Saturday 30 May 2015

A bitter and vindictive old attack dog

I have to admit that every time I read what the attack dogs going after Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said about the statesman, I felt like joining those attacking PM DS Najib Razak.

So far, I still manage to resist that, but I did feel this furious anger inside me whenever I read garbage such as this,

Press Statement by Tunku Abdul Aziz

These are among words used in the press statement to describe Dr Mahathir;

spewing scurrilous lies about 1MDB

reduced himself, in the eyes of many, to a figure of fun and ridicule

he presents himself as an embittered, vindictive man

He froths at the mouth every time he accuses 1MDB

He explained with that familiar self-satisfied smirk on his face 

Typically Mahathir denied responsibility and to this day he remains unrepentant, blasé, and unapologetic

His manic gambling with Bank Bumi and BNM money

Sounds to me like this Tunku Abdul Aziz is the one who is bitter, vindictive and whatever else.

I do wonder what Dr Mahathir had ever done to him that he became so rabid.

Jealous of Dr Mahathir's achievements, perhaps?

Anyway, what has this Tunku Abdul Aziz, described as a towering Malay when he was with DAP, ever done for agama, bangsa dan tanah air?

Has he done more than what Dr Mahathir did as the country's prime minister for 22 years?

Does he really think that by badmouthing Dr Mahathir, he is helping Najib?

Whoever the minder of this Tunku Abdul Aziz, I don't think he really cares that people like me are disgusted and grow more hostile towards the prime minister because of these sorts of things.

Tunku Abdul Aziz first attacked Dr Mahathir early this month,

NST columnist takes potshots at Dr M's years as prime minister

Then when Dr Mahathir replied to his accusations,

Tunku Aziz stays mum on Dr M's response

These are what Dr Mahathir said about Tunku Aziz's accusations against him,

Tunku Abdul Aziz tries to pin the BMF scandal on me on the basis of a statement by Lorraine Esme Othman as quoted in his article thus:

“He (Lorraine) asked me (Tunku) whether he alone could have made the decision to move billions of US Dollars without instruction from “high above”.
He assumes that “high above” Lorraine was me. There are lots of people high above Lorraine. I will not name them here because I don’t like making inferences when I have no concrete evidence. Lorraine went to London where he was jailed.

Neither Bank Bumiputra nor BMF were directly under me. I had nothing to do with their management. Please show proof of my involvement in the affair of BB or BMF.

14. I was informed of the measures to be taken to resolve the scandal and I agreed to sending an officer to check on the deals with the Carrian Group. He was subsequently murdered.

15. Tunku Aziz is a director of the International Instittute of Public Ethics and a member of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

16. I would like to ask Tunku Aziz whether his attempt to accuse me of being involved in the BMF scandal on such flimsy ground is ethical or not.

17. And as member of the Anti-Corruption Commission, he can make a full investigation of my record to find out how many billions I stole from the Government as he seems to imply. If he fails, he should at least have the decency to apologize.

18. And as someone who professes to be concerned about corruption, shouldn’t he ask how Jho Low and Riza Aziz have hundreds of millions of dollars. And shouldn’t he be interested in public officers who live well beyond their means. Or has he got selective awareness of what is going on around him. An American paper reported that now Malaysia is among the ten most corrupt countries in the world. Shouldn’t he try to find out why?

Those were part of this Dr Mahathir's posting,

1MDB (Part 3)

Well, in case you all are wondering, I'm not attacking Najib. I'm just defending Dr Mahathir, the best statesman this country ever have.


  1. Tengku Aziz is a relative of Tengku Abdul Rahman. Would that explain why he is so vicious against Tun M?

    1. With the responses and arguments of this post we can see this tungku aziz is merely handicapped. He is no match with Tun M. He just made himself exposed that he is stupid and Najib will bang his head to the wall knowing that most of his stooges are lacking intelligence to make him win the war. Najib please pray hard nd good luck....

  2. These whole lots can be solved during the firsts questions. The Old Man asked something means he wanted to know something. But the one he asked not replying anything. Nothing. So it implied either that man ignorant or simply know nothing

    Then machais all over come and bash Old Man. All these small minds attacked him like no tomorrow. Everynight Salleh was on tv as if theres no one alive. But all these attacks were never prevented which showed that they were by consent?

    There shit hit fan and all become stinky. Then Only Ambrin was called. Brother also said it was a mistake of not replying. He knew better in business world uncertainty like not asnwering question is very bad.

    Then Shahir Tiong turn to bash. Tiong got to talk to Arul pity Jazlan cannot even say hello because his invite was turned down or should i say postponed by some weeks. I wonder why Tiong didnt wait for Ambrin because the guy was saying to the Old Man wait for Ambrin. So Tiong directly disobey him. So if u are the PM and u gave order then someone didnt adhere just because hes the president of a club, then what that tells the rest?

    Old Man brought up this country of course he knew the value of hardworks efforts and monies.u gotta earn your monies thats why he said dont give fish instead get them know how to fish. But that guy was on silver platter obviously he didnt comprehend on that as good as Old Man. Saw pics of him in the Reluctant Politician. Not bad and i bet he was a swagger.

    Tungku was very emotion during first PC as if his face was about to explode. Whats the matter? And Old Man replied in text onli i hope Tungku didnt vomit blood.

    Why Old Man can explain in 14 written paragraphs about his arguement and yet the other one talk 14 days also no one get him?

    1. drMpower, bravo. Brilliant.

    2. You're correct drMpower!

    3. DrMpower, well done!!!!!

    4. That Aziz guy is a stupid idiot. DAP rejected him... the Malays despise him ... so nobody actually cares what he barks. Plus... he's damn ugly.

  3. Dear Annie,
    The way I see it, well Tunku Aziz once joined DAP, so what do you expect ....Sometimes I wonder how could people esp. those of "high" position/status or whatnot couldn't grasp that every word that comes out from their mouth is a reflection of their character. Its indeed shameful (and laughable) esp. when people who have not contribute much for the country even have the 'urge' to attack Tun M.
    Salam from Japan

  4. Tunku Aziz is a man with no honour,pride and dignity aka tak de maruah. In short he is a political pariah.He jumps to any boat as long as he can have some glamorous position and money. When he joined DAP, he basically become traitor to the malays and now no thanks to him,DAP is more racist than ever. He was paid to make the statement on Tun, that's for sure.

    1. Wow , a malay joining DAP is considered a traitor but joining UMNO is considered a sacred duty. BTW, who is running this country into the ground, DAP or UMNO? Who has plundered billions and will keep plundering billions more if not stopped, DAP or UMNO. So who is the traitor ??

    2. This is what LGE said, ok? He said a Chinese supporting UMNO is not a Chinese. A Malay who joins DAP must be a bloody traitor of course, a traitor to his own bangsa and a traitor to his country.

      Show proof if you are truthful if you want to accuse UMNO of plundering billions from the country. Show proof like how Tunku Aziz asked of Tun M. If you cannot, then go fook yourself.

      But for the treacherous Chinese especially DAP Chinese , just read today's Sinchewjitpoh. The local Chinese who were from DAP cheered and clapped their hands when the hong kong activists and tiananmen activists accused the Malaysian government to be the laughing stock of the whole fooking world for being submissive to China by denying their entry.

      These DAP Chinese, aided by Malay traitors, have no love nor respect to Malaysia, all that they are doing is to destroy Malaysia in the disguise of being patriotic.

  5. His vitriolic attacks on Tun M has demeaned him in theb yes of many. He did his credibility untold harm by making statements he wasn't sure he could substantiate. Goodbye Tunku Abdul Aziz. You remain in the spotlight only because of NST, TV3 and Najib Abdul Razak. After the dust has settled you will no longer be relevant.

  6. Who cares about Tunku, Annie..common malays dont trust him anymore after he joined DAP, and now the Chinese dont trust him after he left. Nowadays there are too many press statement etc etc etc....ask Tunku to open a blog and see how many readers he gets...zeeee rooohhh!!

  7. You know a vindictive tongue when you hear one ... it's too bad Aziz's apparent command of the English language doesn't come with a sagacious intellect!

  8. " spewing scurrilous lies about 1MDB.."
    -Which one? Please state lies that had been told.

    " reduced himself, in the eyes of many, to a figure of fun and ridicule.."
    - In the eyes many? really? Who are they? As far as I am concerned, there is another guy who becomes a figure of fun almost daily. You don't trust me? Just take a look to whats app group someone near you.

    "he presents himself as an embittered, vindictive man.."

    Nope. He just care for the country and its people. He doesn't want your kids and the next generation to leave the country in droves to find better place to live like Rohingyas.

    "He froths at the mouth every time he accuses 1MDB.."
    "He explained with that familiar self-satisfied smirk on his face.."

    You're being personal aren't you? Why do you need to making fun of his face. If you don't agree with him, why did you need to reduce yourself by making fun of someone apperance? I do believe someone like has a good upbringing. I also can make fun of your face but my values and good upbringing prevent myself from doing so.

    "His manic gambling with Bank Bumi and BNM money.."

    At least he didn't try to recoup tons of money lost at the expense of the people by imposing burdensome tax. Can you say the same to current administration?

    1. Of course, Tun Dr M wasn't responsible for MAS falling way behind SIA and KLIA falling way behind Changi Airport!

      Neither was he responsible for Johor Port and Pasir Gudang Port failing to dislodge Singapore's port from it's pole position in the region.

      Or for Proton, Perwaja, MSC and the attempt to create a class of bumiputra tycoons and captains of industry.

      Not to mention the fabled "Crooked Bridge".....

    2. MAS staffs accused that the MAS problems were management problems, yet the new CEO had revealed how everyone in one way or another should bear responsibility for MAS' current situation, albeit in different degrees.

      Mahathir being the most hated person in Red Dot, more so after the Supreme Saint Prophet of Red Dot died (out-lived by Mahathir), must prompt more attacks from Bangsa Red Dot. That tells what value is Mahathir to Malaysia.

      If Mahathir is still the PM of Malaysia, KTM will still be in Tanjong Pagar, water from Johor will be charged according to market rate, sand will not be smuggled out for reclamation to enlarge Red Dot to Super Red Dot, Pulau Batu Puteh will not be called Pedra Blanca, Pulau Pisang will be manned by Malaysia, Scenic Bridge will be built and there will be prosperous sea traffics along Selat Tebrau thereby majulah Port Pasir Gudang, Tanjung Langsat and PTP (and Tebing Tinggi who is patriot of Malaysia will be happy), there won't be sodomisation of Malaysia by levying of development charge of billions of dollars on the exchanged Marina Lands, and last but not least, Malaysia would not be called a very insulting name 'MA GUO' by Red Dot newscasters and news media.

      And no. Mahathir is not responsible for all those accusations. Myanmar has an entire generation who is illiterate. To bring up the nation of Myanmar is a very complicated task. At least, Myanmar has support of Red Dot who don't call Myanmar MIAN GUO.

      Malaysia is a free country. We have our problems and we can solve them. If you are able to live happily in Red Dot because meritocracy rewards you because you have so much merits, so be it. Leave Malaysia. We can solve our own problem. Stay back in Paradise Red Dot. Stop commenting about Malaysia.

      You dare not even fart in Red Dot because if you do, you will be labeled as insane.

    3. @Anon 14:57

      Another "wish list"? Didn't happen, did it? Maybe it's giving Tun Dr M nightmares that LKY called his bluffs in the high stakes poker game post Singapore's ejection from Malaysia.

      In poker parlance, when you hold a strong hand, it is customary to say "read them and weep".

      So, in all the "litany of woes" that you have listed, isn't it just excuse after excuse for not delivering?

      And now, when China is playing plum pudding in the South China Sea, it is all about maintaining a "discreet silence" and hoping that the "crusader mat salleh" US will stick around to keep the peace!

      It is good that you recognise the benefits of meritocracy and the apparent lack of it in Malaysia.

      How else would you explain the debacle in MAS, front and centre?

      Oh, btw, who exactly in Malaysia is doing business with Singapore? Apart from Maybank, CIMB, RHB, assorted MNCs and certain parties in Johor?

      Care to name names, brudder?

  9. You are not Attacking Najib because he is the Master of these Attack Dogs!!
    You will not touch him cause you like to see these dogs belonging to the master attack the Old man...
    You Fool!!!

    1. Fyi, there are those who refuse to attack Dr Mahathir but defended Najib. I'm just the other way around...for now.

    2. Yup, sure looks like Jibby Jemuan has conditioned his Pit Bull Terrier Ziz into bite-on-sight mode.

    3. Annie,

      And you are okay with Najib attacking Tun? Nobody dares to do anything without some green light from the top.

      This is the last straw that broke the camel's back for me. No more voting BN until Najib is removed.

      That is not how you treat a Stateman!

  10. just like najib tengku aziz never follow up with wht tun m said in his blog. shows tht hes just a good for nothing mcm tin kosong. bunyi saja lebih apa pn x ada.

    neither did he lodge a report againts tun m nor does he pursue to investigate imbd.

    should i bothered to hear anything more from him? i guess reading manga would have been more beneficial to me.

    neither should any of us pay any heed to this guy. just another one of najib's cheap tactics to discredit tun.

  11. i think najib and his team have small brain. don't they understand that doing the same thing that has been proven failed will not be a success this time around. During the time when mahathir bash pak lah, didn't kalimullah and 4th floor gang did the same bashing and let the dogs attack. did mahathir stop, did the rakyat turn in favour of pak lah, did the mahathir bashing really make him more unpopular? did this actually make him more popular and more people want to listen to what he said?

    the machai bloggers, paid PR consultant, imej makers and spin doctors need to realise that this is not about mahathir vs najib. this is about the unhappy rakyat vs the clueless PM of Malaysia. Mahathir is just a spokesman. One of the talent of Mahathir is he somehow know the rakyat's feeling. the rakyat has been very unhappy with the way najib managed this country, and it has build up for quite some time. in general the rakyat have high hope that he can be a better PM than pak lah, but obviously he did not. and the verdict was shown during PRU13. all the big financial mess will make thing worst for najib. no amount of imej rebranding will help him.

    najib must go, the sooner the better.

    1. Anon 09.43

      You are absolutely right.

      Najib is a failed leader.

  12. T aziz spoke sbout TM as if he knows alit sbout 1mdb. Just ask t aziz to explain on the missing billions if he really cares. By listing down how the 42b being spent enough to shut the attackers and the lickers...... We need facts uncle......

  13. Do all of you expect a Bangsawan and Palawan to stoop so low as to criticize an old man who doesn't know that he is already Nyanyok?
    Furthermore, he is a much loved Bugis PM and President UMNO of Malaysia and not a Bakery owner or descendant from a place like the Rohinyas who came to Malaysia to settle down and marry local Malay ladies so as to enjoy the fruits also as a Constitutional Malay.

    Of course the PM has to use someone credible to say straight to the Mahafiraun so as not to belittle his post and dignity as PM and President of UMNO.
    Isn't the PM a very patient man and not as vindictive as Mahafiraun because he never ask the IGP to give the Mahafiraun a black eye or throw him into jail on a charge of sodomising his former bodyguard who is now on death sentence.

    Mahafiraun destroyed all the pillars of democracy in Malaysia during his 22 years reign required for checks and balance, reduced the powers of the Rulers and Judiciary, introduced a culture of Govt. knows best, making Govt. servants becoming tools of politicians instead of serving Rakyat etc etc etc etc etc

    And you call him the Best PM and Negarawan? Dah nyanyok juga ke?

    1. Wow!!!!!

    2. Dude, please make a police report against mahafiraun. U seems to have a lot of evidence of his wrong doing. U should bro. Im sure people will support u. Lets do it bro. Dont just dropby here and make a false accusation. It wont look good on you and your master.

    3. Just a word of caution.. please look up your family tree.. worried that you might get a heart attack of the fatal kind should you discover a rohingya ancestor in the closet.
      Pity you for from your vitriolic outpourings you seem to suffer from a real bad case of bigotry

    4. If after 22 years of Mahafiraun reign and you still can't see all the wrongdoings he has done to Malaysia and need to make police reports and provide proof etc, the it is time to go for a Headcheck.

      Building monuments like Putrajaya is equivalent to building The Great Wall, Pyramids, Borobudur etc at the expense and misery of millions of her citizens. What does it show? It just show the megomaniac tendency of such Emperors, Kings and Mahafirauns to boost their ego even when they are dead.

      How crass are such thoughts?

    5. Even though i don't agree wih your choice of worda i do agree on some of your points.the handsome old man did some damage to the seperation of power principle.during his reign the power was concentrated on him alone

    6. every now and then one of them walking dead passes by this way and spills his rotten guts yukkks.

    7. Anon 11:45
      So now what r u going to do about it? U saw all his wrong doing for 22 yrs then what? What's your plan? R u going to do something about it? Not clear what's ur intention dude. Or maybe ur brain is full of shit.

    8. he is already Nyanyok....hahahaha
      he is a much loved Bugis PM...waaakakakaka
      Of course the PM has to use someone to say straight..LOL LOL
      PM a very patient man because he never ask the IGP..haahaha

      these dunggus sometimes are a real entertainer

      >james bond

    9. Anon 10:31; just be kind enough to do the rakyat a favor. Just explain this on behalf of your Most Esteemed bangsawan and pahlawan:
      Borrowed RM42,000, 000,000
      Spent an estimated RM15,000,000,000
      Mmmm what us rakyat need to know= where's the balance RM27,000,000,000

    10. The super moron should explain to the rakyat where is the missing RM27b.... That's all we want to know. Why is it so hard for him and his dunggu macai to explain about the missing 27b. No need to get the half cooked pathetic old man like tunku aziz to bark for him. The super moron is actually destroying himself. Big time!!!

    11. Anon 10:31, PM ahjibgor is a LIAR!!! Even liars dont trust a liar...u do??? Hehehe....

  14. Dear sis;
    Wasn't it Einstein who said " Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?".

    1. Call in the private eye to investigate them .... treachery and treason, there's always an excuse for it.

  15. Aiya, this Tunku Aziz, he always talks of transparency, ask him about his two Christian daughters Helena Mary and Zelena Anne? He married his ex-wife, a local Eurasian he met in Kirby or somewhere. Her father was a pastor, family are staunch Christians. I heard they married in church and she never converted.

    How do I know all this? Ask any former Bukit Bintang Girls' School student who studied there in the 70s-80s. We used to be puzzled why this Mrs Aziz went for Christian Union activities as did her two daughters, who never went for agama. And the headmistresses then in primary BBGS were all from the same church (jln Imbi Chapel). The headmistress in secondary school was even her sister, Miss Cooke. So I suppose, they weren't pressured as those days Jakim etc all not active and people more laidback.

    He accuses Tun of frothing at the mouth. He should talk. Watching him on TV3 a few weeks back, I thought he was going to pop a blood vessel.

    1. And what is your point?

      That a Muslim cannot have daughters who are Christians? That he cannot have a wife who is a Christian?

      Getting a bit high and mighty there, aren't we?


    2. Yes difficult under current Syaria enactments, Sdr ANON 10:55
      but there are sufficient differences amongst Islamic scholars to allow marriage with women among The People of the Book.
      ( al-Quran, 5: 5 )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Tebing Tinggi

      What is your point's then ,where have you been all this years ,I am sure you are not from Zimbewee an't you.

    4. @tebing tinggi 13:24

      It is spelt "Zimbabwe", dude. Not "Zimbewee"(sic).

      Not using a made-in-Malaysia spellchecker, are you?

      Anyways, I've been around. Doing projects, loudly espousing the benefits of competitiveness, good governance and meritocracy.

      And you? Same-o, same-o?


    5. Oh really hot shot?

      People who "have been around" don't stoop so low by making such comments.

      "loudly espousing" my ass...

      Thats typical consultant bullshit recycled 101 are such an amateur.

      So which pathetic client did you manage to con again? Did you manage to show them their "true north"?

      Hahaha....what a loser.

    6. @Anon 15:47

      Heh, heh - got your knickers (or should that be "seluar dalam") in a twist, did you?

      What's the matter - you got "done over" by consultants or what?

      So, no worries. Go peddle your picayune views to the credulous and the gullible. And while you are about it, tell them to stock up on Ringgit because the greenback is heading for a fall after the Fed stops playing games with interest rates.


  16. Indirectly Najib bring down PAC, Auditor General and MACC credibility. MACC no longer look like independent body as Advisory members such as Tunku, Johan and LKW show much affection towards Najib.

    Pity for AG they have to do their works without term and reference. If Arul and Shahrul can ignore PAC do you think they will give full cooperation to AG.Audit Negara will look bad.

    Najib destroy important institutions that rakyat rely on.

    1. PAC, bagi saya lebih baik sedikit dari CAT. Dalam PAC ada wakil pembangkang. Tapi dalam CAT, langsung tak ada wakil pembangkang peringkat Negeri.

      Memang betul, Najib telah mencemarlan kemuliaan AG dan PAC.

  17. I was reserved when this whole 1MDB fiasco first took place. But when Tun started questioning things and Najib's dogs attacked him, I lost all respect on Najib.

    I can't even stand to hear his voice on tv anymore. This wasn't the case before.

    This is what the majority feels like and Najib is still acting like business is as usual and the people are stupid.

    You will reap what you sow and destroying this country Najib. Please take note.


    1. Najib memerlukan Nasib untok survive. Mr Nasib where are you....

    2. I have also lost faith with Najib and would turn off the radio or TV when his voice came on. I love UMNO but will never now vote for the party for as long as Najib remains as its corrupt President period

  18. Among all active Malaysian politicians, Ku Li is the most highly regarded, as a gentleman, and by both sides of the political divide.

    This is what he said recently: Religious- and race-based parties inhibit unity and harmony and the country should now move towards an open system ‎which accommodates the needs of the younger people.

    Malaysia badly needs a unifier.


    1. YM Ku Li is maybe Pakatans realistic hope Sdr ANON 11:45
      so would automatically not make the list of PM candidates IF(?) UMNO Bahagian Chiefs decided to change its president,
      and why would they change(?) and who except from the popularly elected Timbalan and Naibs?

      Yes YB Lim KS is repeatedly pushing the unifier/ UG agenda .. and so must join up with UMNO kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


  19. Filter the claims, welcome the greater transparency adinda Ms Annie
    and enough being over-emotional over favourite leaders

    Let us :
    1) look beyond the frothing(?) TDM and TV3s YM Tunku agenda, and appreciate the complexities of and mistakes made by the previous and current administrations.
    2) all especially our leaders in-sya-Allah learn and cope in this fast changing and open information internet age.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Ya Zin, it's a DAP Dropout that does no good with his tongue. Those Penang guys must have had enough of this pompous ass.

  20. Re:"Sounds to me like this Tunku Abdul Aziz is the one who is bitter, vindictive and whatever else."

    Yes, I was thinking of the same thing too when I read his press statement.

  21. Saya berpendapat bahawa Tunku Aziz adalah seorang lelaki tua yg suka kan perhatian. Beliau juga mungkin ingin mengambil kesempatan daripada keadaan perdana menteri yg terdesak utk mendapatkan sokongan. Tunku Aziz juga seorang yg celaru, tidak mempunyai pendirian yg tetap. Pada masa ini sesiapa sahaja yg dapat menyalak dan menunjukkan kasih sayang dan sokongan kepada PM walaupun dengan fakta yg direka reka akan mendaoat habuan. Jadi saya faham org org seperti tunku aziz ini akan berkeliaran dan menyalak habis habisan dengan harapan supaya di beri imbuhan diatas kesetiaan songsang yg diberikan. Wallahualam

    1. Saya setuju dengan pendapat ini.
      Terima kasih.

  22. SO if Mahathir wasn't responsible for BmF as PM, who was? Who was the higher ups Lorraine referred to if not Mahathir? Was it Ku Li? Is Mahathir protecting somebody? Jalil died. An officer died because of this and Mahahtir is still trying to act as if he had nothing at all to do with the BMF scandal?

    And the RM18 billion foreign exchange losses? He was not directly responsible also? Was that why someone else had to resign and he went on to become longest serving Prime Minister?


    1. How about providing some good answers to your own fraudulent scandal-mongering hyperactive questioning?

    2. Anon 14:48 seems to be in locked mode. I think the best explaination is this.
      Some forms of dementia, traumatic brain injury, anxiety and OCD can cause people to perseverate. They repeat words and tasks or try repeatedly to solve problems, but are left frustrated and unsatisfied. They're not necessarily insane, but stuck in a non-productive pattern due to a glitch in brain function. Some medications or CBT tools may prove helpful.

    3. At least During Tun M he didn't try to recoup billions of money lost at the expense of the people by imposing burdensome GST tax. He knew other ways to increase government revenue other than taxing people.
      1MDB bleeding tons of money and the people of Malaysia are the ones targeted to shoulder the burden.

    4. On reflection, I think I can deduce why Najib wants GST to be implemented on April1 2015 comes what may and despite the recent devastating Kelantan flood. Any sensitive leader would have postponed the implementation of this consumption tax affecting all and sundry especially the poor in this country, under the current economic uncertainties with the oil price being low..... no, no ,no he would not postpone, never mind the suffering poor rakyat, he wanted the money desperately so that his mismanaged 1MDB could be bailed out as the creditors will soon be at the door.
      On this basis, Najib is a corrupt PM morally and financially.

  23. Dear Annie.
    I'm glad that you're defending Tun Dr.M from those rabid dogs, although you seem not to be attacking DS Najib. For that, I respect your stance.

    I think it's stupid for the Tunku or anyone to solely blamed Dr.M for the country's losses during his 22 years tenure as PM. The only time Dr.M held briefly the post of Finance Minister, was when Tun Daim resigned and Anwar aka Al-Juburi was dismissed for buggering a man's behind.

    As a staunch supporter and admirer of Dr.M, I'm adamant that Najib, as PM cum Finance Minister, must bear full responsibility for 1MDB's RM27 billion ++, which are uncounted for. Najib's preference of using mysterious middleman to do business on behalf of the government was also puzzling. At least Dr.M didn't engaged people such as Razak Baginda, Deepak and now Jho Low in government dealings.

    1. RD, I agree with you... yes, Tun M made few blunders as well. But the rakyat were better off under his leadership. Wherever we go, we are proud to be Malaysian coz we have a great man as our leader. Now, I don't have that same feeling anymore with all in front of us now.

      I do hope the the current one will be man enough to answer to all us Malaysian. If he can convince us that everything is OK, I think Tun would rather spend his time reading and writing other stories. I wish to state here that I am with Tun that believe he has not given us the answer that make sense. He can't continue saying that Tun is alone in wanting clarification and answers on the current issues. Because why? Tun is not alone.

      As a leader, Bugis ke Jawa ke, Mamak ke, do your part. Speak up. Don't hide behind Salleh Keruak, LKW or even this Tunku Aziz ex DAP guy. Who are these people? Show us la yg you are in fact no 1.

      Tunku Aziz can say whatever lah. As Annie said, he is nothing compare tu Tun. Full stop!!!

  24. Hmmm....Not long ago when he left DAP and start bad mouthing the DAP leadership, all you pro BN bloggers were hailing him to be a national hero for. Now he is a dog time flies..tut tut

  25. Today's NST 30th May 15 at pg 12, it is reported that Tunku Aziz would lodge a police report against TDM for what the Tunku calls 'financial scams' committed by TDM as the PM.

    This is an unprecedented precedent because the Tunku is the Chairman of the Advisory Chairman of the MACC. It is sad to see the Tunku has stooped so low in showing how loyal he is to DSN. He is prepared to disgrace his honor, integrity and neutrality.

    It is interesting to know how his international brethrens look upon him in view of his current stand in relation to the 1MDB corporate fiasco.

    My humble opinion : they lose respect for the Tunku.

  26. High praise, jebatmustdie calls Annie "normal".

  27. Annie, saya rasa Perdana Menteri sedang memusnahkan reputasinya sendiri. Menggunakan tunku aziz sebagai kaki pukul amat mengejutkan. Tunku aziz adalah seorang tua yg tidak punya kredibiliti. Malahan tidak mampu berfikir tentang apa yg terbaik untuk dirinya sendiri. Beliau sendiri telah menipu dirinya apabila menyertai DAP. Adakah org separuh siuman seperti ini sahaja yg mampu diupah oleh Perdana Menteri untuk menyerang Tun Mahathir? Saya tidak faham kenapa PM suka memperbodohkan dirinya sendiri....

  28. Di mana ada I Love PM..

    Di situ Ada RM..

    Takkan I Luv PM hilang di dunia.. :-P

  29. 1 bangak nyer ngo CAGM duk sebuk ugut nak saman tun kejap 100b pastu 50b...yg pelik statement ugut kuar dlu pastu baru kuar statement 'bounty' rm1juta utk maklumat tun's hidden $$$...lawak bodoh betul Si bangkai mohd zainal abidin ni... dia sendiri blum ada maklumat dah nak ugut2 dlu...berapa bebal la jibgor ambik macai bengap ni...

    Minta tolong kkwan smua kasi background check mamat bangang zainal ni...

    Simple jer bro mangkuk2 penyoking jibgor dan ssape yg kta tun ni...x yah blajar tinggi pun...
    Kalau betul tun rompak dulu2, dia xkan berani buka mulut dah...nak2 bila melawan pm...gila dan bodoh namanya...dan kalu ada plak yg kata mmg tun gila dan bodoh, camne plak korang kata dia blh lesapkan duit byk tu.... kalau kesilapan mengurus yg diberitau kpd kabinet/parlimen secara detail mungkin ada dan kalau 'genuine' kesilapan nya, sya rasa rakyat blh trima bila dibandingkan dgn jasa beliau.

    Masalah jibgor, duit lesap, x mau bg tau, tunggu audit, moa terang2 kata semua kuasa mutakhir di pm dan ditambah dgn statement jolo dan nasi kandar, menipu rakyat malaysia di parlimen, mengaku x tau langsung hal ehwal mdb (tipu lgi), jual arta negara macam sale kat sogo dan bukan pd smua glc tetapi hanya 1...iaitu mdb dan banyak lagilah

  30. Who is this Tunku Aziz?? He was a nobody and is still a nobody. Compared to the Tun?? Come on... A DAP reject as compared to a statesman?? Tunku Aziz must be the biggest joke in history for trying too hard to lick Jibby's ass... and as a part of the MACC advisory board, his irrelevant barkings and avoidance to deal with the 1MDB bigger issue, makes him look like a vindictive full with hatred and vangence towards TunM. And that really makes this Aziz chap a real low class senile fool. Now shut up Ajis...

  31. I'm betting he's going to kick the bucket earlier than Tun. With all the bitterness and all. Jumping here and there and all. Man of stature?

  32. Tunku Aziz is a "LALANG". Yes, lalang is a tall grass which goes in whichever direction the wind blows. He has no principles.

    He used to be a newspaper columnist who wrote many good articles on corruption some years ago and I used to follow his writing till he defended Abdullah Badawi on rising corrupt practices during his tenure. I emailed him to tell that I was surprised and disappointed with his about-turn on corruption. I told him I would henceforth stop reading his insincere articles. Tunku Aziz if you happen to read this, you would know who am I.

    he had expected to be given some high post in UMNO for his blind support of AB but none was given (knowing UMNO) and so he went to DAP who received him with open arms till they found out who Tunku Aziz really was.... a LALANG!

  33. "A bitter and vindictive old attack dog "

    Looks like he had been targeted since 1982 (a member of the United Nations Development Programme Advisory Panel for the Human Development Report 2002) and has been groomed by the Global Elites as a PAWN towards their New World Order agenda of Global DEBT...

    Just to share this...

    "Tunku Aziz came to the University of Tasmania as a private student in 1962 graduating Bachelor of Arts with majors in History and Political Science in 1965.

    He joined many other young people from Australia’s South East Asian neighbours undertaking study in Australia at that time with the intent of later assuming leadership roles in their home countries...."


    "...He left Malaysia in 1985 to serve as the Director of Administration and Finance at the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, until 1992.

    Mr. Aziz is a member of the World Bank High Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption in the East Asia and Pacific Region, as well as a member of the Advisory Board of Global Public Policy Networks, a project of “Visioning the United Nations”, an initiative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the United Nations Foundation. He also serves as a member of the Asian Pacific Advisory Panel on Good Urban Governance and is a member of the Board of the International Institute of Public Ethics. Mr. Aziz is on the Global Advisory Council of Caux Roundtable, a United States-based business organization, promoting, among other goals, principles of good governance.

    In February 2004, he was appointed a member of the Royal Commission inquiring into the police service of Malaysia. He was also a member of the United Nations Development Programme Advisory Panel for the Human Development Report 2002...


    Cont'd Part 2...

  34. "A bitter and vindictive old attack dog "

    Part 2...

    Oil-for-Food scandal

    "...In 1962, Kofi Annan started working as a Budget Officer for the World Health Organization, an agency of the United Nations (UN).[13] From 1974 to 1976, he worked as the Director of Tourism in Ghana. In 1980 he became the head of personnel for the office of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva. In 1983 he became the director of administrative management services of the UN Secretariat in New York. In the late 1980s, Annan was appointed as an Assistant Secretary-General of the UN in three consecutive positions: Human Resources, Management and Security Coordinator (1987–1990); Program Planning, Budget and Finance, and Controller (1990–1992); and Peacekeeping Operations (March 1993 – December 1996).[14]

    When Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali established the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in 1992, Annan was appointed to the new department as Deputy to then Under Secretary-General Marrick Goulding. Annan was subsequently appointed to succeed Goulding and assumed the office of USG DPKO in March 1993. He was therefore Head of peacekeeping during the battle of Somalia and the resulting collapse of the UNOSOM II peacekeeping mission, and during the Rwandan Genocide of 1994...

    In December 2004, reports surfaced that the Secretary-General's son Kojo Annan received payments from the Swiss company Cotecna Inspection SA, which had won a lucrative contract under the UN Oil-for-Food Program. Kofi Annan called for an investigation to look into the allegations..."

    Kofi Annan -

    "...The U.N.'s new Human Rights Council, touted by Annan as a breakthrough for the U.N., is an unmitigated farce, and the United Nations has largely jettisoned the principles of liberty and freedom. The Council's lack of membership criteria renders it open to participation and manipulation by the world's worst human rights abusers.

    Tyrannical regimes such as Burma, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Zimbabwe all voted in favor of establishing the Council, in the face of strong U.S. opposition.

    The brutal North Korean dictatorship also endorsed the Council. When Council elections were held in May, leading human rights abusers Algeria, China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia, and Saudi Arabia were all elected..."

    Has he failed in his UN agenda assignments to be promoted up the ladder...?

    That he is now resorting to this attacks...?

    Very unbecoming of an ex UN representative...

    You be the judge.

  35. Hoho....tunku aziz, mahathir is now the pm.