathir and they failed.

I wonder what made Najib and his people thought that they will succeed where Pak Lah and his people had failed.

Personally, I believe that it's not really about whether Najib or Dr Mahathir emerging as the winner but more about whether Barisan Nasional can survive the next general election.

But I guess the protagonists in this political drama don't really care about that anymore.

For them it's all about vanquishing their enemy.

They don't seem to realize that they actually need each other to face the real enemy.

It's all so unfortunate.

Well, never mind, there's nothing much we can do about that anymore.

I'm going to leave it at that for now.

Okay, in case Dr Mahathir's legacy was really going to be destroyed, I would like to share this story posted by fellow blogger Pak Pin on his meeting with the almost 90-year-old statesman in the holy land a few days ago;

Tun was late. We didn't mind. We used the time to talk about Tun's great past; each of us has a story to tell.

We were informed that he and Tun Dr Hasmah went to do their Tawaf Widaq prior to their departure via a 2.00am flight. We were also informed that Tun had to take a short rest after the Tawaf. We understood and Prof Dato Wan Azmi the Chairman of Malaysian Business Council (MBC) Jeddah used his wisdom and modified the program.
"Afterall, we are here to show our respect and honor him..." I said and Dato Dr Daud of OIC nodded in agreement.

When Tun did appear, he was smiling and engaging with his gaze into the eyes of everyone who shook hand with him. Tun Dr Hasmah was radiant and as usual a couple of steps behind Tun never competing for attention nor place, drawing natural respect from everyone, friends and foes. There was no indication at all that he was tired, not even the slight limp in his walk. His aura filled up the whole space.
He took the seat reserved for him, and we gathered around him. The owner of the hotel, Sheikh Yussof Jamil was also present honoring the man we call Tun; loved by all except for the very few who dare not admit.
True to his stature as the best statesman we ever had, he spoke with pride about Malaysian talents overseas generally and in particular in Saudi.

"Of course we need you and your expertise back home, but we also appreciate that you are here to gain knowledge and experience which in the long run can only benefit Malaysia. Therefore, I would ask all of you to keep up your good work ethics, never get involved in scandals, and stay loyal to our country."
Also true to his intention of coming to Mecca for Umrah, he didn't say a word about the current scandals he has been trying so hard to bring to the fore in Malaysia. None of us asked and prompted the question. We respect him too much to drag him into such discussions.
After he finished his speech, he sportingly agreed for photography sessions with us, including with a group of Turkish Umrah delegates who knew he was there and came over to be photographed with Tun.
When I was close enough to him, I said, "Tun kami sayang Tun dan Tun, dan ramai lagi yang berkirim salam kepada Tun...Semoga ibadah Umrah Tun dan doa Tun diterima Allah..."
Tun looked at me for a brief second, without letting go of his smile and said, " Sampaikan juga salam dari saya kepada mereka..."

To read the full post, please click on this link :

Honestly, there is this deep sadness in my heart as I'm writing this post.

I pray to Allah that I'm wrong on this one.


  1. For you who are burdened: this psalm from the Zabur of Nabi Daud:


  2. Ini (umrah) sebagai sebahagian kecil perjalanan Tun mencari kekuatan, keredhaan dan petunjuk dalam meneruskan perjuangannya di tanah air. Siapa sahaja akan kembali mengadu kepada Nya di masa dan tempat yang sesuai.

    Janji Allah adalah benar dan tidak mampu ditutup dengan hanya pengakuan dan sumpah palsu atau ikrar sokongan golongan fasik.

  3. Dear Annie,
    There is also a deep sadness in my heart as I read the last para. of the story. But I know Tun M is worthy of every drop of my tears...May Allah bless him until the end! and May Allah save Malaysia!
    Salam from Japan

  4. I think its a great turn of event. The country can finally get rid of the tyrannous monster called UMNO and their fellow bangsawans, who have been hoodwinking and slaving the malays for their worldly gain. Allah know best,

    1. Don't be too sure about that. UMNO is not perfect but it is many times better than PKR, Pas or DAP

    2. The replacement is not necessarily PKR, Pas or DAP

    3. UMNO must go that is for sure. The replacement boleh bincang.

    4. The fact that UMNO is corrupt to the core is obvious for all to see. It is only the ketua bahagians that failed to see, because they are in the system.

  5. Annie Stay True to Tun's Legacy....He's one in a Million.

  6. Annie, sejujurnya saya dapat rasakan bahawa najib akan terus berkuasa sehingga PRU14. Wang adalah Raja bagi beliau. Saya juga percaya bahawasanya beliau menggunakan segala sumber kewangan dan jentera parti bagi mengekalkan kedudukan beliau sebagai Presiden UMNO. Tidak ada apa yang mampu di lakukan oleh Tun bagi menyedarkan mereka. Dan saya juga dapat rasakan bahawa UMNO & BN akan berkubur selepas PRU14.
    Mereka mungkin akan menang dalam pertarungan dengan Tun Mahathir tetapi mereka akan tersungkur di tangan rakyat. Percayalah Annie, mereka mereka ini akan hanya menang sorak tetapi akhirnya kampung akan tergadai. Rakyat akan menolak mereka.
    Retorik retorik politik yg dipukul canang oleh PM dalam media sejak akhir akhir ini hanyalah untuk menyedapkan hati beliau sendiri dan rakyat tidak terkesan langsung. Malahan rakyat semakin membenci beliau dan UMNO. Beliau masih gagal membaca arus penolakan rakyat yg semakin kuat. Beliau dan kebanyakkan pemimpin UMNO hidup dengan penuh khayalan. Malah mereka semakin kuat berkhayal sejak kebelakangan ini. Mereka telah tersasar jauh dari realiti sebenar. Harus di ingat bahawa majoriti sokongan rakyat tidak memihak kepada beliau dan BN. Beliau tewas undi popular. Beliau menang hanya secara teknikal. Harapan saya adalah masih belum terlewat untuk ahli ahli UMNO dan PM sendiri untuk berubah sebelum PRU14.

    1. Setuju dengan pandangan ini...majority dari kami "silence majority" hanya menunggu PRU akan datang untuk menguburkan BN. Tahap benci kepada pemerintahan sekarang sudah meluap-luap..

  7. It does not matter how one is voted, what matter is how one use the mandate given for the benefit of the people who are entitled to it.

  8. So sad indeed...

    Sangat tak sangka Najib boleh jadi begini kurang ajar. Macam tak percaya anak Tun Razak ni bakal mengkuburkan Umno.

    Perjuangan Umno yang suci murni dicemari oleh pemimpin yang syok sendiri dan bongkak.

    Sejarah tak menipu. Tapi jika tak nak belajar darinya, maka rakyat tiada pilihan.

    Kalau Pak Lah terselamat dari kuburnya dikencing, kubur Najib pasti akan dikencing oleh orang Melayu.

    1. For every action there is a reaction. Faham-faham ajalah, kalau kita tumbuk muka orang kita expect orang tu terima dengan senyum?

    2. Anon 8:15,

      Betut-betut Bulayu mesti manyak sayang sama UMNO lea aa ,sikalang manyak itu Bulayu masa itu isi bolang saja lea aa ,mau lapat itu status Bumipitla maa aa . Tadak hat punya lia olang jadi Bugis ,Jawa ,Banjar Boyan lea aa .

      Manyak susah ini macam lor rr , manyak angkat punya Bulayu , Cina eaa aa ,lalam bolang tulit Cina ,luar bolang sutak memang Cina maa aa .
      Manyak jujor itu macam .

    3. Sudah lah memang Najib biadab , Najib orang yang penuh dengan perasan bongkak dia cuma cakap pasal pemilihan umno yang tak lah bersih sanagat daripada pengaruh ketua ketua bahagian , Dia kata dia dipilih dengan cara lebih demokratik , apa bodoh cakap ini , kau di pilih secara akan naik oleh pak lah kemudian masa pemilihan umno tak pertandingan sebab sudah di atur oleh ketua bahagian dengan duit , pemilihan umno tak penting yang penting pilihan raya UMUM , yang rakyat pilih ini lagi utama , dan TUN M menang 5 kali pilihan raya umum dengan bergaya majoriti 2/3 dengan undi popular 55% dan ada yang 60% tapi najib dengan BN menang mojoriti merosot paling teruk dalam sejarah PRU BN dan itu baru kali pertama , dan percaya lah di PRU 14 najib dengan sikap biadap dan kurang ajar serta bodoh sombong dan bongkah cuma lagak saja macam mesra rakyat akan mencatat sejarah pemimpin BN yang buat BN tersunkur dan pada 2019 mereka adalah parti pembangkang yang biadap.

    4. U are right about that theory..

      In reaction of Najib I see stupidity. He obviously has no clue what the rakyat feel.

      And he needs the the people votes. Not Tun

      Good luck with that..

  9. Datuk Najib said he got the mandate to lead the government. It is actually just one way to look at it, particularly if you're referring to American style of leadership - Bush's administration, Obama's administration. But the difference is too big to ignore. These people, they go on their own to be elected as president, not through party-style election, which is the basis of Westminster-style parliament. The american parties, then would have a separate election for the members of congress.

    So, for Najib to say that his-own administration got elected to lead the government is not entirely true. It's the party led by him got the mandate to lead the government. And as any member of the party, he is dispensable.

    1. Sangat setuju!

    2. lain negara lain sistem. kalau u tgk football match don't use volleyball rules to judge the match

  10. I don't believe you are wrong Annie. I interpret Tun's actions as trying to keep his legacy, which will surely be erased if Pakatan comes to power and Anwar becomes PM. The sad thing is that Najib is doing it instead. This will in itself bring down BN. Another sad point is this whole thing tells me (and maybe everyone) that corruption in this country is at sickening proportions at the highest levels of government. And, God forbid, the reason the top echelons of BN are all quiet is because they too are corrupted and beholden to the top. In which case BN is really doomed. I feel very sad because I am a BN supporter.

    1. Do we believe in a Day of Judgement?

    2. The RAHMAN prophecy is probably true.

    3. Legacy? The mounting debt by Najib you cannot see meh? You think Tun M is like other politicians? You really cant tell the difference between the minds of Einstein and Mat Sabu eh?

    4. Tun's legacy will be erased not by PR but by BN/UMNO itself if Najib and his cronies continue to lead.

  11. nothing new about najib. all he did was just showing his true color. u called the advisors as idiots. dont u think najib who listen to them is even more worst than an idiot ?

    much as I like for tun to win this fight, im afraid najib is on a strong footing, unless tun has an ace up his sleeves. but even with tht, its gonna be tough. my last hope was for muhidin to stand and fight, but after last MKT meeting im truly dissapointed. it seems tht umno is beyond repair.

    its no longer parti keramat org melayu. only tun would fight for umno. but we know hes sentimental when it comes to umno. but after najib then wht? u see the MKT meeting, are these lot the hopes for the malay ?

    the future is bleak ahead. i guess we just wait for the inevitable, when BN is finally defeated. right now wht we need is mental preparation for whtever tht will come after the PRU. brunei is a nice place..sorry tun i shouldnt be loyal to the rotten gov. let them get wht they deserve in the afterlife.

  12. For Malaysia and Malaysians' sake I hope Tun M will win the war with Najib. If not, BN will lose PRU14. Then they will try to form a coalition with PAS. PAS will then push their whodude agenda. The whole of Malaysia will then suffer. No FDI will come. More religion will be shoved down our throats. Malaysia will then slowly but surely be a failed state.

    I don't think Tun M fought Najib because he is worried of his legacy. I think he fought Najib because he is worried of the future of Malaysia and Malaysians. Any sane Malaysians will remember Tun M with fondness. What he did for Malaysia during his 22 years is priceless.

    1. I agree with Anon 9:51. This is a very frightening thought.

  13. From Malay Mail Online:

    Yesterday, Najib took to his blog to address 13 key issues involving his administration.

    Earlier today, Dr Mahathir dismissed those responses and said the prime minister answered “nothing”.

    1. Absolutely right.failed in this exams.
      Poor answers for simple questions !!!

  14. whichever way both sides will lose..
    they need to put aside their ego n meet up.
    rather then have a compettion of who is more influential in social media.
    This is not helping the country and its people.

    1. Where hv u been? We are way passed that. Najib wont listen. Tun had talked to him privately, by letter, thru a messenger and now publicly. If you really want to help the country, help Tun to oust Najib fast.

    2. "So they (Israelites) defeated them (Philistines) by permission of Allah , and David killed Goliath, and the Lord gave him the kingship and prophethood and taught him from that which He willed. And if it were not for Allah checking [some] people by means of others, the earth would have been corrupted, but the Lord is full of grace to the worlds."
      - Quran 2:251

    3. "Hai Daud, sesungguhnya Kami menjadikan kamu khalifah (pentadbir) di atas muka bumi, maka berilah keputusan (perkara) di antara manusia dengan adil, dan janganlah kamu mengikuti hawa nafsu sendiri, kerana ia akan menyesatkan kamu dari jalan Allah Tuhanmu. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang tersesat dari jalan Allah akan ditimpa azab yang berat, kerana mereka melupakan Hari Perhitungan (amal)."
      (Surah Sad ayat 26)

  15. "He said he too could remain in power for 22 years by amending the party constitution but chose not to do so because he wanted to be elected sincerely by his party members.."

    Does he seriously think Mahathir was in power for 22 years because amendment were made to Umno constitution? How naive. The guy didn't need to amend the constitution to stay in power. The guy himself is a natural born fighter. Since he first got elected to Parliament in back 1964 right until Anwar's black eye episode, he made a name for himself as a fighter. Even Lee Kuan Yew once called him an ultra.
    All that he had achieved in those days not because some kind of protection put in place mind you. He did not need to. He believed in himself and believed in his own capabilities. He achieved what he had achieved because he earned it. He really did. It didn't come easy to him. It didn't fall into his lap because he was some kind of a rich kid who go around throwing money.
    It was not handed over to him as well. His family too was just a commoner who worked hard like everyone else to earn a living. He is where he is right now purely due to HIS EFFORT so to speak.
    The guy once had been expelled by his own party and fought his way back to the pinnacle of power. He even lost once in General Election. The guy had tasted his fair share of rough and tumble of politics when you guys still in diapers. I mean who are we to question his credentials?
    Amendment was made to Umno's constitution at that time because there were fights for top posts which resulted the party being declared illegal. The bloody fight destroyed the party beyond recognition. The party not only split into two but deregistered altogether. Changes need to be made so those bloody episode did not happen again. And it is one of the way to preserve unity within the party.
    In those days, Mahathir was challenged by Ku Li for party president post. And Mahathir accepted the challenge and fought a bruising battle to prove he's worth it. Mahathir was a fighter and never ran away from a good fight. And he almost lost. Unlike that guy, I never recalled he ever had any serious challenge for any party top post. What I heard that there were a lot of meeting between now and then with the KBUs where goodies were thrown in exchange for allegiance and support.
    Even Liow Tiong Lai of MCA is more president worthy out there because he did jump into the ring and see off challenges for MCA presidency. He even became the subject of ridicule nearly everyday in the Chinese daily leading up to party election but he stood his ground and put up a good fight.
    That is what is called DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED in all its meaning.

    1. Well said!! Hear! Hear! No matter what Najib claimed, he is not democratically elected. He bought his way.. with all his legal rasuah!

    2. Yes...cash is king..(najib said)

    3. well basically najib form of democracy election in umno is shutting more of akar umbi and leave everything to the corrupted perwakilan in a smaller circle.

      didnt wanna say tht out loud right jib gor ?

    4. Anon 10:57
      I am 100% agree with you sir!

  16. Hai annie , awak suka kata yang orang Najib dan orang Tun M bergaduh atau bertegang lehir , kamu salah kerana ya orang najib tu betul sebab yang sikong dia sekarang memang dah kenal dan ada habuan , tapi jangan kata orang Tun M la sebab kami Tun M tak kenal pun tapi tatap bersama nya tampa apa apa habuan dan kami ada majoriti rakyat yang tak terlibat dengan parti politik.

  17. mahathir the real machiavelli. mempergunakan umrah atas tujuan politik.

    1. Thats a serious allegation. But its between you and Tun... good luck finding him in the afterlife.

    2. Kiasfansuri ni mmg macai bangang. Mcm ni saja standard macai najib. Apa la??? Cari la orang yg ada otak sikit kalau pun nak jadi mulut jahat. Ini hantar budak sasau hingus tak kering tetiba nak sembang politik.


  19. Najib shouldn't go after Marathon. Go after his children instead. Hit the old man where it hurts. God knows the chibai deserves it.

    1. Hey slut! don't expose your private parts to public view.

    2. Anon 17:44..

      How about Najib second son involvement in PONZI scheme in Thailand?

    3. Sorry...i meant to address anon 15:09..

      If u must know..najib second son scandals in UFUN is a BIG news in Thailand.

      So how much is enough for the 1st family heh?

    4. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:
      "Wealth consists of various kinds of treasures, and those treasures all have keys. So blessed is the man whom God has made a key for good and a lock against evil."
      (Al-Tirmidhi no. 1366)

  20. "Malaysian talents overseas"?

    Does that also include Malaysian talents in Singapore?

    Is Tun Dr M proud of them also?

    Or is his approbation reserved for the select few Malaysian talents?

  21. Tun's comments

    19 May 2015 | 1MDB

    1. Najib rebuts nothing. Beyond saying that the Altantuya case is old, he has rebutted nothing. The matter is still current because the hanging is to be now. The two were released before. Their acquittal meant the matter was settled. But now they are to be hanged. Apparently they acted upon orders. Hanging them would be a travesty of justice.

    2. On IMDB, the same answer is given. Wait. Wait until the Auditor General reports. That can take years. Examining the accounts will reveal nothing. It will not explain the involvement of Jho Low. It will not explain how Riza Aziz has so much money at a time when 1MDB money disappeared. It will not explain the funny transactions with Petro-Saudi, the banks in Seychelles, Hong Kong and Cayman Islands. Then the money from Cayman was brought back and deposited in Singapore. Now the bank says no money has been deposited with it.

    3. Asking people not to ask any questions until the Auditor General reports is silly. It is like seeing someone robbing and the public must wait until the court hearing is over before talking about it.

    4. And the aircraft for security. Is it going to stop the kidnapping and casual invasions of Sabah or the smuggling of arms from across the northern border? Or is the security confined to people flying in private jets only.

    5. This country is being attacked repeatedly by terrorists who killed our police and soldiers. Is this the normal state of things or is this a security problem? If we care for security do we buy luxury private jets.

    6. It is shameful that we cannot even ensure the safety of our citizens.

    7. The Auditor General can audit but it is not going to reveal much. The better thing to do is to set up a commission, the members of which should not be chosen by the Government, to scrutinise every act of 1MDB. This is because it is basically going to investigate not just 1MDB but also the Government, which has clearly failed to oversee the affairs of 1MDB.

  22. Looks like we are heading towards a more challenging time ahead as with Jibby Kangkung refuse to let go of power while "cleaning up the government coffers for his own benefit". We may just end up being a 3rd world country by then.All his strategies for the nation failed and we already know the outcome of his dungu strategy attacking Tun. Btw, looks like its "like father like son" with the exposure in Thailand on UFUN. Probably Jibby should introduce 1UFUN then.


  23. UFUN means "U Failed Uncivilised Nut"?

  24. kalau Najib pimpin malaysia selama 22 tahun malapetaka lah nagara ini. Kemungkinan selepas 22 tahun malaysia akan menjadi lebih teruk dari republic congo. pimpin dalam masa 6 tahun ni pun dah celaru.

  25. From outsyed the box.

    It Should Be "Forensic Audit" Ok, Not Just Any Audit.
    The PM cannot be that dumb when he said that the RM42 billion is in those TWO parcels of land (TRX and Sungei Besi).

    I think he was talking to his supporters - who by the way are quite the morons and will swallow everything he shoots off.

    By the way that same Indian guy has told people that all that money that left the country (to PetroSaudi etc) is GONE. It is never coming back. Dia sendiri cakap.

    Back to the case, there seems to be some confusion over this 'audit' that everyone is looking forward to. Of course the crooks are also preparing the ground to confuse the public.

    Everyone is talking about 'the audit', the 'Auditor General's Report' etc.

    The PM has even tried to spin the 'audit' thingy by saying that 'two international auditors have already doe their audits'.

    Implying what more can the Auditor General come up with? I think we have to watch the Auditor General very closely.

    Please dont do just another 'audit' and then confirm to everyone what the two international audit firms have also 'confirmed'. That will not be fair. That will not be honest.

    We need a forensic audit. By the way this is what Nazir Razak meant as well when he said get 'international audit firms' to audit the company's books. To be accurate, two international audit firms have indeed 'audited' their books. What we need is a forensic audit.